GOP Email Scandal Backfires As Popularity Of Potential Hillary Clinton Presidency Grows


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A new CNN/ORC poll found that the number of Americans who say that they would be proud to have Hillary Clinton as president has increased in the wake of the media/Republican created email scandal.

The CNN poll found some bad news for Republicans. The number of respondents who agreed with the statement that Hillary Clinton is a president that they could be proud of has increased since the email scandal was first reported. The number of Americans who said that Clinton is someone that they would be proud to have as president has increased from 50% in March 2014 to 57% in March 2015. The number of respondents who agreed that Clinton says what she believes not what voters want to hear has increased from 54% in 2007 to 58% today.

The poll was split (31%/20%/23%/25%) on whether Clinton’s emails were a serious issue. The belief that the Clinton emails are a serious problem was largely driven by Republicans (55%) and conservatives (53%). Sixty-percent of liberals and 70% of Democrats thought that the emails were either “not too serious,” or “no problem at all.” Other demographic groups were split 50/50 on the emails.


House Republicans are about to launch a full-scale investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails when it is clear that this a story that is not resonating across partisan lines. The popularity of a potential Hillary Clinton presidency has grown since the email scandal broke. The poll offered the first bit of statistical evidence that the email scandal likely won’t make a bit of difference to voters in 2016.

The poll numbers are more impressive for Hillary Clinton when considers that her defense of her emails has been limited to one tweet and a twenty minute press conference. Republicans and the media have been obsessing over the Clinton emails, but no matter how hard they try, they can’t get non-Republicans to pay attention and care.

Hillary Clinton is a more popular potential president than she was before the scandal. In typical Clinton family fashion, a scandal that the media is salivating over might serve to make her stronger.

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  1. This should surprise no one. The GOP have wasted taxpayer $$$$$$ over the past 6 chasing after corruption in the Obama White House that only exist in their heads.
    We use to put these people in straight jackets and throw away the key

  2. Leave it to the L$M to dive for cover when the whole “scandal’ turns out to be one big “meh”.

    To review:
    1. Clinton turned over printed pages BEFORE AP FOIA request. The Kerry State department dragged their feet.
    2. The State Dept did not and still does not have an effective archive system. During Clinton’s tenure they did not AUTO archive anything in fact they only had 90 days of storage so in effect her personal server preserved MORE of her correspondence than the State Dept would/could have!
    3. Clinton was the first and to date Only living SOS to turn over her private emails relating to official duties. Powell and Rice have yet to comply with the “law” that Fox hosts say should result in criminal charges against Clinton despite her COMPLIANCE..
    4. As governor J E Bush used a similar system and has yet to turn over all emails related to his time in office that were routed through his private server.
    5. Governor Romney took 100% of his emails with him with ZERO public …

  3. It’s Pavlovian. When they hear ‘Clinton’, they think they’ve found a scandal. By the time they realize it isn’t, they’ve drooled all over themselves in public.

  4. You forgot to mention the millions of emails which went missing during the Weed’s administration.

    GOP whiners can sit on it and rotate.

  5. Neo-Confederates (formerly, Republicans):

    Details! Details! We don’t need no stinkin’ de–Hey! BENGHAZI111!

  6. Same thing happened with Bill Clinton in the run-up to impeachment. First it was wait until Ken Starr’s report and people will turn on him. Then it was wait until his testimony is released and the people will turn on him. With every new development in the case against President Clinton the GOP was sure he would be toast, but instead his approval ratings rose with each new thing.

  7. That’s very good news for the next president of the United States. I really hope the election of 2016 brings the biggest landslide wins, since Johnson won in 1964 and win the house back. So many people are in desperate situation to get medicaid passed, crumbling infrastructure, and so much work to do. It is just disgusting that republicans keep the house for the entire decade. The republican party is just too crazy and very hostile to us. Showing love of country is not about provoking a world war just like republicans have done with the letter to Iran or a brink to default on the debt ceiling. President Obama is a true patriot that has done so much for this country and proud that he is my president. President Hillary Clinton will continue his legacy along with her news ideas to help this country move forward.

  8. No surprise to me. I just told my husband, just wait. Women and enlightened men are going to solidify their support for Hillary as a result of RWNJs piling on. Please proceed repubs.

  9. Yep. And since Gov Synder is a lame duck, and he wants to get things done, the RWNJs in Lansing will have him by the balls.
    Synder can’t be trusted. He said “right to work less” wasn’t on his agenda and he still signed it into law.
    I’m hoping a court case will hold it up until after the next census.

  10. E-MAILS, e-mails, servers in her house, e-mails sent on her I-Pad, laptop, smart phone; e-mails in the cloud, e-mails deleted, e-mails printed, e-mails sent, e-mails received, e-mails eaten by her dog—-WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?! <-Hillary's Benghazi blow up :)
    I back her–WHAT F*ING DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE? Only to Republican witch hunters does it make a difference. Benghazi anyone?

  11. I totally agree with this poll. I was one of those not to excited about her. But after seeing them go after her with such hatred, I’m a defender and back her 100%.

  12. Well if they wanna play that game, we should DEMAND to see all emails, phone records, travel plans of Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice. These people are players in a huge scam that killed thousands of our own people. And nothing????

  13. What surprises me is ANYONE believes that Ms. Rodham-Clinton’s support is INCREASING. Do we look like a bunch of idiots that live in the USA? Come on now – this isn’t the FIRST lie Ms. Rodham-Clinton has been caught in and it won’t be the last. This isn’t about Republican vs. Democrat – it’s about right vs. wrong. 4 men DIED and many others were injured in Behghazi and it looks like a lot of the blame can be pointed right at Ms. Rodham-Clinton and the current administration. We don’t need another Clinton in the White House and no spin doctor, i.e. the media, can make us believe SHE is the only or best candidate to be our President.

  14. Over 3000 died on 911. Another 5000 died from a lie about 911 and all we got was “You covered your ass now watch this golf shot”
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  15. Here’s what a hypocrite tray gaudy is. He won’t release his own emails, never investigated George W bush for deleting 22 million emails or colin powell for deleting all his emails – says he wants transparency, but refuses to release Hillary’s emails to the public or hold a public hearing that we can all witness.

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