Obama Owns Bibi: Netanyahu Apology Tour Rolls On As He Apologizes To Israeli Arabs


Obama and Netanyahu

Republican hero Netanyahu has been broken by President Obama as the tough-talking conservative tried to make things right with the White House by apologizing to Israeli Arabs for race-baiting comments.

According to The New York Times:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel apologized Monday for warning last week that Arab citizens were voting in “droves,” comments that have been denounced by President Obama, other world leaders, American Jewish leaders and many Israelis as anti-democratic, race-baiting and fear-mongering.

“I know that my comments last week offended some Israeli citizens and offended members of the Israeli Arab community,” Mr. Netanyahu said, according to a translation provided by his party, Likud. “This was never my intent. I apologize for this.”


It is amazing how quickly the Republican hero crumbled after the Obama administration suggested that they may have to reassess their across the board support for Israel in the UN. Netanyahu has flip-flopped on opposing the two-state solution, shut up about the nuclear deal that the Obama administration is negotiating with Iran and has now apologized to Israeli Arabs for his ugly race baiting.

The message is clear. Obama owns Netanyahu. The Israeli Prime Minister needs the American President. Netanyahu can’t afford to jeopardize the U.S./Israeli relationship. While the president has maintained that this rift will not impact security arrangements between the two countries, it is clear that Netanyahu remains terrified that the United States may become inclined to think twice before unconditionally backing Netanyahu in the UN.

Republicans have accused President Obama of going on a mythical apology tour for years, but they stay silent while their hero Netanyahu flip-flops and apologizes for the very things that conservatives loved him for.

Obama is the senior partner in this relationship, and all it took was one little possible doubt to remind Netanyahu of who is in charge.

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  1. Now if the butcher really wants to atone he will rescind the drunk ones invitation and fire that fifth columnist Rob Dremer from his Ambassadorship.

    Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent’s fate.

    Sun Tzu

  2. It was never my intent to offend anyone. I just wanted to win sooo, sooooo, bad! I’m so sorry. I won’t do anything like it ever again. Until the next time I need to.
    ……….slither away………

  3. I don’t think Obama can really protect Netanyahu at the UN any more because the
    veto worked when the US envoy explained that if the UN held off on sanctions against Israel, there would certainly be a two state solution because the jewish people were working to make it possible.
    Am I correct in this?

  4. But the baggers have thrown a wrench into the machinery. Now they are saying if we don’t protect the Apartheid regime they will cut our part of funding to the UN. Stay tuned

  5. That funding has to go through the President as part of the budget. It will get vetoed in less than a heartbeat.

  6. I don’t know. According to the Constitution Congress has the power of the purse so if they want to make us a rouge state I think they have the power to do just that

  7. That confuses me. Why would the congress consider a reevaluation of UN funding, when Netanyahu has proven himself a liar, by his own words. I was under the impression we are the host country for the UN. Wouldn’t it take a little more than just being pissed off at not getting our way, to withhold support? I heard McCain say as much Sunday. I know he’s crazy but is he just blowing smoke?

  8. Since Obama has shown that he is a Muslim it now makes sense that he embraces apartheid, Judenfrei, terrorist DICTATORS one Muslim to another Muslim.
    I wish to hell that there had been another candidate for whom to vote, but alas–the specter of that half-wit imbecile for McCain’s veep? No, the first time I saw her I said no way, no way.
    Then Romney called people on Social Security names that we don’t deserve.
    RYAN? He is one of those people that wants people to destroy the poor and middle class in order to give their masters more and more dollars.
    He would eliminate ALL “entitlements.” He wants nobody to receive nutritional supplemental support–food stamps–wants to put Medicare on end-of-life by putting people on a fixed amount every year and if people run out of their alloted amount, TOUCH.
    The copays I owe to the hospital are staggering for someone with the pittance I receive. Try to live on less than $20,000 a year, that’s what I do.

  9. Just to add you have to remember the American Taliban think the UN will send black helicopters and impose Agenda 21 on god fearing Americans. This is just par for the course for them.

