Bernie Sanders Stands Up For The Middle Class By Dropping a Huge Fact Bomb On The Senate

Bernie Sanders minimum wage

In the midst of a Senate budget vote-a-rama that Republicans are filling with anti-Obamacare and economy killing votes, Senator Bernie Sanders took the Senate floor and dropped the fact bomb that raising the minimum wage is real job creator.


Sen. Sanders said, “The simple truth is that in America people working full time should not be living in poverty. Since 1968, the real value of the federal minimum wage has fallen by close to thirty percent, and people all over this country and in state after state on their own have voted to raise the minimum wage. And, by the way, in state after state where the minimum wage has gone up, more jobs have been created. Let us stand today with the tens of millions of workers who are struggling to put food on the table to take care of their families.”

The Sanders amendment to raise the federal minimum wage failed to pass 48-52. The good news for Democrats and the left is that Sen. Sanders fell just three votes short of passage as just a simple majority of fifty-one votes are required to pass budget amendments.

Labor Department data for the first six months of 2014 revealed that the 13 states that raised their minimum wage created more jobs than the 37 that didn’t, “In the 13 states that boosted their minimums at the beginning of the year, the number of jobs grew an average of 0.85% from January through June. The average for the other 37 states was 0.61%.”

There are decades worth of data and studies that confirm what Sen. Sanders was saying. The Republican opposition to raising the minimum wage is ideological. The anti-minimum wage position lacks credible non-partisan statistics and data to support its claims. Republicans hang their opposition on a myth that raising the minimum wage kills jobs, but 64 studies have proven that the Republican talking point to be false.

Sen. Sanders dropped a dose of reality on Senate Republicans today. If the 52 Republican Senators who voted no really wanted to boost the economy, the first thing they should do is reverse course and support raising the minimum wage.

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  1. Now Bernie, talking facts to the TP/GOP in Congress will not work. You see unless Fox news tells them something everything else is not a credible source. But it was a nice try, Bernie keep it up!

  2. It’s pointless trying to present REAL FACTS to those that are stuck on STUPID.

    The tea bag/repubs want slave labor!

  3. I finally figured why Republicans do what they do. They want their base stupid and poor so they can always blame the coloreds for keeping them down. And the racist knuckleheads fall for it every time

  4. The bill failed by 3 votes and that’s a lot better than they had hoped for If Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren can hammer the Senate down, maybe we citizens have hope for this country.

  5. don’t forget the illegals that come to steal jobs and work for less than the minimum wage and do the work the knuckleheads are too lazy to do..

  6. I find it amayzingly sad that a senator who makes $87.00 per hour plus tons of perks and lobbiest payoffs can’t vote yes on raising the $7.25 minimum wage.
    We have become a very selfish and now corporate owned nation.
    Corporations are posting OUTLANDISH PROFITS!!!

    $174,000 / 50 weeks / 40 hours a week = $87.00 per hour

  7. The Republicans are stuck on their “job creators” and trickle down economics BS that actual facts will never get them to budge. They just dig in further. They know their base is too stupid and/or bigoted to leave them for the Democrats. Unfortunately their base is growing old and dieing so now they have to resort to vote suppression and gerrymandering to win. That’s the obvious reason the right wingers on the SCOTUS gutted the Voting Rights Act.

  8. Would you care to elaborate on this? Please include detailed statistics and vetted verified data. Please link the sources of the statistics and vetted verified data as well.

  9. I believe Mr.Sanders is right his love for mankind and wanting to bring fairness back into this country is the only way to go his agendas are the ones that make the most sense. i am so tired of the hatred and the bigotry going on in this day and age we seem to be going backward and people are living paycheck to paycheck just to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table for their families people are willing to work they don’twant handouts and the republican party seems to think this and is just another reason for them to keep the working class not to succeed in life and less education for the less fortunate.

  10. You people just watch Fox News and spew the garbage back out of your mouths as facts. The “Facts” are that the illegals that come here pick fruit and veggies that the American worker won’t do or refuses to do since it’s back breaking work and they make literally 1 cent per pound. They have to pick 4,000 pound to make $40.00. How stupid do you feel now…hopefully like the rest of the right wing.

  11. Since you’re too damn lazy:

    The Texas economy is dependent on immigrant labor

    Undocumented workers: essential but unwanted
    “Undocumented workers are cast by the hysterical as enemies of the state, but they are essential to the U.S. economy. We use them for their labor but decry their presence. We’re all complicit.”

    California’s addiction to immigrant labor
    “Immigration has helped middle and upper-income Californians economically while driving down wages for those with the fewest job skills.”–.html

  12. I know I post a fair amount of Mr. Sanders stuff, however he is one of the few really fighting to get the truth out and push back on republican lies. FACT: the 13 states that have passed a raise in min. wage have had better job creation than all the other states. History bears the facts that putting money in the pockets of americans grows the economy.. FACT: History has three times in the last half century shown that “trickle down” putting money in the wealthy’s pockets DOES NOT CREATE JOBS!

