Jon Stewart Drops The Mic After Hammering Fox News Over Its Hypocrisy On Ferguson

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During Thursday night’s broadcast of The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart actually dropped a microphone after unleashing a rant towards Fox News for hypocritically demanding protesters and media apologize for ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ while simultaneously ignoring House Republicans report on Benghazi. Stewart pointed out how the network has been apoplectic since the Department of Justice released a report essentially exonerating former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson for shooting unarmed teenager Michael Brown while paying little attention to the DOJ’s other report that shows the Ferguson Police Department has engaged in racial discrimination. Meanwhile, the network stoked anger for years over the Benghazi tragedy but conveniently looked the other way when a report clearing the White House of any wrongdoing was released.

Stewart began the segment showing clips of Fox News commentators and pundits demanding accountability and apologies from anyone who perpetuated the “myth” that Brown had his hands up in the air when Wilson killed him. The Daily Show host noted that even though Fox is a 24-hour news station, they apparently only had time to discuss one of the DOJ’s reports and didn’t really give much play to the other one showing systemic racism embedded in the Ferguson PD. He stated that Fox willfully ignored the fact that Ferguson’s police had put in place all the kindling and lighter fluid due to their actions over the years, and an incident like the Brown shooting was the flashpoint that would cause the huge explosion of built up rage.

This led Stewart down the path of Benghazi as he segued to the network’s coverage of the tragedy that took the lives of four Americans in September 2012. While Fox has been all indignant over the “irresponsible” coverage of Ferguson, which they say is based on lies, Fox has pushed falsehoods and angry rhetoric when discussing the events surrounding Benghazi. After highlighting Fox personalities throwing around all kinds of accusations at President Obama, Susan Rice and the State Department, Stewart brought up the House Intelligence Committee’s Benghazi report from last year that exonerated the Obama Administration.

 ”Did Susan Rice go on TV and try to deceive anyone? Report says no. Did the administration ignore credible warnings about that day’s attack? Report says no. Was there a stand-down order or failure to rescue them and send rescue planes? Report says no. Was there a massive intelligence cover-up? Report says no — not CIA, not FBI, none of them.”

The comedian followed up by showing Fox host Megyn Kelly speaking to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers (R-MI) two weeks after the report was released. It was noted that Kelly did not ask Rogers one question in relation to the report, despite the network claiming for over two years that it was just looking for legitimate answers.

In the end, Stewart brought everything back around to show just how ridiculous Fox News has been regarding both Ferguson and Benghazi.

“They demand accountability for anger and divisiveness whilst holding themselves entirely unaccountable for their anger and divisiveness. For two years, they used Benghazi as shorthand, as a symbol for the whole concept of a corrupt, lying, tyrannical — possibly murderous — Obama White House. Kind of how other people used ‘Hands Up Don’t Shoot’ as a symbol for systemic racism. There’s really only one difference between the two phenomena: systemic racism actually exists.”

With that, Stewart pulled out a microphone from under his desk and dropped it.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Comedy Central:



It really will be a sad day when Stewart finally steps down and walks away from the show. Of course, that day will arrive sooner rather than later, and television won’t be the same without him. On the other hand, Fox News will be very happy to see him go off into the sunset!

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  1. 9th of the 10 Commandments: Thou Shalt NOT bear false witness.

    But apparently- these Commandments don’t apply to Pox News,Republicans, Tea Baggers, and Libertarians.

    Just Democrats and Liberals.

    Cafeteria Christianity- indeed.

  2. When Jon drops his mic and or just walks away from the desk you know that he’s just so exasperated at the willfull ignorance of the Reich that words fail to express it.

  3. Who is the “moron” that is saying no way? Tell us why you are saying no way. Is that all that they “pay” you to do?

  4. Stewart’s writers will still be there and TDS will continue after JS; all they have to find is a fitting host.

    John Oliver is proof that there is more than one Jon Stewart.

  5. I’m certain Stewart was referring to the evening opinion shows on Fox though that is not evident. He should clarify or apologize for that. Though his point still remains.

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