Friday Fox Follies – Tucker With An “F”

In January Friday Fox Follies reported on man/boy Tucker Carlson. Since there’s nothing FFF likes better than to quote itself, here’s a smidgen from The “F” Words about his bizarre triple role:

Aside from being owner of The Daily Caller — which broke the totally-made-up-Senator-Bob-Menedez-with-Hookers story that Fox “News” ran with — he has a part-time gig (for the healthcare?) as an anchor for Weekend Fox & Friends, which — wrap your brain around this — is a dumbed-down version of the weekday show.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL, as they say on tee vee. The motherTucker shows up all over the Fox schedule to participate in those phony “Fair and Balanced” debates. How “Fair and Balanced” can he be when he always takes the anti-Obama, anti-government, anti-Political Correctness, anti-wussification, anti-logical position in his adolescent whiny voice?

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However, add Fox “News” defender to Tucker Carlson’s ultimate humiliation: Corruption, “journalism” & a flagrant conflict of interest.

It was first noted by the Twitteroti, and then the rest of the Media Watching Media [MWM] piled on, when Daily Caller’s Tucker Carlson, Who Once Called Fox News “A Mean, Sick Group,” Reportedly Won’t Allow Fox Criticism. Which is why Mickey Kaus quits Daily Caller after Tucker Carlson pulls critical Fox News column, citing Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller Commandment: Don’t Trash Fox News.

Even worse is How Mickey Kaus found out about Tucker Carlson’s ‘no-trash-Fox rule’ in which CNN’s Brian Stelter agrees with my January assessment, using far fewer words:

Carlson, the [Daily Caller] site’s editor in chief, doubles as a commentator on Fox and the co-host of the weekend editions of its morning show “Fox & Friends.” It’s an unusual arrangement, to be sure.

In Mickey Kaus: You Cannot Write Critically About Fox News at The Daily Caller Reason’s Editor in Chief Matt Welch makes the undeniable point:

Carlson’s noisy (and controversial) aspiration to build an institution on an equal journalistic footing as The New York Times would appear to be abandoned. Put another way, what kind of holy hell would The Daily Caller subject The New York Times to if one of the paper’s star columnists was censured for criticizing MSNBC?

Putting the cap on the jar, WashPo’s Erik Wemple writes in Daily Caller’s Tucker Carlson takes a stand for censorship:

QUOTE: By disappearing the piece, Carlson: 1) elevates a forgettable post; 2) makes a show of his loyalty to the network; 3) ensures that other Daily Caller writers won’t attempt criticism of Fox News; 4) suppresses a much-needed public debate about the lead story each night on “The Kelly File” and 5) adds some buffoonery to the “Fox & Friends” franchise, as if it can absorb any more.

In other Tucker-related buffoonery: Daily Caller Debunks Itself On Climate Change And Cyclone Pam. It’s the vast circle of life.

BLACK AND WHITE AND READ ALL OVER: The Daily Show Blasts Fox News’ Double Standard In Ferguson And Benghazi Coverage is all the proof I need that Jon Stewart avidly reads FFF. It was only last week when Friday Fox Follies reported in Ferguson Fails:

Fox personalities were blowing only one DOJ dog whistle, while ignoring other DOJ report. Flames cannot erupt in a vacuum, but Fox “News” says nary a word about the systemic racism that created the Ferguson tinderbox in the first place. Fox & Friends Only Acknowledges Racial Bias In Ferguson Police Department To Blame Holder For Police Shooting.

Watch Stewart spin my observations into a natural conclusion about the Fox “News” coverage of Benghazi:

You’re welcome, Stewart. Next time, send money.

OUTLIER CENTRAL: Whenever Fox “News” defenders want to pretend Fox is Fair and Balanced they points to its outliers, the 1%-ers.

