Finally America Will Re-evaluate Unconditional Backing For Israel



Anyone that peruses Internet news sites is likely to be deluged with various right-wing surveys asking if Republicans should “fight Obama’s gun seizures” or “prosecute Clinton and Obama over Benghazi,” or a completely bizarre survey asking “do you support” or “should America stand by Israel?” Of all the stupid questions; asking any American if they support Israel is an insult. Americans have no choice whether they “support or stand by Israel” because America showers billions of taxpayer dollars on Israel every year and asks or receives nothing in return.  Regardless any Americans’ opinion about the Jewish state, giving Israel free taxpayer money is supporting it; like it or not. Many Americans do not like it one bit; especially when this country is falling apart and Americans are hungry.

After the events of the past couple of weeks, it is abundantly clear that the continuous American support of Israel has created an entitled Israeli leader that not only demands more American financial support; he expects to dictate this nation’s foreign policy. Remarkably, despite unrelenting Republican support for anything Netanyahu demands or dictates it appears there is at long last an American President who has had just about enough bravado, demands, and imposition from the Israeli leader.


After years of brazen lies, deceit, and recent personal affronts against President Obama from Benjamin Netanyahu, the White House raised the prospect of withdrawing crucial diplomatic cover for Israel at the United Nations. It is about damn time. The last straw was the purported Middle East demigod Netanyahu’s pledge to unilaterally block the creation of a Palestinian state as if he is an all-powerful world ruler. As it should have six years ago at least, the White House warned that the entire foundation of its policy for always backing, protecting, and “standing with Israel” unconditionally as a veto-wielding member of the UN Security Council. According to the White House, that unconditional protection was undermined by Netanyahu’s true agenda to never allow Palestinians have a state of its own; something America provided for Israel after World War II and has sustained with unwavering military and financial support without recompense.

This country has frequently and consistently done Netanyahu’s bidding in the United Nations and unilaterally opposed, by Security Council veto, any attempt at the UN to recognize a Palestinian state. In fact, as Israel’s only ally and benefactor, America has duly “shielded and protected Israel from isolation in the international community” despite its despicable corralling of Palestinians in fenced off “internment camps” and building Israeli settlements without pause. As the White House said after Netanyahu ran his dictatorial mouth, “What is apparent is that in the context of the campaign, and while he was the sitting prime minister of Israel, he walked back from commitments that Israel had previously made to a two-state solution.” Netanyahu never intended to support or commit to a two-state solution and to think otherwise is sheer folly.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said that all the “Steps that the United States has taken at the United Nations” to protect and ‘stand by Israel‘ had been “predicated on this idea that the two-state solution is the best outcome.  Now our ally has said that they are no longer committed to that solution. That means we need to re-evaluate our position in this matter, and that is what we will do moving forward.” Washington has been frustrated by Netanyahu’s support for settlement building in the occupied territories, and his remarks revealed he has no intent to stop until Palestinians are driven off their own land.

Coupled with Netanyahu’s war mongering speech to Congress aimed at killing a peaceful U.N. nuclear deal with Iran, a deal President Obama supports, it looks like the White House has had its fill of protecting Israel from international pressure for its disregard for innocent Palestinians imprisoned on a reservation. As is typical, after President Obama had a brief conversation with Netanyahu on his election victory,  Netanyahu’s response to the White House regarding the United Nations  was that “a peace agreement can’t be “imposed” on Israel;” in other words Israel is not going to recognize any peace deal.

Netanyahu revealed more hubris and belief he controls American foreign policy saying, “I don’t think that’s the direction of American policy.” He just cannot and will not accept that President Obama, not a Republican Congress or Israeli prime minister sets “the direction of American foreign policy.” It is important to remember that Netanyahu already pledged that if the U.N. P5+1 and Iran negotiate and reach a peaceful nuclear agreement, he will bomb Iran in protest. However, that is not the only reason to stop supporting, protecting, and “standing by Israel” regardless its actions. The simple fact that Netanyahu made a decidedly racist plea for electoral support, like a typical teabagger-Republican, and the Israeli people rushed to support him is more than enough reason to reconsider whether this country should “stand by Israel” unconditionally.

