Ted Cruz Strikes A Match To His 2016 Hopes By Frightening Children In New Hampshire



On Sunday, Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz addressed a crowd of over 100 people in Barrington, New Hampshire. During his speech, the Texas Senator served up the fiery, intemperate rhetoric he has become known for. With typical bombast, he told the audience:

The Obama economy is a disaster, Obamacare is a trainwreck, and the Obama-Clinton foreign policy of leading from behind – the whole world is on fire.

His comment caught the attention of  3-year-old Julia Trant who responded nervously, by asking, “The world is on fire?” Senator Cruz, rather than clarifying to the child that he was speaking metaphorically, and that there wasn’t “a real fire” burning up the world, instead looked at the girl and repeated the claim. Cruz exclaimed:

The world is on fire. Yes! Your world is on fire!


Then perhaps recognizing that he might be frightening the young child, he continued:

But you know what? Your mommy’s here and everyone’s here to make sure the world you grow up in is better.

Cruz then continued on his doom and gloom tirade, comparing government regulators to a plague of locusts.  He called for abolishing the IRS and dismantling Obamacare.

Senator Cruz was short on practical solutions, instead indulging in right-wing fantasies. He stated:

There are 110,000 agents at the IRS. We need to put a padlock on that building and take every one of those 110,000 agents and put them on our Southern border. Now look, I say that somewhat tongue-in-cheek – but think about it for a minute. Imagine you’ve traveled thousands of miles in the blinding sun, you’re dripping wet, you swim the Rio Grande and the first thing you see is 110,000 IRS agents? You’d turn around and go home too.

The fire and brimstone rhetoric did nothing to dissuade the Republicans in attendance. The base ate it up, and clamored for more. One audience member stood up and declared:

It’s D-Day in America, folks. . . We can’t wait for another Republican. We need Ted Cruz and I don’t care who he runs with. We need him and that’s it!

There is no question that Ted Cruz can rile up a partisan crowd. However, winning an election requires more than just stirring up the unbridled passion of your most committed supporters. A candidate has to propose policy solutions, and he, or she, also has to demonstrate the temperament to be a leader that Americans can trust.

Senator Cruz offers rhetoric but no solutions. Furthermore, his inability to slow his roll, long enough to reassure a little child that the world isn’t literally on fire, also shows he lacks the temperament to be a leader the American people can feel comfortable with. Senator Cruz’s fiery speech may have won over the conservative crowd in Barrington, but looking at the bigger picture, He just struck a match to his 2016 presidential aspirations.

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  1. Who in God’s name thought it was a good idea to have this moron speak to the wee ones? Most adults with brains know you have to watch how you speak to this age group. They believe everything you say, literally! Of course they thought the world was on fire!

  2. Ted Cruz is a ventriloquist doll brought to life by an evil Christian Japeto! If this evil clown were to say that to my child he would be picking his ass up off of the floor minus a few teeth. Of course since those parent were there to actually SEE and HEAR this Evil Clown then they too have no problem with their daughter living in fear, I mean Fear IS the Christian American Way!!

  3. Of course the Goebbels Channel will call Ted a “True Patriot” and “Strong leader” for scaring children! But scaring children is what the Goebbels channel is expert at because their viewers are children…Mentally that is.

  4. Or the typical lame excuse of…”my comment was taken out of context by the liberal media and anyone who doesn’t agree with my crazy ass”

  5. People who take their children to Conservative rallies and stump screeds should be jailed for mental abuse of a child!

  6. There is no question that Ted Cruz can rile up a group of mental patients. However, winning an election requires more than just stirring up the genetically deficient troglodytes in some backwater jerktown. A candidate has to not be a delusional, hypocritical racist, and he, or she, also has to demonstrate the temperament to be a leader that Americans can trust.

    There, fixed it for you.

  7. More like who would bring a 3 yr old to anything having to do with politics.

    And bless that child for speaking her mind. He scared her with his bullshit blathering. Out of the mouth of babes?

    Regardless, he’s a blowhard asshole in my book.

  8. You beat me to the punch, Joseph! That’s exactly what I was going to post.

    What’s wrong with those parents?? Haven’t they seen enough of Canadian Cruz to realize he’s a nutjob elitist?? My gawd, but those parents should be arrested for child abuse and convicted of it.

  9. The dimwits that think Rafe is some kind of “prophet” like his daddy said need to hear his warning of “end times” to validate their uneducated understanding of the Bible they thump instead of reading and living.


  10. The same nutjobs that brought their kids to bundy ranch to hide behind. The same people that followed Jim Jones, David Koresh to their deaths. Cult members.

