Ted Flops: Liberty University Students Forced To Attend Cruz Speech

ted cruz students forced to attend speech
Students behind Ted Cruz protest being forced to attend speech by wearing Rand Paul t-shirts.

Ted Cruz drew a crowd of 10,000 to the launch of his presidential campaign because student attendance was mandatory. A candidate who claims to love freedom spoke at a university where his audience was forced to watch him.

According to National Journal:

Sen. Ted Cruz took the stage to declare his presidential candidacy at Liberty University Monday, surrounded by upwards of 10,000 cheering students. They weren’t all here by choice. Attendance at convocation at Liberty is mandatory, and a group of students clad in “Stand With Rand” shirts sat center stage—directly in view of the cameras—to log their displeasure with having to be here.

“Of course, you want it to appear as if you have a large audience,” said Eli McGowan, who organized the not-so-subtle protest. “We felt like if we didn’t wear shirts showing our true political preference then the media might think we all supported Cruz.”

“They make you come. If you don’t come, you get punished,” said Ana Delgado, a sophomore, who said students face a $10 fine for not showing up at convocation. Delgado wasn’t among those wearing Paul gear. She is undecided about who she’ll support in 2016, but she didn’t like being forced to be part of Cruz’s announcement.

Students at Liberty University were forced to attend Ted Cruz’s launch of his presidential campaign, or they would be punished. That is Republican freedom in action. It will be interested to see what kind of crowd Cruz can draw when he is not forcing people to show up.

Usually, Republicans who can’t draw a crowd pay people to show up, or they fill the crowd with their own staffers. These were both tactics that Mitt Romney used during the 2012 election. Ted Cruz peppered his speech with references to freedom. The irony is that the people who were listening to him didn’t have the freedom to decide whether they wanted to be at his speech.

Sen. Cruz crusades against what he incorrectly views as the theft of liberty by the federal government, but one of the great ironies of all was the lack of freedom his audience had while Ted Cruz spoke a university named Liberty.

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  1. That $10 fine would be money well spent for the opportunity to miss Calgary Cruz. I’ve always made it a point to skip mandatory ‘rah-rah’ meetings.

  2. When the black guy in the white house receives an invite to talk to elementary students, it is indoctrination. when the foreign born guy gives a speech to a university and students are forced to listen, it isn’t indoctrination, it’s fascism. not indoctrination. go figure

  3. Thumbs up, dj…
    It also means that you’ll have “stomach” for the coming election season.

    Not sure I can say the same thing.
    Perhaps I’ll stock up on Tums and Cheerios.

  4. See we have pulled all our embassy personnel out of Yemen as they are understaffed to protect themselves from the uprising that is going on there. All troops and civilian people are leaving. Now try to picture what Ted Cruz would be doing if he were president. How he would be conducting peace talks/nuke removal from Iran. What he would have done with Putin the past months? Do you really want a snake oil salesman at our helm? Or any other of the clown car in that position? Let’s get real here! It’s up to us to stop this insanity at the voting booth! Is Teddy going to give each person $10 to vote for him? Wonder how many of those Christian students would have showed up if he payed them to attend? Are all those Christian students willing to go off to war for for him? Cruz likes to think he’s little Fidel, doesn’t he! He thinks he is going to repeal every word of “Obamacare”! Send your money to him today by texting to him and giving him your phone number so he can ask you for mone…

  5. Who sponsored this lipton, tetley or twinings?

    I would’ve gone, waited until Raphael begin his propaganda speech of hate. I’d then stand up and hurl up my breakfast and walk out.

    I’m sure the tea bag 2nd class citizens will be throwing their panties at him.

  6. What is that horrible growth on Rafael’s face? Is it a defect in the photo or is that a mushroom growing out of his neck?

    Sorry, shallow, I know.

  7. Well thank god they were forced to attend. I was truley worried that he could draw a crowd that large without paying them. I felt only pity for him when I learned it took place at the Chester the Molester(Jerry Falwell), Liberty University. LMAO that they would be fined $10, if they didn’t go!

  8. Did anybody catch the kid sitting in front that had a bright red Rand Paul t shirt on?

    You can make them attend, but you can’t make them b
    Not look like the fool you are, Teddy Boy.

