CNN Exposes The Fact That Ted Cruz Is Unqualified To Be President Of The United States

Ted Cruz CNN State Of The Union

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) stumbled and fumbled when confronted with his lack of qualifications to be president by CNN.


Transcript via CNN:

BASH: You talk about sticking to principles and defending principles. Obviously that is your calling card. But if you were to achieve the next level, the presidency of the United States, you have to get beyond that and you have to really learn how to compromise.

Give me an example where you have successfully compromised in the United States Senate with Democrats.

CRUZ: Well, if you look at some of the legislation that has passed — that I’ve been able to pass when I was there, for example, if you look to about a year ago when Iran named Hamid Aboutalebi as their ambassador to the U. N., he was a known terrorist, he had participated in holding Americans hostage, and that was intended to be and was in fact a slap in the face to the United States.

I introduced legislation barring Aboutalebi from being admitted to this country. And it had earned the support from senators as varied as Lindsey Graham and Chuck Schumer. It passed the Senate 100 to nothing. It went to the House. It passed the House 435 to nothing, and president Obama signed it into law. And so we were able to get unanimity, bipartisan agreement and to change the law to keep Aboutalebi and keep other known terrorists from coming to this country from being in New York City with diplomatic immunity.

BASH: But you yourself made the point. I mean, 100 to nothing it has got to be something incredibly noncontroversial.

CRUZ: Well but – it doesn’t mean unimportant. I’ll give you another example of leading and finding issues that can bring —

BASH: Because I believe that might be the only legislation that you have your name on as a co-sponsor that was successful in the legislature.

CRUZ: Well, I’ll give you another example which is — you’ll recall last year when three Israeli teenagers were kidnapped and murdered by Hamas. And I joined with New Jersey senator, Democrat Bob Menendez in introducing legislation to provide for a $5 million reward in the state department for information leading to the capture of the terrorist who kidnapped and murdered Naftali Fraenkel who was a dual American-Israeli citizen.

Now, Bob Menendez and I did that together. That, likewise, passed the Senate 100 to nothing. It would have passed the House but thankfully they caught the terrorist before the House passed it.

And in fact I’ll point to another example, which is I joined with New York Democrat, Kirsten Gillibrand, in passing a resolution through the Senate condemning Hamas’ use of human shields. Again, we got it unanimously passed —

BASH: But it’s fair that there’s just one piece of legislation that is now law with your name on it.

CRUZ: Well, that’s accurate, but — look, in the Harry Reid Senate we passed next to nothing. Harry Reid and the Democrats basically shut down the Senate. And I can tell you the two things that I have passed the Senate, the two pieces of legislation that passed the Senate are more than all but a handful of Republicans in the last two years and that was despite Senate Democrats basically shutting the Senate down so that almost nothing could pass.

Cruz tried to justify his lack of accomplishment by rewriting President Obama’s biography to elimate the time that he spent as a state senator. In Cruz’s revised Obama bio, the president went from being a community organizer to occupying the White House.

Dana Bash did an effective job of questioning Cruz about his weak spots, and the Texas Senator’s defense consisted of blaming Senate Democrats and lying about President Obama. Ted Cruz isn’t qualified to be president. Cruz is running what is amounting to a vanity campaign that is centering on advancing his own celebrity. Cruz isn’t as qualified as Obama was before he ran for president, and CNN isn’t playing along with inflating a 2016 pretender to the status of a legitimate candidate.

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  1. Cruz sounds like he’s running for Head Cheerleader at UT. He signs onto Democratic bills about terror, which will pass unanimously anyway. Hey Teddy, where’s a bill for jobs? Where’s a bill to fix our crumbling infrastructure? How about fair wages and hours for all workers? How about signing onto the climate change fixes that will sink Texas in 50 years if we do nothing but keep drilling? Sorry, buddy, but being for God and against people is not a qualification for anything but being a hate preacher like your Cuban Daddy.

  2. but raphael does do a great impersonation of a combo of joe mccarthy, and the seventies tvangelist earnest angley. robin williams in the 70’s did a great impersonation of earnest. i’m waiting to be ‘healed’ by cruz. then i can become a zombie bagger.


  4. Over the past 3 seasons David Ortiz has hit over 80 home runs, Alex Ovechkin has scored over 80 goals and Tom Brady had thrown over 80 touchdown passes.
    In the past three years what have you accomplished Ted Cruz?
    Could you walk out on a stage and feel that you are an equal to these leaders in their fields?
    You should be embarrassed to think that you should be considered to be President of the United States.

  5. “Cruz isn’t as qualified as Obama was before he ran for president, and CNN isn’t playing along with inflating a 2016 pretender to the status of a legitimate candidate.”

    I’ll believe THAT when I don’t see him on the air weekly.

  6. Not only does McCarth…. I mean Cruz opens his mouth he proves he is not only not qualified to be president, he also proves why he is unfit for being a US Senator much less a US citizen.

