Indiana Republican Governor Mike Pence Ready To Sign Anti-Gay Bill Into Law

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On Monday afternoon, Indiana’s Republican dominated House passed a bill that would protect business owners who refuse to provide services for same-sex couples. Under the guise of protecting “religious freedom”, the measure grants businesses the right to discriminate against gays and lesbians.

The bill passed the House 63-31, with all 26 House Democrats voting NO. Republicans split 63-5 in favor of the legislation. The Indiana Senate passed a similar bill earlier in March. The author of the Senate Bill, Dennis Kruse (R-Auburn) plans to reconcile the House and Senate versions, so that a final bill can be sent to Governor Mike Pence (R), to be signed into law. Pence stated, on Monday, that he intends to sign the legislation into law, when it reaches his desk.

Supporters of the bill tried to justify their vote as standing up for religious freedom. For example, Rep. Tom Washburne (R-Inglefield) defended his vote, arguing:

It’s important that we allow our citizens to hold religious beliefs, maybe even those we might be appalled by, and to be able to express those.

Nice try, but it’s hard to imagine that Republicans are appalled by religious bigots discriminating against gays and lesbians. Instead, they are all too eager to put their stamp of approval on anti-LGBT laws. Republicans want to extend special protections to Christian bigots, by exempting them from having to comply with laws that prohibit discrimination.

Governor Mike Pence signaled his support for the anti-gay legislation, by stating:

[The legislation]… is about respecting and reassuring Hoosiers that their religious freedoms are intact.  I strongly support the legislation and applaud the members of the General Assembly for their work on this important issue.  I look forward to signing the bill when it reaches my desk.

Conservative Republicans, like Pence, use religion as a crutch to hide behind, so that they can practice the ugliness of bigotry while masquerading as God-fearing Christians. If Governor Pence has a working moral compass, he should veto this legislation, and stand up for the rights of all Indianans against hatred and bigotry. If instead, Pence signs the legislation, the Republican Party will continue to be seen as a political party that caters to narrow-minded bigots, and deservedly so.

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  1. We are watching the slow destruction of a political party. The GOP is relying on highly concentrated districts to wn this will change and they will be out of power for a long time.

  2. Isn’t it time for SUSPECT CLASSIFICATION for the LGBT community. LGBT Americans openly serve, bleed and die in our military to defend our constitution, yet they are having laws passed in order to discriminate against them? Suspect Classification = “Suspect classification. A class of individuals that have been historically subject to discrimination. Any statute that makes a distinction between individuals based on any of the suspect classifications (ie. alienage, race) will be subject to a strict scrutiny standard of review before the Supreme Court.”

  3. Not all hoosiers are bigots. Businesses that are found to discriminate based on this “law” will find themselves being boycotted by a large percentage of the sane people in the state. You don’t have to be gay to support equal treatment of ALL citizens. The gopers will find out come election time.

  4. “… is about respecting and reassuring Hoosiers that their religious freedoms are intact. I strongly support the legislation and applaud the members of the General Assembly for their work on this important issue. I look forward to signing the bill when it reaches my desk.”

    Translation: “I have never read my job description. And I have no idea what the Legislative Branches job descriptions say.”

  5. Yes because they’ve elected such non-bigoted leaders. The people of Indiana are CLEARLY equal-minded folk.

    Seriously?? You just read an article explaining how Indiana’s citizens put these Fourth Reich politicians into power THEN you have the nerve to tell us how fair-minded Indiana’s citizens are??

    I always wondered how German citizens kept Nazis in power. Now I know. They just kept telling themselves that, sure, their leaders were bigots but they weren’t and that’s all that mattered.

    They were wrong. Dead wrong in most cases. You are wrong, too.

