Democrat Russ Feingold Leads Sen. Ron Johnson 50-41 In Potential Wisconsin Senate Rematch

johnson and feingold

A Public Policy Polling (PPP) survey, released on Wednesday, shows Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson in deep trouble against former Senator Russ Feingold (D), in a hypothetical 2016 election rematch. Johnson defeated Feingold in 2010, running as a Tea Party backed candidate. In the same election, Wisconsin first elected Scott Walker to be their Governor. Johnson and Walker each won by 52-47 margins. However, the PPP poll now shows Johnson losing a rematch to Feingold, by a rather substantial 50-41 spread.

In 2010, the ideological contrast between Johnson and Feingold was stark. Ron Johnson ran as a hardcore right-winger, arguing that Social Security was a “Ponzi scheme”. While Johnson became a Tea Party folk hero of sorts, Feingold was one of the most progressive Senators in the country. His name was attached to the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform Act. However, he gained even more acclaim for being the only U.S. Senator to have the presence of mind to vote against the repressive PATRIOT Act in October of 2001. 

While 98 Senators voted to allow greater restrictions on American freedoms, Feingold courageously stood against the PATRIOT Act, arguing eloquently on the U.S. Senate floor:

Of course, there is no doubt that if we lived in a police state, it would be easier to catch terrorists. If we lived in a country that allowed the police to search your home at any time for any reason; if we lived in a country that allowed the government to open your mail, eavesdrop on your phone conversations, or intercept your email communications; if we lived in a country that allowed the government to hold people in jail indefinitely based on what they write or think, or based on mere suspicion that they are up to no good, then the government would no doubt discover and arrest more terrorists.

But that probably would not be a country in which we would want to live. And that would not be a country for which we could, in good conscience, ask our young people to fight and die. In short, that would not be America.

Preserving our freedom is one of the main reasons that we are now engaged in this new war on terrorism. We will lose that war without firing a shot if we sacrifice the liberties of the American people.

Despite Feingold’s bold stand defending American citizens from unwarranted government surveillance, he was defeated in 2010, ironically by a candidate who appealed to ”anti-government” conservatives.

Unfortunately for Ron Johnson, Wisconsin voters have not been impressed with his performance as Senator. Only 32 percent of Wisconsin voters approve of his job performance while 40 percent disapprove. That contrasts markedly with Russ Feingold’s popularity. 46 percent of Wisconsin voters have a favorable image of Feingold, compared to 35 percent who have an unfavorable opinion of the former Senator.

Wisconsin voters have had enough of the tea party policies and antics of Senator Ron Johnson. They are experiencing buyer’s remorse for mistakenly choosing Johnson over Feingold in 2010. In a 2016 rematch, Feingold holds a convincing 50-41 lead. Wisconsin is one of the key swing states that Democrats must win to retake control of the Senate in 2016. Early polling suggests that if Russ Feingold decides to mount a comeback bid, Wisconsin will back him all the way.

17 Replies to “Democrat Russ Feingold Leads Sen. Ron Johnson 50-41 In Potential Wisconsin Senate Rematch”

  1. The foreign press is eating this up.. Headlines around the globe declaring ‘United States Senators Warn Iran Not to Trust President’ .. And ‘US Senators Demand US Unable, Not to be Trusted with Negotiations..,. Or this heartbreaking one ‘United States Senators Vote no Confidence in United States’…..FIVE of the countries running with such headlines, were IN the discussions with the US.

    A huge pox of shame on the Republican House..

    I’d like to think it was one big horrible mistake and they will come around and admit they goofed and try like patriots to get their act together for the sake of the country and all of us who live here,

    Instead, I see this morning they have doubled down with fangs drawn and are defending the nonsense. Which makes me realize they are not making mistakes, they are calculatedly evil and self serving to the extreme.

