Obama’s Biggest Victory: 16.4 Million Uninsured Americans Have Gained Health Coverage Via ACA

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16.4 million Americans who were previously uninsured, have gained health insurance coverage, since the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was passed into law on March 23, 2010. Over 14 million uninsured adults acquired insurance following the first open enrollment period in October 2013. An additional 2.3 million young adults between the ages of 19 and 25, gained coverage between 2010 and October 2013, because of the ACA provision allowing children under the age of 26 to remain on their parent’s plan.

The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index estimates that the national uninsured rate has plummeted from 20.3 percent, prior to the 2013 open enrollment period, to just 13.2 percent in early 2015. Predictably, the decline in the uninsured rate was most dramatic in states that expanded Medicaid coverage.

The uninsured rate for Latinos dropped the sharpest from a baseline uninsured rate of 41.8 percent, when open enrollment began, to 29.5 percent in 2015. The African-American uninsured rate fell from 22.4 percent to 13.2 percent during the same time span. The white uninsured rate tumbled from 14.3 percent to a mere 9.0 percent over the same period.

In raw numbers, 6.6 million additional White Americans, 4.2 million Latinos, and 2.3 million African-Americans who were previously uninsured gained health care coverage under the provisions of the ACA. While no figures are calculated for Asian-Americans, Pacific Islanders, or American Indians, presumably they add up, to account for the remaining 1 million Americans who gained insurance over the same time frame.

The Supreme Court may choose to gut Obamacare in June. However, if they do so, they will be stripping away health care coverage for millions of Americans who have benefited from the ACA. Republicans like to attack Obamacare at every turn, but the bottom line is the ACA has brought affordable health care coverage to millions of Americans. 16.1 million Americans who did not have health coverage prior to the ACA, now have affordable care. There is no rational or humane reason for the Supreme Court, or the GOP Congress,  to turn their backs on millions of Americans. However, out of sheer spite for the President’s landmark accomplishment, they will probably do just that.

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  1. 16.4 million more Americans that the Republicans/Conservatives to hate and call socialist. 16.4 million Americans that the Reich Wing cannot kill off as soon as they liked. 16.4 million Americans who are finally seeing another part of the “American Dream” that the Reich Wing has denied them for too long and still seek to deny them.

  2. Some of those 16.4 million people are members of the Reich Wing. They still hate President Obama but, they love their health care!

  3. GOP solution to possible King v. Burwell disaster? Take subsidies away more slowly

    Yes, strip the subsidies, but give a tax credit to offset the loss that gradually diminishes over time. That way, the subsidies disappear, just more slowly:

    Under Sasse’s proposal, those policyholders would receive a tax credit offsetting 65 percent of the costs of an individual’s current plan for six months. That credit would decrease gradually each month, ending after 18 months.
    “The six-month clock will put pressure on Congress to consider alternative proposals” to replace ObamaCare, Sasse wrote in an op-ed in National Review.

    “Complete repeal is our goal,” Nebraska’s new Republican senator stated.


  4. The majority of people benefiting from this are rural poor whites that are anti-Spam and reside in Red States. Their hatred is so strong, they cannot even acknowledge, let alone thank him for their coverage.

    I just spoke to a friend who it appears will receive dental and eye insurance because she has a chronic health problem (Multiple Sclerosis). She missed the deadline to enroll, but she may be able to bypass the red tape and obtain the insurance. She needs it. One of her front teeth was loosened when she but into a year of corn, and she has double vision at times because of the MS.

    Her tooth is about to come out and she wants a dentists to try and save it. The GOP should be ashamed of themselves for trying to deny voters insurance! Help, they have it! They aren’t denying themselves insurance!

  5. All those people with ObamaCare(s) and the world hasn’t ended? Sky hasn’t fallen? The apocalypse is not upon us? Not a death panel to be found?

    Well imagine that.

  6. I hate to admit this but if the GOP would have kept their noses out of it we would have had universal health care for several years by now.
    As a matter of fact didn’t Roosevelt first propose it?

  7. I haven’t heard anyone say a word yet about the rising prices of insurance or the policies that were and are still being cancelled. Nor have I heard about all the people who have gotten insured only to find that nobody in the area accepted Obamacare. I have too many family members and friends that have been adversely affected to feel good about Obamacare. While I am at it let’s not forget about all the companies that had to be bailed out. These are problems that need to be fixed. I don’t care if they repeal the ACA or just go put a million and one bandaids on it but it needs doing and fast.

  8. I read a tweet, CBO projected 25 million insured by 2020. With 16 million that approx. 2/3 of CBO projection. If the 47 GOP traitors don’t sabogate the ACA, they will beat that projection.

  9. so when in june the kochs scotus destroys the aca over 4 words, over a case that the plaintiffs had zero standing, i hope the whole freakin health care and death insurance cabal crumbles under its own weight. as someone who has benefited from the aca, while not perfect by any means, its still better since most companies are now using ‘independent contractors’ so they dont have to pay health. many people will die, and have big probs if that happens.

  10. believe it or not, before nixon imploded over watergate, they were talking about uni care, medicare part e for everyone. but then nixon was his own worst enemy. dont forget epa is nixon to!

  11. You haven’t heard a word because everything you are saying is bullshit no matter what your uncle ned tell you. But do some homework for a change. Google the raise in insurance cost before the ACA and then compare the two. I doubt you will do it because that is too much work for foxified brains

  12. Obamacare is insurance reform, not a health care plan. If you have insurance (public or private) you are covered under the ACA. If you have a doctor who doesn’t take health insurance, your doctor is probably a quack. My health care policy (a private bronze level plan) that I enrolled in during the open enrollment period under the ACA, covers me with any medical doctor in the state of Montana (and in most cases and in any emergency, out of state doctors/hospitals/clinics as well).

  13. Liar. “Obamacare” is not an insurer or a health plan. It is a law.

    Did you make enough nickels tonight to buy your daily ration of generic mac ‘n’ cheese?

  14. There is no rational or humane reason for the Supreme Court, or the GOP Congress, to turn their backs on millions of Americans.

    No, but remember this: Insurance Companies Profit Margins.

    Need I say more?

    Republicans will ALWAYS vote to screw over the working class.

  15. Why in the name of Allah, & Jebus, are the Gods Of Poverty so hateful? Brain Damage and Home schoolin’ no doubt. Nuntin’ wrong with it unless a person can actually meld with the attitude Carrie’s mother had. Now she was loaded with jebus. Did they ever get their electric turned on? And I hear when Carrie came into puberty, mama went nuts! Alas, never fear, didn’t buy any Tampons or nunthin’, she was a true believer in home schoolin n’ stuff so she had Count Dracula pay Carrie a visit. See, home schooling isn’t so negative. I’m so silly.

  16. PWO’Neal,I don’t know what you do for a living BUT you have a talent for fictional writing, the sad thing is that you’re actually believing your own fiction.

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