Ted Cruz’s 2016 Announcement Backfires By Firing Up Liberals and Democrats


Instead of exciting Republicans by announcing his 2016 presidential candidacy, Sen. Ted Cruz has fired up liberals and Democrats who are giddy that Cruz has entered the race.

The Hill reported:

The launch of Sen. Ted Cruz’s presidential bid Monday has prompted an outpouring of excitement and delight — from Democrats.

To liberal activists, the firebrand Texan is much too far to the right for the nation at large and too extreme to even win the Republican nomination.

But they want nothing more than for him to run strongly throughout the primary season. The more momentum he develops, they argue, the more likely he is to push the eventual GOP nominee further to the right than that person will want to go.

Ted Cruz is a perfect example of the Sarah Palin Effect. Cruz has always been much more effective fundraising weapon for Democrats than Republicans. Sen. Cruz, like Palin before him, is popular with a tiny segment of extremist Republicans. They both experts at using tactics that are destructive to the Republican Party as vehicles for self-promotion. Sen. Cruz (R-TX) will drag the Republican field to the right.

Cruz is the poster boy for everything that is wrong about and with the Republican Party. Conservative media has gone into overdrive trying to spin the Democratic joy over Cruz’s entry into the race as fear. Liberals and Democrats have seen this argument before. There is still a collection of Republicans who have watched Democrats fall out of their chairs in laughter at Sarah Palin, but they still maintain that the left fears Palin.

It speaks volumes that the biggest Republican reaction to Cruz’s announcement was Donald Trump questioning his eligibility to be president. Ted Cruz is the gift that keeps on giving for Democrats, and if the left had their way Jeb Bush would be running against 19 Republicans like Cruz.

Fear not so much. Joy would more accurately describe how liberals feel about the Republican freak show rolling back into town for 2016.

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  1. I only fear folks like Cruz if he actually has a chance to win the WH. If that were to be the case, I, unlike Cruz, would love to be able to claim my Canadian roots.

  2. This strikes me as a little premature. We don’t know yet what effect his announcement will have.

  3. I have a question, I just heard something about Bibi Netyanyhu committing espionage against the administration along with Boehner & Co, but spying on the nuclear talks and relaying info to the rethugs while
    planning on sabotaging the treaty, last I heard this would be death penalty case, anyone else have any thoughts?

  4. I don’t know about you, but the effect it is having on me is uncontrollable laughter. Now that he has announced he’s running, many more will race to the doors of the clown car. Just like in 2012, what a distraction and comedy it will be.

  5. I posted about it earlier and all I have to say is… Beebs you done pissed off the wrong President and payback will be a bitch

  6. Rafael will never make it. He will never verbally admit what hes “for”. You cant keep spewing what you dont like without eventually having to say what you would actually do to make it better, if anything. Hes the leader in the lame, “do nothing” party.

  7. Surely you jest. This is a ROFLMAO moment. It sets off just as much laughter as if Palin decided to run.

    Besides, I believe the Koch brothers have pretty much decided that Scott Walker is their boy.

  8. Pure hysterical laughter!

    Thinking of all those who actually believe this tea bag moron could be nominated and assend to the presidency is comical and very sad. It just shows the world how uneducated some are.

  9. He has a laundry list of HATES.

    He’s jumped into the clown car first because he’s needy and wants attention.
    Once is figures out that nobody except his ignorant, uneducated tea bag base, he’ll drop out, pout and blame president Obama for his failure.

    Can his wife be any more fugly?
    And his 2 girls growing up knowing if they’re raped, daddy wants to force them to have the birth.

  10. Keep in mind that Senator Crud’s hat being thrown into the ring may just be a political ploy: Anyone who comes after will seem reasonable in comparison.

    Perhaps even Mittens.

  11. And his 2 girls growing up knowing if they’re raped, daddy wants to force them to have the birth.

    Even if they’re not, and they get preggers due to experimentation, you can rest assured that they’ll get the “special case’ abortions that so many Right-to-life’ers provide for themselves.

  12. This guy doesn’t like anything! I’m covinced the only thing he cares about is himself, and he’ll do whatever he needs to get what he wants. The Smeegil of the rethug party. (My precious)

  13. “Wrath upon those who do evil”: Why Ted Cruz chose Liberty University to launch his campaign

    To understand the kind of America Cruz wants, here’s what to know about the Christian university he spoke at Monday

    But while Liberty University has been training “Christian warriors,” in the old figurative sense, since Falwell founded the college in 1971, the school has lately embarked on training actual Christian warriors with its new drone program. Though the program only began in earnest in 2013, says the associate dean, retired Air Force Col. John Marselus, Liberty has been lucky to be recently chosen as one of only six test sites in the U.S. for drone training, and the program is proud that just last month one of its true believers became a Predator drone pilot, despite the program’s infancy.

  14. He’s in EARLY and will drop out or be kicked out EARLY! His schtick will wear thin and be annoying as he goes along. Then he will be attacked by his own Republicans and his feelings will be hurt, and he will go into a corner and sulk or explode against his Republican Colleagues. I think the latter is how he operates.

  15. So, nobody here thinks Rafael and his Dad would make the country better? We will all be Christian warriors in no time flat. His father is a religious nut. What happened to his mother? Maybe she is ashamed to reveal herself after giving birth to this smarmy, religious freakoid.

