Bryan Fischer Says Only Satan Could Have Made Megyn Kelly Disagree with Bobby Jindal


‘If we don’t insist on’ assimilation we then go the way of Europe’ – Bobby Jindal

Rut roh. Megyn Kelly put the screws to Bobby Jindal, and Bryan Fischer, self-appointed demon-slayer of the GOP, is not impressed. Now the Fox News host of the Kelly File has learned what happens when you question a Republican man. No Rand Paulian sushing of CNBC’s Kelly Evans here. No, we skip right to “Satan made her do it.”

This is how it began:

On Wednesday, Megyn Kelly questioned Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal about a statement he made Monday:

MEGYN KELLY, ANCHOR: Also developing tonight, Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana is taking fire from some major Muslim groups after he suggested a ban on those who might promote radical Islam.


GOV. BOBBY JINDAL, R – LA: We do insist that folks should not come into our country and use the freedoms we give them to undermine the freedoms we grant to everybody. So in other words we shouldn’t tolerate those who want to come and try to impose some variant or some version of Sharia law.

JINDAL: Well, Megyn, thank you for having me. Look, America’s built on religious liberty. We don’t discriminate against anybody of any religion and certainly there are many Muslims who are proud patriotic Americans. That’s great. But, Megyn, it’s also true there are radical Muslims, there are Muslims that want to treat women as second class citizens. There are those who want to use our freedoms to undermine the freedoms of others. It makes no sense to let those types of folks come into our country. It is just common sense. The question I was specifically asked, for example, was would I be for allowing members of ISIS to come to America? Why would I want to allow people who want to kill Americans to come to America.


KELLY: Members of ISIS may be a different story. Those are identified terrorists, you know who are killing us and our allies. But just to say that if you are a radical Islamist or more specifically if you are — if you believe in Sharia law, then you won’t be allowed into the United States is controversial. Who decides how far into Sharia law you have to be? Who decides who’s a radical Islamist and who’s just an Islamist?

Did she just say that? Yes, she did. What was she thinking, saying something like that on Fox News? But she wasn’t finished:

JINDAL: Well, Megyn, here’s the line. In America, we say you have the right to believe what you want as long as you’re not harming others. So as long as you’re not trying to limit the freedoms of other people, we believe in the right of freedom of self-expression, religious liberty, freedom of speech, freedom of association. You don’t have the right to come here and say for example that you think women should be treated as second class citizens. You don’t have the right to say others don’t have the same freedoms we give to you.


KELLY: Why don’t you have that right? Why not? This is a country with lots of crazy beliefs. And actually some religions continue to treat women as second class citizens. And it’s not just some forms of Islam. Are we going to start banning everybody who doesn’t treat women, or children, or criminals for that matter the way we like?

Jindal responded with a talking point, by talking about American exceptionalism and the need to learn English, which prompted Kelly to ask, reasonably enough,

“How are we going to enforce that? This is a country where we believe in free speech, freedom of ideas. And people are allowed to believe anything they want even if it’s nuts.”

I know, right?

To which Jindal had no answers, other than to bring up the example of Europe, which as you might remember, he insists has no-go zones.

“I think that’s a dangerous thing. Again, we believe in religious liberty, but that doesn’t mean you can use your freedoms to undermine the freedoms of other people.”

Which, of course, is exactly what he wants to do, exactly what Republicans all over the country ARE already doing.

And which brings us to Bryan Fischer and Satan.

Fischer suggested Friday on his own program that Megyn could only have said something so foolish because Satan had deceived her. After all, only Satan could come between a woman and good old fashioned Old Testament intolerance, an old Testament in which, inexplicably, Satan is just a devoted lieutenant of God, doing his bidding.

It’s all very confusing, but this is a warped Evangelical pseudo-Christianity. Don’t expect anything to make sense, least of all coming from Bryan Fischer.

This round started when a caller expressed frustration that people “don’t seem to be able to align on things that ought to be understood as self-evident.” This is all the prompting Fischer needed:

Fischer: Well, you know it’s pretty alarming when you think about it, Jim, where you’ve got somebody as bright and capable and influential as Megyn Kelly. You know, she’s the second most watched cable news host, only behind Bill O’Reilly, and she’s actually given him a run for his money, so she has great influence in the conservative world. And she simply does not get it with regard to the danger of Islamic immigration, and she doesn’t seem to get the fact that Congress can set the rules for immigration and if they want to prohibit people who are fans of Sharia law from coming to America, they have every right to do it.

