Jon Stewart Compares Netanyahu To GOP For Ginning Up Racist Fears To Win Election


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During Wednesday night’s broadcast of The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart mocked Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for ginning up “racist fears of minority turnout for short-term political gain” in order to push his Likud Party to electoral victory on Tuesday. Stewart pointed out that really is an American thing and that Bibi should be subject to copyright infringement. The Daily Show host also took Fox News to task for making the election out to be between President Obama and Netanyahu, ridiculing the network for questioning why POTUS hadn’t called Netanyahu to congratulate him on his victory.

The comedian began the segment by showing video clips from the election. This segued to Fox News discussing the election results within the context of Obama and how the White House isn’t happy with the results. Stewart noted that Fox was apparently thrilled that they finally found a conservative who could defeat Obama, considering that they believed that the President was Netanyahu’s opponent. More clips of Fox were then played showing pundits lamenting that Obama hadn’t conceded to the Israeli Prime Minister yet, leading to Stewart exclaiming that Obama wasn’t going to call someone who came to the United States Congress against his wishes just to “sh*t on a nuclear deal” the President had been working on for years.

The host moved on to discussing how Netanyahu won the close election despite polls showing him in trouble days before ballots were cast. After showing video of Netanyahu appealing to the extreme right using racist fear-stoking and promising that Palestinians will never have their own state, Stewart made the comparison between American conservatives and Netanyahu. He also highlighted how after Netanyahu had declared victory, the Prime Minister pretended like he never said any of those things and tried to appeal to all the people of Israel in his post-election remarks.


The lesson to be learned from all of this for the GOP is to just own your id and embrace racially divisive remarks that are made in private that somehow make it into the public sphere. Stewart pointed out that if Mitt Romney just owned his infamous 47% comments in 2012 and used it during his Presidential campaign, he would be sitting in the White House now.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Comedy Central:



The Daily Show going after Bibi for playing on his base’s inherent racism comes on the heels of the New York Times attacking Netanyahu for that exact same thing. Meanwhile, conservatives in this country continue to make the Israeli election a referendum on Obama and are openly supporting a foreign leader over the President of the United States. The celebration of Bibi’s victory has yet to slow down from the American right. This is how pervasive Obama Derangement Syndrome is among Republicans and conservatives.

14 Replies to “Jon Stewart Compares Netanyahu To GOP For Ginning Up Racist Fears To Win Election”

  1. Israel leaves no doubt, sadly,
    but that She is in the grip
    of the same mental derangement
    that grips the US.

    Her road, ahead, will be bumpy.
    Quite possibly, fatal.

  2. Israel and the GOP are like a malignant-cancer who are openly destroying World Peace efforts for their “leaders” very own “evil”, greedy-agendas. Their “leaders” are both “mentally-ill” and extremely dangerous to both society and the welfare of the entire world. In my opinion. We must eliminate them now before they destroy us all. We have no other choice. In my opinion.

  3. Netanyahu is a murderous soulless heartless thug. No wonder governing TeaRepublicas love him, he (is) them.

  4. Bibi used the tactics Straight from the Republican’s PLAYBOOK.
    The blinds have been pulled open….BIBI is the Republican’s version in Israel.
    No wonder the Republican Conservatives have been crowing over his “WIN” and comparing his win to a “LOSS” for Obama. WTF! These scoundrels have BIBI as their Proxy President. He rules their thoughts and minds from Tel Aviv. Tsk, tsk.

    Q: Do they practice Voter Suppression in Israel? Against the Arab Israeli citizens? Seems so. their dirty little secret, huh?

  5. The Arab voter Suppression fear talk by Bibi brought out the Arab voters in droves, just like it does with American Black voters in those states that attempts to do it and stir up their rabid base with the dog whistles. But anyway:—“One big surprise was the performance of the Joint List, a coalition of usually fractious Arab parties that won 13 seats and finished third, far better than Arab Israelis ever have in the past. But their influence will be limited because Arab parties traditionally refuse to join the government so as to avoid being complicit in official Israeli policy that they loathe”.———-excerpt by Jonathan Alter’s article in the Daily Beast. See link in “djchefron’s” post above.

  6. Netanyahu’s short term win may turn out to be a long term loss for Israel. His statements about there never being a Palestinian state while he’s in charge was only good for his election win. It will be very bad from the view of the rest of the world. He has poisoned his standing in America, except for the right wing war hawks, and with our President. American support for Israel has been damaged, possibly for a long time.

  7. Conservatism in Any Nation in ANY language is as destructive as a necrotizing facetious bacteria. When the conservative mindset and personality types that contribute have been removed from Earth we will have evolved to the point of being truly HUMAN!

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