Another small item that should incense any reasonable American is that as this nation continues pouring money into Israel, Israelis are suffering outrageous and stifling income inequality and arguably the highest child poverty in the developed world at 27% under Netanyahu’s leadership. Still, because he appealed to racial animus toward Israeli Arabs, voters overwhelmingly re-elected him to perpetuate economic assault on the poor to enrich a few extremely wealthy families.

Now, a particular aggravation is that Israel is frantic to push America into a war with Iran over its nuclear program because the Islamic Republic “might” develop a nuclear device; Israel has a nuclear arsenal and refuses to sign any nuclear agreement whatsoever. Israel claims that Iran wants to annihilate Israel and yet last year during the Israeli massacre of Palestinians there were Israelis calling for the extermination of the Palestinian people. Israel may have stopped short of exterminating innocent Palestinians, but they wreaked immeasurable destruction on Gaza because criminals killed three Israeli youths.

There are a substantial number of Americans who are sick to death of this idea that America is beholden to ‘stand by Israel‘ unconditionally and that is, in essence, the source of the problem. Regardless what Israel does, America is always there “standing by” with its powerful military and open checkbook. When Netanyahu stood in front of Congress like he was the president of the United States, the little demigod proclaimed that “Israel can and will stand alone” and confront Iran militarily. Great, then it is time for Netanyahu, and the Israelis who reelected him to do just that. Stand alone; and while they are standing alone, start repaying Americans for the billions and billions of military welfare that supported 18% of their military in 2011 alone while Republicans were slashing American domestic programs to death.

Most Americans have witnessed spoiled little children who have everything handed to them unconditionally to the point they start demanding more out of habit. Last week there were more demands for American money even as Netanyahu threatened to derail negotiations with Iran as Republicans cheered wildly. Of all the great things President Obama has accomplished during his tenure in the White House, it may just be that the greatest accomplishment is standing up and warning Israel its unwavering protection may come to an end. If nothing else, Netanyahu knows that finally there is an American President that demands accountability for unwavering American support; support that should come to an abrupt end if Israel does not change its anti-social agenda towards Palestine and peace in the Middle East.

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  1. I hope so, we have to wean them off our money. Boehner will be leaving soon to spend some time with Bibi to celebrate the
    My question, should Bibi be paying Boehner instead of the US taxpayer?
    We pay Boehner to work for Bibi and we give Bibi gazillions of our tax dollars, there is something wrong here.

  2. Me thinks Netanyahu may have just shit in church this time. The president is calling your bluff, and you will lose this one. Better to sit down and STFU!!!!!

  3. I am hopeful that President Obama will refuse to continue supporting Israel unless or until they sign the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty.

  4. What makes Israel so “special” in this world today??? Is it their “religious belief” in a truly “phoney” god that only spoke to a “bullshit-artist” named Moses??? Give me a break! They think that their “fake-god” will protect them. Think again Israel..

  5. Long overdue. We have the Not-So-Supreme Court about to rip ACA apart, while the Israelis have a national health service, paid for by us!! Our infrastructure is crumbling, putting lives at risk, while BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars go to Israel. Time to re-evaluate. Will taxpayers be billed for this trip by Boehner and other traitors? If these clowns support Israel, then go live there, stop screwing up THIS country. We pay their salaries, and healthcare premiums. They get $$$$ from the Israeli lobby, and WE get the shaft.

  6. Great article.
    President Obama is correct and courageous not to support war mogerng, RW BiBi Netanyahu Israel. I stand, and we must stand with our President on peaceful solutions.
    The U.S. hopefully will be on the same page as the U.N. and take BiBi at his word not wanting a 2 state….the majority in the US are with our President…only the vocal few, ( the anti american, treasonous group RW ) are with BiBi.
    Words matter BiBi…..