  10. Just what “apartheid” place are you referring to? Could it be the ONLY PLACE IN THE ENTIRE MIDDLE EAST that is in no way apartheid.

    Your apparent love for terrorists and dictatorships makes me ill.

    EVERY Arab country is apartheid and is a dictatorship that is deeply involved in terrorism; what is your reason for hating the only DEMOCRATIC state that does pretty much what our Constitution does.

    Do you hate freedom of religion that much? Israel is the ONLY state in that part of the world that has total freedom of religion, and yes, Islam is there too.

    The world’s total Jewish population is a mere 13.7 million or put another way it is 0.0004% of the world’s population.

    Why do some people embrace Arab propaganda and don’t listen to the truth?

  11. I guess you have personal knowledge that the Pres. is a muslim? Or is it his skin color that covinced you of this? I’m a dark skined, dark haired Italian, you could probably mistake me for an Arab. Thats what it’s all about isn’t it? He looks different, or his ideas are different than yours, so muslim it is. Your argument lacks crediblity, because your bigotry is what guides you. Your name sounds Jewish, I wont label you as such because I don’ t know you. You should have the same courtesy. There is nothing wrong with being muslim, there is nothing wrong with being jewish.

  12. Even IF Bibi’s apology were a sincere one, a reassessment of the relationship between the U.S. and Israel is LONG overdue, and should proceed in any case!

  13. Bibi was just lying again, He has been lying since 2007. anyone who gives him any credibility is foolish. He is just like the Racist Republicans

  14. Wow!
    The “apology” from Bibi is verbatim to the “apology” we get from our American Conservatives when they screw up.
    It is ALWAYS;
    “If my words offended anyone, I apologize”.
    You’d think they could come up with something more original.

  15. Mr. Netanyahu, once words leave one’s mouth, they cannot be retracted. So stop being a phoney and begin to act like a statesman!

  16. According to the U.S. Constitution, a person’s religion is NOT a factor to be considered for the Office of the Presidency. Remember, our nation was founded as SECULAR NOT Christian.

    What any president believes is his or her personal faith.

    Wherever did you get your information from, Faux News?

    BTW, President Obama is Christian.

  17. I’ll make this so simple that even YOU might be able to understand … IF you’re actually willing to:

    Under apartheid, South Africa had black townships into which blacks were segregated from the rest of South African society, and were denied the right to vote.

    Israel has Palestinian townships into which Palestinians are segregated from the rest of Israeli society, and are denied the right to vote.

    Can you now understand why “apartheid” perfectly describes what Israel is doing?

  18. Israeli Getting Messy Out There

    If news like this is openly making the papers about Israeli spies trying to sink the US negotiations on Iran on purpose, then Benjamin Netanyahu is finding out exactly how much hardball President Obama is willing to play.

    And it’s a fight Bibi will not win.

    Money quote: U.S. officials said Israel has long topped the list of countries that aggressively spy on the U.S., along with China, Russia and France. The U.S. expends more counterintelligence resources fending off Israeli spy operations than any other close ally, U.S. officials said.

  19. Israel could probably save some money and just get their information directly from Boner and Tehran Tom, since neither has any objections to undermining our country.

  20. It’s all politics. Opposing parties dancing the dance of opposition while clearly in bed with each other behind closed doors.
    I want to see a real apology, like for killing those kids who were just playing on the beach. Like how about letting Palestinians vote? Like how about the excessive use of force. Like the restrictions on much needed materials for survival of the Palestinians. Or how about just saying I’m sorry about what happened to Rachel Cory.
    Politics, that’s all it is. Give with one hand and take with the other.
    What kind of muscle? the US still supports Israel with arms and weapons. How about disclosure of the Nuclear arsenal that is housed in Israel?
    Yeah, it’s all just politics and no real blow to Netanyahu, not at all!!

  21. “Since Obama has shown that he is a Muslim…”

    You have just shown yourself to be deranged, delusional, and an idiot.

