Indiana Lawmakers Admit “No Gays” Signs Will be Allowed

Indiana House Speaker and Senate Pro Tem

Americans, businesses and cities condemned Indiana’s RFRA ever since Governor Mike Pence signed it in to law.  Pence tried to claim his critics didn’t understand the law, but that blew up in his face when, during a press conference, the House Speaker and the Senate Pro Tem admitted that No Gay signs would be allowed in Indiana.

On Sunday, Indiana Governor Mike Pence tried to stem the backlash against the RFRA a law its critics say legalizes discrimination.  Pence’s attempt to spin his way out of a nationwide backlash was an epic fail.  After doubling down in defense of the bill, Pence repeatedly dodged when asked if the bill allows discrimination against the LGBT community.  He trotted out bizarre theories about internet conspiracies and claimed that critics just don’t understand the bill. And besides, it really is just a law that several other states adopted which is based on the Federal RFRA.

Pence was busted when Indiana’s Senate Pro Tem and the Speaker of the House held a joint news conference admitting that “No Gays allowed” signs would be permitted in areas within Indiana.

If only Pence or someone on his staff took a trip outside right wing world.  He would have known the cat was out of the bag back in January. As reported by Think Progress at the time,

But while RFRAs advanced in previous years were designed to prohibit the government from burdening the religious beliefs of citizens, Indiana’s bill would allow individuals to use their religious beliefs to defend themselves in court even if the state is not party to the case. Thus, this would allow a business owner to use their religious beliefs to justify refusing services for a same-sex couple’s wedding. As a state law, this would supersede any municipal nondiscrimination laws that protect LGBT people.

During a joint press conference, Brian Bosma, Speaker of the House and the Senate’s Pro Tem David Long acknowledged that homophobic shop keepers will be allowed to display “No Gays allowed” signs.

Here’s the exchange between the lawmakers and a reporter, as reported by Raw Story.

“You guys have said repeatedly that we shouldn’t be able to discriminate against anyone, but if you just ignore the existence of this law, can’t we already do that now? Can’t so-and-so in Richmond put a sign up and say ‘No Gays Allowed?'” she asked. “That’s not against the law, correct?”

“It would depend,” Bosma replied. “If you were in a community that had a human rights ordinance that wouldn’t be the case.”

“But most of the state does not have that, correct?” the reporter pressed.

“That’s correct,” Bosma admitted.

Let’s watch.

Since Pence signed the law, the backlash was swift. #BoycottIndiana trended on Twitter for several days. Celebrities spoke out.  Angie’s List was one of several businesses that registered their opposition to the law with their big corporate dollars.  Then the cities of San Francisco and Seattle announced they would boycott the Hoosier state.  Connecticut was the first state to announce it would boycott Indiana.

Contrary to Pence’s protests that critics just didn’t understand the law, it is now abundantly clear that Pence’s attempt at damage control was the epic fail of epic fails.

Pence and fellow Republicans are trying to walk back the damage with a “clarification” law, but it’s a little late now that the State’s House Speaker has encouraged homophobic shop owners to let Gays know their business is not wanted.

Just like those wonderful religious freedom days when signs like “No Blacks and Jews” or my personal favorite, “No Jews and dogs”, Indiana this was always about hiding behind religion to justify hatred of identifiable groups of people.

Meanwhile, governor, Asa Hutchison is contemplating if he wants to follow the disastrous path of Mike Pence.

Americans see through the ruse that these laws are really just a repeat of the Federal RFRA. For one thing, the Indiana version allows for-profit businesses to assert a right to “the free exercise of religion.”  The Federal RFRA passed into law before the Roberts Court asserted that corporations have first civil rights, first in Citizens United and last year in Hobby Lobby ruling.

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  1. I assume that shop owners so inclined by their religion could post “no adulterers” or “no menstruating women” if they wish. Or are they again just being selective about which of God’s laws they wish to observe?

  2. Just “no gays” signs? Bullshit! This piece of crap law makes it possible to put up a no ______ (your choice) sign. Moreover, you don’t have to put up no stinking sign. You can discriminate your ass off hiding behind your religion.

    Who do these goper clowns think they’re fooling?

    This show is far from over. It’s just beginning, and it’s going to go nationwide. SCOTUS is going to get a chance to review its Hobby Lobby ruling.

