Senate Democrats Own Mitch McConnell By Blocking Human Trafficking Bill For Second Time

Dem senators Harry Reid and Elizabeth Warren

Senate Democrats are not caving to Mitch McConnell’s pressure tactics. Democrats have blocked a human trafficking bill that contains controversial abortion language for a second straight day.

The final vote was 57-41, and motion to reconsider failed.

Before the vote, McConnell tod Senate Democrats to do the right thing by betraying their own values, “That’s why the distinguished Democratic Leader had been such a strong supporter of the bipartisan Hyde provision for so many years, and why he said this during his tenure as Majority Leader: My belief in the sanctity of life is why I have repeatedly voted against using taxpayer money for abortions.’ That is the declared view of the Democratic Leader. It’s what he said just a few short years ago—before he and his party voted to filibuster a bill that would help the victims of modern slavery. So, this afternoon, we invite Democrats to ignore the lobbyists and do the right thing. We invite every Democrat to help us write a happy ending to this story: where the forces of hope and humanity, not powerful lobbyists, prevail.”

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) offered McConnell a way out of the mess that that Senate Republican created, “Instead of being bogged down in another Republican contrived legislative fight, I propose a path forward. It’s simple and direct. While we work towards an agreement to pass trafficking legislation—and there’s work being done on that as we speak—we should move to the executive calendar and consider the nomination of Loretta Lynch. Democrats are fully committed to voting for Lynch’s nomination and returning immediately to the trafficking bill. We can do two things at once. I am disappointed that with all the work the Senate needs to accomplish, the Majority Leader is bound and determined to waste the rest of this week with political show votes. Loretta Lynch has already waited 130 days. There’s no reason to delay her confirmation another minute. We can vote for her confirmation right now and immediately move back to the trafficking bill.”

McConnell is spinning his wheels while achieving nothing. Democrats aren’t going to allow the bill to move forward as long as the abortion language is included. Sen. McConnell thinks that he is turning up the pressure on Democrats by forcing them to vote no on the same bill repeatedly, but what he is really accomplishing is an affirmation of the Democrats’ power in the Senate.

There is tone deaf element to McConnell’s strategy. There could have been lots of legislation moving through the Senate if McConnell weren’t so intent on proving his power. McConnell refuses to meet Democrats in the middle, which is why nothing is getting done. Democrats aren’t going to support legislation that has ideological poison pills attached to it.

Senate Democrats are owning Mitch McConnell, who has proven himself to be a reactive Majority Leader. McConnell isn’t going to be able to hold up the final vote on the Loretta Lynch nomination forever. Democrats know that by holding strong they will win this fight too.

Republicans may hold a majority of the seats in the Senate, but the real power rests with the Democrats.

24 Replies to “Senate Democrats Own Mitch McConnell By Blocking Human Trafficking Bill For Second Time”

  1. I’ll bet they’ll vote on this 60+ times and then give up, get their blankies and take a nap after spending millions of $$$.

    More $$$ down the teabag/repub toilet.

  2. So, a political group on the minority welds the most power then, correct? I will sit back and enjoy the movie as the GOP try to clean up the mess they created.

  3. The thing is Maxie the rethugs have no intention of cleaning up any mess. Their full plan is to create more and more messes, give more tax breaks to the ultra rich, take away any program that may help the working person, get rid of soc sec, medical coverage for those on it, turn every thing into a private program including the medical now used for the vets, who did there dirty work of war. and of course we can not forget they want more war. You know well just whose children will be fighting those wars, NOT theirs!!! Their children always seem to have “better things to do” a quote from one of the Romney clan, I believe.

  4. It must really suck to be Mitch McConnell right now. All those unfulfilled promises to the Koch brothers. All those promises that he’ll show the American people that Republicans will show how to govern. Karma. Gotta love it. Now I need to find out which Democrats supported this poisoned bill.