  2. I hope the Dems are targeting local and state takeovers with field offices and boots on the ground. Expose the rethugs from what the DO and have done hard facts. Not what they say! Focus 2016 take back our government and country, county by couty, state by state!!!!

  3. America it is said,is all about second chances. So Wisconsin your second chance moment is about to arrive. Please correct the monumental f@fk up that is Sen. Johnson.

  4. He is just so breathtakingly stupid. This man should just protect the dignity he has left, and play a mute.

  5. Democrats really, really need to focus on pushing Democratic voters to the polls during midterm elections as well.

    Midterm elections have notoriously low turn out, and when turnout is around 35-40%, Republicants/Neo-Confederates always win.

    Democratic Party leaders – GET THE VOTE OUT IN MIDTERMS, TOO!

  6. please remember we voted for Obama twice and for Tammy Baldwin (D) “She is the first woman elected to represent Wisconsin in the Senate and the first openly gay U.S. Senator in history. As of 2012, Baldwin’s voting record makes her one of the most liberal members of Congress.[1]”

  7. Just a little relevant trivia here. Tammy Baldwin also voted against the 2001 PATRIOT Act, but she was in the House at the time.

    Other current Senators who were in the House in 2001 and voted NO to the PATRIOT Act were Bernie Sanders (I-VT) Sherrod Brown (D-OH) and Tom Udall (D-NM).

  8. “Wisconsin voters have had enough of the tea party policies and antics of Senator Ron Johnson.”

    I’m not so sure. They just reelected Scott Walker to be their Governor for four more years. It didn’t seem to matter that he is shedding jobs and defunding education. Now he’s turned it into a “Right To Work” for a lot less State. If they thought that was a good idea, why wouldn’t they reelect a moron like Johnson?

  9. Wisconsin also voted for Scott Walker THREE times, so I wouldn’t give yourself too hard a pat on your backs.

  10. I agree.

    But I do not think Debbie Wasserman Schultz is the leader we need to run DNC. I think a sitting politician should not take on this added responsibility. The next election is huge and dems need to take back the Senate and gain back seats in the house. We need someone who has fire and conviction. I just do not see that in Wasserman Schultz.

    I think we should bring back Howard Dean. He was successful as head of the DNC before and definitely can get it done. Example, he was absolutely furious about the 47 Senate traitors. We barely heard a peep from Wasserman Schultz.

  11. @Brodie224, AWESOME post! I couldn’t agree with you more! but lets be honest, debbie isn’t the ONLY useless democratic leader!! damn near the entireupper management party seems weak, pathetic and unengauged!! EXAMPLE? WTF!! those 47 redneck traitors from the GOP committed a crime! why do “WE” the american public need to hit the internet signing petition drives to motive the president to enforce the DAMN LOGAN ACT!!!! could you imagine if 47 democrats would have wrote a letter to saddam hussein telling him to ignore george bush jr. shorty before 911????!! PLEASE!! the GOP would have demanded their resignations immediately!!!!!! and conservative media would have demanded prison sentences at the least!!! they would be pushing for the DEATH PENALTY!!!

  12. I knew this state was seriously uninformed when it elected Johnson and Walker (3 times!). The ironic thing about Feingold’s loss was that he lost to a dolt who benefited from Citizen’s United. Feingold was the best champion of campaign finance reform since Teddy Roosevelt.

  13. Feingold is a real human being with excellent credentials. I hope Wisconsin realizes he has much more to offer than his opponent. They have been severely influenced by Koch money the past few years. Look at Scott Walker – who goes to New York to kiss the Koch ring for contributions….

  14. Cannot think of a better person to return to the Senate then Russ Feingold. Liked and respected him when I was a member of the party of the dark side. Now a Democrat I am fully on board. If I lived in WI even as GOP, I would have voted for Feingold — I respect him completely.

    Just like when GOP six years ago I voted AGAINST Inhofe and this time as a Dem did the same thing.

    Dems need new leadership who will take off the gloves and fight at DNC.

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