  9. The Virginia Governor was supposed to speak today at Liberty but instead will speak at a later date, will he get a bunch of crap for 10,000 students being “forced” to listen to him? Or because he’s a Democrat it’s irrelevant? It’s not as if students don’t know attendance is mandatory. They know before they go to Liberty and they do it three times a week it’s not something that became mandatory just for Cruz today. It was mandatory the last time he spoke there and that had nothing to do with a run for president.

  10. Rafael Eduardo Cruz, The Canadian immigrant, must show his CRBA! What’s a CRBA you ask? The U.S. Embassy and Consulates in Canada accept applications for Consular Reports of Birth Abroad (CRBA) for children under 18 born in Canada or elsewhere outside the United States; and currently residing in Canada. Now! Show me and America your CRBA!

  11. It bears mentioning that anyone attending Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University voluntarily signed on for brainwashing indoctrination anyway.

    BTW: In 2013, Forbes’ list of America’s Top Colleges ranked Liberty University 636 out of 650 rated Colleges, but that’s obviously just the liberally biased media at work. [wink]


  12. I live in Virginia. This a.m. my husband asked if I could be ready in 10 minutes to head to Liberty to hear Cruz’s announcement. He was joking, lol.

    Hail to those who achieve long-term sobriety. But what is Cruz under the influence of that gives him such a false since of well-being & false sense of self-importance?

    We live in a strange world.

  13. There was actually a large group of them wearing the Stand With Rand shirts. They sat in a group at camera level.

  14. That “thing” looks like his microphone earpiece to me. The only odd growth I see is growing from his neck in the picture.

  15. If a Liberal Arts college or university were to have mandatory attendance for a politician stumping for office then the Goebbels channel and the Reich Wing would go ballistic and demand the politician be jailed. But a Christian Right Wing Re-Education compound can demand such and it’s “Patriotic” and shows “Christian Values” Which PROVES that Conservatism is Fascisms little brother. Heil Ted!!!

  16. Last time I checked, I was entitled to express my opinions under the protection of free speech. You are entitled to your opinions as I am mine.

  17. Ah maybe you need to read and this time understand the 1st amendment. You have no free speech rights here bagger. We let you post your nonsense at our discretion

  18. With all due respect djchefron, I simply wish to read and perhaps comment on an article that offers a different opinion than my own. And I respectfully thank you for this privilege. Please do not call me a “bagger.”

  19. Strong convictions in witness of the path of Jesus:

    Strong convictions in witness of christianity:
    Base. Depraved. Cowardly.

    You’re welcome.

  20. For goodness sake. Really? Free speech on a private blog. I thought teabaggers believed in and in fact loved the Constitution? And yet you don’t know what “free speech” means. Amazing. Here’s a clue. It pertains to the GOVERNMENT and your right.. never mind.

    Amendment I

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

  21. Lol, thanks Docker. Can you tell me where I might find some of that ‘JeeZussss’ elixir you speak of cause it sure sounds good, lol!

  22. What is the repubs plan to replace Obamacare?

    What is the repubs plan to replace the thousands of jobs created due to Obamacare that they will kill?

    What is the repubs plan after killing hundreds of new businesses created since Obamacare?

    I thought repubs were for jobs and job creators?

    Is repealing Obamacare good for our recovering economy?

    I think the repub politcians are blowing smoke in the face of their base. If elected president they’d do an about face and only do amendments to make Obamacare function better, which they should be doing now!

  23. Liberty students have convocation 3 times a week and are required to attend every convocation. This article makes it sound like Liberty students were forced to go because it was Ted Cruz. Attendance would be required no matter who was speaking. Nice try though.

  24. Cruz is a teabagger Christian, not a Christ Christian. Anything further from the teachings of Jesus would be hard to image. Well, maybe Rand Paul who is the follower of a libertarian atheist. Go figure.

  25. Pauf,Yes and the very same words were used to describe Adolph Hitler, you know the man that you conservatives model your lives after.

  26. @Gramiam, I might add that after I detected something jammed inside Rand Paul’s ears (if you look up close) I read that Paul suffers from hearing loss.

    I can’t help but wonder about the effect hearing loss has on ones brain.

  27. @Wes, permit me to answer. You already know the answer to what the response will be when the Liberty student’s are (forced) to listen to Virginal’s Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe when he does finally speak at the school.

    Liberty is such a strange place because you have religion being taught on the one hand while the Libertarian Koch-fueled (and paid for) economic ideology being taught on the other hand. Students get quite the indoctrination! Hence, the students wearing ‘Stand with Rand’ tee-shirts at the assembly. It appears that the Libertarians battle cry is much more popular with students.

