President Obama Tears Apart Senate Republicans For Sending Treasonous Iran Letter


President Obama had strong words for the Republicans who signed the letter Iran. The president said in the trailer for his interview with Vice that Republicans embarrassed themselves by sending the letter to a government that they consider to be their “mortal enemy.”


In the trailer for an interview with HBO’s Vice that will air on March 16, President Obama said that Republicans embarrassed themselves with their letter to Iran:

I’m embarrassed for them. For them to address a letter to the Ayatollah who they claim is our mortal enemy, and their basic argument to them is, don’t deal with our president because you can’t trust him to follow through on an agreement. That’s close to unprecedented.

President Obama told Republicans that they embarrassed themselves, while calling out the hypocrisy of the letter itself, and suggested the act of trying to sabotage a negotiation with a foreign government was unprecedented.

The president was correct. The letter was an attempt to sabotage Obama while undercutting the president on the world stage. Instead of asserting their power, each of the 47 Republican senators embarrassed themselves and their country with their childlike letter to a foreign government. The president referenced the fact that the Senate Republicans who are pushing for war consider Iran to be America’s mortal enemy.

Apparently, though, the Senate Republicans view President Obama as a bigger enemy than an Iranian regime that funds and sponsors terrorism. The letter is a complete humiliation for the entire Republican Party. It was a reckless attempt to destroy a potential international agreement for domestic partisan political gain.

The letter was not an embarrassment for President Obama. In fact, the letter has helped Obama gain support from Democrats for any potential agreement by making the choice clear. Either Democrats support the diplomatic process, or they side with the Republicans who are pushing for a war with Iran.

The Republican senators took the potential Iran agreement from an executive versus legislative branch issue and turned it into a question of war or no war.

The few words that the president said in the Vice trailer were enough to understand that the Senate Republicans who signed this letter made a huge political mistake. The Republicans failed to embarrass this president, but they did manage to humiliate themselves in front of the entire world.

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  1. The Republican base has no interest in what is good for the country or the world. Their only interest is expressing their hate for President Obama. I live in the south, and that is all I hear.

  2. The Repubs really shot themselves in the foot with this stunt, didn’t they? They managed to solidify the Democrats behind their President and undoubtedly caused the independents to say “Who the f**k are those idiots and why would I vote for them? They’ve embarrassed the U.S. on the world stage.”
    As for the rest of the world, we already recognized (and bemoan) the great divide between the old white guys and dynamic black guy in the White House, and believe me, the old white guys aren’t doing their country any favours in the eyes of the ROTW. Oh, but then they don’t ever look beyond their own borders — unless, of course, there’s money in it, aka war.

  3. I have relatives that live in several European countries, and the first question you get from them is, what the hell were these idiots thinking? Friends in England and France think the government of the US has lost credibility. I get the feeling that if we break this, other countries won’t be rushing to take our side.

  4. First of all, the GOP won’t feel embarrassed by all this. Secondly, if the talks break down because of this, even being embarrassed would be worth it in their thinking.

    It is not that they want the talks to fail,though they do,they want war and anything they have to do to achieve that is worth it.

  5. The baggers aka Republicans couldn’t give a flying fig about the “Rest of the World”. These are furriners to the – they don’t count. Most of the backwoods baggers haven’t been out there backyards, which is part of the problem.

  6. Since Reagan, the howl has been that educating our children and securing their future was ‘too expensive.’
    This is where ignorance gets you.

  7. ARREST, CHARGE, PROSECUTE, at once. These fools broke US law, the law They say They stand for. If They skate on this what law will They consider Themselves to be above next? Give ’em an inch…Ya know? If We don’t prosecute Them We WILL look like weak willed asses to the rest of the world. A real honest to God laughingstock. So it goes.

  8. Are we at war with Republican Congress? This is the second act of Treason in less than a month. We are not to be trusted by our allies, thanks to those idiots.

  9. How the hell do they think that they can dodge this bullet when election time comes around? “Sided with Iran’s military over their own country.” Hopefully the D’s won’t be too stupid to let the R’s write their own obituaries again.

    I believe that the R’s just may be the real “morans” after all.

  10. Never in the history of this country has a sitting President been disrespected as much as Pres. Obama. It is absolutely shameful. Nobody wants to hear this but I believe positively it is because of the color of his skin. There is no other reason.

