John Boehner Blames Obama For His Treasonous Conspiracy To Sabotage The President

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On CNN’s State Of The Union, Speaker of the House John Boehner had the nerve to attempt to blame Obama for his own actions and attempts to sabotage the president.


Boehner said, “I think the animosity exhibited by our administration towards the Prime Minister of Israel is reprehensible, and I think that the pressure they’ve put on him over the last four or five years has pushed him to the point where he has to speak up. I don’t blame him at all for speaking up.”

Speaker Boehner was asked his being blamed for making the rift deeper by inviting Netanyahu to address Congress without notifying the President. Boehner answered, “I had one goal. I had one goal, and that goal was to make sure that the American people heard, and the Congress heard about the serious threat that Iran poses, not only to the Middle East, but for the rest of the world, including the United States, and there’s nobody who can talk more clearly about this.”

If Boehner only wanted Netanyahu to address Congress, why wouldn’t notify President Obama? As is the norm with Speaker Boehner, when he is in political trouble the first card he plays is to blame President Obama. In Boehner’s warped view, it is Obama’s fault that Boehner conspired with Netanyahu to humiliate him. Boehner’s excuse was that Obama made them do it.

The weak excuses never stop with Boehner and his fellow Congressional Republicans. The truth is that Boehner and McConnell tried to pull off a power play against the President that backfired miserably. The failure of the Netanyahu speech led to the letter to Iran by 47 Republican Senators, which has led to Boehner going to Israel during the deadline for a deal with Iran on the nuclear program to be announced.

A clear pattern of Republican sabotage has been established. Speaker Boehner is trying to hide his failures behind Obama hate, but his campaign to undercut and discredit the President Of The United States is obvious and clearly visible for all to see.

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  1. GOP rules for denying responsibility:

    #1 – Always blame Obama!
    #2 – If Obama is NOT at fault see rule #1.
    #3 – Lather, rinse, repeat ad nauseam.

  2. I had no idea that Netanyahu was a republican senator. Seriously, though, Boehner’s sticking his head up Bibi’s tush is going to have severe consequences.

    I see the invitation last month as the beginning of a severe rift in Israel-US relations.

    No longer is support for Israel seen as “unshakable”

    Those days are done. Many Jews like me see what Boehner did as divisive and he forced our hand. If we have to choose between blindly supporting a hawkish foreign prime minister, Jew that he is, and our own president, we’re going to choose our president. Plain and simple. Many of us are very disturbed at the very unholy alliance Bibi is making with the hard right and we know why:

    Bibi wants his war with Iran worse than anything. And he wants US to wage war on his behalf.

    If we do is foolish thing it will be the biggest mistake this country ever made. It will be worse than Vietnam, Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan all rolled into one.

    Why? Russia and China won’t stand for it. T…

  3. During Rick Santorum’s South Carolina Security Summit he mentioned in his speech that he went over to visit Netanyahu. His security adviser said to him:

    “two years from now, when you or whoever is going to be president, make sure you are ready to be a WAR TIME president. Because that day is coming unfortunately.”

    You see, Netanyahu’s aim is for the US to go to war with Iran on his behalf. I put the whole speech up on my blog, March 22

    See for yourself. Bibi is constantly trying to bully the US into war with Iran and he is finding the Republican Party a receptive audience because of both defence contractors and end times fanatics.

    Bibi will no doubt try to convince Boehner that war is in the best interests of the US too. He’s already convinced Ted Cruz.

    He’s nuts and so is the GOP.

  4. It is entirely possible to be pro-Israel and opposed to the policies of Benjamin Netanyahu. Boehner said recently that Obama is an anti-war President, as though that was a bad thing. Military actions should be the last resort to a problem, not the preferred solution.

  5. When are the Republicans going to realize that if the American People wanted Republican ideology – THEY WOULD HAVE ELECTED A REPUBLICAN TO BE PRESIDENT.

  6. Because he doesn’t want Israel to go to war, he wants to use the US to go to war with Iran for him, which speaks to me as someone who is so incredibly lazy. Not to mention that while Israel only has the US as it’s ally in the region, Iran can easily muster up support from Yemen (if the rumors that Saudi Arabia are saying are true).

    BTW, on topic here: It was your idea to bring Bibi to Congress and speak to the entire group for what was basically a pro-war speech. Blaming the President for your chicken shit move makes all the more obvious that you’re a complete moron Bohener.

  7. But we have to support Israel, it is the ideal republican welfare state– complete with its own war hawk.

  8. I agree with you, bullies never look at the big picture. They think they are all great and powerful. China and Russia will not sit back and America don’t have enough men of valor to fight that war. These cowards scream lets wipe them out but can’t pass the test to even be able to stand the battle.

  9. Hopefully, when Boehner and his cohorts fly to Israel to visit Bibi, they will allow John “Crash” McCain to fly the plane.

