Police Union Rep Doubles Down On Comment That Ferguson Protesters “Want Dead Cops”

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During Friday morning’s broadcast of Morning Joe, co-host Mika Brzezinski tried with all of her might to give Jeff Roorda, the business manager of the St. Louis Police Officers Association, every opportunity to walk back comments he made to Fox News the previous day about Ferguson protesters wanting “dead cops.” Roorda was a guest on Fox & Friends Thursday morning to discuss the shooting of two police officers at a protest in front of the Ferguson police station hours earlier. (Both officers sustained non-life-threatening injuries and were released from the hospital on Thursday.) During the interview, he made the following observation about Ferguson protesters:

“Dead cops, that’s what they want. Let’s not pretend like they wanted Tom Jackson’s resignation or they’re mad because Mayor Knowles is still there. They want dead cops. That was their goal all along and that was their goal last night.”

Morning Joe brought Roorda on Friday morning to both discuss the shooting and address his inciteful and outrageous remarks. Ever the professional agitator, Roorda refused to temper his hateful rhetoric and instead doubled down on it. Mika asked the Darren Wilson confidant if he wanted to perhaps amend his remarks about protesters wanting dead cops considering most of them are peaceful and have legitimate concerns that they want addressed. Roorda answered back that while some protesters might be peaceful, “the shooters were until they decided to pull a gun out and try to kill two cops.”

Brzezinski tried again to help Roorda walk back his original stance.

“I just wonder then why you would put protesters in a group of one when there are so many people that do certainly want change and have been protesting peacefully night after night after night. Are you sure that was the way to say it?”

But, Roorda being Roorda, he just went right on lumping all the protesters together as violent thugs who want to shoot up cops by saying, “It ceases to be a peaceful protest the minute somebody in the crowd engages in violence.” Eventually, Mika pointed out to Roorda that she was trying to help him out so that he won’t have this hanging over him, calling his comments “ham-fisted.” Roorda shot back by blaming the media for labeling the protesters as peaceful and this shooting as an isolated incident, insisting that this “is an ongoing phenomenon.” He also praised Joe Scarborough for going off on a race-tinged rant late last year regarding protests against police brutality.

Below is video of the entire interview, courtesy of MSNBC:

Over the past 24 hours, since news of the shooting in Ferguson broke, Roorda has been a ubiquitous presence on television, making multiple appearances on all three major cable news networks. Besides his infamous spot on Fox & Friends, Roorda was also interviewed multiple times by CNN throughout the day and evening Thursday. During one appearance with Don Lemon Thursday night, as protesters were chanting and beating drums in the background after a candlelight vigil was held near the spot of the shooting, Roorda made an offhand remark that “you can hear the war drums back there.”

Roorda specializes in inciting and antagonizing members of the local community, especially those who are black. While using the pretense that he is just supporting his police brethren, he’s specifically gone out of his way to anger those who are calling for widespread reforms in policing. Earlier this year, Roorda attended a St. Louis city meeting regarding the formation of a civilian review board of its police department. He showed up wearing an “I Am Darren Wilson” wristband and created a melee by shouting at an alderman and shoving a woman. The man is nothing but a provocateur and should not be treated seriously at all, especially by the mainstream press.

23 Replies to “Police Union Rep Doubles Down On Comment That Ferguson Protesters “Want Dead Cops””

  1. …Maybe dead fascist bigots, but that might be the same thing. You made this bed Ferguson… maybe next time you won’t crap in it and push it down with privileged feet. As ye sow, eh? [wink]

  2. No wonder things aren’t peaceful right now…

    You have a guy who is basically doing his best to stoke the flames of hate in Ferguson right now. Yes, the cops who were shot survived and they’re looking for the guys who did, but to say that protesters want dead cops is ridiculous. No sane person wants their police officers to be dead. All this jerkoff is doing is stoking the flames of hate and he is getting off on it big time

  3. This guy is just as big of a problem and A$$hole as that union rep in New York and not only his denial of any wrong doing by that racist cop but his complete and utter stupidity in regards to respiratory illnesses and what is possible under stress.