  6. How very Christian of them. In my hometown, a woman was terrified at a fitness center because it has a non-discriminatory policy, and a transgender MALE was in the common area of the women’s locker room changing clothes. She was so appalled that she couldn’t go into a private dressing area and take a shower. She raised a stink, was told the policy, and eventually she lost her membership. Now, of course, the godly woman is suing the company for damages because heaven forbid a transgender person has any rights in Michigan. Since we are totally bought and paid for by the Kochs and ALEC, I’m sure she will win her suit and the fitness group will have tor think their policies.
    And yes, there are sane people in MI as well, but our votes were totally screwed by GOP gerrymandering after 2010. More Dem votes were cast in 2014, and we lost every seat but Levin’s Senate seat. So please spare me the ‘you get what you vote for’ spiel. We did vote…the GOP doesn’t care what we want.

  7. Require these so-called Christian business owners to post their intention to refuse service to gay citizens in all places public!– On their business doors and windows. On every advertisement and on their website. They shouldn’t mind after all- why should they be ashamed of something God is requiring them to do?? If they are are such dedicated saints then they should be proud to do this if it is truly because God told them to do……What a bunch of garbage! Cant hear the message your preaching for watching the life your leading- Don’t tell me about your faith– no thank you!

  8. Mr. G.Mike Pence, I am a 52 year old male and growing up a business had a right to refuse anyone.Religon had nothing to do with it or what their sex color or race. I back you 100%!This hole religion thing is way out of hand. Something that is bothering me is that people say they cant find jobs,I think something is better than nothing,at least you have something coming in. Everyone wants a hand out,get up and work for what you want that’s my motto!

  9. I guess they won’t mind then when going into a Muslim owned restaurant that the women get turned away for not wearing burques (sp?). They also would have no problem being asked to leave a Hindu restaurant after ordering beef? Do they realize this law will protect not just Faux Christian bigotry, but bigotry by ANY religeous group?

  10. I am 54 years old! I am tired my mom owns a business! Contrary to your misguided beliefs, we are not here to serve you or be your slaves! If you want to stop handouts! Quit taking my tax dollars in the form of tax breaks!
    As a BUDDHIST, I have been told that I can not discriminate! The Day you do, I will do so also!

  11. Hugo, not everyone who lives in Indiana is a right wing nut. I vote D every single time but the D party lost Indiana when Roe vs Wade was decided and all the Catholics in this state went R. My tiny town of Oldenburg is a perfect example of a place where most of the people are one issue voters.

  12. Sally, what you wrote about the woman being terrified by having to be in a dressing with with a Transgender Female is very similar to the reasoning in the 1950’s & 60’s before the Civil Rights movement.

    Many store owners in the 50s & 60s said that their customers would not be comfortable using the same dressing rooms as the “Colored” and it would violate their freedom if the company was forced to desegregate their dressing rooms. In the meantime, African-Americans had to buy clothes without trying them on unless they went to a store that was owned by and catered to African-Americans.

    These people considered themselves “Christian” too. Funny how their Christianity does not go beyond themselves.

  13. Hey Ed, how will being able to discriminate bring in business? So, you don’t think turning away customers because of who they are is not discrimination. Man, you need mental health care and do in quickly because you are one sick puppy.

    FYI – I am much older than you and find your bigotry disgusting.

  14. Also, I don’t think you have to be a member of an organized religion to put this law to use, either for fun or to prove a point.

    This law would provide protection to any cockamamie idea anyone would use to refuse service.

  15. Some business owners in Indianapolis have created a sign which signifies “Open for Business”, to be placed in shop windows, in ads etc. It’s a perfect anti-discrimination sign, and it is hoped that it spreads outward to all parts of the state. The friend who sent it to me says she and many others are fully prepared to boycott the stores and businesses which support passage of this heinous bill.

  16. clennis05, I have yet to meet a republican that did not have toys in the attic. To correct your comment…another Republican passing himself off as an imbecile.

  17. The Republicans cater to the lowest common denominator — and by that, I mean the one-issue, uneducated, Fox-watching haters of people “not like us”. So if you are against abortions, or immigration reform, or unions, or increasing the minimum wage, or LGBT folk, then the GOP has got you by the short and curlies. If you’re against all of the above, they’ll probably recruit you to run for office…..

