Congressional Republicans Are Still Angry They Are Not The President

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It is beyond reason to assume that Republicans have any respect or fealty to the nation’s founding document any longer regardless of their protestations to the contrary. Since January 2009, they have refused to accept that, according to the Constitution, Barack Obama is the President of the United  States, or that he is the head of the Executive Branch of government. It is bad enough they cannot fulfill their own Constitutional duties as legislators, but for the past six years they have attempted to take on the duties of the Executive branch because they hate and cannot accept that Barack Obama is the President and leader of the free world. Subsequently, they have completely destroyed the concept of a working government and made a mockery the entire world now sees as a dysfunctional circus. The latest outrage, the open letter signed by 47 Republican senators, is the greatest sign to date that the spoiled little children are throwing a fit and are furious they are not allowed to be president and control foreign policy.

There is nothing in the United States Constitution that gives Congress oversight or authority of the nation’s foreign policy, and the Supreme Court has made it abundantly clear the President is the sole power and representative of America on the world stage. According to the United States v. Curtiss-Wright Export Corp (1936), in speaking for the majority Justice Sutherland wrote: “The President alone has the power to speak or listen as a representative of the nation. He makes treaties with the advice and consent of the Senate; but he alone negotiates. Into the field of negotiation the Senate cannot intrude, and Congress itself is powerless to invade it.” Sutherland also noted that, “The President is the constitutional representative of the United States with regard to foreign nations. He manages our concerns with foreign nations, and must necessarily determine when, how, and upon what subjects negotiation may be urged with the greatest prospect of success. For his conduct, he is responsible to the Constitution.”

This has been the case since America’s founding, and yet as has been noted recently, for the first time in history a group of Republican senators still angry they are not the President apparently believe they have authority over negotiations with foreign nations. It is true the Senate can advise and give consent for treaties, but this Iran and P5+1 negotiation is in no conceivable way a treaty. It is also not an agreement between America and Iran, President Obama and Ayatollah Khomeini, or any variant thereof. Republicans cannot accept this fact. President Obama, as represented by Secretary of State John Kerry and U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power represent America’s one voice among six nations negotiating an agreement with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

As the Iranian Foreign Minister reminded the GOP 47, “the current negotiation with P5+1 [Britain, China, France, Germany Russia and the United States] will result in a Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action  concluded with five other countries including all permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, and endorsed by a Security Council resolution.” Still, Republicans believe it is their dog-given duty, and within their purview, to either stop negotiations or negate an international agreement because they believe they are the president and have authority over American foreign policy; something even war criminal Dick Cheney regards as outrageous.

In 1986, Dick Cheney was incensed that some legislators in a congressional committee investigating the illegal and contentious Iran-Contra scandal dared to interfere with then-president Reagan’s policy and negotiations with Iran. In fact, Republicans claimed that Congress, not Reagan, had “done something wrong” because according to Cheney, the president had “constitutional authority to ignore the congressional ban on giving aid to Nicaraguan Contras;” regardless that it was patently illegal. In fact, Cheney condemned the House investigative committee and said they had better understand “the proper roles of Congress and the President in foreign policy. Throughout the nation’s history, Congress has accepted substantial exercises of Presidential power in the conduct of diplomacy. What President Reagan did was constitutionally protected exercises of inherent Presidential powers. The power of the purse is not and was never intended to be a license for Congress to usurp Presidential powers and functions. You have to preserve the prerogative of the President not to notify Congress at all.”

Republicans cannot accept what Cheney rightly called “the proper roles of Congress and the President” as they apply to foreign policy whatsoever. In fact, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Bob Corker (R-TN) did not sign the ‘open letter‘ to Iran because he “did not think that the letter was going to produce an outcome that we’re all seeking, and that is Congress playing that appropriate role” in determining foreign policy with Iran. There is no appropriate role for Congress on foreign policy with Iran and Corker knows it. Foreign policy is the purview of the Executive branch under President Obama; not the Legislative branch under Republicans who are deluded in thinking that they and Netanyahu are the president and control foreign policy.

It has been over six years since Americans elected Barack Obama as their President, and congressional Republicans have acted like they won the White House ever since. There is nothing this President has done that Republicans have failed to cite as overreach, unconstitutional, and illegal since 2009. Every executive order Obama has issued, regardless his predecessor issued the same ones, has been attacked mercilessly as inherently unconstitutional and illegal; likely because of the President’s race. The GOP’s failed ploy to supersede the Executive branch’s over issuing a pipeline permit to a foreign corporation was bad enough, but this latest attempt to sabotage the President and dictate foreign policy as Netanyahu’s surrogates is beyond the pale.

Legal scholars and historical precedent inform that the idea of the GOP47 violating the Logan Act is a non-starter. As an aside, the Logan Act has only been used once in 1803, and the case was summarily dismissed. In fact, in legal circles something known as “desuetude” is a legal doctrine that means statutes may lapse if they are never enforced; the Logan Act certainly falls into that category. However, this latest Republican stunt is beyond a violation of an archaic law; it is a clear sign that in practice, Republicans do not recognize the United States Constitution or presidential authority they believe belongs to them.

