GOP Cries Appeasement. But Up Until Now, We’ve Been Appeasing the Wrong People


We have watched a joint Republican-Likud Party coup attempt to take over President Obama’s negotiations with Iran completely backfire, with the result that through his own actions, Benjamin Netanyahu has seen his popularity crash both here and at home. This in turn has prompted a complete right-wing meltdown in Israel, with Netanyahu seeing plots everywhere.

In all, it was a classic, textbook case of cause-and-effect.

Republicans, however, tend to be like the ideologically-blinkered actor Jon Voight, father of Angelina Jolie, who is buying into Benjamin Netanyahu’s paranoia about a leftist plot to unseat him.

On Sunday morning, Voight released a video of support for the embattled prime minister and to the people of Israel, claiming that President Obama “doesn’t want Bibi Netanyahu to win this upcoming election,” and that “America has not been the same since his presidency.”

Hasn’t been the same? You got that right: Thank you Change We Can Believe In!

Seriously, could you blame Obama if he didn’t want Netanyahu to win? Not only on a personal level – The Israeli prime minister just came here and dissed our president at the invitation of his enemies in the GOP, the men who have done everything in their power for six years to bring his presidency to a screeching halt.

But a defeated Netanyahu would serve Obama’s interests on a professional level as well – an Israel governed by a more level-headed, pragmatic leader, would be less likely to draw the U.S. into a war it does not want, and cannot afford. That sort of Israel would be less of a strain on Obama’s pragmatic approach to diplomacy.

Voight, meanwhile, wasn’t talking to a chair, but his address was strange enough regardless. Check it out courtesy of Arutz Sheva TV:

“I love Israel. I want to see Israel survive and not be overtaken by the madmen of this world,” he begins.

Great. Power to you, Jon. I don’t want Israel to be destroyed either. Neither do I want to see Iran destroyed. Or, more critically, the country I am actually citizen of, the United States of America.

It’s a shame Voight doesn’t feel the same concern for his own country, which has a Congress controlled by madmen eager to dismantle the world’s first modern liberal democracy and fight a few more destructive wars along the way.

Well, to be fair start a few wars other people will have to fight before they are denied treatment for their wounds, physical and psychological, and cast, discarded as of no further use, into the streets.

Voight presents the same tired appeasement spiel we have heard from so many others who want other people to die in their wars so the demands of ideology can be satisfied:

I beg everyone, all of you, to understand the truth: those – like Yitzhak Herzog – who believe that deal-making is the solution to what Israel faces are as wrong as Neville Chamberlain believing he made a peace deal with Hitler. We must learn from history where the true danger lies.

Reversing the facts, and thus failing to understand the truth himself, he then claims, “President Obama does not love Israel and his whole agenda is to control Israel, and this way he can be friends with all of Israel’s enemies.”

Of course, the truth is, Republicans are more than happy to hand control of U.S. foreign policy over to their fellow right-winger Netanyahu.

Yet Voight, somehow with a straight face (credit his acting experience here, I suppose), claims that Obama “in this way…can be friends with all of Israel’s enemies.” Which is a bizarre claim to make because the United States is all on its own Israel’s best and most loyal friend, and no president more so than Barack Obama.

There is nothing – no treaty or agreement – saying the United States is not allowed its own list of friends and enemies, that our foreign policy must align itself completely and totally with Israel’s own. Again, this is giving Israel control of U.S. foreign policy, not the other way around.

Given that the U.S. will be expected to back up any action Israel takes, the United States has a vested interest in who Israel attacks. We’ve already destabilized the region by attacking Iraq. Attacking Iran, the Islamic State’s staunchest foe, would give the entire Middle East to ISIL on a platter.

And ISIL, not Iran, is Israel’s real enemy.

Voight, like John Bolton, Todd Starnes, and many other Republicans, talks about appeasement.

Honestly, listening to the Republicans and Netanyahu, and now Voight, I think up until now we’ve been appeasing the wrong people, and Benjamin Netanyahu is at the head of that list.

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  1. The truth is that Israel has no support anywhere in the world except from the US, we should not be supporting them, there will be no peace in that part of the world
    until there is a resolution to the Palestine
    problem, it is festering and Bibi is pre5tty much unhinged, I hope he cannot rig the election because it seems most Israeli’s want him out.
    Has anyone told rotten Cotten where Tehran is?

  2. Now that the atheists have replied, let’s let God get His 2-cents in:

    I will bless those who bless you, And I will curse him who curses you; And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.

  3. Who cares what Jon Voight has to say. This is what you rally your, so called supporters with. He hardly seems a credible voice to make your case. Clint Eastwood might be available, but someone needs to provide a chair.
    This is what loosers do Bibi.

  4. Voight… talks about appeasement… I think up until now we’ve been appeasing the wrong people, and Benjamin Netanyahu is at the head of that list.

    Yes! Yes!
    A thousand times “Yes!”.

  5. You know Roger, if like it says in the Bible, that God punished Israel for straying from his word and being rebellious people, he would probably be taking them to the woodshed right now. It is not that anyone doesn’t support Israel, it is that we do not support the warmongers who are currently in power there. I personally don’t want to see us go to war over the words men wrote in a book full of myths. The fact that we don’t blindly support them does not mean we don’t support them as we would any democratic state in the world. You all on the right are just always itching to fight, and it has to end, the madness must end.