Caller Jim immediately pointed to the Old Testament and a curse on the land being responsible for our inability to connect on areas important to our mutual interests, actually daring to use the term “commonsensical” in relation to ideas of curses and Bronze Age magic.

Fischer said, “I agree with you,” and launched into Paul’s letter to the Corinthians (2 Corinthians 4) where Paul talks about how “the god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelievers.” In other words, everyone who disagreed with Paul’s gospel. And now, everyone who believes in the Republican gospel.

Fischer: “Now, by ‘the god of this world’ he is referring to obviously to the supernatural being that’s referred to in the Bible as Satan, the adversary, a powerful evil supernatural being that opposes the work and the power of God. And what Paul says is that that being has the capacity supernaturally to fool people, supernaturally to deceive people. He can blind the eyes of people to the plain and honest truth.”

“People that are blinded to truth that ought to be evident to them – and we look at them and say, ‘why don’t they see it, how can they not see it’ – well, part of the issue is they are being subject to a blindness and they are not even aware that their eyes have been blinded.”

This is a Christian problem dating back to its origins. Countless people have been tortured and killed because they did not see eye to eye with the powers that be – the Church and its representatives. If you don’t see it, you must be blinded by Satan. This is certainly a useful method of keeping dogma unquestioned. And it worked for many centuries.

That the Republican Party has adopted this strategy in the 21st century is abhorrent. That is has been applied to Megyn Kelly is not surprising. She questioned dogma. She has questioned dogma before. In our liberal and progressive eyes, this makes her more dangerous if only because if she occasionally makes sense, it will make the rest of what she says more believable.

But we “leftists” don’t accuse Megyn of being deceived by Satan. We have moved willingly into the 21st century and cling to the rationalist understanding of our universe that gave us this country and our Constitution. The Founding Fathers sought to leave Fischer’s nonsense behind, in the past where it belongs, but in that, they have failed.

All of this might make the 2016 Republican primaries more interesting than ever. If we thought they were extreme the last couple of rounds, we might find we ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

The question is, who will be accuser, and who will be accused? We have seen a broad and general consensus among Republican presidential hopefuls, but some, like Jeb Bush and Rand Paul, want to be perceived as moderates. We even saw Rand Paul agree with Obama about Cuba and praise Eric Holder about drug policy.

Will they also be accused of being blinded by Satan if they don’t toe the hard line drawn by people like Fischer? Or will they get a free pass? Now that is not only leftists being accused, will we be treated to the spectacle of members of congress accusing each other of being deceived by Satan?

Or did Kelly, because she’s a woman, and particularly a woman talking to a man, like Kelly Evans, get singled out for special attention?

25 Replies to “Bryan Fischer Says Only Satan Could Have Made Megyn Kelly Disagree with Bobby Jindal”

  1. I don’t get Megan. In one breath she’s all “Santa and Jesus are white dudes just because!” and in the next she’s calling out the logical fallacies of the Piyush. What the actual pluck?!?

  2. You might almost imagine she was deliberately lying for money, but every once in a while, they couldn’t pay her enough.

  3. So Jindal really thinks that his rights end where mine begin? And yet, he and the other GOPers are all for telling a raped girl that she has no options at all but to bear the child, and then get permission from her rapist to have him adopted, or worse, that she has to raise the child with no financial help from the rapist. Not to mention making women go through hoops for weeks to just find a clinic that might be able to give her an abortion for her deformed fetus, or, make her carry it while its dead, and then she gets an infection, and then, maybe, she can have an operation to save her life? Or how about the women currently being charged with murder after a miscarriage? Yeah, Bobby, that one will be fun to hear you explain at a debate.

  4. So Jindal brings up women being treated as second class citizens under Sharia Law. Very interesting since the GOP has been making an all out effort to deny women their rights in our own country. The GOP has made it their business to tell women they are not worth equal pay, they cannot choose their own healthcare, and about the first thing they ever did when elected to office was to come up with hundreds of anti-abortion laws throughout this country. Hell, they are even holding up Loretta Lynch’s nomination because of still another federal abortion law. Little does he admit that his own party is exercising Sharia Law against women here in America. They fearmonger about it, and than pass legislation to impose it. He’s a disgrace to this country.

  5. Bobby Brady has to rank in the top ten of shear idiocy in the republican party

    Even though he’s running for President, Jindal’s budget does not include money to hold a Presidential primary in 2016.