  11. Do us Canucks a favour and stop calling him Canadian Cruz! Born here by accident of birth, fathered by an illegal Cuban immigrant who fought with Castro (not that I personally think there’s anything wrong about that, but so many of you “red scare” Yanks do) and is a Xtian fundamentalist.
    What should really be questioned is why his parents, when they returned to the U.S., didn’t do anything about his citizenship, and why he says he didn’t even realize he had Canadian citizenship. Don’t you need to show some sort of citizenship material to get a social security number, or enter college? Just plain weird. Anyhow, thank the FSM that he no longer is one of us. And with his ugly voice, ugly face and ugly heart, he’ll never make it past the starting gate.

  12. These are the very same people who refused to allow their children to attend school when Obama visited for fear of indoctrination. So what is this with Ted Cruz’s visit? And why would any adult with brains think three year olds understand politics?

  13. When quoting Teddy here, you missed a key word:

    “But you know what? Your mommy’s here and everyone’s here to make sure the world you grow up in is EVEN better.”

    Which of course makes no sense at all. “The world is on fire but” don’t you worry because we’ll make it “even better.” What does that even mean? Is he promising more wars, starting with Iran?

  14. I guess Canadian Cruz is an insult to all Canadians except Cruz. But if we promise not to use the term again, will you please take him back? Pretty please? At least put him on a boat back to Cuba accompanied by his dad.

  15. This guy and lots of his fellow travelers controlling our country today have some serious mental problems supported by their owners enabling them because it suits their plan to change our once great country; mental problems linked with ignorance and fear and lots and lots of money.

  16. He obviously has to know he has NO chance whatsoever to be The President Of The United States. He’s got to be in it for either the money, which can go either way, or more likely to fuel his bloated ego. The fact that he got more than the members of his family to vote for him says a lot for the mental competence of the people in his state. Oh, that’s right, it’s Texas, the deliverers of Governor Oops as well as the likes of I can’t even tie my shoe Gohmert.

  17. Maple, I want to know why his Mother has not stepped forward and claimed him as a child of hers? She is the parent who just seemed to fade away. Apparently she is ashamed of him. That has to be a burr under his blanket. A Mother who won’t claim him. No where do you find any trace of her. Does Canada have information?

  18. Sure. Sure. It’s OK to murder children, but if someone confuses one, that’s something collectivists just can not abide!

    LOL Do you even see what a bunch of hypocrites you are? Yeah, rhetorical question.

  19. No dumbass you are the hypocrite. You want to control women right to choose but when they need help you and your selfish immoral self’s tell them to f*ck off.

  20. A fetus is not a child, you sanctimonious dick.

    Makes you feel real courageous, doesn’t it, to imagine you’re sa-a-a-aving ba-a-a-a-abies.

    Except a fetus is not a baby, just the possibility of one.

    It’s not a baby until it gets born.
    And if it’s born to poor parents, of course, you can consign the child to a lifetime of poverty and misery, because the parents deserve it for bringing a child into the daylight even when they’re poor.

    And you have the crust to label someone else a hypocrite, you whited sepulchre.

  21. OOPS, Politicus! Caught in a lie! Mother of Julia Trant says her daughter was not frightened by Cruz’s comment. Rather, Julia says he is a “hero”:


    From the Article:

    “Various news outlets reported that Julia was “terrified,” “scared” and listening in “horror,” without asking the little girl how she was feeling.

    But Julia left the event on Sunday “beyond over-the-moon excited” about Cruz, her mother says.

    The Trant family, [heard Cruz] rail[ ] against the Obama administration’s foreign policy record saying: “The world is on fire!”

    “Julia was playing with a game on my phone. She heard the word ‘fire,’ lifted her head up and asked out loud, ‘The world is on fire?’…

    And Ted Cruz magnificently answered her,” says Trant, who says she went on to tell her daughter Cruz is “the man who will put that fire out.”

    “And she said, ‘Like a firefighter? He’s a hero!’ ”

  22. Yeah, I’m sure her right-wing mom is an unbiased source. Especially the part about a three year old being “over the moon excited” to see a politician. Because we all know what fervent ideologues toddler’s are, when it comes to national politics.

  23. Well Cruz, can add this to his rather dubious record in Congress: liar, bully, traitor, and now frightener of small children. Since we now have relations with Cuba how about we send Cruz and his racist, senile father back?!

  24. Hmm, a strange person stands up in the crowd ranting support – a plant? Just like the old-fashioned faith healers, planting fakes.

  25. Who is “Ted Cruz’? Its not on his Alberta(Canada) Birth Certificate.
    Name is
    “Rafael Edward Cruz”

    Look it up

  26. Sadly, Ayn Rand herself was all for a woman’s right to choose.

    But she was only a woman, what the heck does *she* know?

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