Massive School Layoffs, Healthcare, Food Stamp Cuts Populate Scott Walker’s Koch Budget

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If idiot Americans were unsure, or confused, about what kind of damage the Koch Congress intended to wreak on the nation by way of “dynamically scored” budget cuts, they should be aware by now after Republicans released what can only be called a Draconian austerity attack on domestic programs. The House budget leaves no domestic program unharmed, and increases tax breaks for the rich and more money for the defense industry including racist warmongering Israelis. More on that in another article.

The only remote hope to thwart austerity madness at the national level is a united Democratic caucus in the Senate. But with Republicans planning a “reconciliation” plot, the only firewall to a devastating austerity attack is President Obama’s veto pen. Sadly, in Republican-controlled states there is no firewall, and since the Koch brothers own and operate GOP governors and legislatures, there is some seriously Draconian cuts on the horizon; none as harsh and damaging than Wisconsin’s Koch governor’s attack on public education.

Scott Walker’s budget epitomizes the Koch-Republican “vision for America” and not at all unique among states ruled by Koch-governors with Republican legislatures. In Wisconsin, because Walker has driven the state’s deficit over the $2 billion mark with tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy, he intends on slashing yet another  $300 million from the University of Wisconsin system over two years,  and for fun will make seriously Draconian cuts to health care and food stamps. All to preserve tax cuts for the rich and corporations and funnel hundreds of millions of dollars to build a professional basketball stadium.  It is why the Koch Congress lusts to change Medicaid and food stamps to block grants; so Koch governors can appropriate them according to the Kochs’ “vision for America;” a vision that does not include a public education system.

Walker’s cuts already have colleges across the state suffering, and now they are bracing for the worst funding cuts to levels not seen in twenty years. Thus far, at just one campus, 325 staff and faculty members were offered “go away packages” which is over 25% of UW-Eau-Claire campus. Another campus reports having to completelyeliminate several entire majors” regardless of how many students are already enrolled, and will have to layoff half the school’s departments.

Public primary schools across Wisconsin will fair no better and will lose about $127 million more in education aid next year that a three decade-long teacher said is beyond  “breathtaking;” particularly since public schools they are “still reeling” from Walker’s 2011 deep education cuts. Walker, like most Republican governors will use money from the education cuts for property tax relief specifically slated for the wealthiest people in the state. State educators say Wisconsin schools already suffer from “Depression-like economic conditions” such as overcrowded classrooms and epic cuts to music, art, and physical education programs. It is important to reiterate that the Koch brothers want public education eliminated completely; this is just a start and a portent of what Republicans intend to do nationwide. Wisconsin is just one of several states preparing their residents for what is certainly a nation without public education.

In Illinois, residents are organizing against Governor Bruce Rauner’s education cuts to take funding levels back to the 1950s despite the student population is three times larger today. Like in Wisconsin and Kansas, the education cuts, along with healthcare and food stamp cuts, are an attempt to cover in excess of a $6.2 billion budget deficit. At the University level, officials already predicted there will be “hundreds of staff cuts” at campuses and complete elimination of the pharmacy and flight schools. Students are pushing for the cuts to be distributed fairly among college presidents and chancellors who earn salaries in excess of $400,000 a year, but more education damage is possible laying off hundreds of professors making a tenth of that.

Like other Koch-governed states, Republicans could fund schools and keep bloated-salaried administrators and pathetically underpaid teachers employed if they eliminated tax cuts for the rich and corporations. But that is not something the Kochs will allow at the state level any more than the federal level because where the public education system  is concerned, they want it eliminated entirely; a goal Republicans adamantly share.

Another Koch governor, Louisiana’s Piyush Jindal intends to impose more than $200 million more in education cuts to cover the more than $1.6 billion budget deficit; a direct result of “massive tax cuts” for corporations and the rich. In fact, legislators on both sides of the partisan divide have begged Piyush to consider ending just a fraction of the epic tax cuts, but like the Koch-devotee in Kansas Sam Brownback, Jindal said ending any tax cuts is off the table. He told an audience in Washington that, “I’ll veto any tax increase and I’ll veto any budget that includes a tax increase.”

It is noteworthy that Brownback, Jindal, Walker, and Rauner, all Koch Republicans, are leading states that are running monumental budget deficits due to tax cuts for the rich and corporations. Every one of the Koch-owned Republicans are drastically cutting education, healthcare, and food stamps to cover the budget holes and not one of the Koch acolytes will consider ending tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations. It is far easier, and part of the Koch vision, to impose massive cuts to education funding and fire teachers that, as a value-added bonus, keeps the next generation of residents as monumentally stupid as the voters that elect them in the first place.

What is happening in Wisconsin, like Kansas, Louisiana, and many, many other Republican states is a well-conceived and executed plot to keep a perpetual stupidity-loop among the voting populace in place. The recent midterm elections fairly prove that cutting education is working to perfection for Republicans who will stay in power until they fulfill the Koch brothers’ goal of eliminating public education in America; even If they have to do it in one bankrupt Republican state at a time.

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  1. So Walker wants to gut education. Why does he want to dumb-down American children? He is trying to advance this idea inorder to weaken our standing in the world economy. Why? I know the Koch congress wants to keep their voters stupid to the point of retardation so they stay in power. Walker will never win a presidential election, hes too creepy and untrustworthy.

