The White House Destroys Ted Cruz For Running For President On Repealing Obamacare


It took the White House just a few seconds to destroy Ted Cruz for running for president on repealing the Affordable Care Act. All Press Secretary Josh Earnest did was make reference to Mitt Romney, and Cruz was put in his place.


Press Secretary Josh Earnest said, “There was a presidential candidate who ran in 2012 promising to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and that campaign pledge didn’t work out very well for him.”

The White House wouldn’t directly comment on Cruz, but Earnest did say, “There will be a robust debate about the future of the country. The president is certainly pleased about the substantial progress that has been made over the last six years. There is a lot more the president hopes to get done in his remaining two years in office.”

Cruz is about four years too late on making Obamacare a presidential campaign issue. Mitt Romney already used all of the lies that Ted Cruz pulled out today, and he lost in a landslide. The Republican problem with running against the ACA is that the story always ends with Republicans taking away access to affordable health care from tens of millions of people. Marco Rubio proposed an Obamacare alternative plan that was based on the same three tired ideas that Republicans have been trying to pass off as health care reform decades.

The problem with all of the Republican plans is that they don’t provide access to affordable health care. The GOP plans are empty.

As more and more benefit from the ACA, it becomes more difficult for Republicans to move beyond the empty rhetoric of repeal. Obamacare is a loser general election issue for the Republican Party. Only Republican primary voters have been brainwashed into believing that the Affordable Care Act has not been a positive development for the country.

The worst thing that could happen to any Republican candidate is being compared to Mitt Romney. The White House went there with Cruz, and the Texas Republican has now been branded with the scarlet Romney that marks the next great failure in presidential electoral politics.

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  1. The number one question asked during GOP strategy sessions has to be “Why is it so damned hard to gerrymander a general election?”

  2. Who cares what Ted “The Canadian” Cruz says about anything. He has almost no chance of being the GOP nominee for President. Liberty University is not exactly a good cross section of Americans, and even there Ted only got about half of the audience clapping for his yapping. The poor kids at this pathetic school probably got extra credit if they clapped for him and his idiotic ideas. According to the birthers’ criteria, Ted is not even eligible to run for President. He is a seriously deluded egomaniac- nothing more.

  3. This has got to be a first: running for president on specifically taking away people’s health care.

    I saw that speech: all flipping 31 minute horror show

    I suggest you look up on YouTube and watch it too. You need to know how an insane mind works.

    And yes, if he does become president he will kiss Netanyahu’s ass hard and get us into a war with Iran.

  4. That’s because the Whitehouse knows the same thing we do Cruz is full of crap…

    Cruz could careless about being President, he wants to line his coffers and build his fundraising list…

  5. yes, tots destroyed ya’ll. Although, I seem to remember some other Republicans running on repealing Obamacare, sometime..when was it… last November or something. I think a few Democrats ran on that also. Anyway, I heard from a guy who knows a guy that that November election thingy kinda went in the Republicans favor.

  6. Hail Eris!

    Yeah, and those Republicans have been getting owned by Obama, since November. Winning a mid-term isn’t a guarantee of effectiveness, or of anything at all, really.


  7. Attending Rafael’s presidential was mandatory. That means, they didn’t have a choice. OMG. Can you imagine if President Obama had his handlers tell the faculty of a university to make attending his political speeches mandatory?? M$M would have a field day.

    Rafael Cruz’s handlers and the school, in all truth, held 10,000 students hostage in order to give the impression that he’s popular!

  8. And the defenders of this farce just don’t get it. Now I know the President would never be invited to that cesspool of ignorance but if he was I can just imagine the rants from the Reich wing: The President force our young to attend a force indoctrination speech.

  9. Jason writes, Only Republican primary voters have been brainwashed into believing that the Affordable Care Act has not been a positive development for the country……
    Yes, and most of them have expanded Medicaid or a form of ACA!!!
    Watch Ted Cruz close and his followers…it’s frightening the parallels to a cult like following. He grandstands like a charismatic preacher to call people to action. Very scary individual! But the real danger is Scott Walker!!!