  7. Wonderful. It’s about friggin’ time. And too late for all the “untouchables” who have lost their lives and/or their property as the USA turned a blind eye toward Israel’s land grabs and genocide.

  8. If that’s the drunk one plan then he and Congress have to declare war as prescribed by the Constitution. Lets see if he got the balls to do it

  9. The long and short of it: The US borrows money to give to Israel and then expects the taxpayer to repay the loan.

    Isn’t Israel old enough to borrow its own money?

  10. I too am disapapointed, and agree that Netanyahu has crossed boundaries in international relations, and accepted protocol regarding his speech to Congress. I agree that he is also dishonest, and egomaniacal. But a more nuanced response in regard to America’s policies regarding Israel is needed, not an angry, vengeful, possibly anti semitic, rage. America has profitted in many ways from its relationship with Israel, and it is false to deny the benefits in the areas of weapons, technology, and defence that Israel has given to America. The challenge now is to use America’s largesse to influence Israeli policy regarding the Palentinians, the west bank, and Israeli Arabs. Israel can and must be both a Jewish and Democratic state.

  11. I doubt Boehner has the balls to bring a war declation to the floor, and I really doubt he has a veto proof majority for it.

  12. Wonderful – it’s about friggin’ time. Unfortunately, it’s too late for all the “untouchables” who lost their property and/or their lives as a result of the USA-enabled Israeli land grab and genocide.

  13. On October 3, 2001,
    I.A.P. News reported that according to Israel Radio (in Hebrew) Kol Yisrael an acrimonious argument erupted during the Israeli cabinet weekly session between Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his foreign Minister Shimon Peres.

    Peres warned Sharon
    that refusing to heed incessant American requests for a cease-fire with the Palestinians
    would endanger Israeli interests and “turn the US against us.

    Sharon reportedly yelled at Peres, saying
    Don’t worry about American pressure.
    We the Jewish people control America

  14. Even the so-called “most liberal” icons in Congress, like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, have refused to speak about Israel’s bloody incursion into the Gaza strip – and they have been condemned by left-wing bloggers for it.

    Let’s hope they have the courage now to stand up against Netanyahu and his coalition of warmongering nationalists when President Obama decides to no longer offer unconditional support and backing of Netanyahu’s Israel.

  15. So looking out FOR OUR NATIONAL INTEREST is now anti-sematic? I don’t know if you haven’t been paying attention but we have funded that regime with our tax dollars so they can create an apartheid state. You better wake up and smell the coffee

  16. Enough of this “Holy-War” shit folks!!! Screw Israel and their (lying thru his teeth) Moses bullshit con-artist “religion” and their “GOD’S CHOSEN PEOPLE” gig. Let their almighty “GOD” protect them. They surely don’t require are services. All they really want to do is start wars for “us” to fight, die and pay for. Totally for their country’s “leaders” profit and gains. In my opinion. WTF…

  17. Actually there is a lot of debate as to whether or not a President has the power to veto a Congressional declaration of war. It has never happened, so we’ve never had to resolve it, but the Constitution gives Congress the power to declare war. There are many who argue that the power to declare war is Congress’ alone, much like voting on a resolution to amend the Constitution (although that also involves state legislatures or ratifying conventions). There are others who believe that the President could veto a declaration of war like any other act passed by Congress. It’s actually a really interesting legal question.

  18. Article I, Section 7: “Every order, resolution, or vote, to which the concurrence of the Senate and House of Representatives may be necessary (except on a question of adjournment) shall be presented to the President of the United States; and before the same shall take effect, shall be approved by him, or being disapproved by him, shall be repassed by two-thirds of the Senate and the House of Representatives, according to the rules and limitations prescribed in the case of a bill.”

    So I think that would be a yes. Now Congress can impeach him and I would think anyone in his administration who didn’t carry out the order but then we would have a coup. Popcorn anyone?

