The White House Destroys Ted Cruz For Running For President On Repealing Obamacare


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It took the White House just a few seconds to destroy Ted Cruz for running for president on repealing the Affordable Care Act. All Press Secretary Josh Earnest did was make reference to Mitt Romney, and Cruz was put in his place.


Press Secretary Josh Earnest said, “There was a presidential candidate who ran in 2012 promising to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and that campaign pledge didn’t work out very well for him.”

The White House wouldn’t directly comment on Cruz, but Earnest did say, “There will be a robust debate about the future of the country. The president is certainly pleased about the substantial progress that has been made over the last six years. There is a lot more the president hopes to get done in his remaining two years in office.”

Cruz is about four years too late on making Obamacare a presidential campaign issue. Mitt Romney already used all of the lies that Ted Cruz pulled out today, and he lost in a landslide. The Republican problem with running against the ACA is that the story always ends with Republicans taking away access to affordable health care from tens of millions of people. Marco Rubio proposed an Obamacare alternative plan that was based on the same three tired ideas that Republicans have been trying to pass off as health care reform decades.

The problem with all of the Republican plans is that they don’t provide access to affordable health care. The GOP plans are empty.

As more and more benefit from the ACA, it becomes more difficult for Republicans to move beyond the empty rhetoric of repeal. Obamacare is a loser general election issue for the Republican Party. Only Republican primary voters have been brainwashed into believing that the Affordable Care Act has not been a positive development for the country.

The worst thing that could happen to any Republican candidate is being compared to Mitt Romney. The White House went there with Cruz, and the Texas Republican has now been branded with the scarlet Romney that marks the next great failure in presidential electoral politics.

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