  18. Adios Big ten tournament, adios superbowl, adios pro teams, adios conventions ;see they tried this same stuff in Arizona and found it to be financially disastrous to the state; especially into the future when events were removed from consideration; Indiana needs to be saved from itself as usual.

  19. Indiana had better be prepared to lose a lot of residents, let alone businesses. I was born in Indiana, lived there for the first 30 years of my life but joined the late 90s brain drain because I coudn’t stand living there any more and not being able to get health insurance or a job that didn’t treat me like a disposable commodity. When I got cheated out of my unemployment because the employer listed me as an independent contractor even though I had worked on their premises for 40 hours a week, I had had enough.

    Indiana: people getting royally screwed since 1816.

  20. I am an HR professional. The day you sign this into law will be the day you open Indiana up to more lawsuits than you will be able to handle. You will be the biggest fool that Indiana has ever called governor. A laughing stock to the world. Good luck Mr. Governor.

  21. I used to be proud to say “I’m a native Michigander, who now is a Californian”

    Now I’ll say “I’m a true blue Californian”

  22. And your Governor will be keeping people out of his state because they’ll feel unwanted and others will stay away in support of them. Suit yourself. If you haven’t learned from recent history, Arizona, then you’ll repeat their debacle. It’s called Karma. [WINK]

  23. Rick & djchefron (no reply button). If everyone who wants to violate religious freedom (God haters) left Indiana, I would get on my knees to the Holy God and give my thanks; I have thanked Him for Mike Pence and all those responsible for the legislation already.

  24. So I assume you are against the emergancy order Putz, signed today? Seventy-two confirmed cases of HIV, within a month in one county. Granted this was traced back to shared needle use, and unprotected sex, but they were just living their life, right? I’m sure your kind will find a link to connect it to gays or lack of the fear of god. Get help soon, you incredible douche-bag.

  25. If you accept the Bible as the word of God, and if you accept the lessons taught in the Bible, and if you accept that Jesus is the “Word of God made Flesh”, then when asked for the greatest commandment, the “Word of God made Flesh” tells us: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”
    Jesus does not qualify these commandments by stating who your neighbor is. Your neighbor is simply anyone other than yourself. Your neighbor may look differently than you, may think differently than you, may worship differently than you and love differently than you, but he, or she, is still your neighbor. So if you believe that Jesus spoke this as the greatest commandment, Governor Pence, you have signed a bill that breaks this commandment.

  26. Government-sanctioned discrimination — it’s how the Republican Party envisions “American exceptionalism”.

  27. Control their own lives?

    But if there’s a fertile woman out there wanting access to affordable contraception or reproductive health care, hellz no. Time for more rules to “protect” them from their silly little selves.

  28. Good luck getting the NCAA to keep Indianapolis in the rotation for future tournaments. This will be the last final four in Indianapolis as long as this law is on the books.

  29. Well, Gin, any person who is a one issue voter and that one issue will allow you to vote for a bigoted douche, then that person becomes a bigoted douche. I’ve lived in IN off and on for the majority of 40 years and the people of this state are pretty ignorant. Not everyone of course. I have many many dear friends here but we are surrounded by idiots. Conservative republicans are a menace to decent people.

  30. I’m Anya, lifelong Indianan and I reside in NW Indiana, this law is an appalling unconstitutional halfassed piece of sh!t that makes us look even stupider than usual.

    I’m so f!cking glad Governor Douchelord has signed this asinine law instead of fixing the roads and making sure schools have the cash they need to each well instead of being micromanaged and tested to death.

    I’m super thrilled that instead of raising the minimum wage; getting us jobs that pay more than $7.25 per hour; OR IN LIEU OF repairing infrastructure that the legislation has wasted its time on this utter malarkey. Or we could also choose to let people buy alcohol on Sunday instead of letting Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and kentuck suck up tax revenue like they have for decades but the god-botherers have struck again! FML.

    I will be using my cash to support businees that do not discriminate.

  31. Roger, there are so many mental pathologies wrong with you I don’t know where to start. But to sum it all up, YOU Roger and your ilk are what is wrong with this nation and this world. You are a joke Roger! A sad, sad joke…

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