  10. this is Ludacris. the ONLY reason it didn’t work in 2012 was because obamacare wasn’t implemented yet, at all. it was still in the state of misleading everyone that thought they were getting cheaper, better health insurance. EVERYONE who had insurance were lead to believe they could actually keep it, and it wasn’t going to cost them 200% more. sooo, depending on how far your going to twist factual data and flat out LIE, I guess they might have destroyed him.

  11. I like the idea of portability any way…that’s what I did. Bought my OWN policy in my 20s (catastrophic — cheap). And paid for my everyday, routine stuff and could often look around and get cheapest prices FOR some of it. I kept it so that I was insured in between jobs — had to clean houses and walk dogs in between real jobs, but I was always covered; AND, no pre-existing if you get a policy young and KEEP it! Just wish I could have had a tax break for buying my own all these years! THAT would be something I’d like to see — INCENTIVE for buying your own!

  12. “The president is certainly pleased about the substantial destruction that has been made over the last six years. There is a lot more division, hatred, destruction, and fascism the president hopes to get done in his remaining two years in office.”

  13. It’s not too late for Cruz or any of those running for 2016 to go after and get the ACA abolished. A lot of its crap is just kicking in now, and most people hate it! It will likely be high on every ones agenda.

  14. And your teabagging ass know most people? What I do know over 16 million now has access to insurance. What I do know over 50k, oh I forgot I am talking to a dumbass the K stands for thousands, lives have been saved because of the ACA. What I do know medical cost has gone down. What I do know the cost of the ACA is less than predicted. What do you know? JACKSHIT

  15. The University requires their students to attend their devotional talks/speakers. I went to a religious University where the same was required. Nobody was forcing the students to clap, cheer, and give a standing ovation, however.

  16. 16 Million now have access? Really? Tell me how many of your 16 Million were previously on Medicaid or Medicare? I think if you actually saw the numbers you might be singing a different tune. Majority of the 16 million that is touted were formally on medicaid or medicare. Secondly, the ACA has also caused many people that had great or good insurance to lose that insurance, and be forced into an insurance that is far inferior and more costly. The only people who are happy with the ACA are those who had no medical insurance prior to the ACA and were able to get free medical insurance because of it. Those that had health insurance, well their rates increased, and their benefits decreased. It doesn’t take a very intelligent person to figure out relatively quickly that you cannot give Health Care out for free without someone else paying for it. The ACA is a failing plan, either it will be repealed or it will implode simply for the fact that it is unsustainable.

  17. When the government is forcing people to get healthcare or be fined, it’s not hard to produce statistics that attempt to show effectiveness of the ACA. The truth is what Cruz spoke, most of these statistics are misleading. There has been a huge expansion of medicare, a system already in place before the ACA, and 6 million of the 16 million were forced to abandon their plans, or they were cancelled due to new ACA mandates, and forced to sign up for ObamaCare. Again, when you force people to do something, you expect the participation numbers to be high.

  18. In 2014, I was able to get regular medical care for the first time since 1997. I’m not alone. Shut up.

  19. You’re a lifelong Democrat, some of your best friends are Neeegroes, and you’re not prejudiced. You’re quite entertaining yourself.

  20. The stupid continues. First to get on Medicare you have to be 65 or older. Second you cannot produce any evidence that millions lost insurance because of the ACA, reason most people get their insurance from their employers, Veterans care or Medicare. Third even if you get the ACA you still have to pay some portion of it just like all subsidize plans. Fourth health insurance has always gone up in cost the difference this time the ACA slowed that growth. Obamacare Isn’t Driving Up Health Costs. Really.

    You are an idiot who don’t research for your self but like any bagger without common sense listen to people who don’t have your interest in mind

  21. Dumbass the Kaiser foundation is not the government. Look billy bob black helicopters with chem trails

  22. One thing they’re good at is keeping people who would vote Democratic from the polls, gerrymandering districts, putting in Draconian voter laws, and stirring up the RWNJ’s. And, as Djchefron said more people voted for Democrats than baggers. Then if they lose, they just take it to the SCOTUS who takes marching orders from them.

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