Conservative Hero Netanyahu Crumbles As President Obama Turns Up The Heat

President Obama is keeping the pressure on Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu as the conservative hero is backpedaling away from his previously tough talk.

The Hill reported:

The White House is escalating its feud with reelected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, suggesting the United States might make a significant change in its stance at the United Nations.


“I think they’re trying to send a very specific and tough message to Prime Minister Netanyahu, which is, ‘We’ve paid attention to the words you’ve used during the campaign and if they are in fact going to be your policy, they will have an impact on our relationship,'” said Daniel Kurtzer, a former U.S. ambassador to Israel under George W. Bush who is now a professor of Middle Eastern policy studies at Princeton University.

“It’s a shot across the bow,” added Kurtzer, who said the White House’s warnings “should be taken quite seriously.”

President Obama’s message to Netanyahu is that he is representing the junior partner in the U.S./Israel relationship. The White House isn’t going to let Netanyahu off of the hook so easily. The Israeli Prime Minister gave Obama the opening he needed with his desperate 12th hour pandering opposition to the two-state solution. Netanyahu can try to walk back his words in as many interviews as he wants, but there have to be some in the White House who is still angry over his speech to Congress.

As the White House has made clear over the last few days, they aren’t to let Netanyahu disrespect them anymore. The next Republican act of sabotage will be John Boehner’s visit to Israel that is scheduled for the same time as when the agreement on Iran’s nuclear deal is expected to be announced. Netanyahu needs the U.S. for both aid and to have his back in the UN.

Conservative hero Netanyahu quickly backtracked when the White House asserted their power. Netanyahu is going to pay for his disrespect, and the White House isn’t about to let the Israeli Prime Minister off easy.

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