Sec. of State John Kerry Slams Republicans For Violating The Constitution With Iran Letter

john kerry unconstitutional iran letter

Sec. of State John Kerry ripped Senate Republicans for spreading false information via their unconstitutional letter to Iran.


On Face The Nation, Sec. Kerry said:

What I do know is that this letter was absolutely calculated to interfere directly with these negotiations. It specifically inserts itself directly to the leader of another country saying don’t negotiate with these guys because we’re going to change this. Which by the way, is not only contrary to the Constitution with respect to the Executive’s right to negotiate, but it is incorrect. Because they can not change an executive agreement. So it’s false information, and directly calculated to interfere, and basically saying don’t negotiate with them. You’ve got to negotiate with five hundred and thirty-five members of Congress. That’s unprecedented. Unprecedented.

Kerry was asked if he was going to apologize for the letter. He answered, “Not on your life. I’m not going to apologize for an unconstitutional and unthought out action from somebody who has been in the Senate for sixty some days.”

Kerry was correct. Senate Republicans are ignoring the Constitution and making up their own rules as far as rewriting any agreement with Iran is concerned. Any agreement that is reached will have been reached with multiple governments. The Senate simply does not have the constitutional authority to approve and/or rewrite agreements.

The main Republican argument against Kerry is that he went to Nicaragua as a new U.S. Senator in the 1980s and met with the communist dictator Daniel Ortega. The problem with the Republican telling of the tale is that they are leaving out some key facts.

Original news accounts at the time state, “Within weeks of taking office in 1985, he was off to Nicaragua, accompanied by reporters on a 36-hour, self-appointed fact-finding mission with another freshman, Democratic Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa. Congressional Democrats had accused the White House of exaggerating the communist threat posed by the Sandinista regime. So the two senators were publicly castigated when — just days after meeting with Daniel Ortega and other leaders of the regime — the Sandinistas climbed aboard a plane to Moscow to cement their Soviet ties.”

In 1985, John Kerry went to Nicaragua as an individual senator. He wasn’t speaking for the Senate. Kerry was on a fact-finding mission related to allegations about the Reagan administration’s behavior in Nicaragua. There is a difference between what Kerry did in the 1980s, and a group of Republican senators approaching a foreign government for the express purpose of undermining the President Of The United States.

Editorial boards across the country agree with Kerry that Republicans got the Constitution wrong in their letter to Iran.

Sec. Kerry will have to go back to the negotiating table and explain to the Iranians and our allies who are taking part in the negotiations that the Senate Republicans are idiots who don’t understand their own Constitution.

The Sec. of State made it clear that he will not tolerate Republican attacks of sabotage that are designed to destroy American foreign policy.

26 Replies to “Sec. of State John Kerry Slams Republicans For Violating The Constitution With Iran Letter”

  1. The political party that claims to be the party that believed in the Constitution violate it every chance they get. Fascist, every one of them.

  2. And then blame Obama for their failings and accuse him of the violation. They’re idiots that apparently didnt pay attention in social studies class.

  3. The repubes know exactly what they’re doing, and they know how unconstitutional it is. They betting that their base doesn’t have a clue, and given how hopelessly ignorant that base is, they’re probably right.

  4. I’m not a Republican- I have no need to lie.

    I feel that it is long overdue for the President to take some ‘executive action’ against these War Criminals.

  5. They are War Criminals- because they Want a War with Iran, and they’ll stoop to Criminal Actions in order to get it.

    Prosecute the 47 Traitors NOW!!!

  6. These guys although what they did was stupid, will not be prosecuted for the simple fact they did nothing wrong. Nothing illegal, nothing unconstitutional, and nothing unprecedented.
    The letter said that with out ratification of congress it will be nothing more than an executive agreement.
    When congress ratifies, or make a treaty, they can and most likely will change the terms. They cannot change an executive agreement.
    However the next president can. Or nullify it entirely.
    Also there is nothing in the logan act that says congress cannot engage in discussions with foreign governments.
    Was the letter stupid, boneheaded, and immoral? Yes it was.
    Was the letter illegal, unconstitutional, or unprecedented? No it was not.

  7. Treason is the wrong charge, and they can not be convicted for it. Mutiny on the otherhand is the offense they committed, and it is a charge they can be convicted for. It also carries a much stiffer penalty than treason. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I do believe that mutiny is a capitol offense.

