Arkansas GOP Lawmaker Who Gave Girls To Rapist Thought They Were Possessed By Demons


Justin Harris

Rep. Justin Harris (R-West Fork), the Arkansas lawmaker who gave away his two adopted girls to a man who later raped one of them, allegedly thought the girls were possessed by demons. Benjamin Hardy at Arkansas Times has been covering the bizarre horror story since early March, when he first broke the story, with a piece titled “A child left unprotected”. Hardy’s latest expose’ of Justin Harris, and his wife Marsha, reveals that the couple believed their adopted daughters suffered from demonic possession.

Multiple sources confirm that the Harrises were obsessed with demons, but the most damning accounts come from babysitter Chelsey Goldsborough, who recounts the horrors of the Harris home. She recalls that one of the adopted girls, a four-year-old, was kept in isolation and monitored by video camera, because the Harrises believed she was “possessed by demons and could communicate telepathically”. Goldsborough also contends that the family called in exorcism specialists from Alabama, to have demons cast out of both the four-year-old, and two-year-old, adopted daughters.


The latest revelations continue to cast a shadow over Representative Harris’ competency to govern, much less his ability to continue running the “Growing God’s Kingdom” preschool facility. The daycare facility run by Justin Harris, employed Eric Francis, the man who raped the 6-year old girl, after the Harrises gave her away to him.

What is particularly troubling about the entire case is how warped Harris’ world view is, yet voters in Northwest Arkansas chose to elect him to make policy decisions on their behalf. Worse yet, parents entrust him to watch over their children. Now in fairness, those voters and parents didn’t necessarily know at the time that Harris was exorcising demons and “rehoming” his adopted children to a rapist, and Harris didn’t necessarily know that Eric Francis was a rapist. However, it should now be readily apparent that the fundamentalist lawmaker is a clear and present threat to the general welfare of children.

Yet, Republican Governor Asa Hutchison still argues, unconvincingly, that it is premature to jump to any conclusions. Meanwhile, Harris still sits on the Child and Youth Committee, and the Education Committee, in Arkansas’ State House. He is on the very committee that handles child welfare issues even though he allegedly applied political pressure to the DHS office, to secure adoption of the two girls he later abandoned. That adoption was initially opposed by case workers, who it turns out, rightly believed the children weren’t a good fit for his household.

What is particularly galling about the entire fiasco is that Harris, like so many right-wing Republicans, won election by campaigning as a champion of “family values”. In office, he has governed as a hardcore tea party conservative, sponsoring legislation to ban abortions at 20 weeks, authorizing guns in schools and churches, and making it harder for residents to vote. He also is a staunch foe of same-sex marriage, immigration reform, and the Affordable Care Act. And although he collected state subsidies for adopted children, even after he had given them away to a child molester, he hypocritically touts personal responsibility and smaller government.

Justin Harris has shown he lacks the personal integrity or judgment to serve as a lawmaker or as a caretaker for children. As revelations continue to surface about his horrifying mistreatment of adopted little girls, he has taken no responsibility for his actions. He continues to cast blame upon his detractors and to demonize the little girls he and his wife mistreated, and then abandoned. The only “demons” who possessed the two little girls were the Harrises themselves. Their twisted minds and callous behavior proved far more haunting than any of the imaginary demons they conjured up when they brought in exorcists from Alabama. If the state of Arkansas wants to cast out demons, perhaps they can have those Alabama exorcists make a special trip to Little Rock to cast Harris out of the Arkansas state legislature.

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  1. Has the statute of limitations run out? That’s a damn shame, children can’t defend themselves. And he holds public office?? Make this asshole and his co-asshole accountable like they have the public own up to their sickness. Wait a minute, they’re just evil human beings.

  2. Stories like this make my head and heart ache! I hope those poor kids get some real help and a loving home soon.

  3. So this “family values” p.o.s Republican/Neo-Confederate was child trafficking, a child abuser, and has exposed a child to rape by a pedophile? Because that’s exactly what happened. He should be arrested for child endangerment, child trafficking, and shamed for the p.o.s. heartless anti-Christ child abuser he and his wife are. He and his wife should be IN JAIL. He should not be on Child and Youth Committee and the Education Committee, and certainly NOT in higher elected office.

    What is wrong with Arkansans??

  4. Rethuglicans are clinically insane and spiritually bankrupt.

    Conservatism poisons everything.

  5. Someone is possessed by several demons; the demon of ignorance; the demon of stupidity the demon of tea bags; the demon of greed.

  6. Why aren’t these two child abusers in gaol? Neither of them should be allowed within cooee of any child, let alone sitting on committees on child welfare.

    I thought Australia had the worst Tories in the universe. Turns out they run a distant second to this loon.