  19. Screw Israel and their belief that “they” (the “Jewish” people) are “GODS CHOSEN PEOPLE”. They are full of shit. Lets hope that they are now in for a very big surprise. And a real dose of reality. In my opinion.

  20. Now this traitor has some balls
    Cotton worries about US interference in foreign negotiations

    But Cotton, the right-wing freshman in his second month in the Senate, called Psaki’s comments “worrisome“ – for a very specific reason.

    “While Prime Minister Netanyahu won a decisive victory, he still has just started assembling a governing majority coalition. These kinds of quotes from Israel’s most important ally could very well startle some of the smaller parties and their leaders with whom Prime Minister Netanyahu is currently in negotiations.

    “This raises the question, of course, if the administration intends to undermine Prime Minister Netanyahu’s efforts to assemble a coalition by suggesting a change to our longstanding policy of supporting Israel’s position with the United Nations.”

  21. That would be shaky ground given the fact of Hamas’ endless barrage of rockets at civilian locations, etc. I think international sanctions on the Israeli Administration would be a better path to follow.

  22. Not really. Israel is occupying land that does not belong to them. The Palestinian Accession to the Rome Statute and the Question of the Settlements
    Recently the Palestinians submitted (for the second time) a declaration accepting the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in accordance with article 12(3) of the Rome Statute, thus providing jurisdiction to the International Criminal Court over their territory

    Where’s the problem? The wording of article 8(2)(b)(viii) goes:

    “The transfer, directly or indirectly, by the Occupying Power of parts of its own civilian population into the territory it occupies, or the deportation or transfer of all or parts of the population of the occupied territory within or outside this territory;”

    So the Palestinians can argue they are resisting an occupying Army

  23. Good. The line has been crossed both by Bibi and Boehner, and now we need to pull back financial support to Israel and be sure we do it so that they feel it.

    Why isn’t Boehner being prosecuted for breaking the Logan Act?

  24. I don’t think what Mr. Obama is doing could be described as “an angry, vengeful, possibly anti semitic, rage”. Mr. Netanyahu has made it clear that he thinks he is in charge of US foreign policy. He certainly is not going to do what we want, if we target funds. He hasn’t in the past. Mr. Netanyahu has claimed Israel can stand on her own. I think we should take him at his word.

  25. Israel hit them with a lot more missiles, from American jets & helicopters. The dome defense US paid $800M towards, stopped almost all the firing back by Gaza.

  26. If Netanyahu is such a great and all-wise leader, then why doesn’t he handle his country’s problems, instead of expecting someone else to do it.

  27. we give Bibi gazillions of our tax dollars

    For anyone needing a translation…
    gazillions = $3.1 billion per year.

    And don’t forget also that the largest share of that is spent on American defense contractors, which in turn creates tens of thousands of American jobs.

    And to break down the math, that $3 billion in aid to Israel would be about 0.086% of the total budget. If the budget were your individual income of $100,000, we would be talking about roughly an $86 expense.

  28. While so many Americans are subsisting on food stamps, losing their homes, and accumulating credit card debt they will never be able to pay off, the US is giving Israel $3 billion in direct foreign aid every year and, according to Congressman James Traficant, another $12-17 billion in indirect aid such as valuable military equipment deemed “scrapped,” loan guarantees, and preferential contracts. Israel is an affluent country with more than 10,000 millionaires and, according to the International Monetary Fund, was one of the few economies that weathered the 2008 financial storm nearly unscathed.

  29. Me too Francie. Nut-en yahoo makes statements like “Israel can stand alone” Well let them. Israel a population that was nearly exterminated by a mad man, wishes to exterminate another people. With our consent and support,by all the millions our Gov sends. While own people are being suppressed and refused help of any kind by the thugs. Does this make any sense?

