Republicans Nightmares Come To Life As GOP Worries That Jeb Bush Is Crashing and Burning


The Republicans’ worst 2016 nightmare could be unfolding before their eyes, as they are early signs that Jeb Bush is crashing and burning.

National Journal reported on the Bush nightmare scenario:

But there are signs that a worst-case, crash-and-burn scenario for Bush is more realistic than even his skeptics recognize. He’s underperforming in early public polls and is receiving a frosty reception from Republican focus groups. His entitled biography is at odds with the Republican Party’s increasing energy from working-class voters, who relate best with candidates who have struggled to make ends meet. The Bush name is a reminder of the past at a time when GOP voters are desperate for new faces. And after losing two straight presidential elections, Republican voters are thinking much more strategically—and aren’t nearly as convinced as the political press that Bush is the strongest contender against Hillary Clinton.

It would be foolish to over-read the results of focus groups, but it’s equally egregious to ignore their findings—especially given that they’re paired with polls that show Bush’s candidacy a tough sell among voters. Last week, Bloomberg and Purple Strategies cosponsored a New Hampshire panel of 10 Republicans, most of whom were hostile to a Bush presidential bid. “I know enough to know I don’t need to keep voting for a Bush over and over again,” one participant said. Several laughed at the notion that he’s the front-runner. Not a single one said they’d support him for president.

Jeb Bush is not looking like the front-runner backup option that the Republican establishment thought they were getting. Bush’s biggest problem is that the one thing that many Democrats and Republicans are unified on is that they don’t want another Bush presidency. Republicans dutifully supported the fatally flawed Mitt Romney because he sold them on the foolish idea that he could beat President Obama, but they never warmed up to Romney, and his support was more indicative of their deep contempt for the President than any love for Mitt.

Without their Obama boogeyman to run against in 2016, Republicans are free to go with their hearts, and their hearts are right-wing unelectable. It is not unrealistic to picture a scenario where the Florida primary becomes a must win for Jeb Bush, who leads early in New Hampshire but has no clear path to victory in the other early voting states of the Republican primary.

If Bush crashes and burns, it will set off a free for all for the Republican nomination. It is easy to see a situation where Bush falls apart while Hillary Clinton gets to hold her fire and ample resources for the General Election. It is early, but the dullness of Jeb could set Republicans up for a long and bloody primary fight.

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  1. Hillary is a boogeywoman to the republicans. While there are ‘issues’ for Jeb, he is, never-the-less, the most, dare i say ‘sane’ of the republican circus. This means that one of the circus has a better chance at beating the boogeywoman. yikes! be very afraid.

  2. All the republican so called candid Scott Walketes are hopeless as far as I can see, Rubio as president, give me a break, when he gave to answer to the pres state of the union he looked like a scared rabbit in the headlights of a car when he was constantly drinking water.Scott Walker looks like a mean nasty crook who has destroyed his state and it’s economy. Cruz – well he is as mad as a hatter. Pyush Jindal looks as weak as weak tea and has not done a thing for his state. Christie would be the mafia candidate. I think we should have Perry and Trump so we can at least get a laugh!

  3. So, which of these entitled, living off the government white guys has ever had a day of struggling it make ends meet? Not a one…they are all (except Walker, who handed himself his OWN Master’s degree or something) college educated, upper class snobs who will destroy this nation. I guess we should be grateful that the GOP voters are finally seeing what the rest of us have seen for 30 years: the GOP is the party of rich white males…no one else is even on their radar.

  4. Moses will be “ordered” by the gop “god” to report back to earth and make a real-life “god-figure” out of this much dumber than a real bush (shrub) Jeb the crashing and “Burning (political) Bush”. Just like he did with the previous actual “burning-bush” (that only talked to him) that he called a “god”. In my opinion.

  5. Why is it that the repubs. cling to candidates who are less than intelligent? Do they want someone in office who they can easily control like W? Nobody on the democratic side even runs unless they are highly intelligent and knowlegable. The ONLY cndidate the gop had that fit that description was John Huntsman, and they made sure he did not stand a chance. Most gop candidates are either under threat of indictment, or so flaky (Trump,, Jindal, Cruz) they are a joke.

