Obama Drops The Hammer On Republicans By Reminding Them Obamacare Was Their Idea

obama on the 5th anniversary of Obamacare

President Obama let loose on Republicans today by explaining that the GOP will never be able to come up with their own healthcare plan because Obamacare was based on their ideas.


The president said:

But the bottom line is this for the American people: The Affordable Care Act, this law, is saving money for families and for businesses. This law is also saving lives — lives that touch all of us. It’s working despite countless attempts to repeal, undermine, defund, and defame this law.

It’s not the “job-killer” that critics have warned about for five years. When this law was passed, our businesses began the longest streak of private-sector job growth on record: 60 straight months, five straight years, 12 million new jobs.

It’s not the fiscal disaster critics warned about for five years. Health care prices are rising at the slowest rate in nearly 50 years, which has helped cut our deficit by two-thirds since I took office. Before the ACA, health care was the single biggest driver driving up our projected deficits. Today, health care is the single biggest factor driving those projections down.

I mean, we have been promised a lot of things these past five years that didn’t turn out to be the case: death panels, doom. A serious alternative from Republicans in Congress.

The budget they introduced last week would literally double the number of the uninsured in America. And in their defense, there are two reasons why coming up with their own alternative has proven to be difficult.

First, it’s because the Affordable Care Act pretty much was their plan before I adopted it — based on conservative, market-based principles developed by the Heritage Foundation and supported by Republicans in Congress, and deployed by a guy named Mitt Romney in Massachusetts to great effect. If they want to take credit for this law, they can. I’m happy to share it.

And second, it’s because health reform is really hard and the people here who are in the trenches know that. Good people from both parties have tried and failed to get it done for 100 years, because every public policy has some trade-offs, especially when it affects one-sixth of the American economy and applies to the very personal needs of every individual American.

Republicans will never be able to come up with their own health care plan because the ACA was their healthcare plan. Considering how Republicans have opposed the ACA, it is a bit mind boggling to remember that the Affordable Care Act was their idea.

President Obama demonstrated just how much of a loser running on repealing Obamacare will be for Republicans in 2016. Bashing the ACA works when Republicans are running in regionalized and gerrymandered elections, but just like Mitt Romney in 2012, Republicans stumble every time they are confronted with the fact that the ACA was based on their ideas.

Obama has spent the week of the fifth anniversary of the ACA relentlessly hammering Republicans, but the most damning indictment against the GOP is the fact that they refuse to take credit for a successful Obama accomplishment that was based on their ideas.

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  1. All the more reason they hate ACA, the President took the seed of a Republican idea, revised it, and MADE IT WORK!!!!

  2. Why has it taken him 5 years to say this? I’ve been saying that this was their plan, yet, they attacked it after Obama supported it.

  3. I keep asking the question: Why???

    Medicare Part D that was passed by the GOP during the Bush II Presidency didn’t bring the ugly howls and criticism.

    I consider ACA just a baby step…towards Universal Healthcare.

  4. He has said it over and over. It is actually only marginally accurate but keeps the meme that is correct – the mandate IS from Heritage. The rest is how ACA surpasses Romney and Heritage: a sliding scale based on income rather than a flat $200 subsidy no matter what your premium costs; limited increases in premiums as you age; vastly smaller deductibles and a huge number of preventive services that lie outside that deductible. NONE of that is in Romneycare. It proved highly unaffordable in MA but is highly affordable in ACA.

    So of course they hate it. It IS working and this way it works for us rather than insurance companies that did not have to shell out until you’d paid out your full $15,000 per person per year deductible.

    Yup – it IS based on Heritage/Romney but is soooooo much better for human beings!

  5. This is how stupid republicans are. They cant even do simple math

    In an apparent miscalculation, House Rules Committee Chairman Pete Sessions (R-Texas) claimed Tuesday that ObamaCare will cost $5 million per person.
    Precisely how Sessions arrived at that calculation during House floor debate on the budget is unclear.

    “If that’s true, and if I accept the figures that the gentlewoman, the ranking member of the committee, said of the number of people who are on ObamaCare, Affordable Care Act, about 12 [million]. If you just do simple multiplication, 12 million into $108 billion, we’re talking literally every single recipient would be costing this government more than $5 million per person for their insurance. It’s staggering,” Sessions said.
    “If it really is true that everybody that is on this Affordable Care Act, that the true cost, cost to the taxpayer, is over $5 million for each person, then shame on us. For not knowing, asking, and understanding,” Sessions added.

