Even Joe Scarborough Believes Republicans Went Too Far With “Stupid” Iran Letter

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During Monday’s broadcast of Morning Joe, co-host Joe Scarborough finally relented and said that the “one-two punch” of House Republicans inviting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to speak and the sending of a letter to Iran by 47 GOP Senators was a step too far for the party. In Scarborough’s mind, one or the other could be somewhat excused based on a number of reasons. However, the combination of the two events is “toxic” and shows how dysfunctional the country is right now.

Scarborough and co-host Mika Brzezinski hosted a panel discussion about the continuing nuclear negotiations between Iran and the United States. A clip was played of an interview Secretary of State John Kerry gave Face the Nation on Sunday regarding the letter Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) authored and got 46 other Republican Senators to sign onto. During the interview, Kerry angrily denounced the letter and said he would not apologize to Iran or the international community for “the unconstitutional, un-thought-out action by somebody who’s been in the United States Senate for 60-something days.” Essentially, he said the GOP would have to answer for their own idiocy regarding the letter.

Another clip was played, also from Face the Nation, showing Cotton speaking with host Bob Schieffer about the letter and Iran. While Morning Joe didn’t show the part of the interview where Cotton got both the Constitution and geography wrong, it did show Schieffer needling Cotton about whether or not he’d send letters to other unfriendly regimes, such as North Korea. The panel, consisting of Julie Pace of the Associated Press, Bloomberg’s Andrew Hunt, the Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart and Sam Stein of the Huffington Post, essentially agreed that Republicans are now in damage control mode and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) made a huge mistake by endorsing the letter.

Scarborough did attempt to give some cover to Republicans over the letter. He stated that Democrats did the same thing the 1980s by sending correspondence to Daniel Ortega and the Sandinistas during Nicaragua’s civil war with Contra rebels. Joe also said that Cotton is a freshman, and freshmen do stupid things. However, Scarborough did eventually concede that the combination of Bibi’s speech and a letter that was signed by most of the Republican Senators, including its leader, showed that the GOP was taking things too far.

After Capehart had explained why the White House is extremely angry over the complete lack of respect shown to them by Republicans, Scarborough added these thoughts:

“If you just asked me about Netanyahu, I’d say ‘It’s happened before. He can show up.’ If you ask me about the letter, taken apart, I go, ‘You know what? Freshmen do stuff like that. It was stupid.’ But there’s something about those two actions in tandem, together, a couple weeks apart, that I must agree with a lot of really smart writers at your paper and the New York Times, that taken together…I do think it has a really toxic mix about how dysfunctional the United States of America is right now.”

Scarborough also acknowledged, sort of, that Brzezinski had been right all along about the letter being very damaging, as she was extremely critical of it the moment it was released.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of MSNBC:



It should be telling to the GOP when one of their biggest apologists goes on the air and says that they are not only screwing up, but screwing up royally. While many Republicans are already backtracking and wishing they’d never signed the letter, that Pandora’s Box is now open and nothing they do can make it go away.

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  1. If such was truly a ‘mutiny’.

    Then the appropriate punishment would apply:
    Keelhauling and/or Cat O’nine tails.

    Republicans- pioneering new lows in their fanatical obsession to Destroy the Middle Class and America.

  2. ONE MORE TIME. It is not a deal between the U.S. and Iran, it is a deal between the U.S. and five other Nations, with Iran.

  3. Right, freshmen do stupid things cuz they lack wisdom. That’s the very reason why freshmen are not placed in a position of power, they are still very free.

    What Scarborough says or thinks is irrelevance, as he is a washed up former Congressman with a washed up TV show. What the GOP attempted to do was limit the Presidents power. What happened in Nicaragua is nothing like this. Nobody attempted to usurp the power of an Alzheimer
    Infected President. Should have, but didn’t.

  4. Morning Joe stated, “I do think it has a really toxic mix about how dysfunctional the United States of America is right now.”

    America? lets narrow this down to the core of this dysfunction how about The Republican Party

  5. Our country gives way to much for Nettie boy. He wants america to start another war for his country. I want OUR congress to support OUR country. What is wrong with that. Republicans haven’t proposed any solutions except war. I’m tired of wars.

  6. Well, we have to admit that the ONLY reason why those Neo-Confederate idiots are in the Senate today is because the American electorate either voted for them outright or voted for them by default, by not showing up at the polls. Either way, they’re there because the majority of American voters had put them there.

  7. That’s awesome! I started paging down to find my name, then gave up, remembering that there were only a few thousand signatures when I signed. It would take all day to scroll down to it. I hope it continues to grow to over 500,000.

  8. The letter was amateurish and repugnant. The Iranians laughed at it. The country is laughing at it, and the world is laughing at it and ALL 47 signers. The aftermath is embarrassing to them and the USA (voters) for allowing that caliber of Senators to be on Capitol Hill. A Freshman, know nothing, who authored that goofy letter was feeling mighty cocky when the big boys signed on. But now they are throwing darts at him for bamboozling them into signing. Remember according to John McCain he didn’t digest the letter, but signed because he was in a hurry to get outta town—SNOWSTORM COMING! WTF that makes it worse, the excuse AND the letter. The rest have kept quiet, gone underground, or those with chutzpah came out DEFENDING the move and the letter! Well it has and will bite them in their backsides. This stunt will stick in the collective memories of the country, the world and the history books. I say, that their opposition (Republican and Democrat) should bring this up constan…

  9. IMO, the interference by the Republicans, Israel (remember Netanyahu is their PM and therefore speaks for all of them) and private citizens, with the President doing his job is unprecedented.

    Historians have admitted that they can find no other incident in which another country was sent a letter warning them not to trust the President such as was sent to Iran.

    If this country is dysfunctional, we only have the Republicans to blame. And we won’t forget.

  10. Netanyahu admitted he lied to Sec. Kerry and Pres. Obama on 2 state talks with Palestine, Bibi admitted the settlement building was a land grab to keep the Palestinians out of Jerusalem. He promise if he win re-election he will increase settlements: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/17/world/middleeast/benjamin-netanyahu-campaign-settlement.html?smid=tw-share


    Herzog Netanyahu’s opponent spoke out in support of Pres. Obama and the Iran talks: http://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2015/03/goldberg-isaac-herzog-interview-on-iran-and-obama/387628/
    Former mossad boss to Bibi: “You and you alone turned the US from ally to enemy: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/14/world/middleeast/netanyahu-herzog-livni-campaign-as-israeli-election-nears.html?smid=tw-share

    Congress better have a good cover lie of standing with this liar over our Commander-n-Chief

  11. You cant make this shit up. Oh wait, you are a dumbass teabilly so I guess you can

    Latest GOP dismissal of letter meant to sabotage Iran negotiations: No stamp, doesn’t count.

    The latest explanation of why 47 Republican senators’ letter to the Iranian leadership attempting to short-circuit anti-proliferation negotiations between America and Iran is not as bad as it sounds and as political wags from both sides of the aisle have declared it to be—and let us pause here to reflect that this is indeed only the “latest” explanation, as the others have petered out—is that it was not actually sent to Iran, therefore shut up.

  12. Well GOP aka Benedict Arnold Party when one of your biggest cheerleaders, Morning Joke says you went too far guess what?YOU WENT TO FAR!

  13. Joe –

    You are just WRONG when you say: “I do think it has a really toxic mix about how dysfunctional the United States of America is right now.”

    Let me correct it for you:

    “… how dysfunctional the REPUBICAN PARTY is right now.”

    FIFY. You’re welcome.

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