  13. As LBJ said, ” “If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.”

  14. Don’t forget those that clean homes, offices and factories. Clean and scrub public toilets and washrooms.
    Take care of infants, children and the elderly.
    Gardeners, sanitation workers, slauter houses and poultry plants.
    Home building labor.

    America is dependant on CHEAP IMMIGRANT LABOR.

  15. The fact is the GOP doesn’t care one bit about the American worker or American families. They are owned by the Corporations that will not pay a higher wage. Wages are a 100% tax write off for Corporations, so they can’t use their lie here of they can’t afford it. Especially when many of these corporations pay little or no tax, and get refunds from the IRS. The GOP should be in jail for blatant disregard to its constituents. Treason would not be out of line when considering what they have and haven’t done for this country.

  16. “TRICKLE-DOWN” hasn’t worked since governor Reagan used California as the guinea pig beginning in 1967.

    But they keep beating that dead horse!

  17. In 1975 when COLA was made automatic the Federal Min. Wage was $2.10 If it had been indexed for COLA it would be worth $10.21 in 2014.

  18. I love Bernie. He tells it like it is and doesn’t hold back. He needs to be our voice. Remain our voice whether he runs or not. I do not understand why intelligent people with conviction are bumbling idiots. Mass brainwashing. Here’s what I found. The radical propagandists were observed by a psychologist at a place where Fox News plays all day.Like many of us, she could not figure out what they were about. She observed and noticed repeated character traits and the techniques used to convey their message.I have never seen reference to any government issue. This is a MUST read, this fits perfectly.

  19. Actually it is a lot more per hour, don’t believe Senators actually work 40 hours for 50 weeks. [WINK] More like 20 x 20

  20. What Sanders should really being doing, this year and in the upcoming 2016 presidential election year, if he REALLY wants to get traction and national media attention and reduce EVERY OTHER politician to shame, is leading a national discussion on the topic of the importance of capital ownership and how we can expand the base of private capital ownership simultaneously with the creation of new physical capital formation, with the aim of building long-term financial security for all Americans through accumulating a viable capital estate.

  21. I wait for his wise words every day. I read an article that Vermont is traditionally conservative and they may not agree 100% on issues, but they know he is for the people. He is known as Bernie, that’s it. He approaches people, walks with them. He KNOWS them and very respected.

  22. Gary, so you’re saying if the money we paid in taxes back in the 80s and trickled it to your suggestion instead of corporate investment pockets, we might be living better today financially. You have a good idea unfornunately they aren’t reasonable. Also I hate to think this but I believe some vote on 1 issue. Guns or womens rights (abortion).

  23. Good doublespeak. Unfortunately, capital formation for those struggling week to week is an illusion, much like trickle down economics.

    The next time you decide to exercise your intellect you might want to consider your use of verbs and verb tenses. Spellcheck is not the answer and Jesus can’t help because I don’t think he knew English.

  24. let me clarify my statement…

    I meant it to point to another set of lies that Republicans tell in order to keep their base fired up… like the myth of the Welfare Queen or the people that collect unemployment are lazy drug addicts (new Welfare Queens)

    the Republicans would claim that everyone would have a job and wages would rise if only we didn’t have to deal with illegals taking those jobs and keeping wages low…

  25. Vermont is a bit more liberal than you think…

    >Governor Howard Dean signed into law a bill that made Vermont the first state to set up a parallel “domestic partnership” status commonly referred to as “Civil Union”), providing gay and lesbian couples the right to register their relationship and receive the same rights as heterosexual couples.
    >became the first state to legalize same-sex marriage without being forced to do so by a court
    >First state to call for constitutional convention to get money out of politics
    >First State To Require GMO Labeling
    Is The First State To Publish A 100-Year Climate Assessment
    >Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream is headquartered there

  26. If people were actually paid fairly, I doubt anyone would be opposed to almost any job. I am FOR increasing the minimum wage.. I live in Oregon and it is above $9 per hour.
    Here is my issue though… These jobs are meant for entry level folks and teenagers. They are not meant to be a career and a means to pay a mortgage with.
    Second, what about the rest of us whose pay is equally low compared to the “fat cats” Raising up the bottom does nothing for those of us in the middle… If anything, it will hurt me as the cost of living goes up because the fat cats will never forego their huge profit margins…

  27. I realize that, but had to use the standard 40 hour work week for 50 weeks with a 2 week vacation, otherwise the simpletons wouldn’t understand.

    But I did receive 1 NO WAY anyway based on it without a rebuttal, but then they don’t have anything to rebutt with.

