Conservative Radio Host: If You Oppose Netanyahu, You Oppose God

In “Obama Bypasses God and Netanyahu,” CPAC darling Dr. Laurie Roth (having that title sure doesn’t make them smarter does it?) argues that if you oppose Benjamin Netanyahu, you oppose God. Oh sweet little baby Jesus, no!

The “Annie Oakley of the Airwaves” writes at Matt Barber’s BarbWire that,

Anyone or anything connected with the God of the Holy Bible will be attacked and bypassed by Obama and his progressive robots. As we all know by now Obama had no congratulations or words of any kind for Benjamin Netanyahu though BiBi won huge. Funny how all the other ‘big boy’ leaders called to congratulate him but not Obama. John Kerry saying something pathetic from afar and too late doesn’t cut the cheese folks. Obama is most certainly against Netanyahu because he represents the Jews and Israel and won’t be intimidated into giving away more land or kissing up to the Islamic agenda….which is simply — destroy Israel.

That’s quite a leap (of faith, shall we say?). Not a word here about how her pal “Bibi” came to the United States and tried to wrest control of America’s foreign policy away from the man in whom that control is vested by the United States Constitution: the President of the United States.

That would be Barack H. Obama.

It was a coup attempt, pure and simple.

A simple appeal to human nature would be enough to tell most people Obama isn’t going to rush to a phone and congratulate the man who did this to him. Who would? The worst thing that could happen for the peace process was a Netanyahu victory. It makes Obama’s job of securing a nuclear weapons-free future with Iran that much more difficult.

Now what “Doctor” Roth fails to understand is that while “Bibi” has a right to a foreign policy, so does the United States. If Roth is so eager for war, she should make sure she is first in line at the recruiting office the morning Israeli jets attack Iran.

And to automatically accuse Obama of being anti-Israel because he opposes Netanyahu is absurd. Not surprising, because the same defense was used of Bush’s attack on Iraq in 2003. If you oppose Bush you oppose the United States and if you oppose the United States you oppose God himself.

Then Roth gets all dramatic. “Let’s cut to the bottom line,” she says.

“Obama has invested, committed to and is passionate about completing his transformational plans for America,” and I guess we have to give her credit for recognizing that Congress is “behind in every area.”

She wants them to “fight Obama and his evil transformation plans” (good luck with that; they’re too busy fighting each other over how extreme they want to be):

That means, regular and thought out media statements…defunding all that Obama touches, such as Obamacare, the FCC Internet take over, amnesty for starters. “Use the power you have.”

A “thought-out” media statement? From a Republican?


Talk about not having a prayer…

So Obamacare, which gives healthcare to up to 20 million people (and incidentally, promises my son a future), is “evil and transformational.” The FCC “Internet take over” [sic] (Should be one word, ‘takeover’ Doc), which is actually just the preservation of the open Internet we’ve always had, and long overdue, is also “evil and transformational,” and amnesty! I’m not sure whatever happened to the much-vaunted Christian charity but it is nowhere in evidence at BarbWire.

But she’s not through drowning in nonsense, claiming that “Obama believes down to his bone marrow in a one world Government and that America must submit to the UN instead of our US Constitution, sovereignty and Judeo/Christian values” (she provides no evidence for this, of course).

As for Obama, well…

“His heart and mind set are all wrapped up in Communism, fascism, creating an Islamic caliphate, and Internationalism.”

She needs to plop that tinfoil hat down on her head right now. Try to wrap your head around somebody being all these things at once:

A. A communist
B. A fascist
C. A radical Islamist
D. An “internationalist”

There can be no “all of the above” so there is no choice “E.” Fascism was an early 20th century response TO communism and diametrically opposed to it, the extreme right vs. the extreme left. A theocrat, which is what a radical Islamist would have to be, is something completely different from the other two. And I’m not even sure how to response to the charge of being an “internationalist.” If it means no country is above the law, then I fail to see what her complaint is.

There follows the inevitable nonsense about being persecuted, and then come the inevitable threats:

The ‘poser’ type Christians are great. Obama loves them because they are useful idiots and pawns to manipulate around the game board to achieve his goals. Netanyahu and other patriots who understand the price of freedom and its preservation will always be hated by Obama.

What’s interesting here is the claim that Netanyahu, an Israeli, is somehow a “patriot.” He may be a patriot to Israel, but he’s no American patriot. I think Roth’s true colors are showing here. Her devotion is not to her own country, but to a foreign country.

American House and Senate, Governors in all 50 states, those running for state and federal elections and you who intend to run for President had better get in your prayer closets and take stock in who you are. What do you really stand for and are you for sale or not? We are taking on the stark face of evil and tyranny whether you want to believe it or not. Wake up America.

Oh, we’ve seen the face of tyranny clear enough. It IS for sale (in fact its bought and sold already, by the Kochs) and it’s wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross. In fact, it looks a lot like Dr. Laurie Roth.

