24 Replies to “Republican Emails Games Backfire As Second Private Jeb Bush Email Account Uncovered”

  1. If Republicans actually did their homework for once- they’d be a lot more dangerous. But since they’re all hot and bothered to throw everything at a potential candidate…

  2. They decided to make a nontroversy about the whole thing and they now wonder how it all bit them in the ass.

    Glass houses, friends, glass houses.

  3. We told them so….cut the BS. There is NO scandal there with their “e-mail gate” scandal wishes. They rocked the behive, only to get stung by the bees. More to come. Let he who cast the first stone……

  4. It’s nothing like the pot calling the kettle black. Rethugs are constantly shooting themselves in the foot hoping that it will give them the upper hand.

  5. Their response to everything is unthoughtout, knee-jerk,lacking forethought. This is why they are completely unable to propose anything resembling reality. The gotp is totally under the control of the koch regime and must follow orders inorder to avoid a court marshal (no donor $$). Gotp are puppets.

  6. Wow!!! The god must have came down and thee shall not speak about this.

    Its been over three hours since this was posted and not one bagger have said WTF! JEB?

    Now can you mentally challenged idiots know why we don’t give a rats ass about emails?

  7. Now, djchefron, we both know how great GOP/TPers are at ignoring things they don’t approve of/like. It’s very likely that this revelation about Jeb will make them close ranks and support him more now than ever. Their pattern of behavior is easy to predict.

  8. I really don’t think Jeb will be the nominee. The baggers are feeling their oats and to them he stinks of establishment

  9. Jeb’s 400 emails over a 5 year period “almost” equals Hillary’s several hundred thousand in a year. Pretty good job a trying to make a mountain out of a molehill to effect a re-direct of attention. Hillary is a maggot [Whoops. Lost us at “maggot”. Sincerely, Augustus]

  10. It’s the double standard that’s being called out. Since you’re so concerned about volume of documents, you must’ve been really upset when the Bush administration “lost” 22 million emails during the oh-so-patriotic outing of Valerie Plane. At the time Darrell Issa deflected/downplayed the matter by blaming it on detective IBM software.

    Please tell us how angry you were.

  11. #1) Is there any law that says that as Governor Bush was required to use his official e-mail account for anything pertaining to his work? As a Federal official Hilary was required to do so by law.
    #2) This article leaves out a LOT of information. For example they say that Bush claimed he didn’t know he had an e-mail account at some organization but that over 400 people had written TO that account.It never comments one way or the other whether or not he ever replied to any of them or sent any e-mails FROM the account. Sloppy journalism at best.

  12. It’s funny how every left wing news outlet thinks all Republicans back Bush, thus believing we all fall under the category of being “backfired” upon, for lack of a better term. If the left actually did their homework, they would know half of the Republican party doesn’t even like Jeb. Half of the party is trying to overthrow the fake conservative GOP establishment RINO corporate aslickers who are destroying our party and we ARE PRAYING TO GOD FOR JEB TO LOSE, so this doesn’t backfire for schit, because not everyone is on the GOP corporate dksucking train backing Jebby boy. But, I’m glad the btches on here are doing the work of destroying Jeb for us, thank you.

  13. Forgive me for asking, but my memory sometimes fails me.

    Didn’t Mitt Romney, upon leaving the Governor’s office in MA, literally destroy or “buy” all the hard drives in his office computers?

    If so, was that legal?

  14. No, you are wrong. At the time of Hilary’s term as Sec’t of State, there was no law requiring that she only use Federal email. The law wasn’t passed until AFTER she left office. Nice try.

  15. When is it going to be addressed seriously and by media about Governors, when leaving office, destroying harddrives & taxpayer paid equipment, thereby destroying said Governor’s record & state employees & anything citizens had possible ongoing issues with the state.

    One in the public eye now, Huckabee being he’s prancing around as a candidate but not publicly saying so & Romney – there being no outcry about it in 2012 when Romney ran. Have others done so – most certainly. There just wasn’t the outcry. Chance of Christie, Walker et al doing it – definitely.

    It’s also the issue that it’s the destruction of property paid for by taxpayers. In my opinion – should be charges for jail time & massive fines – it’s not PRIVATE property. Every destruction means wasted taxpayer funds to equip state government and staff time to ‘rebuilt’ issues ongoing whether for citizens or corporations.

  16. If he was unaware of an email account in his name, can you only imagine what would go on if he was in the white house? Does he really think that explanation is believable?

  17. If that’s how republicans feel about Jeb then they’re in a worse position going into the next election than I thought. He looks like their frontrunner to me considering the other potential nominations are virtually unelectable. They’re all corporate shills, but Jeb has enough political capital to have a fighting chance to deceive the public into voting for him.

  18. While I am a Republican/conservative/Tea Party member I find it highly offensive that another Bush thinks himself above the law. They are not. No one is above the law, and especially public servants. To be fair is for libs to use facts about Killery. The law she broke was removing classified material from the workplace, not archiving ANY emails until she was caught. That amounts to what, 2-3 years of emails on a personal server only under her control? I read this article even though it was on a liberal site. If libs and conservative continue down this highly non-partisian road you/we will destroy our Republic. Get a grip open your eyes, Killery is bad for this country.

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