U.S. Justice Department and FBI Investigating Republican Congressman Aaron Shock


The Associated Press reported that the United States Justice Department has initiated a criminal investigation against Republican Illinois Representative Aaron Shock. In addition, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has begun issuing subpoenas to potential witnesses, who could be compelled to testify against the GOP Congressman.

On Tuesday, the embattled Republican announced he was resigning from Congress, effective March 31st. His announcement came after it became readily apparent that he might face a prolonged inquiry into House ethics violations.

However, the federal inquiry may subject him to serious criminal charges as well. The Associated Press reported Friday, that according to a source close to the case, government officials were planning to convene a federal grand jury in Springfield, Illinois to bring federal charges against Shock.

The federal probe will have plenty of avenues to pursue as Shock’s prolific spending habits and ethical lapses have spawned a torrent of allegations surrounding the disgraced lawmaker.

Shock was once viewed as a rising star within the ranks of the GOP. He was touted as a dapper fellow, with great abs, who could lure young voters into the Republican fold with his youthful enthusiasm and good looks. He even spearheaded a major recruiting effort, to try to encourage Republicans under 40 to run for office.

Despite his youthful exuberance, Shock still pursued the same outdated policies of his older House Republican colleagues. Furthermore, rather than changing the culture of corruption in Washington, he embraced it. He not only embraced it, but injected steroids into it, turning political graft into a source of personal enrichment so that he could live lavishly. Although he ran as a fiscal conservative, he bilked the taxpayers to subsidize his expensive tastes.

Shock, of course, touted himself as a fiscal conservative who would eliminate government waste, even as he was apparently billing taxpayers for vehicle miles he never drove. Like so many Republican lawmakers he demands his constituents, especially those who are poor, take personal responsibility for their lives, and he counsels them not become dependent on government support. Yet, like so many of his Republican colleagues, he does not hold him self to the same standards. In fact, he doesn’t even seem to think he should be required to obey the law.

Now that a federal investigation into Shock’s criminal behavior is underway, it is clear that he is now a falling star. Shock flaunted the rules with such reckless abandon that he figuratively shot himself in the foot. In the process, he demonstrated quite clearly, that the Republican’s “young guns” don’t shoot any straighter than their grey-haired counterparts on Capitol Hill.

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  1. John Boehner reluctantly accepted his resignation while praising him as a fine young man and thanking him for his service. The electorate get exactly what they deserve. Phuck ALL Repukeicans.

  2. As I’ve said many times,if these political parties won’t police their own side of the aisle the other party will be happy to.Of course this is politically motivated but at least it’s not murder like Paul Wellstone.

  3. Another Michael Grimm-R but not as mean! These republicans gaming the system for their financial benefit all because of their GREED!!!!!

  4. At least we can take comfort in knowing that Senator Al Franken avenged Wellstone’s murder by ousting Norm Coleman after one term.

  5. Schock knew exactly what he was doing, read his wiki page, he’s been dealing with money numbers from a very young age. He majored in finances for goodness sake.

    His dad is a doctor. Schock has been indulged and enabled. Schock will go on to scam and grift again. I think the gravel pit company he did financial books for throughout highschool should have their books audited.

  6. Now he doesn’t have to be afraid come out – he doesn’t have to pander for votes in the White Christian Midwest.

  7. thanks for the warning….i was trying to decide if i should watch it, but because of your warning i think i’ll pass

  8. Its reality. The next time people on jury duty decide to send a black and brown male to prison for a joint they should watch it

  9. An office decorated like Downton Abby??
    He looks like he’d fit in very well in West Hollywood, The Castro or The Village.

    He WILL be someones bi*ch in prison, I’ll guarantee it.

  10. Hmmmmmm

    Republican Congressman Aaron Schock under scrutiny for taking male companion on official trip to India
    “In January 2014, journalist Itay Hod went public with a story that a journalist friend of his in Washington DC had come home one day and caught his roommate, who is gay, coming out of the shower with Schock”

  11. Now we know why the G.O.P did not stick up for him. If your a racist nut job Nazi tea bagger it’s O.K. If your Gay they drop you like a hot potato.

  12. Forget for a minute that he stole money, his crime is signing unto every anti gay legislation the gop could think of. He is a sonderkommando

  13. Didn’t know that boy had a bum hitch in his get along. Shame. Come on out & shut the door behind you to keep the moths off my sweater boy! Or girl, or whatever the closet may hide.

  14. Jesse Jackson, Jr. was locked up before I could blink.

    Let’s see what happens to Schock for breaking the law just like Jr. did.

  15. as much as I would like to see this rethug go a hard time prison, he never will. He will be placed in a high class prison where rich and influencing people always go when caught in a crime.

  16. Well, whatever his sexual preference, that is not as important as what he did with taxpayer money. Nevertheless, because he’s rich, white, and republican, if he sees jail time, it’ll be at some swanky jail where he’ll play away his time. He won’t suffer…at least not enough.

  17. He’s the typical GOP lying hypocrite

    Will probably go to jail for fudging on his expense reports
    Why claim 170,000 miles when your car has only 65,000 on it?
    over-spending tax $$$ on his Downton Abbyisk office
    stole from tax payers
    He IS gay
    voted against all LGBT legislation
    claimed a male companion on his expense report for India
    again, voted against all LGBT legislation which may’ve made the above companion travel legit

  18. I’m sure we’ll have a chance to prove Ben Carson’s proclamation about whether “prison turns people gay.”

    Only, this time, Schock will already be the Belle of the Ball the day he arrives.

  19. This guy needs a long prison sentence for all his crimes if convicted. He was so blatant about his crooked crap. I guess he is like many sorry politicians . They feel entitled. The thing we need most is term limits. The longer these politicians stay in office the more crooked they become.

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