Republicans Screw Over Students By Blocking Elizabeth Warren’s Student Loan Plan


republicans block elizabeth warren student loan amendment

Senate Republicans have acted to protect a few millionaires at the expense of millions of students by voting to block Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s student loan bill.

Warren’s budget amendment would have allowed college students to refinance their loans down to a 3.9% interest rate. Her proposal would have been paid for by a Buffett Rule tax on millionaires.


Video of Sen. Warren (D-MA) introducing her amendment:

Before the vote, Sen. Warren said:

Millions of borrowers are still stuck paying interest rates at 6 percent, 8 percent, 10 percent and even higher. The amendment would save borrowers hundreds if not thousands. We have a choice: protect a tax loophole for billionaires or give millions of middle-class people a chance to build some real economic security. … Congress has worked too long for the billionaires.


Last year, Republicans blocked our efforts to lower student loan interest rates … so tens of millions of borrowers got nothing. While Republicans were busy blocking student loan refinancing, our country’s student debt problem got worse, much worse.

By a vote of 46-53, Senate Republicans chose to protect the millionaires and billionaires.

A college degree is supposed to be a pathway to economic opportunity, but for millions of borrowers, students loans have become a fast lane to crippling debt. Affordable higher education options have been replaced with a system where students and parents must choose between expensive, very expensive, and unaffordable.

By not dealing with rising costs, Republicans are making higher education an option for the wealthy only. Blocking a bill that would help millions, and boost the economy, in order to protect millionaires and billionaires is the type of backwards thinking that caused the Great Recession.

Senate Republicans may have blocked Sen. Warren today, but she and her fellow Democrats will continue to fight on for students and the middle-class.

14 Replies to “Republicans Screw Over Students By Blocking Elizabeth Warren’s Student Loan Plan”

  1. Republicans caring about their “daddies” only…

    And then they dare calling other people “takers” and accusing Democrats of giving “handouts” and “gifts” to get votes…

    Heck, Republicans take their orders from the wealthy!

  2. In a way you have to look at they are talking to their base. Ma and Pa kettle never went to college in fact if you have any education they turn their pink noses up at the so called elites. So this wont hurt them with the baggers

  3. All of them there edumacated folks also like to believe in evilution.

    The cult of ignorance combines with the cult of greed- and America bleeds out a little more.

  4. How could we possibly think the tea bag/repubs would vote YES on somthing that could actually help others.

    Why is ripping off students so wonderful?

    It’s WRONG to profit from this as well as I’m tired of my health being a commodity!!!


  5. Well, they are too stupid to realize that while they are blocking all these student loans, thinking that it is the liberal colleges they are affecting, they are also blocking their own.

    How many colleges and universities are religious institutions, like Liberty University, that also get student loans from the government.

    I suppose we should be glad that they are shafting their own as well.

  6. Will quote from a post above. “A college degree is supposed to be a pathway to economic opportunity”.
    The most important word here is “Supposed.”
    With this in mind. We must remember the rethugs DO NOT WANT an educated population.
    Education, gives a person the ability to think for themselves, THIS is not considered a wanted ability in any thug mind. They want a population who will listen to what they say, with a smile on the face and believe THE Y are looking out for them.

  7. Senator Warren, I would like to thank you trying to help the middle class. We need you. I would like to point out that after 911 a lot of our jobs went by the wayside. The income levels dropped by mountains, a jobs were being shipped overseas left and right. Anyone graduating for college had a harder time finding a job and one that paid the same as before 911. Yet our children and some parents still had to pay back those loans at high interest rates. Shame on the republican party..You truly are becoming a disgrace to our nation in more that one way.

  8. Ya gotta love Elizabeth Warren for standing up for
    people who can’t spend Kochpious amounts to
    push their agendas. Wonder how many repug women
    would vote against a Clinton/Warren ticket in 2016?

  9. So expecting someone to pay for what they agreed to, somehow makes the GOP wrong? That is the kind of whacked thinking that has got us into this mess in the first place.

  10. What mess? Most western countries provide free college education to their citizens. But being an idiot you wouldn’t agree with that

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