  2. Massive School Layoffs, Healthcare, Food Stamp Cuts Populate Scott Walker’s Koch Budget

    Massive School Layoffs, Healthcare, Food Stamp Cuts Populate the republican budget. FIXED

  3. The only thing that will save Illinois from the kochsuckers is the legislature is still control by Democrats and Madigan aint no homey the clown

  4. The Koch state experiments will act as a bell weather for the nation. Once it becomes clear that these changes will empact the lives of children and impact their futures parents will begin to see the writing on the Koch wall and the maddness will end. The only fly in the oitment is FOX News, that lie machine will have to be sidelined some how.

  5. OK righties, here’s another chance for you to have the courage of your convictions….. Tell us how Walker’s budget benefits the average American and American family. We’re waiting.

  6. Not a rightie but he sticks it to the unions who made it possible for me to have paid vacations, employee paid healthcare, a 40 hr week, sick leave. So hell yeah America Walker stands for freedumb

  7. We continue to fund the public school systems, but get less and less out of them in terms of graduates that are ready for the labor market.

    Living in WI, I was able to claim a property tax credit this year based on the rent I paid. That’s real money in my pocket that goes toward my bills.

    When I lose income, I cut my household budget. Why should a state budget be any different? The final budget proposed by Walker does not contain the $2B deficit. It’s naïve to think that one can continuously borrow and spend oneself to prosperity. Anyone looking for an example of true austerity, take a quick look at Greece and the terms they’re trying to meet just to keep the lights on. They’re slaves to their lenders.

    Slight digression: Do we have to keep up with the Koch brothers cliché? Has no one heard of Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, or George Soros? Either all rich people are evil or they’ve just got an agenda. Get over it. Pot. Kettle.

  8. Excuse me, but can you please give examples where Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, or George Soros has tried to subvert American democracy? I know a snowball in hell would have a better chance than you answering this simple question

  9. The idiot couldn’t finish school so he doesn’t want it available to anyone else. He may be able to dumb down Wisconsin, but he won’t make it very far with his record. Not only is his plan killing the educational system in Wisconsin, I read where they now rank 38th in job creation. Great job Snotty!

  10. I’ll be honest, I don’t allow myself to become obsessed by the behaviors of others. So, no, I don’t know when/where Soros, Koch, Buffett, or Gates “subverted democracy.”

    My point is actually that there’s nothing wrong with being rich as constantly seems to be the bandwagon mentality lately. Precedent has been set in the court of law that allows corporations and organizations to contribute to political campaigns. Obama didn’t win the elections he did because a bunch of poor people gave him their money (although, undoubtedly, I’m sure that happened too).

    Kochs give to Republicans, Soros gives to Democrats. There is no relativism here, there’s equivalency.

  11. Why can’t the people in the US see how the GOP is destroying the entire country, county by county & state by state & never allow them to hold office in any state and/or the federal government until they can show proof of an education in political science, proof they are NOT accepting money from wealthy corporate lobbyists & show proof of having both a physical & psychological profile done so they can be screened to make sure they understand how to work with other people.

    How many more times are we going to let the GOP bankrupt the country into prosperity with trickle down economics that have proven to never work? And what happens to the states after the GOP Kochs have bankrupt them?

    It is neither funny or clever to steal tax payer money & then turn around & give millionaires another tax break as the GOP is well aware that this only inflicts poverty on the US. The GOP has been well paid to not care.

    We must get money out of politics. The US is not for sale.

  12. No, there is nothing wrong with being rich. The problem comes in that making the rich richer by giving them tax breaks after tax break on the backs of education, healthcare, and the people who actually work for a living.

    You seem to think that running a $2B + deficit is a good thing. Does YOUR budget allow you to run such a deficit that you can’t pay your bills? YOU can’t lay someone off to cover your deficit. So what do you do?

    You criticised Bill Gates for being rich. Do you know what he has done with his money? Provided vaccinations for kids, donated millions to schools to give them money to operate on. And I know that Warren Buffet has teamed up with Gates to help in a number of charities.

    So you got a few hundred back on your rental. You got yours so why should you worry about teachers being laid off or whether a disabled person, or a wounded vet gets denied medical help or food?

    Typical Republican attitude.

  13. sean the koch brothers are criminals and should be in prison, and scott walker is an evil man and should be in prison to

  14. What equivalency? Show me the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on misleading or untrue television ads from either Warren Buffet, George Soros or Bill Gates. I can show you many many from the Kochs and that doesn’t include the hundreds of millions spent on individual campaigns. There is no equivalency but a false one. That’s the lame, false excuse brought up by someone who knows there is no excuse for the subversion of our Democracy.

  15. Yeah, get rid of all public education. That’s a great idea. We can go back to living in the 1800’s. The Republicans will get their wish of taking their country back, way back. The Republicans don’t have enough stupid people who vote against their own best interests, so by eliminating public education they’ll end up with many more stupid people who then will vote Republican and against their own best interests. What a plan. NOT!

  16. Wait. You get a property tax credit on a house you don’t own, but rent? What does the property owner get? I also think in your glee of getting yours, you missed the part of the fact that the majority of the tax cuts were for the rich and large corporations. But then I guess since you got yours, you’re not worried about the kids not having enough teachers to educate them. At the same time you’re complaining about the kids not being educated enough or graduates not ready for the labor market. Boggles the mind.

  17. Thank you again Dj these morons need slapping down every time they pop their uneducated heads up. keep on slapping!!!!

  18. Compassionate Conservatism at it’s finest.

    Take away the food from the mouths of hungry kids so that we can stuff it into the mouths of the morbidly obese rich dudes.

  19. Get ready for the parade of Dems starving on a week’s worth of groceries bought with food stamps…..

  20. You do know more republicans in red states receive food stamps. Is you using Democrats code for those others?

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