  3. Gee could the guys who wrote the law not understand the law they wrote? They think they’re being misunderstood, it’s not fair to the good people of Indiana?????? I’m not sure who is more stupid, these guys or that douche bag Pence for signing that load of crap. He knew exactly what he put his name on, and they knew what they we’re sending to him.

  4. no blacks… no muslims… no illegals…

    as I posted earlier…

    but just to prove they aren’t prejudiced the signs will say

    ‘Dogs on Leashes Welcome”

  5. Blacks! Easier to find! I wonder what law they will use to keep blacks from owning businesses this time! I bet Pence wishes he had a law like CT’s or not!

  6. Can I put up “No Republicans” signs? After all, they’re not a protected class, and they spread hate.

  7. I was just thinking earlier today how ironic it is that Jim Nabors, a gay man whose iconic rendition of “Back Home Again in Indiana” kicked off the Indianapolis 500 for many years and brought so much good will to the state, can now be legally turned away from any Indiana business based solely on the “religious” whim of the owner.

  8. so where do gay war veterans fit into to this madness? does one cancel the other out?, nutcases….

  9. No gays, no blacks, it doesn’t matter. They can put up all the signs they want. The new state law won’t protect these businesses when they get sued in federal court.

  10. They are really cutting off their own nose to spite their face if they post the no gay signs.. then everyone will know who to boycott and act accordingly!

  11. Indiana Lawmakers Admit “No Gays” Signs Will be Allowed
    Indiana did not have a state public accommodation law before RFRA was passed, so a sign that said “No Gays” would have been -in the author’s words – “allowed” in Indiana all along. (And if anyone can point me to a whole bunch of bigotry going on by Indiana businesses before RFRA… I’d sure like to see it.)

    The RFRA didn’t make something that was impossible before, possible now.
    RFRA laws don’t undo public-accommodation laws for citizens.

  12. Last year was his final year of singing live. I wanted him to have his husband there, and to end the song with a kiss in front of everyone. I wonder if they will have a new singer or play a recording? I was a member of Purdue’s marching band and the final performance of the year is at the 500. He’s a nice man, more quiet and shy than you’d imagine. We made him a honorary brother in our chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi, the band fraternity. His voice is just stunning up close. I wanted to stop playing and just listen.

  13. Newest Internet Meme: posting actual pictures of Indiana businesses hanging “No Gays Allowed” signs on their establishments;

    Second Newest Internet Meme: writing anti-gay reviews of those same businesses on YELP. Tourist-related eating establishments/hotels will be the first to feel the pressure, forced into making pro-gay advertising campaigns or risk losing significant amounts of out-of-state business.

  14. not to be cynical but I’ve absolutely NO faith in this Court to do the right thing…

    it would be much more likely for the Court to cite previous precedence in ruling…

    the Catholic majority is doing exactly what the Republicans tried to do accuse JFK of of in the 1960 election.. being in the Pope’s pocket…

    except in this case they’re bringing their prejudice to bear…

    oh yeah… before it starts… I’m Catholic…

  15. It is beyond pathetic. All of this is being done to appease a group of ignorant uneducated hate filled unhinged haters. In the end they will pay dearly for their actions.

  16. it would seem more likely that the businesses would put up

    ‘No Democrats’ signs..

    after all… they’re the ones persecuting the righteous for their sincerely held ‘religious’ beliefs..

  17. If someone put up a “No Christians” sign…how long would it be before they got forced to take it down?

  18. I love the thumbs down dimwits that object but never leave their reasons why they object…

    the REAL Jesus loved all sinners…

    and I don’t bite… unless you ask for it..

    or deserve it…

  19. These two legislators ought to know better — unless they don’t want to know better. Brian Bosma, Speaker of the House is an attorney with the law firm of Kroger, Gardis & Regas and the Senate’s Pro Tem David Long is General Counsel, Pizza Hut of Fort Wayne, Inc. Stop patronizing Pizza Hut and find another law firm other than Bosma’s. These treacherous Nazis mean what they say — they hate anyone other than those who are like them…They destroy, they villify and they hate…

  20. Man – I hope none of these wingnuts has a major heart problem and the surgeon turns out to be gay…

  21. Here’s a simple question:
    With this law in Indiana, can the owner of a Gay Bar, who happens to be an Atheist (Non-believer in God) close his doors to Heterosexual couples who want to come into his bar and just PARTY with the gay people? Because he (the owner) is a non-religious person and don’t want Christians or other religious practitioners to COME INTO HIS BAR? Claiming an anti-Christian (religious freedom) right, under this law? The Bar owner, may, and could claim that his non-RELIGIOUS freedom is WHY he don’t allow Christian heterosexuals in HIS Gay BAR? Yes? Oh, oh. Heterosexual friends of the patrons of that Bar may be pissed, if they can’t come in….thanks to this law, which the bar owner is excersizing. Oh, oh….we got a problem. Thanks to Mr. Pence. What say you? Too simplistic? Or it makes you go: Hmmmmmmm? {{{{ Scratching head }}}}?