  6. $$$$ Propaganda has so Rabble-Roused the Right into a Frenzy of HATRED. They can’t think/see straight!

  7. The problem for Moses and the gop is that this “Burning-Bush” Jeb gets to actually speak for himself. In my opinion.[WINK]

  8. Of course they do. Why, do you suppose that Jeb Bush has chosen most of his advisors from his brothers administration?

    Then of course we have the Koch brother’s darling Scott Walker who, IMO hasn’t got the brains of a gnat, and follows the Right-wing agenda right to the letter. He is the poster boy for all the ALEC written legislation.

    If the candidate can’t be controlled he doesn’t stand a chance.

  9. Joan,

    Great description of the Repig Clown Car. I’m with you – we need some laffs out of this insane posse of imbeciles.

  10. Jeb is being rejected by the GOP like a bad transplant. He can’t convince them he’s crazier than the rest of the rabble in the GOP field. It doesn’t seem like he’s trying that hard though. C’mon Jeb. The GOP needs someone to drive the crazy train. Do you really have what it takes?

    How The Bush Family Made Its
    Fortune From The Nazis
    The Dutch Connection

    By Attorney John Loftus
    ©. 2000-2002 John Loftus

    John Loftus, is a former U.S. Department of Justice Nazi War Crimes prosecutor, the President of the Florida Holocaust Museum and the highly respected author of numerous books on the CIA-Nazi connection including The Belarus Secret and The Secret War Against the Jews, both of which have extensive material on the Bush-Rockefeller-Nazi connection.

    For the Bush family, it is a lingering nightmare. For their Nazi clients, the Dutch connection was the mother of all money laundering schemes. From 1945 until 1949, one of the lengthiest and, it now appears, most futile interrogations of a Nazi war crimes suspect began in the American Zone of Occupied Germany. Multibillionaire steel magnate Fritz Thyssen-the man whose steel combine was the cold heart o…

  12. Actually Bush’s actions in the Terri Shiavo case prove to me at least, sane is not a word I would associate with him.

  13. Sane? Jeb Bush? Hilarious. He who said he’s ‘his own man’ and he’s not his brother or father yet Bro held a fundraiser for him this week. Daddy got wheeled out for another occasion. Mommy came out too for Baby Jebby!! So his own man!!

    You might add as reported by Maddow that he’s been staffing up too — with those from Bro’s & Daddy’s administrations.

    Just what we need — to have those war criminals & the same lying staffers back in office – NOT. Those same staffers that BS’d the country into Iraq. Those same BSers that have been spewing just that — BS on Fox for years now since they got turfed from the Whitehouse. Remember — people like Bolton has been pooping his pants waiting to get back to working in the WH.

  14. I wonder if Dubya has already started on Jeb’s portrait for the WH wall? I do not think the voters would allow another Bush to strong arm their way into the WH via the Not-So-Supreme-Court. We have years to go before we recover from the last Bush.

  15. In 2000, Jeb Bush, with the help of the crooked 5 conservative supreme court gangsters stole the election for George W.
    I predict that they will try to do it again in 2016. They are 2/3 into their Fascist State they just need the White House to complete their destruction of this Nation and the 47%.
    2016 is truly this Nation’s Waterloo….

  16. I agree, CCC3.
    I believe the US is umdergoing a slow-motion coup;
    a coup launched in Y2K Florida,
    financed by Citizens United.
    and confirmed by Hobby Lobby.

    2016 may well witness its triumph.

  17. the only thing jeb needs to do to complete the fiasco of his candidacy is to declare dick[head] cheney as his running mate

  18. The things Bush said about Obama have put him in the Boogeyman corner as far as a certain sector is concerned! This sounds like a Margaret Atwood novel to me! I think, I will join the Libretheos earlier! Red cloud to the Armory, Gays to the Nukes! White women with viabLe ovaries, Man your flame throwers! Any
    Person with computer skills, watch the banks! If they try any stupid stuff, shut em down’
    Bruthas and sistahs we will be takin it toDC! I suspect there is a reason they are refusing to protect our president! Let’s show em we can do their job!
    Don’t put on the red dress just yet…

  19. John Ellis Bush speak for himself? Nah. He’s no different than Reagan, G.H.W. Bush, G.W. Bush, Scott Walker-Koch, Mitt Romney, et al. They’re all meat puppets for unelectable but wealthy and power-hungry fascists disguised as Libertarians in our country.