  22. @Francie, I doubt that apology is sincere. He meant every word and I’m sure his friends and supporters know it.
    I do hope the US Gov. re-evaluate their relationship with this man and Israel. So far they have been allowed to get away with murder, literally.

  23. Uh, Beverly, let me be clear about Israel it is an apartheid state;stratified rights based on ethnicity. Israel practices GENOCIDE on the Palestinians! Their government survives on racism and US dollars.

  24. Israel stole classified US information and used it to help congressional Republicans

    This is yet another disaster for US-Israel relations. But that’s not because Israel acquired classified US information, which honestly isn’t that surprising. What’s really outrageous is that Israel used the information in a deliberate attempt to manipulate American politics.
    Read More

  25. Are the FOX pundits and Republican apologists going to mock Netanyahu on his APOLOGY TOUR? Or denounce him for apologizing? My guess is that they will do both. Because they don’t think he should be apologizing to no Arabs.But he’s dancing the dance Republicans do when they get reamed for overt racist talk and views. —–“Oooops…I didn’t mean to say that. Sorry—-YES YOU DID!” Own it.
    Tsk, tsk.

  26. When you lost the NYT then its game over Likud
    NYTimes Editors say US should support Security Council resolution on Palestinian state & 1967 lines

    The NY Times has an editorial (this is not an Op-Ed, it is the entire Editorial Board) today titled Keeping Palestinian Hopes Alive:

    Since negotiations seem impossible, President Obama has told Mr. Netanyahu that the United States would have to “reassess our options.” Obama administration officials say that could mean support for a United Nations Security Council resolution calling for a sovereign Palestine along the pre-1967 lines that divided Israel from the West Bank and Gaza. At a minimum, the administration should not veto a resolution that is expected to be proposed by France and other permanent council members.

  27. How has Obama shown that he is Muslim; by not hating all of them. Trying to live peacefully and not going to a useless War doesn’t mean he is for their cause. He just doesn’t like to see young men getting killed for a hate war. We should defend our country not going around picking fights and telling the rest of the World how they should live and who they should love or hate. If the US didn’t want Nuclear weapons to get in the wrong hands they never should have made any in the first place. For a party that loves guns and thinks every nut in the US should be able to have one; you sure are fighting hard to stop a nut from another country from getting a weapon to defend their country.

  28. What you have written is so internally contradictory that you killed your own argument. How has Obama “shown himself to be a Muslim”? That hasn’t happened in the entire time he’s been in public life, much less in his time as President. He was vilified for being a member of Rev. Wright’s CHRISTIAN church, if you recall. You criticize the GOP choices of Vice Presidential candidates, and point the finger at Ryan’s wrongheaded economic plans, yet you throw around labels like balloons because you’re old and broke. If you haven’t signed up for a Medicare Advantage $0 premium, low co-payment plan, that’s due to your own ignorance, not President Obama’s religion or policies. Without his push for the ACA, not even THAT option would be open to you. In case you didn’t know, the GOP wants to take it away.

  29. There is NO apartheid in Israel. The distinctions between Israelis and Palestinians are not based on race, religion, or ethnicity. Rather, there are distinctions between (i) Jewish and Palestinian citizens of Israel (on the one hand) and (ii) non-citizen West Bank residents (on the other hand).

    The legal rights of Jewish and Arab citizens within Israel proper are equal (although yes, there are those who are discriminating and racist on both sides). By contrast, the West Bank is an occupied (or disputed, depending on your viewpoint) territory. West Bank resident who are not Israeli citizens (which can be Jewish or Palestinian) do not hold the same rights (similar to non-citizens in any country). If Israel has Palestinian members of Parliament, Supreme Court justices, and high level army officers, how can it be an “apartheid state.”?

  30. What “apartheid” regime. Since when does a country that has Palestinian members of Parliament and Palestinian supreme court justices become an “apartheid” state? I guess you have no idea what “apartheid” means.

  31. Are you really this stupid? When you wall of a group of people, confiscate their land, tell them where they can fish, ration their resources WTF would you call it? Summer camp

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