  4. If Dead Cops were truly the Ferguson Protestors real aim and not an undercover sniper attempting to incite a race war- there’d be a lot more than a mere two cops shot.

  5. Poor Roorda… now everybody’s picking on the (cave)man!

    He is never a scumbag provocateur. He’s just a bit angry all of the time and he merely wants us all to “give [him] a reason, punk.” Where can I get my “I AM JEFF ROORDA” bumper sticker?


  6. well if they really did want that, there would be a whole lot of dead cops in ferguson.

    and do they really need to wonder why people are enraged over the crap that went down in ferguson…..

  7. I think black people in predominately black areas with the majority of white cops and being treated unfairly and some killed for no reason, have a legitimate feeling of seeing some dead cops when they see no justice being done for these actions. Sooner or later if your are bullied often enough, the ones being bullied are going to strike out. It gets frustrating to always being the one to turn the other cheek and the eye for eye mentality will come to the surface. Stun guns work real good and few are dead from them. But using a gun with a bullet is usually fatal from a close range. It takes most people a long time to get their anger to that level, but sounds like this animosity towards blacks in Ferguson has been building for a long time and tempers are at an all-time high. With the currant gun-culture of open carry, the police should be worried, they have driven the oppressed to take action when diplomacy and non-fatal actions have been for naught. Racism is totally out of control.

  8. Indeed. I was going to post a separate comment asking “why do people keep asking this bigot for his opinion?”, but you just pointed out why.

  9. It’s bigots with attitudes like his that cause situations like Ferguson in the first place. Obviously he doesn’t even realize he is showing the world where the problem lies.

  10. I guess those folks holding the signs saying ” ALL MY HEROS KILL COPS” have their best intentions in mind.

    Here’s your fish:

  11. Never saw those signs, Im sure if they really existed, they’d be plastered all over fox. Just like the tape fox edited to sound like a chant to kill cops, when it wasnt at all. There were no signs.

  12. This osshole represents a Union? He’s a Republican jackass. No one in that position has any reason to be representative of city servants. He’s spreading hate and discontent if anything. He has lied to the public and has no intention of helping to heal the city & it’s people. You know he’s a genuine Osshole when he associated himself with FOX. That network is full of overpaid fake assed journalists.

  13. Prez Obama has exhibited peaceful reaction to the injustice displayed by the American hate practitioners. Thank goodness our young generation has picked up on this fine display of peaceful demonstration, as Martin instilled in us all. (Black & White) Keep up the goodwork youngbloods, we’re cheering for you. And quit calling yourselves “nigga’s. You have no idea how it insults us from the old school, you are unaware what it meant from the word go unless you do a history check. Didn’t mean to vent but, I just had to post it.

  14. People like this should not be on TV or given a job. He is the symbol of hate and violence.
    I still believe the shooter on the hill was a RW militia member trying to stir up violence and hatred against the protesters.
    Remember who the killers of cops are: Eric Frein ( survivalist ) , the bundy ranch crowd pointing weapons at federal agents, then the 2 RWingers killing the Las Vegas cops!!!!

  15. I agree. The rwnj’s want to stir up trouble so they get to use their guns they were promised by bundy they’d be able to gun down people like in their “hero” fantasy. Just look at how many people went to see American Sniper, a movie for low-info, small penised wimps. Kyle was a dirtbag murderer who took pride in his sins.

  16. Agree Bebe…..speaking of American Sniper! The shooter/s on the hill would have to be a very good shot, using a handgun from about 125 feet ( Reuters) and hit your targets….hmm ….your average protester is not that mythological!
    All these survivalists training camps teach this way to ambush and get away picking up your spent casings. (CNBC inside survivalists camps ) like this guy!

  17. My thought too. I also kind of enjoyed the short video of the cops running away, scrambling, almost stepping on one another to get away from the firing. Reminded me of the keystone cops. Big and brave when standing behind some shot prof wearable running the other way when not.

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