Geraldo to Fox & Friends: I’ve Been Warning
You People About Netanyahu for Years

Bernie Goldberg to O’Reilly: Let’s Face It,
Fox ‘Plays Down Conservative Screw-Ups’

Yet, look who’s not buying: Bill O’Reilly: “I Never Bought” That Fox Is “The Conservative Network” although, to be fair, nowadays you never know whether he’s telling the truth.

F’rinstance, which one is the lie, because they can’t both be true?

O’Reilly Once Praised Obama For The “Gutsy” Call To Kill
Bin Laden, Now Says Obama Had “Nothing” To Do With It

Whenever the MWM write about Fox “News” outliers, one name keeps coming up. “Some people say” headlines like Megyn Kelly Presses Netanyahu on Flip-Flopping, Accusations of Racism and Megyn Kelly Grills Jindal on His Proposal to Restrict Muslim Immigration to U.S. are proof that no-longer preggy Leggy Meggy doesn’t always follow the company line.

However, these are the exceptions that prove the rule. Note the respect and deference she gives those interviewees and compare it to those when she’s interviewing people she clearly doesn’t like, when her voice drips with hate, sarcasm, and condescension. Or, whenever she has A Megyn Moment: Kelly Fabricates Felony Charges To Help Fox’s Deceptive Campaign To Disqualify Clinton.


BUT OF COURSE: Fox’s Bolling and Kilmeade Think Starbucks’ Race Campaign a Good Idea has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that they’ve both said stupid things about race and now want to take it up with their baristas.

IS THIS THE LAST WORD ON LOOFAH LIES? Probably not. When even Obama Lampoons O’Reilly, Needles His ‘Reporting From The War Zone’, you know the story has legs.

However, The Falafel King will be defending himself on an entirely new front after Bill O’Reilly Uses Anti-Semitic Dog Whistles Against George Soros To Hit Media Matters because MMfA has been hitting Loofah Lad a lot lately. Bill O’Reilly’s Anti-Semitic Tropes: George Soros Is A Tentacled “Puppet Master” is a page ripped right out of the Glenn Beck Playbook. Reporting from the War Zone way back in 2010, the always brilliant Aunty Em* said in More On Glenn Beck’s George Soros Smear Job:

With Beck calling Soros “The Puppet Master,” and using marionettes to (falsely) claim that Soros is pulling many strings, this might be important: Jews in Nazi Germany were frequently referred to as “wire pullers.”

The earliest mention I can find of the phrase “wire-puller” comes from a little book called Mein Kampf. As the book A Critical and Cultural Theory Reader, by Antony Easthope and Kate McGowan, makes clear, “wire puller” was commonly used as a euphemism for “Jew” throughout the ’30s in order to get the average German citizen to hate their neighbors, leading to the horror of the Holocaust.

Substitute O’Reilly for Beck and who cares if Loofah Lad is a Big Fat Liar? He’s an anti-Semite.

FOX BYTES: Fox Guest Calls Obama An ‘Evil’ ‘Race Hustler’ Who Sends Ferguson Protesters Into A Whitey-Hating Hypnotic TranceHannity’s Pal Mark Levin Shouts That Obama Is Anti-SemiticDennis Miller Sings About Putin’s NipplesFox’s Judge Napolitano: ‘Totalitarian Impulse’ for Obama to Suggest Mandatory VotingFox Pundits Outraged by Obama’s Mandatory Voting Comments, While Rupert Murdoch Agrees • Andrea Tantaros Hates The Idea Of Universal VotingFox’s Ralph Peters: “Obama Is Just Not Manly” Enough To Combat TerrorismFox News’ Mark Fuhrman Says Co-Hosting Outnumbered Is “Like Female Waterboarding”Steve Doocy & Anti-Gay Christian Pastor Think “Have A Blessed Day” Air Force Greeting Is AwesomeSteve Doocy Makes Bogus Claim – College Christians Forced To Participate In LGBT Sensitivity Training

Praise Fox “News” and the Lord, in that order.

* Headly Westerfield once wrote Fox “News” criticism under the nom de plume of Aunty Em Ericann.

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