Senate Democrats Hand Mitch McConnell Another Defeat By Blocking Human Trafficking Bill


Senate Democrats have handed Mitch McConnell another defeat, as they refused to yield to his threats by blocking a human trafficking bill that contains poison bill abortion language.

Republicans came up five votes short of the number needed to advance the bill. The final vote was 55-43.

Before the vote Senate Minority Leader Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) said, “In an hour or so, the Senate will vote to end debate on the human trafficking and child pornography legislation. That vote is going to fail. I know that. The Majority Leader knows that. And it is going to fail because Republicans have chosen to manufacture a political fight that has nothing to do with human trafficking. Abortion legislation has no place in a human trafficking bill.”

Majority Leader McConnell (R-KY) complained that President Obama needs to make Senate Democrats support the bill, ” The White House needs to get involved here too. So far, the White House has barely lifted a finger to help us pass this legislation. That needs to change. I think the White House should do this because it’s the right thing to do. But if that’s not enough, they should also consider the consequences of Democrats making a historic mistake.”

The mistake was made by McConnell and his Republicans who thought that they could slide unrelated anti-abortion language into a human trafficking bill. Senate Republicans are getting desperate for a win. They can’t pass their own legislation. They refuse to cooperate with Democrats to pick up the six votes that they need on a variety of bills. McConnell has resorted to trying sneak pieces of their agenda into unrelated legislation.

The reality of the Senate is that Democrats are firmly in control. Nothing is moving forward without their support. If Mitch McConnell has any interest in passing legislation, he needs to change his approach to start meeting Democrats in the middle.

Sen. McConnell’s (R-KY) time has Majority Leader has been a lesson in incompetence. The nomination of Loretta Lynch will eventually come up for a vote. The Majority Leader thought that he could break Senate Democrats by holding the Lynch nomination hostage, but Democrats have remained solidly unified.

With 2016 right around the corner, the clock is ticking on Mitch McConnell’s failed Senate leadership.

34 Replies to “Senate Democrats Hand Mitch McConnell Another Defeat By Blocking Human Trafficking Bill”

  1. And on cue like the infants that they are they will not confirm Loretta Lynch

    I am beginning to think they really love Holder and don’t want him to go

  2. Democrats understand that you don’t negotiate with terrorists. Republicans are nothing more than mutinous, hostage taking terrorists.

  3. irony anyone?

    Mitch declares Republicans will do everything in their power to make sure the President fails at his job now needs to beg the President to help him do his…

  4. McConnell and Boehner are probably the least competent Congressional leaders I can remember in my lifetime. At any rate, they prove once again that Republicans cannot govern. They are only interested in playing political games to the detriment of the American people.

    Maybe they think the next President will nominate an AG more to their liking. Otherwise, I agree with you “djchefron”. They must really love AG Holder.

  5. And just like a Republican to whinge about the very person whom they vowed to destroy- not working with them.

    Oh this is just too precious.

  6. I wouldn’t be the least surprise that the Democratic Senators knew this poison pill was in there, that is why you have staffers, and voted it out of committee just so they can vote it down to prove republicans cant tie their shoes.

    And I wouldn’t be mad at them since the American public will blame the party in power instead of the party that obstructs and for that we can thank the baggers

  7. cry me a river stupid tea bag/repubs, arsenic doesn’t work

    broken record here:

    They keep “trying” to govern by their 5 G’s

  8. Karma. People don’t take to kindly to threats, attempted bullying, and extortion. McConnell has boxed himself in,now let him try to get out of this mess of his own creation

  9. The only historic mistake made, was making Bitch the majority leader. I must say though, his pain makes me happy!!!!!

  10. Lol… Let me get this straight… McConnell and Co. inserted an anti-abortion poison pill into this human trafficking bill thinking no one would notice.

    Then he and his GOP buddies tried to strong-arm the Democrats into passing this poisoned bill by holding the confirmation of Loretta Lynch hostage for it.

    Then when that also failed, Turtle Neck is crying in his beer because he is not a successful bully. He is so bad at it, and so desperate to prove that a GOP-led Senate can pass SOMETHING that he is demanding that President Obama make the Senate Democrats behave and give into the bullying… Or… or… or he’ll hold his breath til he turns blue!

    Don’t expect the President to publicly reply to this nonsense. Like me, he’s going to be too busy laughing until his milk comes out of his nose.

  11. Well gee. A failed leader in the House. Another in the Senate. Boehner looks to Pelosi to bail him out, and now O’Connell is calling for the President’s help? Yeah, good luck with that. Obama has nothing to lose, and everything to gain by pointing out the errors of the GOP. Mitch, your hatred for women and minorities is on proud display. Own it. Then stop trying to lie your way out of governing. The GOP owns Congress, and Dems own the GOP. Cry us a river (how about one without fracking chemicals, coal ash, and Canadian tar sands in it?)

  12. Hold on-

    McConnell said, “The White House needs to get involved here too. So far, the White House has barely lifted a finger to help us pass this legislation.”

    I thought the Republicans say the president overreaches. They’d accuse him of overstepping his bounds if he stepped in.

