Republican Failure Goes Global As Boehner Being Blamed For Netanyahu’s Potential Defeat


Fingers are already being pointed at Speaker of the House John Boehner for the potential defeat of Netanyahu in Israel. Some argue that Boehner’s partisan handling of the Netanyahu invitation created an unnecessary distraction for the Israeli Prime Minister.

Politico reported:

But some worry that Netanyahu – with an assist from his host, House Speaker John Boehner – may have overplayed his hand and is now paying the price in Israel.

“It may be the case, purely in campaign terms, that the speech demanded so much of the prime minister’s time and attention that it left his domestic flank unguarded and enabled weeks of relentless attacks from his rivals,” says Noah Pollak, executive director of the conservative Emergency Committee for Israel.

“The speech showcased Netanyahu’s gravitas as a world leader – but it also may have been a source of distraction during a critical time in the race,” Pollak added.

Netanyahu’s Washington critics put it more bluntly. “The numbers speak for themselves,” said Jeremy Ben-Ami, executive director of the left-leaning J Street.

“He has three fewer seats in the polls headed into Election Day than he did when he got on the plane to come here.”

The main reason that Netanyahu is facing the prospect of defeat is his adherence to conservative trickle down economics. Trickle down is another Republican export of their own failure, but it can be argued that Speaker Boehner at least deserves an assist if Netanyahu gets defeated. Boehner could have easily avoided the controversy over the Netanyahu speech by following the protocol of notifying President Obama of the invitation.

Instead, Boehner and Netanyahu tried to stage a mutually beneficial partisan stunt. Boehner wanted to stop the president’s growing momentum while asserting the power of the new Republican congressional majority. Netanyahu used the U.S. Congress as a platform to deliver a campaign commercial about Israeli security.

Both gambits failed.

Netanyahu’s speech was so quickly forgotten that 47 Republican Senators pulled their treasonous letter to Iran stunt. Meanwhile, Netanyahu’s decision to emphasize security over the economy has caused him to lose ground with Israeli voters.

Speaker Boehner didn’t force Netanyahu to hop on a plane and come to United States, but the Republican’s grave political miscalculation created an international incident that pulled Netanyahu further away from the voters that he desperately needed.

Netanyahu listened to his Republican friends who ended up being wrong about everything. Obama hate has yet to win a national election, and the Republican record of failure could go global by leading Netanyahu to defeat.

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  1. Wondering if Boehner dangled more free money inorder to undermine Obama. He says its a win win. Netanyahu gets more American $$, Boehner gets to screw Obama. More gotp governing by ransom.


  2. ““The speech showcased Netanyahu’s gravitas as a world leader ”

    WORLD leader? Of a tiny country whose only friend is the USA?

  3. Pollak:
    The speech showcased Netanyahu’s gravitas as a world leader…

    Like Hell it did!
    It showed him to be a clumsy, arrogant, intemperate, utterly bewildered sabre rattler.

  4. I hope he loses then they can get together and cry us all a river and build us a bridge

    I just hope he doesn’t “find” a few hundred votes like Republicans do over here and eke out a win

    I dont feel sorry for either one of them

  5. isn’t karma grand folks? it has finally arrived for those who deserve it most. you reap what you sow and the GOP and Netanyahu have sown so much hate, so many lies, so much deceit and division, it was bound to catch up with all of them sooner then later. remember after the November midterms? the GOP and the rightwing base were thumping their chests and thumping their bibles- now, not so much. sit back and enjoy the self destruction of the modern republican party. I have to admit, even I am shocked by the GOP dysfunction and failures and treason and how fast things fell apart for the righties. even I have been caught off guard by these idiots and their recent anti-American actions. 2016 cannot get here soon enough. I hope americans will be just as angry then as they are now over this GOP abomination. I believe the republicans and conservatives will give us plenty more to be outraged about over the next 20 months or so. a reckoning is coming for the entire has already begun…

  6. —“The speech showcased Netanyahu’s gravitas as a world leader…” —–

    Really? Who pays any attention to him? He rules only in Israel. His influence is only with the Republicans. Democrats don’t give him any slack, no free passes, no time to sit back and listen to his sabre rattling that has not changed since 1997. Same ol’ same ol’ —

    When he loses, he might as well come back to the States and apply for a seat on the Republican senate floor, so they can kiss his ring when they enter.

  7. IMO, Politico has it completely wrong. Netanyahu’s trip to the USA to speak in front of our congress was suppose to ENHANCE him in the eyes of the world and the Israeli voters.

    He was here, what, about a week? That really is not a whole lot of time to be missed campaigning. And think of the all the points to be made for the voters.

    The problem is, that he and Boehner snuck around behind the President’s back.

    The speech was suppose to showcase Netanyahu as a world leader? All it did was showcase how sneaky and sly both Boehner and Netanyahu were. And now Netanyahu is whining about a leftist plot to unseat him.

