John Boehner Blames Obama For His Treasonous Conspiracy To Sabotage The President

On CNN’s State Of The Union, Speaker of the House John Boehner had the nerve to attempt to blame Obama for his own actions and attempts to sabotage the president.


Boehner said, “I think the animosity exhibited by our administration towards the Prime Minister of Israel is reprehensible, and I think that the pressure they’ve put on him over the last four or five years has pushed him to the point where he has to speak up. I don’t blame him at all for speaking up.”

Speaker Boehner was asked his being blamed for making the rift deeper by inviting Netanyahu to address Congress without notifying the President. Boehner answered, “I had one goal. I had one goal, and that goal was to make sure that the American people heard, and the Congress heard about the serious threat that Iran poses, not only to the Middle East, but for the rest of the world, including the United States, and there’s nobody who can talk more clearly about this.”

If Boehner only wanted Netanyahu to address Congress, why wouldn’t notify President Obama? As is the norm with Speaker Boehner, when he is in political trouble the first card he plays is to blame President Obama. In Boehner’s warped view, it is Obama’s fault that Boehner conspired with Netanyahu to humiliate him. Boehner’s excuse was that Obama made them do it.

The weak excuses never stop with Boehner and his fellow Congressional Republicans. The truth is that Boehner and McConnell tried to pull off a power play against the President that backfired miserably. The failure of the Netanyahu speech led to the letter to Iran by 47 Republican Senators, which has led to Boehner going to Israel during the deadline for a deal with Iran on the nuclear program to be announced.

A clear pattern of Republican sabotage has been established. Speaker Boehner is trying to hide his failures behind Obama hate, but his campaign to undercut and discredit the President Of The United States is obvious and clearly visible for all to see.

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