  28. I’m a Liberty student…we have to go to EVERY convocation, not just Cruz’s. Next time try to report all the facts.

  29. Mr. Uhl, you are correct. Once upon a time, Hitler was spoken of in the very same way. It continues to amaze me how the GOP constantly references anyone who dares to believe differently than they do as being Hitler influenced. I guess on a very simplistic level, Hitler is the only truly evil person they’ve ever heard of. One must always remember the very limited education most people have.

  30. The Democratic Virginia governor isn’t going to con the entire nation into thinking he can pull a crowd of ten thousand supporters to hear him speak.

    In fact, McAuliffe was invited by none other than Falwell himself to speak back in January.

    I’m not sure you understand the difference here. One, a snow job. The other, an invitation.

    Do you have any other false equivalencies you’d like to bring up?

    “Announcing here was a genius move on his part. To everyone else it looks like he has an audience of 10,000 young adult supporters,” one student said. “They don’t know we have to be here.”

    Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/liberty-university-students-on-yik-yak-during-ted-cruzs-presidential-campaign-announcement-2015-3#ixzz3VFCu2QSP

  31. Joseph P. Uhl, as you know Joseph Goebbels continues to be remembered as the ‘Reich Master of Propaganda in Nazi Germany’ as he was probably the most brilliant albeit evil, audio & visual communicator the world has ever seen.

  32. Joseph P. Uhl, you are so correct! As you well know Joseph Goebel’s (my tablet keeps auto correcting Goebbels last name) continues to be remembered as being the ‘Reich Master of Propaganda in Nazi Germany.’ As he still is remembered as being the most brilliant, albeit evil master of propaganda & one of the best audio &visual communicators the world has ever seen!

    Moderator, please delete 2nd comment as I didn’t think 1st posted, thanks!

  33. Jefferson Davis, Joseph McCarthy, Lenin, George Wallace, and Nixon had strong convictions and were thought of as great men by their followers.

    Somehow Rafael Cruz comes off as too much a of a pandering charlatan to ever be thought of as a great man.

    And he stills owes the country $24 billion.

  34. This is really super lame. Many colleges have convocations that are mandatory because they are considered part of the curriculum. We had them where I went to college..sometimes it would be a liberal speaker, sometimes a conservative, once it was an astronaut, a rape victim, an admiral, etc.. Ted Cruz did not make anyone come to his speech and you wrote an entire article attacking him for being the current speaker at a University with mandatory convocation. Bill Clinton spoke at my school’s convocation once and it was mandatory. So the question is, why does Bill Clinton hate freedom?

  35. Liberty invites different viewpoints along the conservative spectrum to convocation, and it’s always been required of the students to be there. Unfortunately, it can come off looking specious when the person uses the opportunity to grandstand like Cruz did today.

  36. Yes, yes & yes, etc … history shows the world has seen many evil people, however, Adolph Hitler continues to be remember as the most evil of all. My comment didn’t suggest otherwise it only suggested that:

    “On a simplistic level, I suppose Hitler is the Only truly evil person they’ve (most people) have ever heard of.”

  37. If Sen Cruz had come to speak at the university in his role as a senator – or come to advise in his role as a lawyer – having to attend would be understandable – Bill Clinton would have been speaking to the students as President or ex-President of the USA – again understandable.

    Having to listen to a wannabe give a campaign speech is a very different situation – regardless of the political party he/she represents.

    Why Cruz didn’t open his campaign in his home state is an interesting question. Maybe he couldn’t find anyone willing to host his campaign speech?

  38. Just goes to show that when they throw around the word, “liberty,” they have no clue as to what it means, like all good little fascists.

  39. So, not that it really matters, but you do realize there’s like 2400 four year schools in the US, so Liberty is in the top quarter or so going by your reference. Also, anecdotal, but I have had multiple graduate students who did their undergrad work at Liberty and they were all brilliant students. So, how exactly do you know you have more common sense than anyone at liberty? Please show your data.

  40. “I can’t help but wonder about the effect hearing loss has on ones brain. ”
    Wonder no more. Assuming proper language development during the earliest years of life, hearing loss has no effect on one’s brain! See: Helen Keller. For starters. Or Marlee Matlin, Beethoven, Thomas Edison, or Whoopi Goldberg.