  30. Well stated, I could not agree more!!! This bow down attitude to these people because of their belief in a fictitious spook-in-the-sky is getting totally out of hand!!! BiBi’s recent lecture to our Congress shows he thinks of us as his lackeys!!! NO MORE TAXPAYER MONEY TO THIS MISGUIDED COUNTRY!!! They want to go it alone and I say let them!!!

  31. I may be the only center right person saying this, but I actually agree with the prez on this one. No, I didn’t vote for him. No, I don’t like everything he’s done (neither do some democrats and some blacks). Yes, I lean conservative, was raised Christian, and served in the military. But I’ve had it with Israel bossing us around. We’ve got our own problems to deal with. We’ve paid their bills. Good on you Obama. May not agree with you on much, but you did right by me. Now if only more conservatives and christians would wake up and realize Israeli Elites like Bibi hate their Jesus and their race. Sad but true. The Palestinians didn’t attack USS Liberty or do Lavon Affair.

  32. RepublicanTP are trying to drive a wedge between President Obama and Mrs. Clinton, divide and conquer. Mrs. Clinton has alway relied on the Jewish vote. Sad but true!

  33. Actually, it is more like $10 bil, what with the forgiven “loans”, the replenishment of armaments the Israelis use in their savage attacks on the captive defenseless Gazans, the supplementary payments which come up multiple times per year, the additional sums needed for the nonsensical, failed Iron Dome. Did you know we American taxpayers pay more per capita in welfare to Israelis than we do to our own citizens? We taxpayers fund free abortions on demand in Israel, we fund men who elect to study Jewish religion rather than get a job to live permanently on welfare with their families of 12-14 children in free housing in illegal settlements on Palestinian land. Why do we do this? We pay for apartheid roads and separation walls in Israel with our own infrastructure is crumbling. Why?

  34. Nice to see a US president finally stand up to those psychopaths of the Israeli lobby. Israel doesn’t mean a damn thing to over 300 million Americans. Now do the right thing mister Obama for those 300 million plus Americans and give the boot to the few thousand psychos of AIPAC and that bought out Congress.

  35. It is remarkable that one would read this and side with this. It is remarkable that any president would be so audacious as to demand Israel return to it’s 67 borders. When he and the rest (and there are many) who side with this concept, GIVE UP the land that was taken from the 50 plus Indian nations comprising of ten millions of peoples,then you and he can speak about “Land for Peace”.There are ALREADY Palestinian states. They are name first of all JORDAN, then SYRIA then LEBANON, on and on and on. For some history for any who have been open minded to read this far, Israel was attacked in 1967 by Jordan. Israel took back Jerusalem from Jordan then, land that had been their’s from thousands of years ago in the first place. We European (Americans) took land from the from native peoples that was never ours in the first place. Many Indian removal acts, many trails of tears, I am so sick and tired from our hypocrisy heaped on Israel.

  36. Are you all INSANE!!! Obama is evil!! You think he cares about you or anything else that is good or right!!! Please he couldn’t care a hoot about this country or us and his actions have proven it time and time again!! Give me ONE good example of his leadership just ONE!! I don’t believe you can do it, Him or Clinton, they both have a hard time telling the truth!!

  37. You lose bagger. 16 million now has health insurance, Unemployment cut in half, Renewable Electricity Nearly Doubles Under Obama: ‘I Think They’re The Future. They’re Worth Fighting For’
    Updated! Now 286 Accomplishments by President Obama so far… With Citations

    Got rid of Syria’s chemical weapons without a single American life and when he gets Iran to summit to inspections so they cant build a bomb then you will know.

    And the cherry on top which your cod piece wearing lover boy couldn’t do, KILL BIN LADEN

  38. WHAT Actions?

    SPECIFICS, please.

    In case you MISSED it, in America, we’re all innocent until PROVEN guilty…INCLUDING President Obama.

    That means you need FACTS to prove your case, bucko…If President Obama is LYING or EVIL, PROVE it…the onus is on YOU.

