Scott Walker Humiliates Himself In New Hampshire By Comparing ISIS To A Computer Virus

Scott Walker’s new foreign policy embarrassment occurred in New Hampshire today where he compared combating terrorists like ISIS to a computer virus.


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Walker said:

And to me, I look at what I believe is the not well defined by some in our political discourse today, and that is I think our clearest threat right now is radical Islamic terrorism. I see it embodied right now in Syria and Libya, but growing elsewhere around the world. I just believe fundamentally that when you listen to leaders of organizations like ISIS and others like them it is clear what their intent is. It’s not to say in the Middle East. It is eventually to come back to American soil and to cause harm against Americans because that is their identified threat. And so my belief is just like a virus in a computer, we need to go to whatever length is required to make sure that eradicate radical Islamic terrorism where it is at before it washes up.

Walker keeps finding new and different ways to make it clear to non-Republican voters that he is in way over his head on foreign policy. Terrorism is nothing like a computer virus. Terrorism is not tangable. It is an idea or a belief system. Terrorism can’t be eradicated with bullets or ground troops. There is no anti-virus program for terrorism.

What Scott Walker was referring to was the old George W. Bush strategy of “fighting them there, so we don’t have to fight them here.” It was a failed strategy when the Bush neocons tried it, and it will fail if another Republican president tries it.

It is clear that Republicans want to make 2016 about foreign policy, but Scott Walker is completely unfit to be talking about anything related to foreign policy. Gov. Walker appears to have no idea what he is talking about. Scott Walker is a bad governor who is revealing himself to be completely unfit to be president.

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