Republicans in Congress have never accepted the results of two legal general elections and in fact began acting as if they won control of the White House in January 2009. They have displayed the actions of delusional sycophants and deliberately retarded progress in this country as retribution on the people for not giving them, and recently a foreigner, control of the Executive Branch. It is true the desperately want a major war with Iran, but controlling the Executive is what their latest attempt to sabotage President Obama’s constitutional foreign policy authority is all about.

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  1. Just think we have anther two years of this crap!! I don’t like getting older but November 2016 can’t get here soon enough.

  2. The Republican Party, GOP has always been and will always be the party of spoiled little rich brats who think every one is beneath them in every way. We have all dealt with them from the 1st grade on but some of us (Dems./Libs) have actually chose to mature and it is THAT maturity that they are so envious of. All the problems that the Reich Wing have with the left is based on simple childish envy.

  3. They do not seem to realize that not only
    are they sabotaging the US, but 5 other major powers and most of them are allies!

  4. Maybe if those crybaby Republicans stomp their feet, roll around on the floor, whine and cry a lot, then the voters will feel sorry for them and let them be the ones controlling the nuclear fate of the earth

  5. History has shown something very similar occurring: John Wilkes Booth and Abraham Lincoln.


    Pretty much the same.

  6. While I agree with the article, please please please don’t use Dick Cheney as the basis for your position. Even in part. There is plenty of other evidence without giving any credibility to him.

  7. Guys, yes racism is part of Republicans’ hatred of POTUS, but they’re behavior is much, much deeper than just racism.

    Republicans hate Democrats, they hate government, they hate anything or anyone who may stand in their way of total absolute power.

    Republicans have embraced the religious right, and hate groups in order to maintain their smaller (but motivated) voting block. Christian religion states, man has dominion over earth, animals and women. Slavery is sanctioned by their god in the two bibles.

    Remember how Republicans treated Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter. They’re doing it to Obama too.

    Read about K St. Read the PNAC, Partnership for a New American Century. It is about power.

    FDR, Clinton, Obama have proven government, Keynsian economics works. That, along with need for dominion are making Republicans nuts.

    White men and men have ruled for eons. It’s changing and white religiously insane power mad nuts will fight us to the bitter end, which will be the ra…

  8. Punitive action is needed to make examples out of those 37 Republicans for writing that letter before copy cats in the Senate become motivated to do something worse; file a law suit to cut their pay, take away their free health care benefits, cut off their spending accounts, give out pink slips for not performing in their real jobs’ capacity. Do something punitive.

  9. Tom Cotton thinks he’s as important as the President and smarter so he decided in his little mind to take over the presidents job; he’s to stupid to realize no one gives a sh!!!!t what lunatic thinks; Arkansas teabagging Republican NUFF said.

  10. Dear Mr Mustard,
    I find most of your thoughts right on the money except one: The Republicans do not hate government.
    They don”t ever want to actually shrink Government.
    They just hate not being in charge.
    If they win the White House, military spending will skyrocket and social programs will die but government itself will grow . Just like always.

  11. And Tehran Tom aligned himself with Bill Kristol. The same Bill Kristol who has been wrong about everything for most of his life. And Jennifer Rubin is a fan. She is a flipping nightmare!

  12. Congressional Republicans are so desperate for a sense of purpose and direction that they foolishly let a rookie Senator take the lead and call the shots, with numerous more experienced — but clearly not wiser — colleagues jumping on board in knee-jerk fashion.

    And now they are desperately trying to wipe the egg from their faces while suffering a backlash of criticism from those who realize that you cannot claim “patriotism” through exceptionally unpatriotic acts such as undermining the President’s diplomatic efforts abroad.

  13. Like little children, they are saying “if I can’t be president, I don’t want to play.” To the Republicans it is bad enough that a Democrat is in the Whitehouse, but it unacceptable he is a black Democrat. They’d all go into cardiac arrest if a black female lesbian Democrat ever won.(WINK)

  14. Congressional Republicans are still angry that a BLACK MAN is still President so they will try to undermine him and the Government at every turn!

  15. I’m angry that Congress doesn’t think it’s Congress – in that it allows presidents to de-facto declare war.

  16. Congress won’t do it’s job because they are afraid that the voters won’t like it. Then again with the current Congress, they sure are over stepping their bounds proving they suffer big time from Obama Derangement Syndrome.

  17. Won’t take all that for their cardiac arrest, that will happen if a white female makes the grade. Any female for that matter.
    Thugs believe women need to stay home bake bread, have children(for their wars)and kneel with bowed head, wear sexy clothes, lip stick, high heels, and keep master happy at all times, when master comes home.

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    Then reality hit. We’ve seen them:
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