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A New Report Proves Republican Governed Red States Are Economic Parasites


By now only comatose Americans or fools dependent on Fox News for their information, are aware that states that consistently vote Republican and against their own best interest suck more money from the federal government than Democratic states. It leads one to marvel at the relevance of George Carlin’s saying “never underestimate the power, or danger, of stupid people in large groups.” Residents in red states across the nation are already suffering from Republican policies that are raping the economic life out of the people, and in most cases the only thing keeping the people, particularly the poor people, from starvation and ill-health is the federal government; the entity they hate with religious fervor and elect Republicans to eviscerate.

Now, yet another report reveals that those same red state Republican voters who want the federal government cut to shreds are leeching substantially more assets from the federal government they want destroyed at the expense of blue states that are supporting them. This time the report is not from a liberal-leaning think tank, or any government agency; it is from a commercial organization with no political or economic stake in the study’s results. If this were the first report of its kind showing red state economies would wither and die, and the people would starve, without leaching federal funding from blue states, one may be inclined to dismiss it as an aberration. However, study after study has consistently  exposed anti-federal government Republican states as being incredibly dependent on the federal government they hate with religious passion and just voted for Republicans to fulfill their wishes and decimate it. Never, never ever, underestimate the power of stupid Republican voters in red states who are a Presidential veto away from seeing their evil dream reach fruition.

The new report is courtesy of WalletHub; a commercial personal financial web site that rated all 50 states on the basis of their dependence on the federal government to support their economies and keep poor people alive. The report was compiled from data and condensed into “four metrics” not unlike other studies, but without a political motivation for conducting the research. The categories were; the return in federal dollars on taxpayer investment, or how many federal dollars a state receives as opposed to what the residents pay in.  The percentage of state revenue from federal funding that keeps the state from declaring bankruptcy and its residents from starving or dying from lack of medical care. The number of non-defense (civilian) federal employees in a state, as opposed to states supported by large military installations. And last, the per capita federal employee rate in the state such as federal marshals, park rangers, federal highway workers, and federal regulators keeping air, water, and food safe.

Obviously, the two most important metrics in the study were the return on taxpayer investment, and the percentage of federal dollars a state depends on to prop up its economy and provide for the people’s general welfare from federal programs. Republican states have benefitted greatly from federal healthcare such as Medicaid, Medicare, and the Affordable Care Act, and it is relatively common knowledge that the largest percentage of SNAP (food stamp) recipients are poor white Republicans in red states; likely because red state legislators enacted Draconian ‘right to work’ laws keeping wages at or below poverty levels. What informs the epic stupidity of red state Republican voters is that they are the morons who consistently send Republicans to Washington to rein in the federal budget and cut the federal government down to size.

True to their word, and according to their base’s wishes, the Republican congressional representatives their mindless supporters just handed control of Congress to just passed a seriously Draconian budget that does precisely what red state voters yearned for; ended “federal interference” in their lives. If the Republican budget stands, red state voters will get their wish and can finally stop bemoaning the horrid ‘federal interference’ in their lives; the interference that kept food on their tables, their families in relatively decent health, and their state economies from going bankrupt. It is likely that the same morons and racists are too stupid to comprehend that the damage their state legislatures have been wreaking on them is about to be magnified a hundred fold due to less federal interference (funding) in their poverty-stricken lives. In fact, it may seem inhumane, but one almost wishes President Obama was not inclined to veto the Republican budget proposals just to let the real Americans, those patriotic “rugged individuals” comprehend just how much worse their pathetic existence would be without the federal government, blue states’ largesse, and humanitarian Democrats unwilling to allow their fellow citizens, no matter how stupid, suffer so the rich get richer.

One also wonders exactly how red state legislatures will fund their wealthy residents’ tax cuts when their already fragile economies’ revenue streams completely dry up due to budget cuts congressional Republicans voted for to ‘balance the budget and rein in the federal government. It is no secret that, for instance, every dollar spent on SNAP (food stamps) returns $1.70 back in red states’ floundering economies that in turn creates jobs. Obviously, Republicans in Congress could not care less that crucial federal dollars keeping their home state economies from disaster is being transferred directly to the wealthy and the military industrial complex instead of sustaining their idiotic constituency. Some of the poorest states, all red states, are dependent on federal funding for 30 to 45% of their total revenue and the GOP’s budget will slash that revenue and make dire revenue shortfalls already decimating red states seem like an economic bonanza.

There is no accounting for stupid people who, as equally stupid Sarah Palin claims, are the real Americans sitting on their porches holding their guns, their god, and their Constitution while supporting Republicans who promised to ravage the federal government they are convinced is stealing their liberty. It has always been a mystery where those dunces who receive federal assistance in food and healthcare think their government assistance originates. Maybe if they would lose that assistance for a while they would get a clue that the federal government they sent Republicans to Washington to demolish is all that prevents them from starving, working for a dollar an hour seven days a week, or going without lifesaving medical care, but even that eventuality is debatable.

What is noteworthy is that the blue states that receive 20, 30, or 40 cents in return for every dollar they invest in the federal government are not revolting and threatening to secede. But that is the difference between blue state residents and hateful red state Republicans; they accept that Americans assist their fellow citizens no matter how stupid they are for voting against their own best interests and the federal government that is likely all that stands between their demise and survival. Unfortunately their stupidity is a threat to the rest of the population and it is beginning to appear that they comprehend exactly what they are doing; if that is the case they are not just stupid, they are evil.

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