Friday Fox Follies – Tucker? Don’t Even Know ‘Er!


Whiny man/boy Tucker Carlson was the main subject of Tucker With An “F”, last week’s exciting episode of Friday Fox Follies. Long story short: Tucker yanked an article on The Daily Caller because it was critical of his other employer, Fox “News.” The reporter who ankled away from a good paying job in order to keep his integrity, Mickey Kaus, Tells CNN “Everyone Is Scared Of Fox.” But, FFF is fearless. That’s why I waited with baited breath to see whether the channel’s Media Critic would handle it, or bury it. He did both.

In Howard Kurtz: Tucker Carlson’s Rule Against Criticizing Fox ‘Undercuts’ The Daily Caller’s ‘Independence’, Mediaite’s writes:

On this Sunday’s MediaBuzz, host Howard Kurtz dedicated 23 seconds to the controversy surrounding the resignation of a Daily Caller columnist after the site’s founder Tucker Carlson nixed a piece critical of Fox News.

That’s right, kids. Kurtz devoted less than 30 seconds to it and it was buried near the end of the show. But, at least didn’t try to rehabilitate FTucker. Watch:

Which makes one wonder how Kurtz will cover The Daily Caller’s Latest Brush With Sexism: Email Calls Spokesperson A “Self-Righteous Bitch,” “LabiaFace.” That headline  didn’t tell the whole story because it was Tucker Carlson’s Brother Caught Calling de Blasio Spox a ‘LabiaFace.’ According to Mediate’s , Buckley (?!?) Carlson emailed Tucker:

“Great response. Whiny little self-righteous b*tch. “Appalling?” And with such an ironic name, too… Spitalnick? Ironic because you just know she has extreme d*ck-fright; no chance has this girl ever had a pearl necklace. Spoogeneck? I don’t think so. More like LabiaFace.”

When he was asked by BuzzFeed for an explanation, Tucker Carlson replied, “I just talked to my brother about his response, and he assures me he meant it in the nicest way.”

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes: “Odious” Emails Provide “A View Into The World Of Tucker Carlson” spells it all out for you in some Must Watch Tee Vee:

Last week Tucker Carlson proved he isn’t a real journalist (which may be why he’s on Fox). This week he proved he’s running a frat house, a topic in the news lately for systemic sexism, not to mention racism. I wonder if The Daily Caller sings racist songs at its gatherings. And, I mean that in the nicest way because my editor forbids profanity.

A DIFFERENT MEDIA BUN FIGHT: First, Megyn Kelly, Kurtz Slam the Media for Not Correcting Record on Ferguson, prompting: Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart Calls Out Fox News’ “Massive Ego” And “Rush To Judgment In Almost Every Situation.”

It’s always delicious fun when Jon Stewart Tears Into Fox: ’24 Hours a Day Jerking Yourself Off.’ For my money his best line was, “I think that’s why it’s recommended you only watch Fox through a tiny pinhole poked in a piece of cardboard. You can’t look directly at Fox. It will indelibly burn your soul.” Watch for context:

PLAYING POLITICS: Now that Senator Ted Cruz has thrown his halo into the ring, the 2016 Presidential Campaign has officially started. The fun starts now because the Fox “News” GOP/Conservative/Teabaggery bias is never more apparent than during election season.

That’s why Fox Wants You To Think Ted Cruz Is A Lot Like Barack Obama and why Fox Promotes Ted Cruz’ Desire To Abolish The IRS. That’s nothing compared to how Sean Hannity Helps Ted Cruz Launch His Presidential Campaign. The articles Check Out How Hannity Tried To Make Ted Cruz Look Awesomely Presidential and Birther-Promoting Sean Hannity Doesn’t Mind That Ted Cruz Was Born In Canada show the difference between how a Republican is handled, versus a Democrat. In case the point isn’t clear enough, here he is on the POTUS: Hannity: Obama “Wants To Give The Iranians Nuclear Weapons.

Everyone had a good laugh as Neil Cavuto Begs Romney To Reconsider Throwing His Hat Into The 2016 GOP Clown Car and Karl Rove Lays Into Glenn Beck for Comments About Leaving the GOP.

As the election season continues FFF will continue to expose Fox favoritism.