  22. The Pope, Francis, is NOT behind this, and this is the last gasp of the extremely conservative US bishops and cardinals. It’s precisely because Pope Francis has opened the church to inclusiveness that they are so panicked. Life is passing them by, making their petty rules and narrow minds irrelevant.

  23. my screed hasn’t anything to do with Pope Frank… I was railing against the self righteous hypocrites on the Supreme Court using Catholicism as cover for their phony rulings…

  24. Everyone is so focused on anti-discrimination against gay, you’ve forgotten that this law does not just affect the LGBT community. While they may be the most affected there are others that can, and will, face the consequences.

    Pharmacists can now refuse to fill birth control prescriptions for women, even if the drug is not being used for that purpose. As in the Hobby Lobby decision, companies can either fire or, not hire, women for taking or dictate the types of birth control they can use.

    Abortions, even to save the life of a woman, may not take place because a doctor/nurse/anesthesiologist can use religious objection. Same thing for treatment of a miscarriage. In that case she can be sent to jail for bringing harm to a fetus.

    This law is an abomination which can affect every single person that is not a zealot.

  25. Sadly, people protected by Federal civil rights laws are not subject to this, so you can’t retaliate by refusing service to Christians. You can, however, refuse service by saying they look too heterosexual.

    This is why we need strong Federal protections for LGBT citizens.

  26. Some States and people in this country are moving two steps FORWARD, while some States and their Governors (people representatives) are moving one step BACKWARDS. Do the math. Who eventually comes out ahead?

  27. We can only hope! A good start is to boycott those companies who advertise on the Final Four and Indy 500 telecasts. This is a black and white issue. They either support or condemn the law. They can prove their contempt by refusing to support activities in the state.

    There are morals clauses in all contracts that would allow companies to void their advertising commitments based on “their” belief systems. [wink]

  28. Great information. Thanks Tony. For those of you who would like to take this to the next level, here are the names, emails, etc. of the three partners. Wouldn’t it be fun to put them on every spam and marketing email list [I know, redundant] imaginable? Use your imagination!

    Bock, William B. Partner 317.777.7412

    Bosma, Brian C. Partner 317.692.9000

    Cafouros, Gregory P. Partner 317.777.7411

  29. Is Indiana going to do the same thing against pedophiles?…or is that all okay.

    These people make me sick. It is NOT about religion, it is about HATE. “Religion” in the ruse they hide behind.

    For Christians, Lent is the most holy time of the year. These so-called “Chreestins” are committing sacrilege. I’m sure they don’t even know or care to know what it means. Its hate people, not religion.

  30. I woke up Sunday morning thinking about Neimoller’s poem: “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.
    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

  31. Well, hell, if they want to be literal in their interpretation of the Word of God, then they would have to put up the following (note – not a comprehensive list):

    No mixed fabrics allowed (Lev 19:19)
    No consumption of Shellfish allowed (Lev 11: 9-12)
    No women with short hair allowed or men with long hair (1 Cor 11:3-15)
    And the list goes on; these backward yokels don’t seem to understand that the Bible is contextual and that it is not a blank cheque for discrimination, hatred or stupidity. Some of these people make me wonder if I pray to the same God as them…

  32. High Peaks: WOW! Where did you get that info. ??? So apropo. The Hypocrisy or Irony is Mind boggling. How can Gov. Pence stand up to his stand down? History is going to embarrass him and his ill-advised LAW. = “Religious Feeling Restoration Act”. WTF! The Bigot’s mindset still prevail in this country. Yes? Ask any Black person. BTW I am still trying to come to grips with SAME SEX Marriage or relationships, I Can’t understand how or why two same sex people want to get…..You know ….intimate.—BUT, hey….Que sera, sera. These people live in our world, so they NEED to have the same freedoms everyone has. They are NOT lepors. They have no diseases that are contagious. So? What’s the objection? BTW. To all the LGBT’s DON’T flaunt it in PUBLIC, ok? That’s my only objection. I don’t need to see two men kissing on the street in the open (UGH!) Ok? Can’t get used to that right now, ok. Kids are watching. Please. You are confusing their little minds, ok?

