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Friday Fox Follies – Ferguson Fails

There’s nothing Fox “News” likes better than to Whitesplain race relations, especially when telling Black folk about the Black experience. The dog whistles go from barely discernible to loud and clear. It’s so obvious that even Fox ’employees’ The Simpson’s took note of this with a show opening that had Bill O’Reilly attacking cartoon characters … again:

The Fox “News” out of Ferguson was WHITEwashed even before Wednesday’s horrible shooting of 2 police officers. Fox personalities were blowing only one DOJ dog whistle, while ignoring other DOJ report. Flames cannot erupt in a vacuum, but Fox “News” says nary a word about the systemic racism that created the Ferguson tinderbox in the first place. Fox & Friends Only Acknowledges Racial Bias In Ferguson Police Department To Blame Holder For Police Shooting.

Because most Conservative Media Blame Obama, Holder For Shooting Of Police Officers In FergusonFox Blames Ferguson Police Shooting On Eric Holder (He’s Too Black). In fact, NewsHounds’ Ellen found the same sentiment expressed all over the network: Fox’s Mark Fuhrman Blames Obama Admin For Police Shootings In Ferguson, but Why Does Bundy-Loving Hannity Keep Getting A Pass When Race Baiting Ferguson?

Talking past each other, Fox’s Powers and Tantaros Battle over Ferguson Blame: Cops Got Shot ‘Before Obama’. Demonstrating extreme hubris O’Reilly Goes After Method Man’s ‘Colossal Ignorance’ on Ferguson.

Extremely White Megyn Kelly Dismisses Ferguson Racist Emails: Almost All Companies Do It! which is why Rachel Maddow Mocks Megyn Kelly for Suggesting Racist Emails Are Likely Common. Maybe Megyn is used to giggling at (or even forwarding) racist email, but when I get that garbage I REPLY ALL, so that no one else will mistake my feelings, with a scorcher. Then I end all further communication. I’ve done it to family. Racism ignored is racism promoted.

So when she shouts ‘Enough Is Enough!’: Megyn Kelly Goes Off on Media’s Ferguson Coverage in order to highlight the DOJ report that exonerated officer Darren Wilson, while downplaying the report that exposed the racist Ferguson climate, she’s merely showing her own White World of Privilege. Again.

To see how a true race-baiter works, though, look no further than Hannity’s Interview with Ferguson Protester Goes Off the Rails Fast:

That’s how it’s done.

I HAVE A NIGHTMARE: When Fox “News” isn’t using White folk to explain Black folk, what’s its next best trick? Finding an outlier with the right skin color to echo its favorite racial memes. That’s why the channel’s latest signing was such a coup. Only days after the 50th anniversary of the Selma March, Meet Alveda King, The Fox News Contributor Who Blames Natural Disasters On Gay Marriage. As Media Matters Rachel Percelay reports:

But unlike her uncle, Alveda King – who goes by “Dr. King” after receiving an honorary degree from Saint Anselm College – is primarily known for her work as a right-wing activist, including her extensive opposition to LGBT equality and reproductive freedom. King currently serves as the Director of African-American Outreach at the anti-choice organization Priests for Life, and previously served on the boards of multiple conservative organizations, including Heartbeat International, Georgia Right to Life, and Abortion Recovery International.

King’s decade plus history of speaking against LGBT and reproductive rights has won her praise among conservative. She was a featured speaker for Glenn Beck’s 2010 “Restoring Honor” rally in 2010, and has previously been a frequent guest on Fox. In Salon profile detailing Beck’s love for King, Loretta J. Ross, a black reproductive rights activist, noted that conservatives have recruited King “to be a front, to be a face … It’s a culture war wedge, to try to use gay rights and abortion as a way to build rifts in the black community.”

MOST ACCURATE OR MOST TRUSTED? Two non-connected stories on the interwebs this week are good for a laugh, especially when juxtaposed:

Fox News Officially Freaking Out About Google’s Plan To Rank Sites By ‘Accuracy’ with Fox News regular upset Google will rank by accuracy: ‘Let the public decide what’s the truth.’ And, they have! Fox News is the most trusted national news channel. And it’s not that close. Here’s the Real Reason Fox Is More Trusted than Any Other News Network is one way to look at it, but MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Explains How Fox News Became “Most Trusted” By Convincing Viewers They “Are Being Sneered At, And Laughed At, And Spit Upon.”

STILL LAUGHING? Fox Anchor Would Like Her Employers to Stop Throwing Burgers at Her on Live TV. Watch:

More Fox affiliate laughs? Fox Anchor Arrested for Theft After Retail Workers Recognize Her on TV. No. Really.

POP QUIZ: Does idiocy lead to Libertarianism or does Libertarianism lead to idiocy?

Fox’s John Stossel: Concerns About The
Gender Pay Gap Are “Childishly Stupid”

Stossel: Programs To Alleviate Poverty
And Inequality Make Things Worse

Fox’s Stossel: “Black African Immigrants
Who Are Often Darker Than American Blacks
Thrive” Because They “Were Raised Differently”

TODDLES’ TALL TALES: A few weeks back, in Falafels In The Falklands, Friday Fox Follies showed how Fox “News” keeps falling for phony stories from Todd Starnes that always fall apart on closer examination. Well, he’s tricked them again because Fox News Defends Navy Chaplain Who Allegedly Discriminated Against Gays, Women.

TARANTULA’S WEB: Andrea Tantaros works very hard to be a combination of willfully ignorant Brain Brian Kilmeade and Bully Boy Bolling. And, she succeeds.

Andrea Tantaros Still Slut
Shaming Liberal Women

Andrea Tantaros is wrong. Men
are capable of loving women.

LASTLY, LOOFAH LIES: While the best defense is a good offense, neither Bill O’Reilly Is Still Attacking Reporting On His Tall Tales, But With Bluster About “The Collapse Of Liberal Media” nor O’Reilly: My Critics ‘Hate’ Fox News Because They Ain’t Fox News proves he’s been truthful. This as Ex-Fox host tells CNN: Olbermann was right all along — Fox is ‘cult’ and O’Reilly is a liar. Even Rachel Maddow: Fox Can’t Just Deflect O’Reilly Questions by Boasting About Ratings:

She continued to hammer Fox for giving her “no substantive response” to those allegations and argued it’s hard for the network to be taken seriously as a news organization if it keeps doing so. Maddow added, “If their defense is that it’s okay if they lie on the air as long as it rates, this cannot hold.”

The bad headlines keep coming:

Phone Sex And Payoffs: What I Learned About
Bill O’Reilly After Writing His Biography

More Bad News For O’Reilly: Another
Journalist Says His JFK Claim Is “Impossible”

6 Questions Bill O’Reilly Won’t (Or Can’t)
Answer About His Strange JFK Tale

This controversy won’t go away until Bill O’Reilly does.

FOX BYTES: FOX News Channel Signs Former U.S. Navy Seal Rob O’Neill to Contributor RoleVoting underway as Ann Arbor rec center members decide whether Fox News stays or goesFox’s Perino Lashes Out At Democrats For Preventing Expansion Of Anti-Abortion Hyde Amendment In Human Trafficking BillFox Figures Falsely Dub New Obama Student Aid Plan A “Bailout”“Let Me Educate You”: Hannity Talks Down To Female Guest About Hillary Clinton’s Accomplishments For WomenBen Stein On Fox: Michelle Obama’s Healthy School Lunch Initiative Is Orwellian.

Headly Westerfield once wrote for NewsHounds, but now runs the Not Now Silly Newsroom, which breaks news in Coconut Grove, the oldest Black community in south Florida.

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