  7. Not only did they call in an exorcist for their adopted daughters, they prayed over kids at their preschool to “remove demons” from them, according to a former teacher who worked there. She said that another teacher at the school asked her to take a child to the office for a discipline problem, and once they reached the office, she witnessed one of the Harrises pray to “remove demons” from the child. After she quit working there, she took her child out of the school. Someone is lying, and I don’t think it’s their former babysitter, the former preschool teacher or DHS officials who tried to prevent them from adopting the two kids. The family that has the kids now say that they’re just other little kids but need a little bit of extra attention, and that they’ve never witnessed any act of animal cruelty that the Harrises claim to have seen. I just think they didn’t want to provide the specialized care these kids needed and pushed them off onto the Francises.


  8. Just when you think you have heard it all from the GOP demons, something new and different comes out of the mouth of these so-called Christian, hypocritical, pieces of crap. This is God’s way of showing us the GOP real deal and wants us to wake up before it is to late. The hatred of a black president have driven the out the roaches of hate, and evil into the light. We need to keep these clowns out of any political office. That’s our only hope of survival.

  9. “Yet, Republican Governor Asa Hutchison still argues, unconvincingly, that it is premature to jump to any conclusions.”

    You’ve got to be joking! Jump to conclusions? He and his wife just decided to give their two adopted children to someone else. That in and of itself should be child trafficking and an arrest-able offense. The fact that he is allowed to remain in office, and on top of that, sit on The Child And Youth Committee and Education Committee is incredible. The only ones jumping to conclusions are the voters who put the likes of Tom Cotton, Justin Harris and also Asa Hutchison in office. None of them an inkling of good judgement.

  10. I know a woman who lost her two children over a doobie and these sick asses got to adopt, then abandon them with a sicker man, so very sad. How can they stand by this guy or his wife. Demons?! Wake up! Put those three, at least, in jail! NOW! And to use your position to coerce the system to give them children, Aaargh!

  11. These posts are great!

    The Harrises are typical right-wing conservative so-called “Christians” that are insane, dangerous and a menace to society.

    He must be relieved of his duties immediately, as representative of the people or of any being be it human, or other, denied of all association with children.

    He and his wife should be hospitalized immediately for their actions. They are demon-possessed with hate, suspicion, anti-everything decent.

    BTW, in a university course, I learned, there is no such a thing as “family values.” It does not exist.

  12. More proof that religious belief is a mental virus. You NEVER see this kind of behavior in atheist families or from atheists in general. Atheists are the most well adjusted human beings to ever grace this planet with the soles of their feet. I have a cousin who was an alter boy and he did some sick perverted shit to his sister and wanted me to join in, my refusal scared the crap out of him because he knew he was in for trouble. Of course he was not blamed for his actions because he was a “good Catholic boy” and I was accused of making it up along with his sister. Religion is a public health matter and needs to be addressed firmly and dealt with using an iron fist.

  13. Apparently the way to ‘cast out’ a demon is by a pedophilia molesting the kid? Sounds like a Catholic excuse to me.

    Republican- Family Values. A great example of what is so very wrong with Republicans.

  14. Thank you for covering this, Keith!

    This is what happens when you have too many American citizens who are not fully engaged in our political process.

    They’re letting the world swirl around them without even realizing, or caring just how much power these elected officials hold over our lives.

    How scary is that?

  15. Moongrim “Republican/Conservative family values” are the Unicorn’s of the right wing forest dwellers. And they hunted them down and killed what never really existed…

  16. Thanks, D J. I heard about that fool wanting to get rid of child labor laws.

    They’re trying to turn America into a 3rd world country right before our eyes.

    The whole lot of them are scary and truly dangerous.

  17. Until we see evidence that proves otherwise, it’s fair to assume that Harris knew that Eric Francis was a predator and put them into a situation where they would be raped. Francis had already been suspected of such, and Harris clearly had no concern for the girls who had been abused in the past.

    This is shades of Butch Kimmerling in the year 2000. For those who forget or never heard, Kimmerling was an Indiana bus driver (and rabidly anti-gay fundamentalist christian, much like Justin Harris) who interfered in an adoption to prevent a gay man from adopting a little girl. Within six months of the adoption, Kimmerling had raped her repeatedly. The other children the gay man adopted have never been abused in his care in fifteen years.

  18. I think, these two devils should be prosecuted. Pandering bastards. Children, shit. Throw the book at them. Both of them.

  19. Sorry, Joseph, but atheists can be just as wacky as these clowns from Arkansas. I and my siblings were raised as atheists by atheist parents. Both of them were alcoholics, and my mother, was subject to every kind of weird psychosomatic illness and conspiracy theory going. She thought the world was going to end in the 1980s and then decided she was a psychic and gave ‘readings’ to people. She did it for free, but always lubricated her abilities with brandy. I love both my parents, but please don’t try to pass atheists off as some kind of secular saints. They have the same range of wackiness as anyone else, just look at Ayn Rand. By the way, I became a Catholic.

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