Humiliating Home State Poll Numbers For Jeb Bush As He Trails Hillary Clinton in Florida



A Public Policy Polling (PPP) survey released on March 24, 2015, shows Hillary Clinton leading all Republican 2016 presidential contenders in the state of Florida. Her lead ranges from 2 percentage points over Florida Senator Marcio Rubio (48-46), to an 8 point margin over both Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (49/41) and Texas Governor Rick Perry (50/42). Notably, neither Marco Rubio, nor former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, have a lead over Hillary Clinton in their home state.

Clinton holds a 47-44 lead over Jeb Bush in the Sunshine State. Florida is the most populous competitive state in presidential elections. George W. Bush and Barack Obama each carried Florida twice in their successful presidential elections, although Bush’s victory in 2000 was marred by controversy. One Republican argument for Jeb Bush’s candidacy, was that he could carry Florida’s crucial 29 Electoral votes, making the Republican path to victory easier.


However, Florida voters have a lukewarm opinion of their ex-Governor, with only 45 percent viewing him favorably, and 42 percent holding an unfavorable view towards him. In addition, only 37 percent of Floridians think Jeb Bush should run for President, while 52 percent say he should not run for President.

Hillary Clinton also has some cause for concern in the state since 51 percent of Florida voters have an unfavorable view towards her, to just 41 percent who view her favorably. Nevertheless, despite her tepid approval numbers, Clinton leads all Republican contenders, including Jeb Bush.

Incidentally, Hillary Clinton leads Texas Senator Ted Cruz by a 49-42 margin in Florida. Cruz officially announced his candidacy on Monday. The PPP poll was released on Tuesday, although the survey was conducted between March 19th and March 22nd, prior to Cruz’s announcement. 923 Florida registered voters were interviewed.

President Barack Obama managed to deliver two stinging defeats to Republican presidential candidates in Florida. In order for the Republicans to win back the White House, they must be able to retake Florida. Winning without Florida would be extremely difficult.

Republicans had hoped nominating Jeb Bush would cure their Florida problem. It won’t. The PPP poll released on Tuesday finds that even if they put Jeb Bush at the top of the ticket, Republicans are in obvious danger of losing Florida once again.

14 Replies to “Humiliating Home State Poll Numbers For Jeb Bush As He Trails Hillary Clinton in Florida”

  1. Now watch the republicans try to invoke new voter ID laws, barring minorities and students from voting in 2016.

  2. Well, this just means the Koch machine will have to pour more money into the coffers of the voting machine folks, in an attempt to do what failed in OHIO last time: rig the machines. Remember how flustered Rove was when Obama was called the Ohio winner? He was positive their guy was going to take (steal) Ohio. Why? Wasn’t a Romney son a Diebold employee at the time? The GOP is evil and greedy. They are determined to turn this country into their little money maker, and the hell with the people. We must be very very careful next year, and make sure everyone votes. Then we have to be sure that those votes count.

  3. Hillary is going to nominate Tim Kaine as her VP from Virginia (even though I’d love to see Liz Warren).

    Hillary will win VA (13) and will probably take Ohio as well. We don’t need Florida, but the way its looking she can sweep them all.

  4. The best they got is Bozo the clown…Cruz, Rubio, Walker, Bush, Christie, Paul,and the biggest perpetual joke, Trump. Nobody even close to electable.

  5. Native Americans always had Wise Women sitting at the table. America is thrusting for Woman’s Leadership!
    HISTORY = HIS-STORY is Male…
    The cutting-edge Future is Female!

  6. Jeb and the Republicans are attached to the 2016 election by an inclined plane wrapped radially around an axis.

  7. Remind me again – what’s Jeb’s job? Other than serving on a board of directors for friends at million dollar salaries to meet twice a year someplace nice. I mean “job” job.

    What’s that? He’s never really had one? I thought not. Jeb is one lumpy doughy unhealthy looking dude. The least he could do is get a facial and a haircut so he’d look presentable.

  8. I have heard some talk about Julian Castro. He is pretty impressive. Might be a bit young though. I think he only just turned 40. He could excite a whole lot of people. Both he and his brother, Joaquin, are very capable and have strong futures.

  9. Jethro needs to return to FL, the Casey Anthony, George
    Zimmerman, hanging chad state that has shown us all
    just what can slither from swamps.[WINK]

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