  13. What? Senate Majority Leader McConnell is asking the president to get involved in the business of Congress? According to the U.S. Constitution, the president isn’t permitted to interfere in the business of Congress because of the separation of powers. The Constitution does not give any American president the power, or the right, to interfere in the business of Congress–no matter what politicians like Sen. McConnell might say. If any president interfered with the way Congress does its business, it would be an example of overstepping his/her constitutional boundaries. The fact that Mr. McConnell wants to draw the president into this issue indicates to me that he doesn’t think he can do it alone. Isn’t he the one who’s been calling the president weak? If he really believed this, he wouldn’t be calling on him to solve his problems and to “make” democrats do what he wants them to do. It’s McConnell who’s looking weak here. I don’t blame PBO for ignoring their asses.

  14. Well I hope the dems will be very careful to read everything the repubs try to pass, they’re going to keep trying to sneak in poison pills in order to please their rabid right wing base.

    I’m enjoying how Harry Reid is fighting in the senate. And the fact that McConnell is begging help from President Obama is hilarious.

  15. i think this is a bait and switch – i read it was in the original bill , but D’s said no as to the abortion amendment , and the R’s agreed to remove it.

    when it came to a vote on the floor , D’s discovered it had been inserted back in .

  16. The Republicans a CRACKING UP. Humpty-Dumpties on a wall having many a fall, and asking Obama to put them back together again? Ha-Hah-Ha!
    Funny? YES!
    Sad eyes for the Republicans. Sorry for them? NO.
    They’re being PLAYED. You can see it on their faces. They are desperate. Making goofy mistakes. Not governing with confidence. Karma is biting them in their backsides. Offending Obama, fighting with him every inch of the way, now it’s THEM who can’t seem to get their way. GOOD!
    The poison letter to “Whom It May Concern” in Iran cracks me up (No pun intended). It brought and is bringing major embarrassment to the Republican Party and those 47 signers, which includes Mitch McConnel. Tom Cotton set them up for the fall. Humpty Dumpties having a great fall…. ;) Yikes, it don’t get any better than this. They fu*ed with Obama and now they’re fu*ing themselves, and looking pretty pathetic too.

  17. Good on the Democrats. Stand firm.

    Granted the bill on human trafficking is important, BUT the Republicans, themselves, have made it impossible to accept by inserting the Hyde amendment into it.

    Why should the President intercede on behalf of the amendment? What have the Republicans done except dishonor him and the office he holds? Why is it when the President has, in times past, attempted to compromise with them only to be soundly rebuffed? They have made it more than plain that it is their way or the highway.

    IMO, I hope the Democrats hand them their heads on a platter, figuratively speaking.

  18. Excellent article, I wish I had read it before my earlier post. the following paragraphs of the article are, to me, perfect examples examples of the Republicans thought processes.

    “…Leahy’s Runaway and Homeless Youth and Trafficking Prevention Act. It would reauthorize, update, and give more funding to the Runaway and Homeless Youth Act, a 40-year-old federal grant program funding street-level outreach and youth shelters around the country. That process is supposed to be done every five years, but it’s been overdue since 2013 due to congressional inaction.

    Republicans in this session of Congress have blocked Leahy’s bill because of its non-discrimination clause for LGBT youth.”

    We can’t fund outreach programs because some of the youths that would benefit are LGBT and they couldn’t possibly do anything to help those perverts (my sarcasm inserted).

    Hateful, hateful people.

  19. If the ReTHUGs and their committee leaders/members that think they can continue to hammer on Holder for their trumped up issues Holder is called to answer for — they’ve picked the wrong man. He will not let them use him as a punching bag — even more so now as he should have been long gone from the Administration.

    Love me some HolderMan!!!
    A left, a right hook — KO in Round 1!!!
    The Winner and still Champion — Holder!!

  20. Today McConnell’s nickname so brilliantly done by on Stewart and it’s color is appropriate:

    TURTLE Green!!!

  21. You read correctly. It is stunning what comes to light when We the People read some of this stuff.

    Of course, we can’t read it all – we don’t do this for a living and don’t have the staff – but when we can do it, it is very enlightening! And frightening.

  22. Let’s see, Mitch McConnell is closing out his third month in his two year term as Senate Majority Leader and has nothing to show for it. Karma. Harry Reid is seeing to it the Mitch McConnell is a one (very short) term Majority Leader.

  23. I believe in your first sentence you mean to say “poison PILL abortion language”.

    I didn’t like the 60-vote requirement when the shoe was on the other foot so if Dems don’t want to end debate I hope they plan to actually keep talking about it on the floor.

    Then again, I’ve also never liked the Senate rule that allows non-germane amendments to be added to bill.

  24. Keep it up Senate Democrats, KEEP IT UP….
    Stand strong, give them a BIG dose of their OWN MEDICINE…..JUST SAY NO, NO, NO. The Hubris of McConnell saying that Obama should WORK WITH THEM???? Is this idiot SERIOUS?? Obama should tell them he will work with THEM as much as THEY worked with HIM!!..

  25. Should read “WHY did republicans strategically protect slavers and child pornographers by sabotaging the bill?
    GOP – Besides Big Oil, The Banksters, and The Military Industrial Complex… Is there another pet lobby you front for?

  26. If I could change only one thing about our law making process, it would be this. There is no justification for slipping in or forcing through crap that will not stand on its own. Just stopping this one practice would fix some of the gridlock.

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