LATEST LOOFAH LIES: A story FFF has been following for too long, is O’Reilly Declares Himself Vindicated Over Accusations Of Fabrications – Because Ratings. This week The Falafel King has been on almost every show on the Fox “News” Channel promoting Killing Jesus, a new movie based on one of the books in his necrophiliac/historical series that all begin with the word “Killing.” If you bet that no one asked him about this controversy, you win.

However, when he took his sideshow to less friendly territory, he couldn’t dodge a direct question from David Letterman, which Media Matters noted was riddled with new lies. Read The Dishonesty Behind O’Reilly’s Late Show Fabrication Defense and watch the dissembling for yourself:

FFF has floated a prediction: O’Reilly’ll pack it in soon. He’s making a killing from his “Killing” series and no longer needs Fox “News” or the income. More importantly, he no longer needs to subject himself to this never-ending nitpicking. Retirement probably never looked so good.

Never mind. I just remembered what a narcissist he is. He problem has a plan to put a tee vee camera in his coffin. He’ll call it the No Spin In His Grave Zone.


Fox’s Gregg Jarrett on Alcoholism Recovery:
I Wouldn’t Be Here Today if Not for Roger Ailes

Fox’s Gutfeld Updates Viewers on Bob Beckel’s Recovery

Meanwhile, Elisabeth Hasselbanana has been away this week. The Curvy Couch has had to make do with Fox fill-in female friends such as Kimberly Guilfoyle and Anna Kooiman, who — true story — showed her underwear Thursday as she mindlessly read the words on the teleprompter about the horrific plane crash in the French Alps. Someone must have mentioned it in her ear-piece because they went to B-Roll and when they came back everything was tucked up tight and you could no longer see her journalistic credentials.

But I digress. The last time Hasselbanana went missing she had a scary operation. FFF hopes she gets well and will return to spouting inanities soon.

Or, maybe she’s just on a Spring Break vacation with the family.

TARANTULA’S WEB: Sexism on Fox “News” is not just limited to the short skirts and how often it finds a way to show scantily-clad women in B-Roll. It’s also noticeable in how it frames the GOP War on Women as a Democratic War on Conservative women. However, this takes the cake:

Tantaros Trolls Feminists: ‘I’m Going To Speak Slowly’
So They Learn Rape Culture Is A ‘War On Boys’
. Watch:

FOX BYTES: Reliable Sources Morphing into CNN Version of Olbermann’s Non-Stop Fox BashingFox Panelist Rips Starbucks: ‘There Is No Discussion Needed on Race’Fox News’ Dishonest Defense Of Indiana’s Anti-LGBT “Religious Freedom” LawIs Fox News’ Anti-Gay, Anti-Jewish, Anti-Catholic Pastor Being Courted By Rand Paul?Fox Host Acts As If $15/Hr Minimum Wage Is Wildly Extravagant

Headly Westerfield says no one ever asked him to pledge a frat.

8 Replies to “Friday Fox Follies – Tucker? Don’t Even Know ‘Er!”

  1. Small nit to pick in your lead paragraph:

    “That’s why I waited with baited breath …”

    Unless you happen to be a cat that just ate a chunk of cheese in hopes of catching a mouse, you didn’t wait with “baited breath” – you waited with B-A-T-E-D breath.

  2. The thing that puzzles me the most about fox news
    is that so many people actually tune in to chug
    that swill on a daily basis. These sheeple thirst so
    much for venom to spit at folks who learned the
    truth from what fox feinds call the “lamestream
    media”. If it wasn’t so pathetic, it’d be funny. Fox
    has Limbaugh, Levin, and Oreilly spewing their
    message of negativity to a choir of haters who are
    so stupid they welcome it with open arms.

  3. It is actually from Shakespeare ‘abated’ breath has turned into ‘bated’ or Americanized with the same meaning; anticipation as in ‘baited’ a hook, waiting for the catch.

    Really not worthy of a tirade.

  4. fox viewers are full of hate, resentment and are selfish. Just look at the hateful propaganda fox spews on a daily basis. Who wants to hear hate and promoted violence, doom and gloom, pants on fire news?
    Tucker….well he’s a lil twerp that hates women!

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