    I apologize if your comment was intended as snark but speaking as someone with severe hearing loss, it didn’t come across as humorous.

  41. I have a B.S. & M.Ed. from Arizona State University as well as an Associates Degree from a Fine Arts College w/o going in to great detail. But like djchefron, the most important & priceless part of my education is the great degree of common sense I learned & continue to practice daily! Since you’re asking @Erica & I’m part of this thread. What’s your degree in?

  42. Well, you may not realize this, but much like any school or group of people, there is a diversity of opinion at Liberty as well. Even if one believes the Earth is 10,000 years old based on some sort of article of faith, I fail to see how it is a “red flag”. There are a whole lot of beliefs out there that are not grounded in science and most of them aren’t about evolution or the age of the Earth.

  43. Well that’s where we part company. You can have your faith I tend to deal in facts. See I use to have faith that every year the Cubs will win the World Series but facts tell me they aint shit every year

  44. @Nefer, no snark received on this end, only appreciation for your comment & respect & admiration for Rand Paul & those who continue to work hard to overcome adversity in their lives whether or not I always like what they say and/or do as is the case with Paul.

  45. Tatiana I’m not sure why it matters what my degree is in since I’m not attempting to disparage anyone else’s accomplishments, which is what I took exception to in the first place. It would be the hight of douchebaggery if I was trying to out CV someone on the internet. If you are curious I have a B.S. and and M.S. and I am currently finishing up my 6th year of an MD/PhD program. The point being, that I’ve been around the academic world for a while now and what I’ve found is that where someone did their undergrad isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on so you shouldn’t trash someone just because you don’t think their Forbes college ranking is high enough.

  46. Well if its any consolation I think all the grifting preacher schools are a threat to our country with their religious indoctrination and lack of critical thinking, And please don’t try to equate Notre Dame with the snake handlers

  47. @Erica, I’m glad to hear that Liberty offers you different viewpoints & I hope you’ll accept mine as being just that. Along with best wishes for ‘happy trails’ as you travel on your path in life.

  48. Look I been a Cubs fan since 69. The black cat, ball going through Leon Durman legs and not turning that double play against the Marlins. Been there done that. Check back with me at the end of May

  49. Tatiana, I was replying to Wes.

    Specifically, this statement, “will he get a bunch of crap for 10,000 students being “forced” to listen to him? Or because he’s a Democrat it’s irrelevant?

  50. “FOLLOW ME I’M THE PIED PIPER”(straight off the cliff). Is that how that old song went??? Or was it, FOLLOW ME I’M THE GOOD SHEPHERD (to the Barber and (or) Butcher Shops and then straight into the GOP “GOD’S” HELL ON EARTH (PRISON STYLE) THEME PARKS FOR ALL OF YOU BELIEVERS AND NONE BELIEVERS ALIKE)??? THE GOP GOD’S HELL ON EARTH THEME PARKS ARE REALLY BIG HOLES IN THE GROUND… [wink]

  51. Yeah, but where would that money go? Dollars to donuts, it would find its way into Ted’s political coffers. Thanks, but no thanks. I would have called in sick.

  52. Liberty university where guns are allowed on campus (so you can shoot yourself after being forced to listen to this insanity). Cruz wants to repeal Obamacare, OK, what are the details of his plan to create a better lower cost plan for affordable health insurance for ALL citizens? Oh, that’s right, he doesn’t have to worry about “details” or good quality affordable health care for his family, he gets his subsidized by the tax payers as government pays 75 percent of his premiums. All I heard was some guy spewing nonsense sounding like a fire and brimstone Baptist preacher I was forced to listen to growing up 5 times a week that nauseated me as a boy. If Cruz thinks he can win with this kind of Billy Graham evangelical born again rhetoric relgious fantasy stupid propaganda he is just as delusional as Mark Levin (who says this was a great speech).

  53. Every convocation? Nick! what are you supposed to be learning during these enforced convocations? How to be good sheep and follow along with any and all staetments made? In a college ranked 365th out of 650

  54. Complaining about attending Cruz Speech? If you were paid to be their would you have a different view?

    If this was indeed a “Mandatory” event, is it the first one you were mandated too? Be honest, I watched it on TV and I seen and Heard a very enthusiastic audience! I heard a lot of audience participation, seemed like most were “into” it. I bet, no I believe that their were only a minimal number of people that probably wished they were somewhere else. Use your heads, everyone at one time or another has been to events that they really didn’t want to attend. You guys that are complaining about having to attend a school function sound like a bunch of BaBy’s, think before you post, you sound like six graders!!

