Racist Vendors Booted From South Dakota Gun Show For Selling “Runnin’ N***** Targets”

Two unnamed racist vendors were kicked out of a South Dakota gun show after they were caught selling racist targets over the weekend. The targets featured a caricatured image of a black person’s silhouette running. The logo on the target read “official RUNNIN’ N***** target”. The gun show was held at The Ramkota Hotel in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

The gun show organizer, Bob Campbell, of the Dakota Territory Gun Collectors Association (DTGCA), says he banned the offending vendors as soon as he became aware the targets were being sold. Campbell added that he was “very disappointed and disgusted” that the targets were being sold, and that the offensive vendors would not be welcome at future DTGCA-sponsored gun shows in other parts of the state.


Dave Hauck, a photographer for KSFY-TV, an ABC affiliate station in Sioux Falls, captured an exchange on video with one of the vendors selling the targets. When Hauck asked the dealer if the target was offensive, the vendor replied:

To who?Are you Negro? You know, there are some black people, and then there are some Negroes.

He then implied that the racist targets were popular, stating:

I sold 500 of them this weekend, so what difference does it make?

Hopefully, the vendor was exaggerating the popularity of the targets, in his hopeless attempt to justify his decision to sell them. Whether he sold one target or five hundred targets, there is no justification for peddling such blatantly racist merchandise at a gun show.

While it would be convenient to dismiss this as an isolated incident, this is not the first time a gun show has marketed offensive black targets to consumers. Unfortunately, bigots have turned racist gun targets into something of a cottage industry. Zombie Industries, a popular merchandiser for mannequin-like targets, caught heat in 2013, for selling Barack Obama and Al Sharpton shooting targets.

In January 2015, the North Miami Beach Police Department’s practice of using black mug shots for target practice, sparked national outrage.

The event organizer, Bob Campbell, made the correct decision by kicking the vendors out of the gun show, and by making it clear that selling racist targets was unacceptable. All merchants who sell targets and guns should also make it clear that racism is unacceptable. After all, an armed society cannot be a polite society, if the folks carrying the guns are just a bunch of racists.


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    • I agree; I also find it offensive when school students are showing video games they play that teach them to "shoot the women" and build their sight and perceptual motor speed in wiping us out… though some may think it is funny, I don't

  • Where are the haters who show up on this site? Will they disagree with posts labeling this as racist? Our society makes me more ashamed each day.

  • Racist vendor when asked if the targets he sold were offensive:

    To who? Are you Negro? You know, there are some black people, and then there are some Negroes.

    To anyone with an evolved brain. How would you like it if at a gun show held by Blacks that a Black vendor would sell shooting targets of bandana-wearing White guys drinking moonshine out of jugs? Would that be offensive to you, dipshit?

    • Black people and Negros are one and the same...

      It just like saying
      "there are some white people, and then there are some caucasians"

      and then wonder:
      How do these people tie their own shoes?

  • Why are they unnamed? The names and addresses should be published. Why should they be allowed to hide from their beliefs and greed?

  • 2 Years ago a troglodyte came into the shop with a rolled up life size of this poster. He asked if we could print it them and my brother said flatly NO!. Well this cretin wouldn't take no for an answer and started his kinderspiel about my Obama sticker on my car. My brother asked him to leave and he persisted, I grabbed his target and lit it with a lighter and tossed it outside, he went ballistic and of course threatened to use a firearm. I told him to go get it out of his truck, he only spewed obscenities and drove off. Of course when he told the story at a very Christian Conservative Pizza place he was of course the hero because he lied through his government paid for teeth.

  • Charges of violation of the Racist's 'Free Speech','Religious Liberty', and/or 'Second Amendment' rights- in ....3...2...1...

  • I've seen worse out there in rightwing nut land. You would think, with the country falling apart....that there would be better things to do.

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