    Those “Republican” presidential wannabes will say and do what their moneyed masters tell them, and what they’ll say and do with have everything to do with killing the social safety net, drive down wages, take away rights from the American people, and launch one war after another – to start and all while claiming to be Christians to fool the gullible Christofascists who vote for them.

    These people are the cancer of the United States.

  20. derrick, you don’t know just how correct you are.
    Anyone believing “Jebby” is the savior of this country had better find and read How the bush family made it’s fortune with the Nazis.
    Book by John Loftus.
    This book tells the story of how the Bush family laundered money for the Nazis, used slave labor (Jewish and others) to make and use military equipment against our American men in the military. In no way is this family honorable honest or admirable.

  21. As a conservative I’m surprised at some of the comments. Many of you seem worried that J Bush will win the nomination. If I were a democrat I would be PRAYING That Jeb wins the nomination! YOU WILL WIN if Jeb is nominated.

    I think both he and Governor Christie are losing choices for the republicans. Nominating moderates has not worked well for the republican party. But given the history and the powers that be in the party, it is possible that another candy ass moderate is nominated, setting up another losing election in 2016 for the GOP.

    I also don’t think Hillary Clinton is a shoe in for the nomination. Given the controversies surrounding her emails, Bengahzi, and even going back to Whitewater, she’s carrying a lot of baggage.

    I also think America is getting tired of both the Bushes and Clintons. My prediction: neither Bush nor Clinton will be on the ticket.

  22. All the baggage you cite are outright lies but like you said being a conservative you are stuck on stupid

  23. I’m no huge fan of Jeb Bush, or the Republicans, but I think Jeb isn’t catching hold with the GOP base is because he isn’t as outrageous and extremist as his fellow Republicans. I thought Pence was relatively moderate, but his actions of late have shown he’s just as much a Troglodyte as anyone in the GOP. I’d predict that his Presidential aspirations have just bumped up among the party faithful.

  24. There are no moderate republicans. As soon as you people stop believing in unicorns shitting golden bricks the better the country will be

  25. I thought it was official. Scott Walker is the winner
    of the judas goat line up. Once the Kochs noted who
    jumped through their hoops on command the best,
    the union busting sob got Chuckie & Davie’s nod.

  26. Lets see what is the Bush family associated with, wars of aggression, no bid contracts, torture, debt, vote fraud. Can we add anything else. His brother left office with a little over a 22% approvel rating. No one wants another Bush and I am a conservative. I will vote for a dem before I vote for a Bush and the rest of the country feels the same way. The powers that be who steal elections, rig voting want him as president so what does that tell us.

  27. God help this country if another Bush gets in. They are a danger to every good thing that this country stands for. I hope the libs and the conservatives run them out of town. War mongers, and individuals who think nothing of taking away civil liberties.

  28. djchefron, I’m sorry that you had to resort to name calling.

    Benghazi, Travelgate, Vince Foster, turning $5 grand into a nearly 1000% profit in cattle futures, all of the information she (when she was SOS) and the president should have known about but “heard it on the news”. And that’s just a short list of that darn “vast right wing conspiracy”.

    You say there is no such thing as a moderate republican. You’re wrong. Not every republican is a conservative. And not every democrat is a liberal. I could call you something for saying such an uninformed statement but I’ll take the high road.

    Look at the last 3 dem elected presidents: Carter, Clinton, Obama. All were lesser known candidates when they ran and were nominated. That is great strategy in winning the White House. The more well known any candidate is, the more baggage or dirt they will have. That is why I don’t think Hillary Clinton will win the nomination. And if I’m wrong I’m sure you’ll be the first to point tha…

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