  8. NO NO NO Whatever agreement that would be reach would fall under the NPT treaty which we are signers of. Damn you people amazes me with your ignorance

  9. Republicans have been attacking the constitution since the election of Reagan. They are obsessed in destroying the General Welfare clause and the very idea of one vote for one citizen. Their goal is government only large enough to protect billionaires while ignoring the millions of poor. For all their bleating about the Free Market, they have no problem violating it to protect the rich with legislation for allowing corporations to ecidt, limited liability, and bankruptcy protectiond. All yhose things are government interference in the economy designed to protect stupid rich people from the consequences of yheir own bad decisions. In a frer market Donald Trump would have been ruined thirty years ago.

  10. Congresd cannot make treaties. So says the Constitution and the Supreme Court since John Adams.

    These 47 did not have the consent of the Senate, much less Congress to speak on its behalf. They are 47 private citizens speaking only for themselves.

    Or do you have any evidence that a motion was put before the Senate, passed with 51 affirmative votes saying these 47 spoke for the 100 Senators or the over 300 members of the House? If not, stop pretending this group spoke for Congress.

    And yes, they violated the Logan Act. As individual citizens they are not empowered to meddle in existing negotiations. And they violated their oaths of office to uphold the constitution.

  11. Yes that very same constitution they keep throwing into our faces, but chose the parts they like and ignore the parts the don’t.
    Kinda like their fairy tail book, the bible.

  12. You really need some education and read something other than breitbard for REAL information.

    “Major world powers have begun talks about a United Nations Security Council resolution to lift U.N. sanctions on Iran if a nuclear agreement is struck with Tehran, a step that could make it harder for the U.S. Congress to undo a deal, Western officials said.”
    “But a Security Council resolution on a nuclear deal with Iran could be legally binding, say Western diplomatic officials. That could complicate and possibly undercut future attempts by Republicans in Washington to unravel an agreement.”

  13. sabotage

    deliberately destroy, damage, or obstruct (something), especially for political or military advantage.

  14. Congressional Republicans are so desperate for a sense of purpose and direction that they foolishly let a rookie Senator take the lead and call the shots, with numerous more experienced — but clearly not wiser — colleagues jumping on board in knee-jerk fashion.

    And now they are desperately trying to wipe the egg from their faces while suffering a backlash of criticism from those who realize that you cannot claim “patriotism” through exceptionally unpatriotic acts such as undermining the President’s diplomatic efforts abroad.

    Meanwhile, the knuckle-walking rookie still refuses to acknowledge that it was a bonehead maneuver, publicly commenting that he “has no regrets” about spearheading this attempt to pull the diplomatic rug out from under the POTUS.

  15. What did Sen. Cotton get his degree in at Harvard? Underwater basketing weaving and Nose Picking and Ass Scratching?

    He certainly didn’t learn anything about the Constitution or the views of our founders in the Federalist Papers and other American documents.

  16. We have so many laws, and interpertation of the laws by the US Supreme Court, that citizens have no idea what is right anymore.
    However, there is no doubt or controversy what The 47 Republicans intentions were, to undermine the POTUS, not with just the Letter to Iran, but from day one, when even the SCOTUS didn’t even give the OATH of Office right, had to be repeated. What does that tell you.
    A complete Independent investigation by the USAG into the GOP Government Emails from 2008 -2015..enforced by the Patriot Act of 2001 by GW Bush.

  17. No, congress does not negotiate a treaty. But they do ratify a treaty. If they do not agree to terms then they will not ratify. It takes the whole of the government to make a treaty.

    The logan act says, in brief, that no person shall negotiate with a foreign government to influence negotiations with out authority of the United States of America. ( sorry cant remember exact wording) But the important part is the last 7 words ” authority of the United States of America” The problem comes with who gives that authority. It does not say whether or not its the president, congress, senate, or even the average citizen.
    Then comes the wording of the letter. Its worded as a neutral lesson, albeit horrible lesson, in civics.

  18. Bullshit. The reason would be that they would have to resigned from the NPT and he security council of the UN and that you baggers aint going to happen.
    future President and Congress will be bound by this decision is because the end product of negotiations will not be in the form of a new binding agreement between the 5+1 and Iran (as widely expected), but instead in the form of a UN Security Council Decision that could only be legally reversed with the vote of the UN Security Council(a high hurdle). After this UN decision it will be against international law for UN Charter signatories to sanction Iran. The treaty that binds the US in this instance will be the UN Charter itself, which is decidedly more tricky to withdraw from than would be a 5 + 1 treaty with Iran.

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