    However, $108 billion divided by 12 million is only $9,000.
    But it gets better
    The actual number is less than half that, at roughly $4,000 per newly insured American.

  6. so when scotus kills the aca in june, over 4 words, and 16 million get screwed, incl congress, how bad do you think its going to get. i hear like me in CA our exchange will go on, but i hear that the weight of the whole collapse of the death insurance cabal might go into the toilet.

    meanwhile, since i self carry my ins. since the aca in two years i have saved over $2400 a year, and get better care. i hope if it does crash, we get the anarchy we deserve….

  7. Yes, Mr. President, keep using that hammer whenever necessary. They have had no problem using the hammer on you.

  8. Excuse me djchefron, they way pass stupid. They are treasonous traitors dogs. Their the descendent of Judas. Judas betrayed Jesus, they betrayed the American people, the country leader, the constitution, but most of all with their hand on the bible they betrayed their oath of office.
    This mutinous dog is no different than McConnell telling governors to break the law by ignore EPA, Ryan telling state to stop signing people for ACA. Then they lying about knowing about knowledge of Bibi spying on the Nuclear Talks. I hope people are awake and paying attention (I’ll not talking about people who took time to vote and help others to vote).

  9. I have had the insurance for over a year now. plain and simple, it saved my life and probably saved my wife’s life as well. hard for me to argue with the price I pay which isn’t really too bad. if Ted had the courage he would forgo insurance coverage offered by the US Government on principle. Total dweeb to me

  10. Nothing says ‘vote for me’ like ‘go home and die. And take your kids with you.’

    Another shot right to the foot.

  11. Hey, DJ, Sessions arrived at that figure because he had his head up hisass and the fumes made him dizzy.

  12. @Maxie2014, exactly what I have been practically screaming about for years! Whenever a conservative criticized Obamacare, I always said it was based on Romneycare, which was based on the conservative Heritage Foundation’s principals!!! It was like talking to a wall. It didn’t matter. I told all the democratic organizations that those points needed to be spread far and wide but they never did. Most people don’t know that! Things could have been very different in congress had the president and other dems spoke up before!!!

  13. If the basis for your claim that Obamacare is a Republican idea is based on the proposition that Obamacare is a nationwide version of Romneycare, you are ignoring two significant factors.

    First, the legal fact that there is a fundamental difference between State governments and the federal government. Governments conceptually are virtually unlimited in power, they can do anything except that which, for whatever reason, they become forbidden to do. The US government is different. It is a government of limited powers, those powers being the ones specified in the Constitution. Obama had to find authority in the US Constitution for Obamacare; Romney merely had to point out that nothing in the MA Constitution forbade Romneycare.

    The second difference is funding. Romneycare is essentially an extension of Medicaid. Medicaid – the US government – was going to help MA by paying 50% of the cost of Romneycare. Nobody was going to subsidize the US gov’t for 50% of the cost of Obamacar…

  14. And if the Supremes hadn’t stepped in every state would be expanding Medicare (as intended) and the program would be much stronger as the shared costs would extend to all Americans and not just half the states.

  15. Tani, I also love the fact this was based on an idea from the thugs,It works! The thugs want to repeal it sooo bad. This bill was named the Affordable Care Act. The thugs(thinking they were going to kill this bill by) naming it “Obamacare” have made it possible for history to continue calling it “Obamacare”. No matter what they do, it will survive as Obamacare. Pres Obama will go down in history as the Pres who provided health care for many Americans. This is the kicker! He Is a Black man! The soul reason the thugs want to destroy him. He was Not supposed to be successful.

  16. Strange is it not?

    That Tez Crud signs up for Obamacare instead of Opting Out, like so many Republicans preached just a short while ago?

    “Which part of Obamacare don’t you like?”
    “The Obama part!”

  17. Roberts is not going to let that happen To the ACA in my opinion, I think Roberts and his crew will deep six
    President Obama immigration Excutive Order, calling it unconstitutional.

  18. Cruz has NO principles! Cobra and private insurance are EXPENSIVE! This was a economic decision by
    Mr.& Mrs Ted Cruz.

  19. This is a misrepresentation of the truth. The heritage plan is radically dissimilar to the ACA and it was never well supported at a national level by republicans.

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