    Put up or SHUT up. >:(

    As far as leadership:
    1. He pulled us out of the economic ‘ditch’ that Bush II/Cheney drove us into. The economy is steadily improving, despite having NO help from the Teapublicans for the past 6+ years.

    If we’re going to start slinging the word ‘evil’ around, that applies more to the Teapublicans than President Obama.

    LLAP, all.

  39. Actually, it is more like $10 bil,
    Okay…we’ll use your number of $10B.

    But don’t forget… Israel is located in a region which is critical to vital US interests. If it were not for Israel’s superb military and installations, and the fact that Israel makes itself available to the U.S. under any contingency, the US would have to deploy real aircraft carriers, along with tens of thousands of US soldiers, which would cost not $10 billion , but TENS of billions of dollars annually. The cost of aid to Israel is a bargain compared to what would be a necessary alternative.

    We taxpayers fund free abortions on demand in Israel,

    A highly speculative and unreliable claim at best.

  40. I know I might be stupid on geography but where is Israel located near the Persian gulf and I don’t recall any bases in that region other than our ALLY Turkey

  41. We taxpayers fund free abortions on demand in Israel,

    A highly speculative and unreliable claim at best.
    Good goog O Molly things you learn by the Google
    Israel to fund all abortions for women 20-33 starting next year

    Another 6,300 women are expected to have a state-funded abortion next year, at a cost of about $4.6 million.

  42. You’re certainly not stupid.

    Just highly partisan.

    Haifa is one of the safest and most hospitable ports for the U.S. Navy, and a dependable base.

    What would the U.S. have to do if that were not the case?

    And hasn’t Turkey become a questionable ally?

  43. We have dependable bases in the Gulf. I am not saying we don’t do port calls there just like in Singapore but for you to fall for the spiel that we need Israel is just false and that line of thinking following the Likud model will lead us into a war we cannot win. will give you a link and I want you to read it and then sit back smoke a joint or drink some wine whatever floats your boat and give it some thought

    The Tragedy of the American Military

    The American public and its political leadership will do anything for the military except take it seriously. The result is a chickenhawk nation in which careless spending and strategic folly combine to lure America into endless wars it can’t win.

  44. Just because the Israeli government funds abortion, doesn’t mean U.S. tax money is necessarily paying for it. It’s a false premise argument.
    The fungibility of aid funds not dedicated to defense could be argued as supporting poor people, building roads, or painting public buildings, etc.
    Picking out just one item Israel may spend money on and declaring that’s what U.S. taxpayers are paying for is speculative.

  45. So if we give them so much money are you saying they wont shift that money to something else so they can pay for killing babies? You are not that gullible.

    We do know that they use our money to build illegal settlements so is it such a reach that they fund killing babies with your money?

  46. So if we give them so much money are you saying they wont shift that money to something else so they can pay for killing babies?
    I was saying it’s quite a stretch and it could never be proven that it’s U.S. taxpayer dollars and not Israeli taxpayers that would be providing the funding for abortions.

    And anyway, Buzzfeed says there is
    a long-standing amendment explicitly prevents any U.S. aid from paying for abortion services.
    I want you to read it and then sit back smoke a joint or drink some wine whatever floats your boat
    Mint juleps.

  47. Phil – You are full of baloney. We’re not beholden to your God – or anyone else’s to fight an unwinnable war started by Israel. If Israel would be reasonable about their relationship with the Palestinians, the situation would be very different anyway.

    Bibi LIES to us, and we’re supposed to support that unconditionally? I don’t think so.

  48. Tyton – YOU are the one who’s insane. I could give you a list of what Obama has done for this country, but you wouldn’t accept so why try? In my book, telling Bibi the “unconditional” support is OVER is one of Obama’s best. His loyalty is to US not Israel!

  49. Phil – We never expected some other country to unconditionally support whatever we did, nor fight and die for us in our wars. Besides, Bibi SAID Israel didn’t need us. Well, fine.

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