  16. That’s the 64k question. Where is Moms? Is she dead? This is the first time I can remember a candidate didn’t trot out Mom beaming with pride for her sons accomplishments. The plot thickens

  17. Not so Monogrim. Heaven forbid should either of Cruz’s daughters ever be sexually assaulted resulting in an unwanted pregnancy, they have the means to be quietly whisked off to Sweden or some other socialist country where abortion is legal & it would be taken care of quietly.

    Cruz’s daughters will never be subject to live under the same rules & policy’s their Daddy wishes to inflict upon the rest of us. Elections have consequences.

  18. I’m sorry, but this is the opposite of the truth (“backfires”). This is a feature, not a bug. The Republican base doesn’t care about policy or personality; they care about who does the best job of pissing off liberals. Cruz has earned mucho cred among his base because of all the left-wing columnists blasting him. This is what passes for leadership on the Right these days.

  19. Absolutely. Cruz is a sham candidate to make the eventual nominee (Bush or Walker?) look mainstream and reasonable by comparison.

  20. Oh geesh….stop already with the what if’s! Cruz doesn’t have a chance of a snowball in hell. The more Republican idiots that join the race for the White House the better for Democrats!

  21. If it takes the most conservative candidate in a long time to fire up the left base of the Democratic party so be it. My only question though is where have y’all been since Nov 2008?

  22. This POS is an absolute idiot
    In an interview on Tuesday with the Texas Tribune, the newly-minted presidential candidate [Senator Ted Cruz] compared himself to the Galileo when discussing, of all things, whether climate change was actually occurring.

    “Today the global warming alarmists are the equivalent of the flat-Earthers,” Cruz said. “You know it used to be it is accepted scientific wisdom the Earth is flat, and this heretic named Galileo was branded a denier.”

    First for you baggers who slept through summer school the popes argument with Galileo wasn’t about if the Earth was flat but that the Sun orbited the Earth or the Earth orbited the Sun. It had absolutely nothing to do with the shape of the Earth.

    You people are stupid for defending this grifter but after you finance Palin lifestyle I am not surprise

  23. I looked his Mother. Eleanor Elizabeth Darragh. She was married before had two children (both girls it seems) Just as the great Preacher, who was also married before and with two children. Seems there is doubt as to if Mother and Father were actually married. SO, little Teddy has some family dirt to cover up. It looks like the marriage certificate is no where to be found. Let the chips fall where they may!
    Divorce papers are also unavailable.

  24. I just love that he signed up for Obamacare yesterday. But what you think, won’t he be whining about how crappy it is compared to his wife’s policy. As a senator, doesn’t he get a family plan from the government? I thought that was supposed to be the best.

  25. You libtards are the real joke and your party has been for years. If you think Mr. Cruz is not going anywhere you really are more stupid than I thought. Big time liberal Harvard professor, Alan Dershsowitz said that Cruz is probably one the brightest students he has ever taught and he has taught over 10,000 students. He also said Cruz debated students as well as professors and his brilliance is off the charts. Princeton actually has an award named after him because he was one of their most outstanding debaters and distinguished students. Dershowitz can’t even say anything about your boy Obama when he was at Harvard. Probably because he was too busy smoking pot being lazy like he is today. Cruz has already raised a million dollars for his campaign since announcing his bid. If he gets the nomination your girl Hillary is going to need to wear protective gear after Ted’s done with her @$$ just like good ole Bubba! Last November was just the beginning. Cruz 2016…he has my vote…

  26. djchefron, wow, you’ve really changed my mind, thank you so much! Glad you posted that article from this same libtard website that only spreads lies like all other libtard websites because in the end that’s all y’all have.

    Hey, will you link me the article about Bergdahl being an American hero? Never gets old LMAO!

  27. Mind? What mind? I know you live in that Reich wing bubble so I will have pity on you for your utter ignorance but facts are facts. Now if your lazy mountain dew drinking ass would research it yourself then it may be hope for your sorry ass

  28. Book smarts doesn’t give you any degree of common sence. The only reason the rethugs would let this guy get the nomination, would be if everyone else, was just more of a screwup than him. He certainly hasn’t shown any degree of expertise in debating since coming to the senate. (Green Eggs and Ham), really?

  29. Cheryl, was that the same thing you told conservatives posting on this website the night before last year’s mid-term elections? Then, woke up turned on MSNBC dropped your coffee cup and said, S#IT!!!!

  30. And he messed that up because in the end he liked green eggs and ham. Makes you think once he use that evil Obamacare he may end up liking that too.

  31. Guess, in today’s world Francie it takes the smarts of a President to have his cronies pass a bill that no one bother to read and did it the un-Constitutional way. Yeah, America got a real winner for the past 6.5 years. Cruz was trying to do the right thing for the people and get it repealed. All the left leaning media said is that Cruz shut the government down yet, what they should have said, was the Clown In Office was being impeached. At least Cruz knows that there is 50 states and not 47 like Obama and he’s Canadian, go figure.

  32. So congress passing a bill is unconstitutional? You are really stupid and one more stupid comment then off with your keyboard

  33. I’m missing something, 47 states? Are you reffering to Douch Rombags 47%? Impeachment, never going to happen. Retugs would only be catering to the most extreme in their party. Another waste of the taxpayers money. Proceed.

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