  7. Cruz couldn’t even take responsibility for that “train wreck” of a government shut down.
    That must be that “Personal Responsibility” Conservative’s always talk about. (WINK)

  8. This guy is a complete joke. She asked about compromise – not about a one hundred percent slam dunk on something that is impossible to bipartisan over. Is he a moron or does he think we are the moronic enough to be hoodwinked?

  9. The point that he struggles to find something he put his name on that actually got signed in to law is extremely telling, My neighbors son who is retarded, and physically handicapped could have passed that bill that Raphael CO sponsored . he wants credit for doing something , ( ONE THING ) right? I will be willing to give him that credit when he takes responsibility for all the things he has done that had a NEGATIVE effect on the majority of the country, like shutting down the government and putting an additional 800,000 Americans out of work, at a cost of a whopping 28 BILLION dollars, voting NO on the jobs bill that would have gotten more than FIVE MILLION Americans back to work, NOT having his own jobs bill, supporting the killing of our unions, the killing of our children’s education, the killing of health care for EVERY AMERICAN, its not just health care he is trying to repeal but not replace, the congressional budget office says we have already saved over a trillion dollars

  10. The cable shows will continue to interview Cruz because their over 60 years of age white base of viewers enjoy listening to his ranting. Their viewer base does not want sane political discourse.

  11. “…Cruz isn’t as qualified as Obama was before he ran for president, and CNN isn’t playing along with inflating a 2016 pretender to the status of a legitimate candidate.”

    Well, I sure hope that CNN isn’t playing along with Cruz. Cruz is 100% narcissistic. BTW, does anyone see Cruz’s resemblance to Joe McCarthy? They could pass for twins.

    It seems to me, that those interested in running for the Office of the Presidency, think the Office is one big game in which THEY call the shots and get their own way, plowing over everyone in the path!

  12. Cruz is the only one who has publicly declared. Once the others (Carly Fiorina being the latest one to say she’s 90% sure) come on line, then the spotlight moves from Cruz to the next clown (or clownette).

  13. Do hope you are correct Barb but we have Dia- Koch money ,and Gerrymanding to look out for. The thugs are desperate to take the White House.Tthe one and only item standing in their way.
    Our only way of winning is everyone get out to vote.
    Forgot to mention the Supreme court.

  14. No, she didn’t nail him, but if you notice, his ‘victories’ are all small token things about foreign attrocities…virtual nobrainers that really didn’t affect the American people or domestic policy.

    That doens’t change the fact that he’s an American saboteur, like so many nutcase Tea Party types. Senators, btw, are very big on taking credit for ‘sponsoring’ bills among a number of OTHERS. It’s more of a talking point, not a real sponsorship. Kinda like ‘seconding’ a motion. Doesn’t mean you’re the lead guy in the legislation.

  15. Is it just me or does Teddy remind you of
    Green Acres cast member Mr. Haney? And
    Cruz should ask the orange man, Boehner,
    where he tans. Of course most kochroaches
    run when the lights are switched on. Can’t
    think of a more worthy poster boy for the
    Animated Excrement party!!!

  16. Rafael is just the flavor of the week. Last week it was Walker,then Rubio, then Bush, then Jindal, then Christie, then Paul, then Romney, then Perry, then Santorum, then Huckabee. But Hillary is our constant and President in ’16.

  17. Ted Cruz running for President- if he wants to spend his money on that- let ’em.

    But if Republicans wanna vote for him, let ’em. It’s like watching the Special Olympics. He may win a Gold Medal from Fox, but he’s still ….

  18. Not qualified

    Rafael Edward Cruz was born in Alberta(Canada) why doesn’t he use his real name? He became a US Citizen in 2014, I thought,to be President, you had to be a “citizen” of the USA 14 years
    Art.II Sect 1…………………….. not 6 months

  19. I am way over 60, and I can tell I’m a whole lot smarter than you. We who are sane, do NOT enjoy listening to Rafe’s drivel, do NOT believe him, and think he only contributes to political humor. Before you bash the over-60 group, do some research, then grow up!

  20. Try not to make generalizations about folks over 60, we all didn’t just fall off a turnip truck. You do remember the 60’s or at least read about them, que no? It’s really the youngsters today, I worry about and wonder if they’re paying attention to the massive amounts of BS rolling over them by a media who refuses to call crap, crap. Ted Cruz is a perfect example.

  21. He’s running to make more money on his speaking gigs, as a former Presidential candidate, now we all know his motives. He knows he can’t win, but, he can make more money!! Some patriot

  22. WAIT . . . people actually thought he was QUALIFIED. Really? I thought we were entertaining this purely for entertainment value!

  23. How long before we hear these words from CRUZ: NO MAS ! (No MORE I can’t take this $#!t any longer, they Don’t like me! Waaaaah!)

  24. I agree that Ted Cruz isn’t qualified to be president. four years as a U.S. senator. look what happened the last time we elected a person with less experience than Ted Cruz. I am referring to Barack Obama. he was a senator for only two years before becoming president. before becoming a U.S. senator he was a community organizer. how on earth can you call Ted Cruz unqualified and not have said the same thing about obama. do you remember a president in history who has had more scandals in his administration. The national debt has increased more under this president than all the other presidents combined.some of that can be caused by the previous adm but most is caused by present reckless policies.