  33. How about signs saying no divorced or adulterous people. The bible frowns on those just as much as homosexuality.

  34. The same Bishop’s and Cardinals that raped young boys for decades? Do priests become pedophiles or do pedophiles become priests?

  35. Cant have that since rethugs have the highest divorce rate
    Both sides of the aisle may be surprised to learn statistics behind the family-values oriented Republican party. According to a 2010 article by National Public Radio (NPR), “red” states (states that tend to vote Republican), have higher divorce rates than “blue” states (states that tend to vote Democratic). The article attributes this difference to the fact that women in “blue” states tend to wait longer to marry.

  36. Funny, I remember some people feeling the same way about seeing blacks and whites kissing. Guess that makes you go “ugh” too. In fact, there are people who still feel that way.

    IMO, a lot of the hatred directed toward President Obama is not just because he’s black, but that a white woman laid with black man.

  37. I really am not into slurpy public displays of affection by anybody with anybody, but a kiss on the cheek or handholding were permitted between ladies or among children within my memory, and tokened no more than friendship.

  38. pence like the entire GOP is nothing but a pack of power hungry DOGS! pence passed this nonsense because he’s going to run for president! in 2016 or 2020 and this just bought him votes from the tea party FREAKS!! BTW Ben laden gotta be laughing his ASS off with all his 39 young virgins! because he couldn’t come CLOSE to terrorizing america like the GOP has rained on us the last 35 yrs!!

  39. The problem is, most of these bigots are cowards as well, hence all the question dodging. You may see crap like this from larger businesses where the decision to post signs like this is made by someone hiding behind a desk in another building, in another city. Chick-Fil-a maybe? Hobby Lobby? Walmart?

  40. I think a case could be made that his “sincerely held spiritual beliefs” are no different than someone’s “sincerely held religious beliefs.” Religion is a man made institution, regardless of the dogma espoused. Spirituality is an individual connection to the greater world around us. That would include any heaven or hell or whatever “other worldly place one’s God/Allah/Creator/YWYH/etc. resides in.” It could be argued that spirituality is greater in scope than any specific religion. Of course that wouldn’t sit too well with a religious fundamentalist, be it a Christian, a Muslim, or a devout follower of any and all other religions.

  41. Saw a handcrafted sign today taped to the back window of a small station wagon. It read: “Stop the HATE! Support Indiana!” No joke.

  42. News FLASH….! Ted Cruz, Agrees with Gov. Spence! Didn’t we NOT see this coming! ?????. Hey! We got RELIGION creeping into our POLITICAL discourse in the upcoming 2016 discourse. Wait for it, this is going to be a divisive or ……wait for it, a divisive point in the 2016 search for the United States President. I am sure, that we are clutching our bibles and picking sides. Yes? Thanks to Mr. Mike Spence AND Ted Cruz, who are definately goin’ make this 2016 campaign—A RELIGIOUS campaign for President of the USA! Here comes Mike HUCKABEE, SANTORUM and TED CRUZ! Will they turn America’s awareness? Let’s vote for the Christian guy, then we can fight them MUSLIMS overseas! Yeah! Religious WAR! Across the planet! Start with the Suniis vs. Shiites. Then we get Catholics vs. Episcopelians, etc. See? This will make the planet SAFE! According to the fucking Republicans and their accolytes: ________ name them here:____________________?

  43. A woman was just sent to prison for 20 years in Indiana for a miscarriage. Apparently, there IS a law in Indiana preventing fetecide. A miscarriage or a stillborn birth is subject to charges and prison.

  44. Seventy-two…Golden Muscat raisins, but I suspect the gentleman is enjoying a long, hot summer with no ice cream, just like these Republicans are going to.

  45. if this law is not repealed within a week, I would be very surprised. lets see- lose hundreds of millions of dollars and revenue just so a very small group of racists, bigots, and homophobes feel better about themselves??? hmmm. it should not be a hard decision.

  46. these conservatives and republicans get a little bit of power entrusted to them through the 2014 midterm elections and all hell breaks loose. will we even survive until november of 2016?

  47. do you righties realize that no one is talking about Hillary’s emails because you idiots keep sticking your collective foot in your mouths? every other day now- another goddamn GOP embarrassment. this madness must stop!

