Republicans Unveil Their Plan To Take Health Care Away From 14-20 Million Americans

Republican leaders Senator Mitch McConnell and John Boehner speak after a bipartisan meeting with President Barack Obama at the White House in Washington

A centerpiece of the House and Senate Republican budgets is a plan to take away health care from 14.3-20.5 million Americans.

House and Senate Republicans plan to use two steps to take away health care from tens of millions of Americans. Step one is the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Step two is the conversion of Medicaid funding into a block grant.

The House budget has been analyzed in greater detail, but Senate Republicans have confirmed that their budget will contain similar language.

The Center For Budget and Policy Priorities laid out the impact of this double fisted gut punch to the American people:

Repealing health reform’s Medicaid expansion means that 14 million people would lose their Medicaid coverage or no longer gain coverage in the future. (That’s the number of people who the Congressional Budget Office [CBO] estimates would eventually gain coverage under the Medicaid expansion, though it could reach 17 million if all states adopt the expansion.) In addition, the large and growing cut in federal Medicaid funding from the block grant would almost certainly force states to sharply scale back or eliminate Medicaid coverage for millions of low-income people who have it today. All told, after accounting for the plan’s proposed repeal of health reform’s marketplace subsidies, tens of millions of people would likely become uninsured under Chairman Price’s plan.

Under the Price plan, the federal government would no longer pay a fixed share of states’ Medicaid costs, starting in 2017. Instead, states would get a fixed dollar amount of federal funding known as “State Flexibility Funds.” (The budget plan doesn’t specify how it would set each state’s block grant amounts initially or adjust them each year.)


The Urban Institute estimated that former Chairman Ryan’s similar block grant proposal in 2012 would lead states to drop between 14.3 million and 20.5 million people from Medicaid by the tenth year (outside of the effects of repealing health reform’s Medicaid expansion). That would cause a drop in enrollment of between 25 percent and 35 percent. The Urban Institute also estimated that the block grant likely would have caused cuts in reimbursements to health care providers of more than 30 percent by the tenth year. Chairman Price’s Medicaid block grant proposal likely would mean similarly draconian cuts.

The current House Republican budget is Paul Ryan’s plan with one key difference. More people are going to lose or be underinsured under the new version of Ryan’s plan. By repealing Obamacare, tens of millions of additional Americans would lose their subsidies, or be thrown off of their parents’ insurance. The changes to Medicaid alone would result in 14-20 million losing their health care, and an additional 10-13 million would be underinsured after they lost their ACA subsidies.

The only way that Republicans can afford to cut taxes for wealthy and balance the budget is to take away health care from tens of millions of Americans. A budget is a statement of priorities. House Republicans made it clear that taking away access to health care while cutting taxes for the rich and corporations is their top priority.

One of the issues that Republican presidential candidates will try to disguise and not talk about is the impact that their plan to repeal the ACA will have on the American people. Republicans are constructing a platform that is based on jeopardizing the welfare and lives of millions of their constituents.

As Obamacare grows more successful, the potential impact of their plan to destroy it all becomes more devastating by the year.

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  1. They’ve been trying this for years.

    Seems like they think healthy people are bad for the country or something. I can’t think of any other reason outside of the usual suspects, you know.

  2. Since repealing is in their budget I will ask again: How can you repeal Obamacare but count its revenue and savings?

    Anyone care to answer?

  3. Repugs are the “death panels”. A pox on all of them.

    Do they want to do anything that benefits the average American? I hope I live long enough to see to these jerks get their just rewards. When is the other side going to wake up?

  4. This is just fancying wording to disguise what the GOP is really up to which is to funnel all funding earmarked for future public healthcare into their personal bank accounts. I remember the late Eric Cantor used to boast about his talent & enjoyment in doing such things.

    There has to be something fundamentally & psychologically wrong with a person who has several million dollars in their bank accounts yet they still feel they must have more money & would gladly take money away from the elderly, the poor, the sick & the veterans who risked their lives to defend our country just to enrich themselves while feeling nothing for others.

    The GOP is becoming more despicable each day, that in and of itself is quite a feat.

  5. Unfortunately, this news and warning makes no difference if the people affected don’t register and then actually show up to vote or quit voting against their own interests. Also, the Democratic Party needs to grow a backbone and begin arguing issues on merit instead of playing the “Republican Lite” game. There is enough archived material of Republican gaffes, crazy, and offensive comments, and embarrassing behaviour in existence that Democrats only need to replay or reprint the material and provide a contrasting reasonable message. Campaign Ads would almost write themselves. It only requires that the party grow a spine and stay on on a central populist message.

  6. Wait till armed revolution comes to this country. The gated communities of the rich will not protect them.

  7. Even if the repubs are successful in killing healthcare for 14+ million people, low educated votor swill still vote for them.

    there OUGHT TO A Million person march on Washington to collectively share the outrage. Embarrass the scoundrels nationally and worldwide. What’s WRONG with those Republicans ! ? If this were 18th Century France, they all would be walking, or being carted to the Guillotine by now.

  9. djchefron, why don’t you ask Governor Sam Brownback that question. He seems to have a real nack for coming up with some real creative solutions to problems that plaque economies.

    In all seriousness, I share your frustration for those who don’t vote. I know a few people from the recovery community who don’t vote because they’re either convicted felons & can’t vote or they’re so busy working minimum wage jobs they don’t even own a car. I even know a guy who actually said he didn’t care about voting. I try to educate & motivate whoever I can while being respectful of those with different opinions.

  10. If they want to take healthcare from the people, tell Boehner to first pay back the Pay Us Back: John Boehner Has Wasted $2.1 million he wasted on Benghazi investigation; and after that, we need to have the gov shutdown loss paid back. After those 2 things are paid off BY THEM, then he can gut ACA.