  55. “…his audience was forced to watch him.”

    That’s not quite the whole story, which is totally expected from liberals. No one was required to clap and give Mr. Cruz standing ovations as they did. That speaks for itself. Next time, try doing your research instead of opting for drive by smearing. Check out Liberty University’s official statement: http://www.nationaljournal.com/2016-elections/jerry-falwell-jr-explains-why-liberty-university-students-had-to-attend-ted-cruz-s-announcement-rally-20150323

  56. Emmm…when I was a sixth grader, I could not only spell “sixth grader”, but I knew the plural of “baby” was “babies”. You might be improved by sounding like a sixth grader. Try it some time.

  57. I rather enjoyed watching him give a speech to a firefighters union. They are apparently die-hard believers in not saying anything if you have nothing nice to say. His reception was one of total silence.

    And, there’s the recent incident of Eduardo Rafael Cruz scaring a poor innocent child by declaring that “your world is on fire!”

  58. Two contradictions here; 1) The schools name…”Liberty University” 2) ‘Forcing’ students to attend Cruz’s speech.

    This must be a new trend of Republicans. Forcing a false fan base which looks good on camera instead of paying individuals who would rather be elsewhere for their attendance? After all…the students also are making a public appearance! I have never heard of a student body being forced to attend a politician’s campaign rally. The school board would have played ‘hell’ trying to force me to attend or to pay a fine either one.

  59. Pauf, yes you are correct your opinion is protected by law and courtesy. But!…it is painfully clear that Conservatives, especially Christian Conservative believe that their “opinions” are factual and truthful no matter how wrong they are. You see we on the left form our opinions around facts, evidence and truth. When you on the right do the same then we can debate as equals.

  60. If he somehow achieved US Citizenship, can we – as citizens – somehow REVOKE it? and why am I under the impression that the ‘rules’ say the President MUST be Native Born – as in US Citizen by BIRTH?? Wasnt that the whole Republiturd objection to Obama in the first place?

  61. Wasnt that the whole Republiturd objection to Obama in the first place?
    Yeah because everyone know Hawaii is a foreign country

  62. See they violated their own policy when they said we value experts. In what world is Raphael an expert in

  63. @Docker..thankfully I’m on prescription anti-nausea drugs(chemo) so I’m set for when the clowns all take to the stage.

  64. Governor McAuliffe was invited to speak by Falwell himself…
    don’t mean to be rude, but you do know that Falwell died back in 2007?

  65. Mike, nice try at excusing mandatory attendance at Libertine Animosity. It still reeks of Bund meetings and torch bearing, cross burning sociopaths. I never attended mandatory mass at the 1.5 years I was forced to attend a Catholic school. I took the extra homework and detention with a smile which angered the nuns no-end.

  66. You’re demonstrating the hypocrisy and ignorance that, unfortunately, seems to be in the DNA of many far left Democrats. While another poster answered your question, I can’t help but wonder if you’ve ever heard of Thomas Edison, Mozart, and other geniuses in their field, not to mention Helen Keller. I imagine that you probably have but, as seems to be the case with many of your political stripe, the temptation of scoring political points because of someone’s situation is just too tempting isn’t it? No surprise here though as President Obama, Elizabeth Warren, James Carville and other found it impossible to restrain themselves from making similar snarky comments about for Sen. Scott Brown driving a pickup truck. It’s interesting that people like who profess to care about the poor and others feel so compelled to refer to use terms like “trailer trash” and to denigrate people with disabilities. Interesting, sickening and amazing that you feel no shame.

  67. So much for liberty. And for being Christian to boot. Cruz is a Marrano Jew from Cuba (Zionists of the worst kind) pretending to be Christian. He works for Nut’n yahoo…

  68. The fact remains that attendance was mandated for each student, with the alternative of paying a fine. Remind you of anything?

  69. Get a clue, Mike, seriously. When these goobers sign on to Liberty, they know they have to attend convocation, but that’s hardly the same thing as being forced to attend a politician’s speech in order for said politician to pretend he had a great show of numbers.

    The IRS ought to go after Liberty with all guns blazing.

    Too bad the Liberty students don’t have a backbone…well, most of them anyways.

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