Newly Unclassified Report Reveals That GOP Sequester Cuts Hindered National Security


The Congressionally-directed 9/11 Review Commission released a report titled The FBI: Protecting the Homeland in the 21st Century, in which it is determined that the budget cuts resulting from the Republicans’ sequestration “severely hindered” intelligence and national security improvements.

The Review Commission is comprised of former Attorney General Edwin Meese (currently associated with the very conservative Heritage Foundation, so Republicans can’t blame bias), former Congressman and Ambassador Tim Roemer, and Professor and counterterrorism expert Bruce Hoffman of Georgetown University. They were tasked to conduct a “comprehensive external review of the implementation of the recommendations related to the FBI that were proposed by the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (commonly known as the 9/11 Commission).”

The 9/11 Committee found, “It is important to note that sequestration in FY14 severely hindered the FBI’s intelligence and national security programs.”

Here’s the context per the report, my bold:

“The FBI should align its budget structure according to its four main programs: intelligence, counterterrorism and counterintelligence, criminal, and criminal justice services to ensure better transparency on program costs, management of resources, and protection of the intelligence program.”

Review Commission Finding

In direct response, the FBI adjusted its budget structure to meet the objectives of the recommendation and further consolidated all national security and intelligence programs under the NSB in 2005. In 2014, the FBI further re-aligned its intelligence program by creating the new Intelligence Branch (IB). It is important to note that sequestration in FY14 severely hindered the FBI’s intelligence and national security programs.

This might be expected from the folks who just attempted to sabotage the President’s nuclear negotiations with Iran by colluding behind his back and refused to fully fund the actual Department of Homeland Security for several months because it looked like a juicy hostage to take over their disagreement on an unrelated matter — after all, who wants to die? Republicans figured if they threatened to close down the DHS, President Obama would have to give in. While it never fully shut down, border security, law enforcement and the President’s Secret Service protections were just a few of the areas impacted by the department not being fully funded.

In other words, Republicans came to play and they don’t care who is put at risk. In fact, the more people they put at risk, the better hostage it is for them. Republicans — harming the homeland since they lost the White House.

This is no small thing. No petty, partisan debate. In 2014, the commission was formed to determine if the FBI had what it needed and was implementing changes recommended for national security. Ironically, it was Congress who directed them to do this and Congress that took away the means to implement the changes post 9/11.

Wait. Before Republicans deny that they were and remain the driving force behind sequestration, allow me to refresh memories, because it was televised. Former Republican Representative Eric Cantor admitted that he and Paul Ryan were the driving force behind sequestration.

Former VP candidate and alleged GOP budget hawk Paul Ryan (R-WI) has been championing sequestration as the Holy Grail since 2004. In fact, Representative Ryan bragged on Fox News that Republicans had gotten everything with sequestration and President Obama nothing, “We actually got discretionary caps in law. I’ve been fighting for these spending caps ever since the day I came to Congress. We couldn’t even get these kinds of spending caps in the Bush administration.”

Here’s a montage of Paul Ryan touting sequestration over time (not a one-off), in which he proudly pronounces that conservatives like him have been fighting for statutory spending caps like sequestration for years:

Ryan: What conservatives like me have been fighting for, for years are statutory caps on spending, legal caps in law that says government agencies cannot spend over a set amount of money.

Sequestration has long been put forth by Republicans as a “solution” to balancing the budget. Most elected officials would probably not want to harm national security in order to cut the budget willy-nilly, but hey. Sequestration isn’t well thought out- it’s slash and dash, meant to drown the baby with the bathwater.

Perhaps now we can see how foolish simple ideas like this are. Government, whether we like it or not, is a complex organism and the people who came before us had reasons for the way they did things. Only the very immature think an idea like slash and dash would work.

The Republican idea has hurt national security and intelligence. This is not news to anyone with a brain, but it is now the verifiable conclusion of the Congressionally-appointed 9/11 Commission.

11 Replies to “Newly Unclassified Report Reveals That GOP Sequester Cuts Hindered National Security”

  1. I call them *R*epugnants because their antics are *R*epugnant… my disdain for *R*epugnants grrrows daily!

  2. Now there’s a story you will never see on fox. Teapubs will injure America in their attempt to discredit anything Obama does…they vowed to it. They are the party of “fuc* everything to screw BHO”. They are immature 4th graders. Cant wait til ’16 when Hillary kicks their asses.

  3. These aren’t the Republicans of your daddy’s days. These are neo-confederates who want to destroy this country from the inside-out because they can’t accept the fact that the Stars and Stripes wave high and free, and not their Confederate rag.

    If ever anyone needed proof of that, just look at the damage these neo-confederates have already done to this country since they gained power in 2010 and quickly gerrymandered districts for safe seats while forcing voter suppression laws on to people they’re certain would never vote for them.

    Unless and until we wake up the people of this country that this is their plan, we are complicit to the destruction of the U.S.

    We can start reversing their catastrophic influence on our country by pledging to NEVER VOTE REPUBLICAN PARTY.

  4. Wait for it….wait for it.. republicans: “It’s a left wing conspiracy. They’re left wing wah wah!

  5. Well said ICH and good article!
    There’s a big problem in this country called GREED. The greedy RW media outlets control the message to the masses and the so called liberal media are to chicken to call them out on LYING,
    Watch the media when they have RW guests telling blatant lies. They just move on like they didn’t even hear what was just said!!!!!

  6. The tea bag/repubs have “Hindered National Security”.

    But isn’t their mantra to scream about not having enough and president Obama is making us less secure?

    This is a CONUNDRUM, just like everything else with them.
    “We want it but don’t want to pay for it”
    “No to government healthcare, and don’t touch my medicare”
    “No to the EPA, but want clean water and air”
    “Your rights can be violated but not mine”

    They suffer from severe mental retardation

  7. Republicans talk big on national security, but this just goes to show that talk is all it is. They really aren’t concerned about national security. They’re concerned about the military industrial complex and their intense desire to start another war with whomever to make big profits off of it.

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