  6. All true – the USA is the only country that still supports Israel and its genocidal policies.

  7. Jon Voight got his nose up Bibi’s rear end and can’t see straight. So are the fanatics in the Republican Party who by claiming they love Israel—hates our President, who as a matter of fact continues to support Israel the same way the United States has done for decades: With Handouts.

  8. When are people going to recognize that if Chamberlain had not done what he did, WWII would have started much earlier and probably would have been much shorter with Germany winning. The only country on a sound military footing at that time was Germany.

    Just a pet peeve of mine that a smart move is seen as a sign of weakness.

  9. So this is what’s at stake, if the P5+1 come to an agreement and sanctions are lifted as long as Iran abides by the terms, then Iran will start bombing us with nuclear weapons? Get a grip Republicans! Appeasement? Get real. It seems any time a diplomacy is attempted and a peace deal seems near, Neville Chamberlain’s name is thrown out like a gauntlet.

  10. The United States has “Blessed” Israel with billions of dollars in aid and weapons since Israel’s existence, including and especially under the Obama Administration. Just because we do not want to start another unnecessary war at the behest of a war hawk who just happens to be the Israeli Prime Minister, does not mean we are not Israel’s friend.

  11. Why Republicans Are Ramping Up the Obama Derangement Syndrome
    I say all of this because, along with the success of his domestic policies, the fact that he is the President who killed Osama bin Laden, and that the people of South and Central America see him as finally ending the Cold War, Barack Obama is very likely to go down in history as – not only our first African American president – but one of our greatest presidents.

    That makes all of the Republican attempts to obstruct and discredit him a failure. The ramped up Obama Derangement Syndrome is much like a toddler’s ramping up of decibels when the adults in the room don’t respond to their temper tantrum. We need to send them to their room for a time out.
    Read More

  12. When the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem begins to resemble a nail.

    Iran is more of a screw.

    But since the Innocent-Blood Thirsty GOP are more hell bent on Profits for the War Industry than anything else…

    Coupled with the equally blood thirsty Palestinians (rockets in a UN charter school), and the “let America fight our wars for us”-Saudis, can it be any wonder why Conservatives Pride is so over weening when it comes to “America’s Tough-Guy Image”?

    So much for the Golden Rule…

  13. Why is this news worthy? He’s a sad excuse for having the title of Actor..Oh yes and a beautiful daughter who’s 10 times smarter.

  14. Some people say that other countries should support Israel because ” God ” said so ,let’s get something straight ,” god ” did not say anything , the Jews wrote the bible so it’s obvious they named themselves ” the chosen people ”
    The Republicans and Netanyahu thought he could come here and take over presidential powers or take over the presidency.
    Israel has to understand , that the U.S IS NOT one of its occupied territories and can do whatever it wants with it .
    Sooner or later Israel will do a stupid thing that not even the U.S . will be able to save it from itself, unless we risk a world war.
    Peace will come to the M E when the U.S. puts a stop to Israel’s warmongering and invasion of other countries..
    Israel wants to be the only bully in that region , and it is because it knows that the U.S will back it up , that has to stop.
    Israel is more dangerous and likely to start a world war more than Iran is .

  15. Since when was Netanyahu elected president, or who gave him powers to run U.S foreign policy ?
    Without U.S help , Israel is nothing , so they should understand that you don’t bite the hand that helps you., and Netanyahu tried to do just that.
    Sooner or later a president will just say f*ck it Israel is not worth a world war , and just give up..and let them go their own way..
    Israel thinks that it can manipulate the U.S forever , sooner or later people will get tired of that , or help them with their ill conceived wars..
    It is to Israel’s benefit to be in a perpetual state of war , to the detriment of the U.S..and that has to stop..

  16. I’ve noticed this “Neville Chamberlain appeased Hitler” talking point rather often lately. You can sure tell when the RW wordsmiths like Frank Luntz get busy with their viral e-mails, telling all the bloggers and pundits what to say.

  17. Now let those of us who prefer to depend on our government to keep us OUT of wars that do not belong to us, to keep us safe from those who tell us what “god” has to say in a book written during the Iron age by illiterate dessert dwellers, which MEN have been edited and chosen to reflect THEIR wants, not “god’s”. Isreal is of no consequence to the USA. Though the practicing Jewish community of the US does claim “this year isreal”, more than 99% do not wish to travel, nor live in Isreal as they are commanded to by their god. Why is it our responsibility to keep them safe from neighbors that despise their very existence? From ancient civilizations who have been in battle for THOUSANDS of years because of idiology that is NOT our country’s idiology?
    By the way, “John who?”

  18. we have to start asking ourselves why are we the only ones who support Israel? they have no other worldly support besides America? Israel has been holding america hostage for years. enough is enough. I pledge allegiance to the united states- not Israel and my country will always come first. not sure if the righties can say that.

  19. Because they’re the only Democracy in the Middle East.

    And even they treat the Palestinians better than the other Middle East countries do.

  20. Djchefron – in reality Israel is not a true democracy – its a theocracy overlaid with some democratic elements. Its the same for Turkey and many other countries in the ME. They all claim that they are democracies because they have free elections, but their governance is based on their religious beliefs – ergo they are a theocracy.

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