48 Replies to “Conservative Radio Host: If You Oppose Netanyahu, You Oppose God”

  1. I am a Nirvanist! To not support India is to oppose GOD! I am a Nirvanist! However I do not believe in supporting one nation over another at any time!

  2. Sometimes I wonder do they really believe the nonsense or they know their audience are uneducated rubes who is only there to line their pockets

  3. Obama is trying to save Israel and the morons don’t even know it. (1) Iran can buy a nuke anytime they want one from Russia or N. Korea (they probably already have one). (2) Iran can wipe out Israel tomorrow with conventional weapons and military. (3) If Israel starts a war it will be the demise of the Jewish state. Why would Israel not want to maintain a peaceful dialogue with all it’s neighbors? Is Obama wrong for encouraging peace?

  4. Putin is heroic.
    Obama should be like Putin.

    Bebe is heroic.
    Obama should be like Bebe.

    I’m so confused.

  5. “Obama is most certainly against Netanyahu because he represents the Jews and Israel and won’t be intimidated into giving away more land or kissing up to the Islamic agenda….which is simply — destroy Israel.”

    Republicans are most certainly against Obama because he won’t be intimidated into kissing up to their extremist agenda…which is simply – destroy America.

  6. If they are concerned about the Bible, try reading the scriptures and say that Jesus Christ was anything but a progressive liberal.

  7. Where do you get your history from? In a crackerjack box? What land will Israel give up when all resolutions calls for the restoration to the 67 borders? I know you are ignorant in such matters but it against international law to annexed occupied territory.

    Belligerent occupation is governed by The Hague Regulations of 1907, as well as by the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949, and the customary laws of belligerent occupation. Security Council Resolution 1322 (2000), paragraph 3 continued: “Calls upon Israel, the occupying Power, to abide scrupulously by its legal obligations and its responsibilities under the Fourth Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in a Time of War of 12 August 1949;…” Again, the Security Council vote was 14 to 0, becoming obligatory international law.

    The Fourth Geneva Convention applies to the West Bank, to the Gaza Strip, and to the entire City of Jerusalem, in order to protect the Palestinians living there. The Palestinian People living in this Palestinian Land are “protected persons” within the meaning of the Fourth Geneva Convention. All of their rights are sacred under international law.

    It is illegal under international law to annex territory by coercion or force

  8. Until Obama is out of the White House conversation like this will never end.And the world will only keep laughing at us. Because we can’t run our own country.

  9. If you don’t believe in our government.
    Don’t work for the government.
    If you place your god above our government.
    You have no business running our government
    I don’t know if there is a heaven or hell.
    I see people like this creating hell here.
    Shameless charlatans,may the rot in hell.

  10. I think a lot of this is just to keep the base riled up. Some of these nut-jobs do actually believe what they are saying, but IMO, the main thing is to get the rubes to the voting booth. Republicans probably realize that they aren’t going to gain any new recruits with their hyperbole, and in fact, I’d say their numbers are slowly diminishing, but they also know that these folks vote. If our progressive, liberal, moderate, or Democratic supporters would vote in the same proportion relative to our numbers, Republicans would never win. As always, it comes down to getting people to the polls.

  11. Are you so naive as to think it will be any better with a woman in the White House? The right wing haters will only be happy when a hard right evangelical Christian whose moral guide is the bible pining for the ‘end times’ has his lily white finger on the nuclear button. No more labor unions, no more welfare (except of course for farmers, banks, auto manufacturers and oil companies) no more food stamps, no more unemployment insurance, you know, what in their minds Jesus preached.

    These sick Koch lickers want an all out war against any and all that don’t subscribe to their magical perception of reality. A new inquisition is on the horizon and they’re all too happy to promote it.

    Netanyahu is now God? Good news for the Jews, bad news for everyone else. As for this Dr. Laurie Roth, she makes me ashamed I ever attended graduate school. She completely belittles my education and speaks poorly for standards at Oregon State. UCLA would never admitted her.

  12. You are so correct. They use “trick words” for the uneducated Pavlov’s dogs. When they hear the words: Obama, Islam, Obamacare, immigration, black lives matter, Hillary, Kenya, birth certificate, racism…you name it. They are trained to react by shouting some lie or sending money, or threatening.

  13. They should all be more like Obama. Putin and Netanyahu are both war criminals just like the rwnj’s hero Bush. Their sad indoctrinated lives of perpetual war needs to end with our generation. Please!

  14. Uh, Steve, Mr. Netanyahu was at odds with president Clinton, too. The man is never satisfied. He fits well into the Republican Party. Why do you think he went running to them?

  15. The Romans crucified him for sedition. I don’t think the Romans would have cared what the Jews wanted, based on what we know of the historical Pontius Pilate. The Peace of the Province was the first order of business, and would-be messiahs were bad for peace.

  16. Again, the RW christian coalition ( Karl Roves creation ) doesn’t care about the Jewish people. However, they care about Jerusalem, when Jesus returns the land will be returned to the Gentiles!!

  17. I especially enjoyed the reference to “prayer closets” since we know what the hypocritical conservatives do in them, while claiming to be praying.

