Republicans Reeling As President Obama Is Dominating Their Congressional Majority



By using a strategy of going on offense with a clear and strong agenda, President Obama has been dominating John Boehner and Mitch McConnell’s Republican majority in Congress.

Politico reported on how the president is setting the agenda:

Three months into the expanded Republican majorities on the Hill, White House aides see a landscape in which President Barack Obama is more in charge now than he was before the midterms. Rather than moving forward on their own priorities as Republican leaders promised after their midterm sweep, the House and Senate find themselves reacting to Obama.

So far, most legislation hasn’t moved at all, and the most prominent votes have been on bills they already know Obama won’t sign. Even the political flare-ups over Iran, White House aides say, are more evidence of a Congress — Republicans and Democrats alike — that is reacting to the president’s agenda.


“To the extent that Republicans on Capitol Hill are doing things, it is either putting out fires in their own camp or responding to incoming from President Obama,” White House press secretary Josh Earnest said in an interview.


President Obama threw Republicans back on their heels with his immigration executive action. The White House has not allowed the Republican-led Congress to get their footing by establishing any momentum or a coherent agenda. Democrats and the president have been able to exploit the fact that congressional Republicans veer from crisis to crisis with no plans or goals.

Sen. Mitch McConnell thought that he would be able to hit the ground running by passing lots of legislation immediately after he became Majority Leader. McConnell spent nearly a month bogged down on the Keystone XL bill, and followed up Keystone by being dragged into the House’s fight over Obama’s immigration executive action.

The president is more in control of the agenda in the Capitol than he was when Democrats held the majority in the Senate. President Obama is firmly in charge, and Republicans have no clue what to do about this turn of events. One of the main reasons why so many Republicans signed on to Sen. Tom Cotton’s letter to Iran was that they were desperate to assert their power. With Harry Reid masterfully keeping the Senate Democrats together, Republicans have not been able to pass anything unless Democrats agree.

President Obama has been empowered by losing the Senate. Until Republicans realize that they will have to work with the president and congressional Democrats, it is a safe bet that the do-nothing Congress will accomplish less than nothing because all roads to success now go through Obama.

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  1. The Republicans are in a box, bouncing from corner to corner with no way out of their self-inflicted paronoia. Obama is their bogeyman, causing them to make errors in judgment and in the process look like bungling idiots. Every attempt to discredit, shame, sabotage Obama has been flung into the waste basket. And Obama says: Proceed. Send me a Bill, a good one! Send me rotten apples and I will dump them ( Veto them). ;)

  2. I sorry to throw cold water on the this article. But the democrats in the senate have plenty of traitors depending on the issue (Manchin, Heitkamp, Waren (VA), McCaskill, Nelson, Kaine (VA), Menendez). They are ready to jump ship.
    I give it to Reid for holding the democrats together so far, but you have to take it issue by issue.

  3. Tani, Have to agree there are lots of potential problem children on the DEM side, but they seem to be holding together for the majority of issues. At least the ones where the President needs them, so far. Remember it’s the repubs who might as well be one voice.

  4. boner and turtle cannot govern with this bunch of know nothing, low brow imbeciles.

    They laid down with with the christian right, teagbagger fleas in 2010. And now they are getting bitten good. They have become the laughingstock of the world.

    History will not treat them kindly. They offer only obstruction. They have not contributed any positive, forward thinking ideas. They deny the very foundation of our country.

  5. And Iran, Iran So Far Away

    Democrats in Congress still haven’t figured out that running away from President Obama in 2010 and 2014 cost them the House and now Senate respectively. Instead of using Cotton’s letter to rally the party and show a united front, Democrats are actively boasting about how they will stab the President in the back, even the ones not up for re-election in 2016, like Heitkamp.

    Whatever. With Hillary, Jim Webb, Martin O’Malley, and even Liz Warren all pretending Obama was as hated in his last two years as Dubya, don’t expect too much form the Dems in 2016 at this rate.

  6. It seems that pandering to the “Know Nothings”/Tea Baggers has now come home to roost for the Koch Brothers Sock Puppets.

  7. Ha ha ha ha. This article is pathetic and funny.

    Obama appears to be “winning” only because the GOP leadership agree with the agenda on which he is “winning” – Amnesty, Higher spending for the Govt., etc…

    Wait till the issues shift to where they truly disagree and we shall see.

    Conservatives recognize that our party leadership do not share our values and we will succeed in replacing them with real conservatives.

    Then the fun will begin.

  8. President Obama must have decided that, if they want to make him a “lame duck” president in his last two years in office, then he’s going to ensure that Congress becomes a lame duck Congress during those same two years.

    However, I am troubled by the RepubliDems in the Senate, though, as they actively fight the president.

    These RepubliDems are working very hard to splinter the unity in their Party in favor of Republicans. This has got to stop.

    These RepubliDem Senators (Menendez, Heitkamp, Manchin) should be held to account for siding too many times with Republicans under the guise of “bipartisanship”. If they want to vote like Republicans then they should run as Republicans.

  9. You’re NO Conservative, therightmano. You and your ilk are Neo-Confederates and traitors to the United States who revere the traitorous Confederate flag over our Stars and Stripes because you can’t get over having LOST the Civil War to the superior Northern forces.

    So what do you sore-losers do? You have a 150 year temper-tantrum and vote to destroy this country from the inside-out.

    Conservatives work with the opposing Party and within the Constitution that our Founding Fathers have set up. They don’t try to destroy it. So no. You’re NO Conservative. You’re a Traitor.