  10. Maybe Israel’s Iron Dome air defense system can have a major computer malfunction as Boehner’s plane enters Israeli airspace.

  11. Bibi is one of those little punks who always talk and act tough because their buddy is big and tough and expects him to do the fighting for him.

  12. Reading Haaretz the other day, there was an article re the Israeli budget, I guess the finance minister had mentioned that maybe the wealthy should pay a small estate tax on large estates. I understand the blowback was pretty harsh, one comment was that the Israelis, especially the rich are very good at avoiding taxes at all costs.

    So – why pay taxes when they get our tax money when our poor and hungry go without!

  13. I personally try not to Hate people but after watching the GOP for the last 6 yrs, I’m there!!! as a black man, the GOP has brought so much HATE and ill will, when I go walking I’m VERY aware of the potential for some YAHOO to wanna go shoot’em up on me!! BTW for our resident republican TROLLS that can’t wait to hit the THUMBS DOWN button!! tell everybody here, WHY was gun show vender in S.D. selling TARGET POSTERS using BLACK PEOPLE as the BULLSEYE???? tell everybody, WHY a PORTLAND POLICE DEPARTMENT was using BLACK PEOPLE mug shoots as TARGET practice???!! yeah yeah, ”cue the crickets” and hit the THUMBS DOWN button!, RIGHT!!!

  14. do they ever take blame for anything??? how can bonehead blame Obama for his actions? don’t these idiots ever listen to how dumb they sound.

  15. The Iran Regime Change Act of 2015
    To put it another way, all those who have sought to sabotage an agreement will have to put up or shut up. The Congressional Republicans who invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to torpedo the Iranian talks, the 47 GOP Senators who wrote the leadership of the Islamic Republic threatening to block sanctions relief for Tehran, the 367 House members who penned a similar letter to President Obama, the bipartisan supporters of the Corker-Menendez bill and virtually the entire 2016 Republican presidential field will have to put their money where their mouths are.

  16. The only thing the RethugliKKKans won’t blame on the president is their stupidity and they are all stuck on stupid and we must vote this crazy out of our government.

  17. This ‘man’ is a scumbag. It is America that should be constantly weeping, like he does at the drop of a hat. Supporting Israel is becoming more difficult, as they commit terrorist acts and steal land. Sympathy for them is waning, and has also caused talk about Jews like that which was heard prior to WWII. They need to get their stuff together as much as the US does. While we are at it, let’s get out of Saudi Arabia’s bed.

  18. If the US would cut off all aid to Israel, maybe BiBi would open his eyes a little, I for one cannot understand why we are still sending money to begin with. Everyone wants the US to go to war on their behalf, it is time for Saudi Araba and the rest of the countries in that area to take care of the mess (ISIS) and let Israel help them instead of trying to get the US involved.

    No on has the nerve or stomach to do what is probably the thing that has to be done. There are so many innocent people already being killed because they don’t agree with ISIS so the countries involved need to bomb the crap out of where they know ISIS is.

  19. Boehner, Cotton, and Graham remind us so much
    of Larry, Moe and Curly. The REAL stooges are the
    clueless haters who vote these effwads into office!!!

  20. Why don’t we hear about radical Judaism, or radical Christianity, John? I am so sick of hearing all of you Congress critters talking about how the American people want this, or want that, or we need to know this, or we need to know that. For once, why don’t you overpaid idiots focus on what is good for the American people — not the lobbyists? You people make me sick.

  21. I for one, am very glad we have a President who is Anti-war. We have far too many who sit in Congress and the WH and plead, Bomb, bomb, bomb and cry war war and more war.

  22. I think the sickest thing I have heard is from traitor John McCain telling Israel to bomb Iran as a last chance to kill the nuclear deal. Anyone interested in the whole sick article, it is on Alternet.

  23. NoBoner just can’t himself, always blaming others for his actions. Cruz blames Obama/Reid for the shutdown last year which he created/caused. It’s an incurable disease among RethugliCons/Teabaggies to blame someone else when the shite hits the fan.

  24. The only threat to America is the Republicans ,and they don’t want to see it .The whole world is looking on and laughing.

  25. Optimism grows that a preliminary agreement with Iran on its nuclear program is coming

    Despite the gloom that some unnamed insiders say has permeated the multilateral negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program in the past few days, the odds that a preliminary agreement will be reached seem to have improved in the past 24 hours. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov left the talks to go to Moscow Monday, saying he would return Tuesday if a deal appeared close. And he’s back now, saying prospects are “very good” a deal will be agreed to. Still, key differences must be resolved.
    The objective is to keep Iran from building a nuclear weapon. That’s something Iran said it’s not doing and not interested in doing.
    Read More

  26. Totally agree. All of these racists pigs need to be called out. It’s not just a matter of fairness, it’s a matter of life or death for people of color. More white people should be taking a stand against racism. “There go I, but for the grace of God.”

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