  11. Just ONCE I would like to see President Obama give these Republiscums an actual BLISTERING response, especially with their latest treasonous attempt to sabotage the negotiations with Iran. I appreciate his calm and reasoned demeanor in most instances, but their latest stunt deserves a sound drubbing.
    “Close to unprecedented” is not sufficient to describe what the 47 Republican Senators did.

    The day after Tom Cotton’s letter to Iran was made public (Monday), he met with the military industrial complex on Tuesday. It appears the timing of his letter was to prove his neocon chops to the MIC.

    Oh, and don’t get me started on Crash McCain! It is absolutely frightening that he is Chairman of the Armed Services Committee.

  12. I’m afraid people may be underestimating the Republicans when they dismiss them as idiots. An insidious aspect of the GOP is that many of the right wing fundamentalists in high places believe we are living in the “End Times” as predicted in the book of Revelation at the end of the Bible. They are not motivated to save the planet, or humanity, or life in general. On the contrary, they deliberately contrive to appear stupid as it pulls the wool over everyone else’s eyes while they stir up the hornets’ nest in the middle east to hasten The End along according to their interpretation of the symbolism in the book of Revelation. They want war, World War III. They think their religious faith will earn them reward in the afterlife, and to hell (literally, in their minds) with everyone else.

  13. You mean other than GEORGE BUSH- 19%, REAGAN- 35%, CARTER- 28%, NIXON- 23%, TRUMAN- 22%… Check your facts… OBAMA- 39% at lowest, now at 50%.

  14. Hey, numbnuts, she said disrespected, not disliked. So he’s well liked, but disrespected by people like you, get your facts right.

  15. Damn it Mr. President it’s not embarrassing for them to have done this. Embarrassing is walking out of the John with toilet paper stuck to your foot. No. What they did was illegal, it was treason, and it should be punished. And guess what, you and Eric Holder look like chumps and pussies unless you do something about it. In fact, if you want to honor your job and follow the law, YOU MUST ACT TO PROSECUTE. No one gives a shit about “embarrassing” or “a disgrace” and so on. F—ing DO something about it, for us, and future generations of Americans.

  16. 21st century Republicans are incapable of feeling embarrassment, empathy or anything that might make them seem to be remotely sentient. They are total imbeciles, the product of years of Grover Norquist and Ayn Rand as idols and of money showered on them by billionaires like the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson. They never have to say they’re “sorry” because they never regret any of the devastating things they do or say.

  17. That doesn’t make them intelligent, just dangerously crazy if they want to bring on the end of the world. They should have campaigned as “end of timers.”

  18. This is from a Politico survey of GOP activists and insiders in Iowa and New Hampshire:

    One-third of Republican insiders believe that Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton and his GOP colleagues — including several potential presidential candidates — crossed the line when they published an open letter to Iranian leaders warning about a possible nuclear deal.

    A third sounds about right. And that means that two thirds of the Republican insiders in those two states think Tom Cotton and his blind followers did the smart thing.

    Think about that.

  19. Easy, more voter suppression.

    Make sure you find out if you are registered properly long before voting day. If not correct it. Come voting day if you can, give others a ride to the polls. Call local Democratic H.Q. and give them your name & number so they can call you to give someone a ride to the polls on Election day.

    That’s how it’s done.

  20. Congressional Republicans are so desperate for a sense of purpose and direction that they foolishly let a rookie Senator take the lead and call the shots, with numerous more experienced — but clearly not wiser — colleagues jumping on board in knee-jerk fashion.

    And now they are desperately trying to wipe the egg from their faces while suffering a backlash of criticism from those who realize that you cannot claim “patriotism” through exceptionally unpatriotic acts such as undermining the President’s diplomatic efforts abroad.

    The GOP would share Obama’s “embarassment” for them … were it not for the fact that they feel no shame.

  21. We really started to lose credibility when our President (Bush) lied to the world that Iraq had WMD’s and ended up in 2 (Afghanistan) unnecessary wars and dragged in a bunch of other nations. Don’t expect any help if we go into Iran.

  22. Expect Russia and China t supply Iran and watch us bankrupt our selves with glee like a sailor on shore leave

  23. Could Obama at least have the FBI interview all 47 Senators to get them to go on record admitting or denying that they authorized their signature to be put on the letter?

    And then he can leave them hanging, slowly twisting in the wind (as some infamous Republican once said) wondering about their own possible stay in federal prison.

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