Right-wing Congressman Steve King Bashes Jews Who Are “Democrats First And Jewish Second”


During a Friday interview on Boston Herald Radio, Iowa Republican Congressman Steve King blasted liberal American Jews for being Democrats first, and Jewish second.  Implying that in order to be Jewish, one must support the hawkish policies of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, King lashed out, saying: 

Here is what I don’t understand, I don’t understand how Jews in America can be Democrats first and Jewish second and support Israel along the line of just following their President.

Congressmen King seems miffed that American Jews don’t all align themselves in lockstep allegiance to Bibi’s Likud Party in Israel. In King’s simplistic view, Jews should all think and vote alike.

Republicans, like King, are unable to wrap their heads around the fact that, by more than a two to one margin, American Jews identify more closely with the Democratic Party than the Republican Party. This is a sore spot with Republicans, who seem to think that Jewish voters should all be of one mind, and serve as cheerleaders for a bellicose Israel.

Congressman King apparently thinks all American Jewish voters should pledge allegiance to Bibi in Israel as if Netanyahu was the Jewish equivalent of a pope. Yet, ironically, Steve King, who is Catholic, feels free to ignore Pope Francis when he disagrees with him, even though the Pope is considered the spiritual leader of King’s religion.

For example, Pope Francis has made it clear that he considers human-caused climate change, a grave issue of global concern. Yet, Republican Congressman Steve King ignores the spiritual leader of his own faith, because King conforms to Republican orthodoxy, which regards the theory of man-made climate change as a hoax.

Based on King’s opinion dissenting from the Pope’s edict on climate change, one could argue that the Iowa Congressman is a Republican first and a Catholic second. But of course, King would probably argue that their is a diversity of opinions among American Catholics. He might also contend that in a culture that values individualism, it would be religious bigotry to argue that all Catholics must think alike and tow the Vatican party line. He would have a point then, since not every Catholic should be expected to think alike. But then again, neither should every Jew.

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  1. Deny this;
    Unless any “believer” can prove any CO2 scientist ever said they are not ALLOWED to say; “100% proven” then it’s 100% certain another 34 years of climate action failure is unavoidable.
    Exaggerating vague science to blame neocons was not progressive.
    Deny that.

  2. Is he going with Traitor John to Israel for the big “Congrats to US President Bibi!!” party? Maybe we can find a judge to declare them all traitors and arrest them when they get back.

  3. –lol, so in essence he’s trying to say if your aren’t a GOP Jew your aren’t Jewish and Your sure aren’t Jewish enough! Wonder how much money he gets from Big Oil or has invested in OIL? (If the Iranian deal goes through then sanctions against Iran will be lifted allowing more Iranian OIL on to the Market …follow me Oil was $107 a barrel and is down to the low $40’s, with more Oil on the market it will keep the price down…OH my goodness, how great for the majority of people in this country and around the world..But if you are a BIG OIL person well seems like you can figure that out for yourself….- So just another ‘reason’ for the GOP and Bibi et al to go against the Iranian deal…besides it takes a lot of wind out of Bibi’s sails too ….as there will actually be eye on and IN Iran…oh my ..so then what will he pull against the Palastenians to deny a peace accord to Keep himself in power. Oh to be the fly on the wall in many of these places ….Then don’t forget the wh…

  4. What causes King the most grief is that Jewish Americans are more patriotic than he and his RW buddies are. They want what is best for the U.S. and not what is best for Netanyahu. They are also taking a more critical view of what is happening between the Palestinians and the Israeli government—something King and his RW buddies refuse to do. In their minds, anything Bibi does is great. They are following Bibi blindly into the abyss. Bibi backtracked on the two-state solution before he was reelected and backtracked again after he won. He was for it, against it, and for it again. What caused him to flip flop was the announcement by the UK ambassador to Israel that if Bibi is against the two-state solution, the only option the UK can take is to grant state recognition to the Palestinians. This, along with PBO’s reassessment statement, struck fear in his heart because it signaled a weakening in support from major western nations.

  5. The man just cannot accept the fact that Jewish Americans, along with other Americans, refuse to blindly support Bibi, and it’s causing him lots of anguish. He’s a prime example of one of the GOP/TP’s major problems, which is either you’re with us, or you’re against us. The party brooks no opposition from within. King doesn’t understand, or want to understand, that just because one is Jewish doesn’t mean that one must blindly support Bibi and must vote for GOP/TP politicians. Independent thinkers like Jewish American Democrats scares the hell out of him and his RW buddies because they view them as anomalies.

  6. Does anyone here understand this dialect of Palinese? I’m confused as to his/her meaning.

    mememine69, you MIGHT want to invest in a few remedial English classes…Just sayin’. :)

    (Either THAT, or please make sure you give us subtitles for your posts…Thanks! :) )

  7. Why would Jewish Americans want to align with the REPUBLICAN Party? The phonies? They view Jews in the same light they view other “minorites”—with disdain. The Jewish voters Know that. And will shut the door in King’s face if he came to them courting and pandering in that condescending manner. My opinion. If Netanyahu was for peace and giving Palestinian a state…Republicans would disown him. The war Party is for war, continual war with the “enemy”.

  8. No doubt if the traitors were Democrats, an accommodating judge would be found and the Democrats prosecuted.

  9. Or how about skeletor (Rick Scott) not allowing ANYONE in his administration to refer to “climate change”?

  10. Apparently King has forgotten that the zealous “christian” right-wing has stated, without reservation, that Jews do not have 1st Amendment rights. And the only way they can have the same rights as other Americans, whether they were born/naturalised here or not, is to convert to christianity.