  48. I’d like to see their heads explode in Indiana when a Muslim owned business refuses to serve a Christian. It would be “legitimate” religious reasons according to Gov. Spence.

  49. indiana is by far the WORST state I’ve visited! as soon as you hit Fort Wayne it feels like 1969 all over again! BTW isn’t indiana home to the KU KLUX KLAN? just sayin’

  50. In my opinion, any legislation ALEC writes is flawed. The government should be protecting the people from businesses who by their nature want profit more than the welfare of its workers. Businesses should not be in the business of writing laws at all. This will eventually lead to the Corporatocrasy of America. No, corporations are not people.

  51. “No Gays” signs would be allowed if RFRA had been defeated 100-0 in the house and 50-0 in the Senate. Sexual preference isn’t covered under civil rights laws in Indiana. Yet you don’t see wide-ranging discrimination now.

    RFRA changes nothing.

  52. Pence and his Goons should be focused on a more local issue in Indiana – like drug addiction. Indiana has one of the highest Rx pill abuse problems in America along with HIGH UNEMPLOYMENT.

    That is far more a problem than discriminating against people ‘cuz you can’.

    What a crock of shit these Baggers have created in the USA.

    Vote these FASCIST BIGOTED PIGS out. Throw them in the fields to do manual labor for less than minimum wage. That is how the minorities live now in Indiana. No rights, no livable wage, just hate and bigotry,

  53. If religion is not allowed in the government then they have no right to pass a law allowing such a ridiculous law to pass for religious beliefs.. the government wants to control everything and take all rights away from the people not just gays but everyone and people need to stop being blind to the matter. All people have the right to be who they are and if they want to bring religion back into the public again then isn’t it correct that their is only one judge and it sure the hell isn’t the government.

  54. I don’t get it.

    How do you write every other thing you’ve written and yet still believe you have the right to ask a certain class of citizen to not be affectionate in public because it eeks you out?

  55. Think they’ll welcome others on leashes? Perhaps even Jews? Nah; not even on leashes! (I’m Jewish; so I can say that.) Blacks? What about Lawyers? Maybe even this Governor, if he keep his nose out of other people’s asses.

  56. He will do what his ALEC and his real bosses say. Anyone that thinks “religion” has anything to do with this are very mistaken. Everything always boils down to two things MONEY and SEX in all the forms. And the most dishonest among us will do or say anything. Since when is God they claim to believe in so helpless he needs these hypocrites to do all this?

  57. Which Businesses? Republicans are for the Christians only!
    My BUDDHIST faith has never been trampled by a Democrat! Neither has the beliefs of a lot of non Judeochristian types! I smell a Rat! A Bible thumping one at that!

  58. Best revenge is if everyone boycotts a store with those signs…..Clip them in the wallet…..That will make them think twice about their religious intolerance if they cant make no money.

  59. I guess I dont understand why any union organization would have anything to do with a “right to work for less” state. I mean Illinois is right next door.

  60. Pence and his cronies are really good at dancing…but when he along with his Republican ilk try to awe Americans with their underwhelming ‘side’ step…they fall flat on their face. Pence; “critics of this bill have it all wrong, it’s not about discrimination” only to find business owners would be able to post discrimination signs. Seriously….blatant lies right along with blatant discrimination. Get this asshole with his Republican cronies out of office 2016 (at least as many as we can vote out!)I loved SNL’s relevant humor stating; ‘it will be easy to identify businesses who discriminate by their GOING OUT OF BUSINESS signs’!
    Republicans never have known a gay, lesbian, transgender, woman, black, Hispanic, Native American Indian they didn’t like and they are blatantly discriminatory as well! Run them out of office as well as boycott any business who discriminates. Btw; religious businesses benefit from taxpayer dollars….so IRS; what are you going to do about it?

  61. Slavery – the legal fiction that a person is property….
    Corporation – the legal fiction that property is a person….

  62. What I never understood was why they don’t get that “Religious Freedom” is the freedom to believe what you’d like, or not to believe at all. Where did our founding fathers ever promote the idea that “Religious Freedom” was meant to be the freedom to act in any way you believe. It’s not about actions, it’s about beliefs, period.

  63. When LGBTQ people can be fired and evicted in most states, what does it matter if a few Indiana businesses are stupid enough to reject the money we manage to earn. What does it matter if gay people can get married when it’s perfectly legal to fire them in most states for daring to do so. It is fine to #BoycottIndiana and repeal Indiana #RFRA before the Court voids and declares it unconstiutional just as it did with the much more conservative Federal RFRA, but that does absolutely nothing to protect LGBTQ citizens from the perfectly LEGAL discrimination that RFRA has fooled people into believing is a thing of the past or one anachronistic state.