  25. Ok you call me an idiot. Everything I said is the truth. When you don’t know how to answer people is it is all about name calling.

  26. Hey, the article says unqualified, it had nothing to do if he is eligible. But I bet you didn’t extend the same courtesy to President Obama. Now go play in your bagger sandbox

  27. Your dishonesty is astounding.

    Surely you respect yourself enough to research some facts before demonstrating your ignorance.

    Here is a bit of advice you would do well to heed: “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

    — Abraham Lincoln

  28. I’m no Cruz fan, but he became a citizen when he was born to a US citizen, His Mom. I don’t know where you got the info that he just became a citizen last year, but became one when he was born.

  29. Terry
    Washington Post and others

    Ted Cruz officially gives up his Canadian citizenship – The ……/ted-cruz-officially-gives…The Washington Post
    Jun 10, 2014 – As of May 14, Cruz was no longer a Canadian citizen. His spokeswoman on Tuesday passed along a document from the Canadian government certifying that he ceased to be a citizen last month. Cruz was born in Canada in 1970, to an American mother and Cuban father.

  30. Your comment makes me wonder why so many gotp’s refuse to use their real names. Willard Romney, John Bush, Piyush Jindal & Rafael Cruz… no wonder they hate Barack Obama, a man that has the BALLS to use his proud name given by his parents.

  31. Same as Obama – the baggers are still looking for his birth certificate, but think that Ted’s just peachy. Don’t forget that this A.H. is getting Obamacare and still saying he wants to repeal it. How many ways can you spell Hypocrite?

  32. Don’t care for Cruz, but certainly do not think she did him any harm…he certainly has experience like him or not.

  33. LOL So as long as it’s preventing a kidnapper/terrorist from becoming an ambassador or trying to find the murderer of kids, he can totally get bipartisan support! (facepalm)

    The thing that really bakes my noodle is the fact that this guy presents that shit as meaningful evidence of an ability to work with the other side with a straight face. That’s like saying he’s clearly a great parent because look how he hasn’t even sold his kids to slavers…

  34. Ted Cruz’s worst excuse ever: This explanation of why he misses committee hearings is a doozy

    The wingnut skipped a ton of committee hearings — but wait til you see why he argues he can’t be criticized for it

    Politico went back and looked at the 16 public hearings of the Senate Armed Services Committee held over the past year and ran the numbers on which committee member had the worst attendance record. Turns out that Cruz skipped 13 of the 16 hearings, making him by far the most absentee member of the committee. Cruz’s people are, of course, brushing this off, arguing that their man has been “deeply engaged in defense and national security issues,” as evidenced by several bills he’s proposed that haven’t become law.

  35. if you ask me Ted Cruz is more qualified the Obama ever was. who refused to dislose their orgin of birth,education. Even Obama’s own mother told this country he was born in Kenya South Africa. i think ted ctruz is more qualified the obama ever was. you may want to thank cruz for wanting to clean up obama’s mess if that is at all possible

  36. Obama was an IL state senator from 1997 – 2004. He was a US Senator from IL from 2005 – 2009. I’m not sure how you get 2 years from that.

  37. Even Forbes and the Wall Street Journal admitted that federal spending is at a 60 year low under this president. And will you please stop taking right wing talking points as facts? $12 trillion of the $17 trillion debt is attributed to the last 3 republican occupants of the White House!

    And since you’re “concerned” about spending, tell us just how upset you were with these facts:

    The GOP government shutdown in October 2013 cost us $24 billion. House republicans’ 57 attempts to do away with the Affordable Care Act cost $55 million. The debunked and discredited House hearings on the IRS cost $14 million. In August 2011 the House gop held the debt ceiling increase hostage, resulting in our credit rating being downgraded for the first time ever, resulting in billions more in interest. By the way, the debt ceiling was raised 17 times under Reagan and 7 times under W. All the House GOP members who were around under W voted for the increases.

  38. What’s so evil or malicious about being a community organizer? Aren’t political campaigns just another version of community organizing? When your school or town has a rally, referendum, cause, etc., the people involved are ORGANIZING.

  39. As I listened to him I kept saying “what have you done for us lately?”, us meaning the people who live in the US, everything he is saying has to do with another country that doesnt improve jobs or the economy.

  40. All I am hearing from Cruz, is what he going to spend his time in office, taking apart what Obama has done. Can he rant about what he going to do for the future of america, give us something to be proud of. How he is going to create jobs and infrastructure for growth. We have people that will vote for him just because he is taking a knife to Obama.

  41. Well….I’m 63, an Old Hippie and wish all politicians death by a thousand cuts but this fool is beyond belief. Why anybody would eat His chit sandwiches is astounding. I feel like Rip Van Winkle waking to insanity some days. This is 2015 and not 1815, right.

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