  28. you know their agenda is to keep the American people as down as long as they can and scare them as much as possible, it’s time to take the country back and do what’s right for EVERYONE, not just the already rich. It is despicable that the average corporate tax is 11%, it should be closer to 30-35% until corporate America pays their FAIR share, it will always be this way, time to get OUR house in order

  29. No big bomb as in the story.. Bernie has been brought up the same bill every day all week & gotten the same vote each time.. Not even news worthy.. & I got my info from actually watchibg the Congress in action.. Dry & booring as it can be.. maybe you should watch it aswell

  30. Black folks have known this for a very long time. Thank you for saying it. If these yahoos ever came to their senses and realized that black people only make up 12-13% of the population and that middle class and poor whites have more in common with that 12-13% of working middle class or poor black people than they do in with the 1% uber wealthy – well we might be able to make some economic progress for the average citizen in this country. But the super rich know that as long as they keep us divided no one is looking at them. They can keep all their ill gotten profits and continue to park their money off-shore while the rest of us keep this country economically stable. They don’t pay their fair share and they never will unless made to.

  31. I do wish people would quit qith the name calling.. if you have no facts to offer then don’t post nonsence for the sake of nonsence.. & quit with the Rase BS

  32. Have you considered that this is not about corporations but every mom & pop store, resturant, etc.. Corp. can absorb most coats but how about the little guys, who themselves work 14-16 hours a day.. they can not afford $10 per hour.. many states are farmlands & they can’t afford to payworkers that much either.. Repu. arte no more owned then Dem. are by the unions & they too get their money from BIG money.. top three wealthiest in the US.. Bill Gates,over $70 bill. Warren Buffett over $70 bill & Ellison over $60 bill.

  33. Let’s be clear about one thing… Immigrants do the work for less than we are willing to work for.

    They come from a place where $5/hr is a good wage. So they run to these jobs.

    Once reality sets in, they’re stuck. Can’t move up. Can’t go back home. Can’t learn English because the farmers work them 16 hours a day.

    This is why we need immigration reform.

    This is why we need higher minimum wages.

    This is why we need to punish EMPLOYERS who take advantage of undocumented workers.

  34. You will then be unhappy to know tthat just a few minutes ago the Senate passed a tax reliefe bill for businesses with just a voice vote & Obama backing.. even Obama has known from day one the only way to bring businesses back to the US was by lowering the tax rates, they were the highest in the world.. Get the companies to come back & the revanues & jobs would more than make up for the tax differences

  35. Bull we don’t have the highest tax rate. The biggest reason businesses move over seas, is because the can pay slave wages and not have standards for decent working conditons. There’s a reason businesses aren’t relocating to Europe, tax rates are much higher there. They take better care of their citizens (socialized healthcare). Bangladesh is one of their countries of choice, if only they can keep the buildings from falling on their employees.

  36. I’ve been reading so many articles regarding about Senator Sanders and lucky for the state to have a politician who truly cares for his constituents. I’ve also read that their governor is for single payer, for which is badly needed in this country, and saddended that it failed. Hopefully in the future, this country finally has universal healthcare. This program strenghtens the middle class, by providing a healthy workforce and citizens could retire knowing they can go to the doctor anytime. I’d move to vermont and would seem to love it, but it’s too cold.

  37. Yes, there are some illegals who will do work for less than minimum wage. But, whose at fault there? The people who HIRE illegals. They should be put out of business when they are caught employing illegals. Then that would stop,.

  38. Rick, one would hope this is true, but sadly it is not. There is a whole new crop of bigots ready to jump into the fray. Currently, there are 6 Republican women under 50 and 62 Republican men under 50 serving in the House of Representatives. On the Senate side there are 10 Republican Senators under 50 and 2 of them are female.

    So, while we can hope that bigotry dies out – it looks like it is going to take a long time.

  39. Fact is most illegals take jobs no one else wants to do, yet the problem of illegals can be solved very easily if our elected wanted to by cracking down on those that hire the illegals but that would mean many of themselves and the rich would have to give up their domestic help, gardeners, and big corporations like Mickey D’s would lose cheap labor. No they rather it remain an issue that divides the middle class and keeps them in office to do the bidding of the rich.

  40. Tell ’em Bernie. The GOP(Greedy One Percenters)
    should try existing on $7.25 an hour wages and
    they’d see how unChristian their “values” trully

  41. The Illegals do the jobs that no one else is willing to do?


    No one is willing to do them not because they’re too lazy, but because they don’t pay a living wage.

    In my youth I picked fruit in fields- I got paid by the amount I picked. Hard work? Oh yeah, but we did it.
    That same job is done by illegals now. Farmers get by, by paying the illegals far less.

    And every time the U.S. cracks down on those who employ illegals- the Republicans come to their defense.

    Republicans don’t want to ‘secure our borders’. Because that would cut off their supply of ultra-cheap labor.

  42. Manderlay, I would assume the Mississippi Burning movie stole LBJ’s line — Gene Hackman described “his daddy” pretty much the same way in the movie.

  43. WTF, does your head in the sand dumbass mean? Look that is your party playing the racist, homophobic. anti women card. Just because your stupid ass don’t want to acknowledge it that don’t mean it isn’t true. In the future don’t try to debate because you are a dumbass who cant see reality

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