  18. yes it was the Romans that crucified him but it was the Jews that asked Pilate to release Barabas and for Jesus to be crucified.

  19. @rey actually yes, I was on holiday n came across this mod of Jews demanding the release of Barabas, I decided to go over and see what was happening but then my wife called to remind me of our plans for the evening so I went straight to the hotel, the mod stayed there the entire night singing n dancing.

  20. Since I’m against Bibi, by this yahoo’s opinion, I’m against god.

    That’s fine by me because, to be honest, why would anyone in this day and age even think of becoming a Christian? Yes, you have people who fully believe in what it really is, but they are getting shoved out by people like this, who do nothing use Christianity as a means to spout off their hateful rhetoric. It’s sad.

  21. American Christians crow about how they love Israel, & now they say we are ‘against’ God if we speak out on the atrocities that country’s people have wrought: I HAVE TO ASK: which GOD is THAT? Israel DOES NOT WORSHIP Jesus and DENIES that He is the Son of God & the Evangelists in America absolutely tell the rest of us if WE don’t accept JESUS as the Messiah, we go to Hell! SO which God IS it that we are supporting by supporting ISRAEL’s God? Jews in Israel worship the God of the Old Testament (stone your daughter, stone your neighbor, don’t eat shellfish or talk on the phone on the sabbath or YOU should be stoned to death). ThE GOD who sent armies into towns to ‘kill every living thing down to the newborn babe’ & insisted on animal sacrifices, murderous vengeance, constant war & suffering (in the desert for 40 years, remember?) If THAT God is the ONE we are not ‘honoring’ if we speak out AGAINST the Apartheid that Israel has established, well then, SIGN ME UP!

  22. Dustin, totally agree. The reason I do not go to church is because of this radical RW, that teaches hatred towards our fellow man!

  23. Bebe is more than likely the son of some none pedigreed, none kosher, “swine”, farm animals. In my opinion. Did you see the big “Herpes” sore on his lip??? What has his mouth been kissing???

  24. What shocks me is these so called patriots are willing to give our national security to a foreign government just because of their racism.

  25. Frankly ALL of the RWers are boring and giving them media attention is the same to the world boring. They are of no interest to anyone. They are only important to themselves in their own delusional, demented minds.

    They all should be treated as little spoiled brats.

  26. What does this say about all of the Israeli citizens who voted against Bibi and his war-mongering Likud party?

  27. First of all, there is no god. But even if there was, and assuming for the sake of argument he is yhwh, the Hebrew god threw the chosen people out of the promised land because they did not follow his law. There is no account of him giving it back to them.

  28. Dr. Roth needs to take her sh*t and move to Israel post haste. She has given up her American citizenship by virtue of her unwavering fealty to a foreign leader. Be gone I say to you Dr. Roth and all those who think and act like her. That means you Boehner and all of you #47traitors.

  29. The world stopped laughing at us the day Obama was elected! They sat up straight the day Bin Laden was killed and Pakistan was warned against harboring terrorists! The American extremists are getting the same message: they know better!

  30. “Conservative Radio Host: If You Oppose Netanyahu, You Oppose God.”

    Well Laurie Roth, who dropped dead and left you boss?

    You are another tea party republican ignoramus!

    Get over it!

  31. Israel denies the Palestinian’s existence.
    Palestinian DENIERS are also JESUS DENIERS.
    Israel denies Christ existence..
    Israel denies the equality of Spirit and Humanity of NON-Jews (GOYIM).
    Denigrate, Dehumanize, MURDER
    The exact same pattern the Temple Priests used on Our Lord and Savior, is being applied to Palestinians.
    The exact same pattern Israel ALWAYS used throughout their OLD bible.
    Israel calls Jesus a bastard born of a PROSTITUTE by a Roman soldier.
    Israel calls Palestine/Palestinians NON-EXISTENT, NON-HUMAN.

  32. Netanyahu ia a DUAL-citizen TRAITOR to America.
    Put Netanyahu in the cell next to his friend Pollard the second he steps out of his plane. Netanyahu received American citizenship during his study years at MIT and has never renounced it. Netanyahu is a “DUAL CITIZEN” which means he sucks up the BENEFITS of being an American but he is LOYAL only to Israel. He must be arrested for TREASON to America,. Israel set the PRECEDENT of kidnapping with Eichmann ….so the FBI/CIA should go grab Netanyahu out of Israel or anywhere he HIDES.
    Report: Netanyahu may have leaked US secrets to hurt Iran negotiations
    US officials believe that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has authorized his government to release secret details of the US nuclear negotiations with Iran to the Israeli press, according to Washington Post columnist David Ignatius.

  33. america you better watch it, you are going to war, and it is the zionists of your country that wants war, america you lost it

  34. I think that some people actually do worship Satan as a God. So, my question is, which God are they referring to?

  35. It is a little known fact that Jesus was a Khazar. One thing Bibi’s God and Bibi have in common, the’re both insane.

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