  10. Those stubborn arrogant men, the GOP, they probably know they are all wrong about Obama and he is a good President, but false pride keeps them from admitting they are wrong. These grown men act like little kids with their temper tantrums.

  11. It is good to see Obama standing up for SOME things, but hard to forgive him for doing nothing when he had a majority in both houses. And, couldn’t he just permanently VETO the pipeline? He still is not taking advantage of his position to make our country a better place, for the 99% I am sorry to say.

  12. Apparently you haven’t noticed… the fun has already begun. At least for the Democrats. Even with the blue dogs siding with the Republicans, they haven’t got enough votes to override a Presidential veto.

    To say that the only reason POTUS is winning is because the GOP agrees with his agenda is hubris on your part.

  13. What the H are you saying? This president has fought from day one for what he said he would do for those that voted for him.

    Look back at what was going on during that short period of time that we had control of both senate and house. Remember trying to save our country from an economic collapse? The damn whitewater horizon 10 month horror?

    Get a clue.

  14. Did you just crawl out from under your rock?

    During the 2 years of complete democratic control, President Obama was puting out fires left by Dumya, like the economy…

    “And, couldn’t he just permanently VETO the pipeline?”

    Were you home-schooled?
    Because there isn’t something called a PERMANENT VETO.

  15. HAHAHAHA, you’re pathetic and too funny

    REAL CONSERVATIVES?? Good luck with that, Ike is 6 feet under. But Ike was really a liberal cloaked as a republican because he taxed the SHIT out of the wealthy and corporations.

    The democrats are have a wonderful time watching the multiple wings of the tea bag/repub/libertarian party have childish cat fights.

    Do tell, what GOOD LEGISLATION has come out of the tea bag congress lately? I can’t name 1.

  16. Sounds like you bought into the ReTHUG talking point of his having a majority for first 2 yrs.

    HE DIDN’T. In true ReTHUG fashion — that’s the GOP talking point BS spewing — what they do best & anyone buying into it hasn’t paid attention nor researched.

    Firstly – the Bluedogs. Those which you can’t depend on for most part as they’re like DINOS. They campaign as Dems in a ReTHUG state.

    Secondly, the issue of the 8 month recount/court delay of Al Franken being declared winner. Also the matter of the filling of Obama’s seat.

    He did’nt have a majority to break filibuster and the ‘secret’ holds that can be put on by one opposing senator as they do not have to publically declare who put the hold.

    From the onset — the ReTHUGS held their ‘secret’ meeting to oppose him — from day one. If Obama says he likes or wants something – they’ll say they’re against it even when they were ‘for it’ the week before. The ReTHUGS = Hypocrites, liars & Hate/BS spewers.

  17. Hell they’re not arrogant, don’t call them that, it’s un-American. They’re rightfully “Cotton Scholars” and devilish one’s at that. At least the Dem children are well behaved compared those “Home Schooled” Republicans. They personnify the words all in the family, Beohnor and Mconnell share the same neice. that’s why the’re not speaking. Just sayin’. Danged oold jackals.

  18. It’s sickening to watch the ball-less Republicans caving in on every issue they were asked to fight for. There really is no difference between the two parties.

  19. Take a look at their overall record. If they are with the party and the president 85% of the time – and they are – then how do they qualify as traitors? Looking for alliance on certain issues AGAINST THE WILL OF THEIR CONSTITUENTS is ridiculous. Purity is NOT policy, and the point is overall consistency and control which, if we reject it, gets us what we just got.

    Dem voters have to stop shooting themselves in the foot. Worse – going back and reloading.

  20. You are such a tool. He accomplished something like 90% of his agenda in his first four years! Every bit of it has been good for the nation.

    That kind of slovenly thinking, ideological vapidness, is why we lost so much last time and in 2010. You don’t even KNOW the record or you’d not say such incredibly Tea Baggy kinds of things.

  21. Emmm…no. They represented they were going to fight for “job creation”, and they didn’t “cave”. They deliberately did the opposite, which is what they had meant to do all along.

  22. The greatest trick the Republican Party has ever pulled is to make the United States believe that they’re not Confederates and that they actually want to govern.

    They are and they don’t.

    The “Republican” Party has been infiltrated by sore-loser Confederates who pledge their allegiance to the Confederate flag and whose only goal is to destroy the U.S. Gov’t from the inside out as the traitors they are to this country. They still aren’t over having been soundly defeated by the superior Northern forces 150 years ago. Talk about sore-loserism!

  23. Sorry, but there is no such thing as a ‘permanent’ veto…Congress can try to override it. It is part of the system of checks and balances that had been written into the Constitution. Right now there is not the needed 2/3 of the votes from each House to override it. The question now is, “How are the supporters of the pipeline going to try to do a ‘workaround’ so it won’t appear to be the XL?” They are working on something you can almost bet on it.

  24. They’ll try to stuff it in a totally unrelated bill in the dead of night — as they did the abortion ban stuffed into the trafficing bill which has failed.

    Dems have to pay close attention and READ EVERY LINE in bills being presented before they go to a vote as this is a habitual problem in DC. From earmarks to who knows what gets attached to bills that have nothing in common to be attached.

  25. The 22nd amendment to the constitution needs to be dealt with before Obama’s term ends as I can only see disaster ahead with Rethuglicans and DINO’s tearing apart all of President Obama’s successes out of racist spite once He steps down . The only alternative I can see would be to declare a state of environmental emergency . There would be the usual squeals from the fascist right wing teabagger terrorists but when the survival of the planet itself is at stake what else can be done ?

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