  5. It’s becoming clear now that the Republicans are in majority of the Senate as well as the Congress, both houses are a mess. Republicans can not manage the country or themselves. What a disgrace to this country. The tax payers are paying these men for doing nothing but trying to run an ‘good old boys club’. Shame on them and if anyone voted for these Republicans, it’s on you!

  6. Andy, unfortunately, I highly doubt they will ever give up. After more than 50+ attempts, they still haven’t given up on repealing Obamacare. They don’t care what it costs them, they know they have better insurance, retirement, and probably a cushy job with the koch boys when they are out of office!

  7. The Republicans just exercising their mantra, “Politics over Duty”, When are these children going to stop squabbling and do the job they were elected to do? They should not be allowed to couple bills about completely different issues. Maybe if they passed a few bills they can both agree on, like the Human Trafficking Bill, they might learn how to work with each other and compromise. Hopefully, in 2016, we will send some adults to Congress.

  8. Find out which Dems voted for this poisoned bill? Easy! Here’s a link to the Senate.Gov web page for legislation & records:

    Look for the roll call vote(s) for S. 178. The bill has been rejected 3 times… twice on March 17th (55-43) and once on March 18th (57-41)

  9. My God is a God of love, not of evil. Anyone who believes that a God of love would want a child (the average age of sex-trafficking is 12) who has been raped repeatedly daily, beaten, tortured, mutilated, threatened and sold from one pervert to another, who becomes pregnant should have to endure that pregnancy, is not only evil themselves but sick perpetrators of this heinous crime. Pass the Child Sex Trafficking bill with abortions allowed. Allow punishment of those who seek sex with children. Don’t punish the victims!

  10. Harry Reid could have brought her confirmation up for a vote before reps took over, so he’s partly to blame for the delay-but I’m glad that they’re blocking McConnell’s foolishness though…

  11. Yo? Dubs, this was a setup for the obstruction that “prune-faced cyborg has been doing all these years. See Dubs, this is just a rumor alright? They share the same chamber and wear the same shoe size, perfect fit when they swap. Plus it’s very easy to showup Republicans anyway. They’re so smart and dastardly,just makes them plain stupid. Different day, different shoe. Usually they only fight on golfday, over soles.[wink]

  12. The tea bag/repubs just know how to CREATE a mess, they don’t have a clue on how to fix a mess.

    The mess of the Iraq war, they ran away

    The mess of the economy, they ran away

    The mess of the failed “trickle-down”, they ran away and shouted “we’re going to try it again, give it time”, they ran away

    They created a mess of the VA by defunding it by BILLIONS, they ran away

  13. It was McConnell who asked that her confirmation wait until the new congress was installed. Once again he lied and then blamed Obama

  14. My question is, if republicons get their way and they implement all the American destroying policies and programs that they obsess over; THEN WHAT?????? Is it their goal to totally destroy this Nation and everyone and everything in it because that surely is what would happen.

  15. Jerry, I agree with most of whats being said, but, how did it get to this point, it was passed with bypartisan in the judiciary committee, even Diane Feinstein admitted she missed it somehow. Oh ooops, I goofed so now YOU fix it because I didn’t read it all like I was suppose to? Both parties are guilty of pulling this same nonsense. I’m sick and tired of it. Just like they did with funding the DHS. No I don’t think they should of funded the amnesty, but obviously what we have to say doesn’t mean much anymore.

    They all supported it, now arguing over an abortion issue. The Hyde Act. this act says that federal funds/ tax payers should not have to pay for these abortions. Abortions are not being denied. The Hyde Act was enacted into law in 1976. I don’t believe that I should pay for someone else to have an abortion.

    I’ll probably take some heat over this opinion, but thats what forums are for, for people to vent their opinions. I won’t be back to read it anyway, so have you…

  16. Holding people being trafficked hostage by denying them aid unless the pro-life agenda is met. Sounds like pro-life agenda is essentially using these people as human shields for their cause. That is as bad as the traffickers.

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