    If this man looses his bid to continue being the PM of Israel, it is his own fault and nobody elses. He shot himself in the foot.

  8. ” Obama hate has yet to win a national election, and the Republican record of failure could go global by leading Netanyahu to defeat.”

    One can only hope. He is the biggest obstacle to peace in the Middle East, along with our Republican war hawks. If this happens, I can imagine the big grin President Obama will have on his face all day. Karma. Gotta love it.

  9. After this assault on Americans, and insults to us can we please re-think sending billions to Israel?
    The rethuglicans are offering a budget that
    repeals Obamacare, makes medicare a voucher
    program and gives more tax breaks to the wealthy and more spending for war (Netanyahu’s?)

  10. If Netanyahoo loses this election, he has only himself to blame. He, in conjunction with Boehner tried an end run around international talks with Iran. Thus far, this is absolutely nothing to indicate that Iran is as lawless as is Israel. Netanyahoo thinks everyone believes him — he has an inflated opinion of his importance. I hope he loses his election and loses it big. That will further taint the Republican brand here. Shazam and shalom, Bibi.

  11. Meet the Likud Lizard:
    “The right-wing government is in danger,” Netanyahu said in video posted on Facebook. “Arab voters are coming out in droves to the polls.

    …and this

    “Voter turnout in the Arab sector is three times higher! The threat is real: Abu Mazen’s calls and American money are getting the Arab vote out. Go and vote,” a message sent by Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Likud party informed Israelis during Election Day.

  12. And when you spit in the face of your best friend, what do you expect will happen?
    There are thousands of North American Jews who financially support Israel, but who are absolutely disgusted with Bibi’s stunt.

  13. Netanyahu can blame himself. He came here thinking that the US Senate was a fine podium to pose for the folks back home. Well, it seems the folks back home value the relationship they’ve built with the US govt and it’s citizens a bit more highly than to use them for his puppet show, with Beohner’s hand up his butt.

  14. I think that without the Bibi types and the Likud Party….we (Israelis and Americans and maybe the rest of the world)should have a breath of Fresh Air, and a NEW way of looking at the Israel-Palestinian debacle. And without Netanyahu, some other way of dealing with Palestine will emerge. Also, without Bibi, the WAR bells will stop ringing, enough for us to look at our adversaries in a different way and convince THEM too, that War and strife is NOT the answer to a peaceful world. BIBI MUST go! The Republican Party in the UNITED STATES will have wake up call; namely: War is not always the answer, and we DON’T have to toe the line with the Israeli warmongers. Let’s see what happens in the world when Israel is hushed re: Palestinian NO to two states and stop bitching about Iran, and see the light, finally that Palestinians should NOT be treated in an Apartheid way. Their treatment of those people are a thorn in the world’s backside….just ask the South African Boers.

  15. “Netanyahu listened to his Republican friends who ended up being wrong about everything.”

    At the root of both the Netanyahu invitation/speech and the 47-Traitors letter is the guy who’s historically been wrong about everything, Bill Kristol.

    When are the conservatives in this country AND abroad going to stop listening to that fool?


    P.S. One would hope Diebold electronic voting machines and their tendency to get hacked haven’t found their way into the Israeli elections. Otherwise we might be seeing a repeat of Bush-era shenanigans.

  16. Sitting back, eatin’ popcorn, having fun watching the show, hoping these Republicans misstep and get arrested for violating international law! Can’t wait until someone from another country has all the Republicans, most of all “the 47” arrested and tried! I just realized, That 47 number was used once before! Hmmm could that be the 47% Rmoney didn’t care about?

  17. I don’t know about anyone else, but as far as I’m concerned Politico has proven to be a right wing rag.

    Just saying…

  18. Patricia, Politico didn’t say it, they reported it. Re-read the pertinent quote and notice that Noah Pollak, executive director of the conservative Emergency Committee for Israel was the one who was speaking.

  19. If Israel kick Netanyahu to the curve that would be a good thing. But that’s a big ‘IF’. On the other end of the spectura the nuclear talks are proceeding with some very promising signs.
    So if this come togather with the P5+1 (which are permanent member of UN Sec. Council) it would be impossible for Bibi to over turn. Leaving #54 traitors with Dem. cutching air. Because the full UN Security Council will vote ‘Aye’ and that’s a done deal. The easing of Int’l sanction will be put in affect. Along with inspections. It would be a big coon and it would rate right up there with Begin & Sudat talks.

  20. At least the pretense that Israel has been selling the world, that they want peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian state, has now been proven to be nothing but b.s.

    The Israeli people – at least the majority – don’t want NO stinkin’ two-state solution. They want it ALL and should Bibi win this election, that’s proof.

  21. As I write this, Netanyahu won his speech before Congress not-withstanding. Likud took 29 out of 120 seats, Labor Unity took 24 out of 120 seats

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