Obama White House Shreds The Republican Senate Budget That Mitch McConnell Passed

obama veto 40 hour work week

The White House is sending the message to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) that the Republican budget he just passed will be rejected by President Obama unless serious changes are made.

In a statement, Press Secretary Josh Earnest said:

Following in the footsteps of their House colleagues, Senate Republicans today voted in favor of a budget that relies on top-down economics and gimmicks. The Senate Republican budget refuses to ask the wealthy to contribute a single dollar to deficit reduction, putting the entire burden on the middle-class, seniors, low-income children and families, and national security. Senate Republicans voted in favor of locking in draconian sequestration cuts to investments in the middle class like education, job training and manufacturing and also failed to responsibly fund our national security, opting instead for budget gimmicks, an approach that now faces procedural hurdles put in place by their own party.

Meanwhile, the President has a plan to bring middle class economics into the 21st Century. The President’s Budget builds on the progress we’ve made and shows what we can do if we invest in America’s future, and end sequestration, by cutting inefficient spending and reforming our broken tax code to make sure everyone pays their fair share. It lays out a strategy to strengthen our middle class with investments in research, education, training, and infrastructure, while also fulfilling our most basic responsibility to keep Americans safe.

In 2013 Republicans came to the negotiating table and ultimately chose the responsible path by supporting the Murray-Ryan agreement, which reversed harmful sequestration cuts to both defense and non-defense equally, dollar for dollar. Last night, Senators from both parties came together to call for building on that approach this year and to support paying for sequester relief with both spending and tax reforms. The President has been clear that he will not accept a budget that locks in sequestration or one that increases funding for our national security without providing matching increases in funding for our economic security. The Administration will continue to abide by these principles moving forward.

The tone of the White House statement makes it clear that if Republicans stick to their guns and give the President a budget like the ones that passed the House and Senate, Obama will veto it. By making reference to 2013 and the Ryan-Murray agreement, the White House is suggesting that McConnell and Boehner are not going to be allowed to ram their agenda down the throats of the American people via the budget process.

The Republican budgets rely on the gimmick of keeping the savings generated by the Affordable Care Act while promising to repeal “Obamacare.” The House and Senate budgets are nothing more than Republican wishlists and dream journals that should never become law.

President Obama is isn’t going to sign the Republican budget unless some serious changes are made. Without changes, the prospect of a presidential veto is growing by the day.

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  1. We could do wonders with the Deficit and the National debt by ending Corporate Welfare.

    But you’re never gonna see a “Fiscally Responsible” Republican try that tact.

    Well Done Mr. President!

  2. Thanks, Obama! No, really…thanks for standing up for the American people in the face of this horrible “budget” that will do nothing but HURT the 99% and HELP the 1%. Looks like the Kochs are getting their money’s worth from their purchased “legislators”. WHY do they want to decimate the American people? It makes it absolutely clear who they really work for.

  3. If the President vetoes the Republican budget, they have only themselves to blame.

    Not only does the proposed budgets of both the House and Senate make serious cuts to domestic spending, it locks in the 10% sequestration cuts to every government department (except the military) on TOP of the proposed domestic spending cuts.

    this is, without a doubt, an attempt of a financial coup of the current government.

    SMH in disgust.

  4. Decent people have to shine the light on those regressive republican actions as often as possible.

    Like cockroaches, these regressive ideas disappear into the woodwork as soon as someone turns the light on.

  5. House and Senate Republicans are being paid by the American Taxpayer (both Democrat and Republican) to please only the Koch brothers and their cabal and the 1% and the chicken Hawks of the Party. The poor ass Republicans are either to blind or ignorant to see it, but still lathers up to their Republican Congressmen and Senators, like paupers beging for crumbs and liking it without saying enough is enough!

  6. How much money did they waste on preparing a budget they knew would be vetoed? They just want to throw more turds in the punchbowl. Eff them…

  7. Why do they always go with what hasn’t worked since 1981, or in California’s case 1967, with the TRICKLE-DOWN PISS scheme?

    And they’re using the cost savings of Obamacare which they want to repeal?
    Does this mean they’re not going to repeal it?


  8. I’m sick and tired of paying the salaries for these GOP morons in the senate and congress who are spending time on useless crap that they know is bad for the country, bad for the middle class, and will be vetoed by the President anyways.

    If you or I went to our job everyday and did not do our job that the employer was paying us for, how long do you think we would last? I have had it up to my eyeballs with the charades. They need to have their salaries frozen until they do something constructive for all of the country.

  9. Maybe they will use the cost savings from ACA to repeal ACA. Wouldn’t put it past them. They are worse than evil, if there is such a thing.

  10. soooo glad he is finally standing up for american people, thought he would never get over trying to reason with selfish, greedy a*****les

  11. Something not mentioned here, but it appears that they are also completely removing federal library funding from the budget.

  12. Carmela, I agree. I think our President is not the confrontational type, and he really sincerely believed in his heart that if he compromised, the GOP would return same. I really think President Obama thought if he showed the GOP he was sincere, they could work together. The GOP is vile, they are shredding the country to bits, and getting paid to do it; not only by the taxpayers paying their salaries and perks; but their grimy, soulless benefactors Koch.

    I love our President. He is a great human being, as well as a President.

  13. The GOPT has no respect for:
    The poor
    The infirm
    The disabled
    The elderly

    What good are they?

  14. Seriously!

    Every commenter on this site needs to actually read this GOP party line budget in detail. We read some of the main headline grabbing details in this article, but to get a true sense of the evil inside this budget you need to read it.

    I have skimmed over the actual bill on the senate website and it’s very scary. Very scary to think that if god forbid the nation elects a conservative in 2016 this budget blueprint could actually be passed. This budget blueprint is ten times worse then anything that passed under Reagan.

  15. I’d go so far as to proclaim the only truly good Republican president was the first one to ever be elected.

    Abraham Lincoln. Whom no doubt would not recognize his party of today.

  16. Unfortunately, this article contains a major error. The budget resolution is a joint resolution that binds Congress and not a law. The President doesn’t sign it and cannot veto it. He can veto appropriations bills passed under its guidelines, though.

  17. Amen to that!

    My first-ever vote went to General Eisenhower. I even registered Republican at the time.

    Eisenhower was a great American. He had foresight and loved America. He also initiated the national highway system.

    Abraham Lincoln is another of my favorite presidents who loved his country!

  18. Is it possible to abolish the republican party. Probably not the koch brothers would just put something worse in its place. I thing they are already on it. somehow the voters need to wake up get rid of the old timers bring in Bernie sanders and 75% new faces in the house and Senate. Either this or accept the fact that the overthrow of our country is complete and we better get use to bowing down to king koch.

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