    This is also a story about how Louisiana is so poor that — despite his White House ambitions — Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) didn’t budget anything for presidential primaries in 2016.

    Last year, Jindal even signed a law to move up the primaries by two weeks to attract more national attention to Louisiana. But the money for those elections was nowhere to be found in the governor’s budget proposal for the coming fiscal year, as legislators discovered Wednesday.

  6. “it’s also true there are radical Muslims (and Christians), there are Muslims (and Christians) that want to treat women as second class citizens. There are those who want to use our freedoms to undermine the freedoms of others.”
    There, Mr Jindal, amended it for you.

    As to Mr. Fischer, sir, have you checked with Santa Clause and the tooth fairy for their stand on these issues?

  7. All 3 Abrahamic religions are way too full of themselves. As their power fails, they grip tighter and scream louder.

    They can’t make a case for their mythology and dogma any more, so they drag out the threats and violence.

  8. Megyn slips off the reservation again. Is it possible she’s eyeing a spot on MSNBC’s (reportedly) soon to be clear schedule?
    Piyush is the bottom of the stack in the clown car. As a Hindu who converted to Christianity along with being the wrong shade for a Repub candidate, he tends to go way overboard on the Islamophobia to burnish his credentials.

  9. Blaming an imaginary being like Satan is always a great way to avoid taking responsibility for your own stupidity.

  10. They’re all idiots/lunatics/con artists. It’s just a matter of degree, given the specific individual.

  11. I almost pointed out that she might have disagreed with Jindal because she’s smarter than him, but that seemed too obvious

  12. I’m betting she got her marching orders (talking points, arguments and responses) directly from her big boss Ailes. The GOP doesn’t want Jindal anywhere close to even running for President. When he was invited onto Megan’s show, the producers already knew the sort of things he was going to say, especially about no-go zones etc. Megan was ordered to argue with him, to make him look “less than smart”. The GOP have already picked their favourite, and it surely isn’t little Bobby.

  13. Faux News might want to be careful with the attacks on Ms. Kelly. She just might wake up some day and recognize how very much she has been sucked into the maelstrom of their continues lies and want to try to become a real newscaster. Woe unto Faux if that day comes, because she will expose their lies, corruptions, bigotry, and the many dangers they pose to the world, most particularly the United States of America. She will be so ashamed of her actions and so angry at the successful manipulations in which she has participated, that she will tell all.

  14. This is hilarious and shameful.

    The moment someone on the right finally grows a brain, they get slapped down because no one can ever question their motives unless you can pin it on a ‘liberal agenda’.

    That’s how they work.

  15. folks, we have been dealing with this conservative assault, rightwing madness and delusional lunacy for over six years now. 2016 is truly one of the last chances we have to reign in these republicans and conservatives and the religious right whacko birds. everyone can see what has happened since the midterms. the republicans got a little bit of power and literally have self destructed- the GOP have never been more obstructive, dysfunctional, OR treasonous and the GOP and their base of brainwashed fools represent an ever growing threat to America, democracy, freedom, security, and our constitution. start thinking about voting next year now. check locally and see what you need to vote. check early and get ready. 2016 cannot get here fast enough. we will fix the mistake we made in November 2014.

  16. A “magical/divine” reason to excuse certain behaviors is ONLY used by a person who has NO rational or reasonable explanation in hand and don’t bother to look for one!

  17. Can we say that in the U.S. the Orthodox Jews have their OWN religious laws? An d in some instances contrary to the Civil laws of the State, county they live in? Marriage and Divorce laws, for instance. Religious separation in education. Show me a Satmar Jew who sends their kids to Public schools here in the United States? Ok? Then we have the Quakers in PA. They live in a different world right here in the good ol’ USA. Yes? So……..I don’t see the Majority living under Jewish laws or Quacker laws. That is limited Only in THEIR culture set up in the USA. No influence on the rest, right?

  18. Nooooooooooo! Bobby Jindal is NOT even goin’ be No President. He should STFU, get his Goofy looking face off TV and TRY to do something for La. And stop being so Colonialy bred. Remember not too long ago the Brits did not want Indians in their country. Satisfied only with occupying India and proping up the caste system’s bunch of Snobs. Jyndal is a SNOB! How many Indians support him? Only the elites.

  19. America doesn’t need a Satan. Since we’ve already got Rupert Murdoch.

    And the vast majority don’t need to be led into temptation- since they find it on their own just fine.

  20. Does that mean Jindal wants to kick out all the right wing “Christians” who believe women are second class citizens?

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