  11. Once again Western Iowa’s congressman sticks his foot in his mouth. It’s become a common moment for King to say something stupid and I say that I regret living in his area.

    So, are those who are Jewish and vote Democrat not Jewish enough for you? What do they need to do, reduce themselves to hapless stereotypes for ya?

  12. Maybe they support their President and their country because they are Americans who are Jewish and vote Democrat.

    Or maybe they were disgusted with Netanyahu’s disrespectful speech.

    Or maybe they were upset with Netanyahu’s racist scaremongering and/or his disowning the 2-state solution.

    Also, I would think that there are probably some Americans who are Jewish and Republican who were not happy with Netanyahu’s actions.

    Steve King is a dope.

  13. Wing-nuttery gone wild.

    This guy is a disgrace. I’m sorry, he just does not deserve to be in the United States Congress.

  14. Why does Mr. Cantalop Calves think he has the right to judge others based on their religious and political beliefs? He’a a megalomaniac.

  15. Curious.
    Steve King is lambasting the American Jewish community for NOT doing precisely what he routinely accusing the American Muslim community of doing … and what Christian conservatives take pride in doing — politicizing their religious and cultural views to the point of placing loyalties for a theocratic ideology ahead of their loyalties toward the United States.

  16. This may be why the Borg Collective is scratching their heads and haven’t returned in 11 years. The Republican collective is twisted tighter than a stripe on a barbershop pole. Lockstep screwballs. Catch that Netyahoo? It’s not a flip flop thing, the man just lies along with the rest of the “Republican Collective”.

  17. Just like the Alpha-Black and Alpha-Woman, the GOP/TP also believe in the existance of the Alpha-Jew that all jews blindly follow. They see everyone as sheep, unless they’re rich.

  18. When you live in America, you’re American First, Democrat Second, And Nationally third. And if your a Republican you’re most likely a nut case to even belong to such a far right extremist hate group.

  19. Americans must not be surprised if this congressman tell them that they cannot be called Americans if they don’t pledge alliance to Israel and blindly support the extreme rightist views of Bibi Netanyahu.
    Unfortunately that’s how American policy is manipulated by vested interests politicians and sadly the world community still allows America to be part of the decision making body in the UN deciding on critical issues affecting almost every region on this planet.

  20. You might want to listen to the dictates of Gov. Rick Scott before you put your foot completely in your mouth! Or you can talk to Al Gore who has resisted your bunch repeatedly! Failing that continue to suck your toes!

  21. Steve King proves that the the idiots who elected this fool are:


    You get what “vote” (or don’t vote) for!

  22. Jewish folks reject the Republican Party because of the RW Christian Coalition. In general, they and nobody else likes the self-righteous and judgmental fraction that the RW embraces….

  23. About 280,000 Muslims live in Jerusalem. Netanyahu was screeching that “Arabs are coming in droves to vote” on election day. That is what I call racist scaremongering.

  24. About 280,000 Muslims live in Jerusalem. Netanyahu was screeching that “Arabs are coming in droves to vote” on election day. That is what many call racist scaremongering.

  25. As a Jew I support the State of Israel, I also support a two state solution. I refuse to bow to fearmongering and single mindedness. This is a problem on both the left and the right. Mr. King is trying to have his cake and eat it too.

  26. But the likud party position is there will be no 2 state solution. Serious question. If that policy holds true how can Israel call itself a democracy when they disenfranchised over 2 million of their citizens and occupy 4 million more? Wouldn’t any sane person say that Israel is now an apartheid state? And if not please explain where I am wrong

  27. King should be ashamed of his comment and the actions of the 47 traitors. All US people should be Americans first, and whatever second. It’s a shame that people like that big mouthed jackass Sen Tom Cotton was bought off by the Jewish lobby to the tune of $700,000. King should reassess his statement, his priorities and to which country he owes allegiance.

  28. Well Stevie boy doesn’t even understand that the catholic church doesn’t have a problem with evoluation or climate change. I find it funny that my mother was from Italy and she got her citizenship. He would complain had she said that she was Italian first then American. She would have been very insulted because she was proud of becoming an American and alway said she was American first. So I don’t see the problem of American Jews claiming being Americans first and Jews second. That is the was it should be. I bet he would be upset if any other groups thought like he does.

  29. We Jews have your number, Steve King and the rest of you “Netanyahu supporters.”

    You want your war.
    You want your end times
    At our expense.

    We know how much you really hate us.

    This is why we stay away from you in droves.

  30. I bash Steve King for calling himself a Republican first and an idiot second, especially since it’s one in the same. A day doesn’t go by without hearing some kind of junk coming out of their mouths.

  31. What nerve, “Mr. Superior,” you condescending know-it-none. How dare you think it’s your business what Jews should do 1st, last or on Pesach? Look what you chose to be, you ignorant, money-loving, people-hating, bigoted, Koch-pandering puppet; that you can pass judgement on an entire race of people; to tell us what we ought to do, think, support or anything! Who the hell are you, beside a big-mouth, brainless rube who regurgitates your party line just to get on FOX. What an asshole.

  32. I laugh at this shit, because I thought the repig party is run by KKKarl Rover, the self appointed brainiac for the R party. It seems as if he has been replaced by some other entity. Someone more feeble minded and uneducated (Rove dropped out). Any way, nothing to be afraid when these idiots talk, except when they talk to other idiots… Hmm, no short supply of them, get the fuck out and vote these asshats out

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