  11. If they want to take healthcare from the people, tell Boehner to first pay back the $2.1 million he wasted on Benghazi investigation; and after that, we need to have the gov shutdown loss paid back.

  12. Tatiana,

    I agree with you wholeheartedly but for one thing,they are not entitled to an opinion if they didn’t vote.

  13. If Dems don’t come out and vote, one day these evil devil minions will do everything the are proposing…….

  14. If Dems don’t come out and vote, one day these evil devil minions will do everything they are proposing…….

  15. Dustin, Happy Healthy EDUCATED people are dangerous to the Reich Wing because these people tend to vote for the people who ensure just that for Americans! These people who CARE for ALL Americans are Democrats and those vaunted, venerated and allegedly villainous Liberals. Republicans despise every one who does not give into their despotic dispositions.

  16. How about the $25 BILLION Calgary Cruz wasted?

    US Wars in Afghanistan, Iraq to Cost $6 trillion
    How the US sent $12bn in cash to Iraq. And watched it vanish

    Cheney’s Halliburton Made $39.5 Billion on Iraq War
    How much did the financial crisis cost us? $12.8 trillion, one group says
    Medicare Part D will add $852 billion to the debt over the next 10 years

  17. Thank you for citing Center on Budget and Policy Priorities here. They are the gold standard for analysis on human services issues, parsing agreements made and disagreements waged. They are dry but utterly comprehensible progressives (Jared Bernstein is often on Rachel Maddow and other good shows)who tell it like it is. will get you to their site. You can do searches on issues or read what’s current. They are a VERY reliable source.

  18. @Mobone, I agree. In addition to growing a backbone the Deems would be wise to clearly understand who their audience is. As an Instructional Developer, the first thing one must do whenever communicating is know who your audience is and what you expect your audience to do as a result of presentation.

    The GOP has pushed this country so far to the right people mistakenly believe we are more socially conservative than we are. The Dems would be wise to stop trying to appeal to conservatives & act like Dems. Dems should be proud of the president & be proud to be Liberal Democrats with a creative mind & vision for the future.

    I know I have posted a lot on this thread, but I feel passionately that our country is in peril.

    Has nothing terrible ever happened to anyone in the GOP? Has anyone in the GOP ever had their father die at 32 & leave their mother a widow with 3 kids who only survived thanks to the government & social security. I really wonder about these people.

  19. Well Republican Family Values are demonstrable.

    Conservative’s blood thirst cannot be slaked by the blood of innocent Iraqis, they apparently need to guzzle the suffering of their fellow Americans as well.

    And they disparage heroin addicts…

  20. Not totally true. The other reason is to pay back the Koch brothers for all the millions they spent telling lies in ads.

  21. A fantastic but uneasy site to read.

    How many will fill the hospitals, get treated with voodoo $$$ (everyones insurance rates will skyrocket)and then die:

    Proposed Medicaid Block Grant Would Add Millions to Uninsured and Underinsured

    The uninsured/underinsured will STILL be treated thanks to ding-dong ReaGUN:
    Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA)

    Reagan’s healthcare mandate

  22. Why do you think they are all obsessed with guns, ammo, and large magazines? They mean to keep what they have stolen from the American taxpayer. Armed revolution on their doorstep is not enough to cow them into actually giving a damn about their fellow Americans…

  23. Because only us godless lib-ruls use, or will be in need of, Medicaid. GOP constituents never need Medicaid or similar programs. THIS is the type of information, (along with how repeal adds to the deficit, and health costs are slowing), that needs to be seen by the yahoos in Red states.

  24. the scotus will do the dirty work for the fascists in june, even though the 4 plaintiffs have NO standing. and its over 4 words, that could be fixed with a one page amendment, but the fascist rw pigs want death panels.

  25. hey, most will be in red states, and white. in the left states, with their own exchanges they will hopefully still be in biz. but i hear, the whole health care system and insurance cabal will end up destroyed by its own weight, and NO ONE will be able to afford any insurance. let it collapse, and then well see if the scared white rw suckers still think its ok…

  26. What about:
    A. The ones who work and still don’t get coverage?
    B. The ones who lose their jobs/can’t find a job because of economic collapse/outsourcing?
    C. The ones who are sick/disabled and can’t work?
    D. The ones who have been taking care of children, parents,or both, and there has been no time for paid work?
    E. The uninsured who come down with infectious illnesses…and then they sneeze all over *you*?

    Think about it.

  27. The Republican plan is to accelerate the decline and fall of the American government. They want a government that only caters to the aristocracy and is run by an oligarchy, such as the teabaggers.

    Government of, by and for the people is anathema to Republicans. Republicans would also like to make the government a fundamentalist theocracy much like ISIS.

  28. Is it any surprise that young Americans and even war veterans are identifying and turning to ISIS???

    The wealthy and the Republicans thatserve their interests to the exclusion of all else have utterly turned their backs on their own people and have sowed the seeds of a revolution.

    Old bag men like these Repugs are destroying their country from within. These are dark times.

  29. What’s new the USA was built on slavery and if you not a White Norman(Norseman). Your a beast of burden to be worked to death for their pleasure and profit.

  30. Kevin Drum is a mid-50s guy with cancer.
    If I lose my job, and Republicans repeal Obamacare, I will be left with a very serious and very expensive medical condition and no insurance to pay for it. And I feel quite certain that Republicans will do nothing to help me out.

    Obviously lots of other people are in the same position, and have been for a long time. But there’s nothing like being in the crosshairs yourself to bring it all home. If Republicans win in 2016, my life is likely to take a very hard, very personal turn for the worse.

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