    Please sign AND share these petitions:

  64. Did you even READ the Raw Story source? It demonstrated that because LGBT are NOT a Federally protected class from discrimination it is ALREADY legal in Indiana to discriminate against LGBT because Indiana has no laws that protect them REGARDLESS OF THE NEW RFRA law.

    It’s an horrible law that broadens previous RFRA protections to dangerous levels– but until Congress makes LGBT a protected class they may be discriminated against in any state that chooses not to protect them.

    I am astonished at how badly this article misrepresents the Raw Story source article– how can this even be considered journalism???

  65. You don’t think that this legislation, in and of itself, illustrates “wide-ranging discrimination”? Either it does because it represents the will of the majority of Indiana residents, or it does not represent the will of the majority of Indiana residents, which means that your state is under the domination of bigoted leaders who don’t care what their constituents want. So which is it? Is your local government working on its own or are 51% of you actually bigots? It can’t be both.

  66. — Thomas Jefferson, note in Destutt de Tracy, “Political Economy,” 1816. ME 14:465

    …”The most sacred of the duties of a government [is] to do equal and impartial justice to all its citizens.

    TJ must be rolling on his grave

  67. Positive Atheism’s Big List of
    Thomas Jefferson

    …”The most sacred of the duties of a government [is] to do equal and impartial justice to all its citizens.

    — Thomas Jefferson, note in Destutt de Tracy, “Political Economy,” 1816. ME 14:465

  68. No Republicans? No Christians? If I had a business, I’d make obnoxious little icons to put on my window for those.

    Unfortunately it’s the only way they’ll learn, because people afflicted with Conservative Brain Orientation can’t understand anything until it happens to them personally.

  69. I have a couple of questions for the Governor Pence and his legislators. How will restaurant and store owners be able to identify gay customers? Will self-acknowledged gay people have to wear a button, a pink triangle perhaps, like the Nazis used? Or will any pair of men or women be assumed to be gay? And why limit the prejudice to gay people? Why not add signs that say “no Jews” or “no blacks” or “white Christians only” or “no foreigners, whether you were born in the US or not”? Will public buildings have the same discriminatory liberties? Separate restrooms or separate water fountains for all of these categories of different people? My message to Pence and his fellow idiots in Indiana, a state that has now joined my ever-lengthening list of states I will not visit, what about treating all people equally? Isn’t that what this country is supposed to be all about?

  70. Unfortunately should a case go to the current Supreme Court you cannot count on a rational constitutional decision. Remember that Scalia, Thomas and, at times, Roberts support the crazies.

  71. I read about that poor woman this morning. It reminded me of the early miscarriage I had almost forty years ago. I guess I could have ended up in prison too. When men make laws about women’s bodies, they always get it wrong.

  72. What’s with the US and religious intolerance and hate? When did God give them the right to judge and demonize people who choose a different lifestyle. Jesus said ‘Judge not lest ye be judged.’
    I would think there are more pressing problems affecting the State that these legislators should be working on.

  73. Dear halfwit American bigots,

    this is apartheid. nothing more and nothing less.

    dont be surprised when most countries start boycotting you exports and services, as happened with south africa during the apartheid era.

    dont be surprised when your allies turn their back on you, and dont be surprised when the UN steps in on your ridiculous, bigotted rules which allow the discrimination of the minority groups YOU should be going out of your way to protect.

    You are all, ignorant, effeat arseholes.

    yours aye,

    The rest of the enlightened world

  74. I don’t think it should be a matter of the business’s being allowed to display such signs. I think it should be mandatory that they do so! If they’re going to discriminate, make them be public about it so everyone can choose whether or not to do business with someone who discriminates.

  75. “No Gays” signs ALLOWED? They should be REQUIRED! Own your bigotry, don’t hide in the shadows! It should be required that if you don’t have a sign in your window, you must serve anyone who walks through your front door – no humiliating someone who walks in, expecting service, only to find you cowering behind your counter before you puff yourself up, out of public view, making sure no one else can hear when you tell them their kind isn’t welcome. There are a lot of us straight folks who would like to know this in advance also, so we can go somewhere else as well. If the store owners have the right to refuse service to someone who goes against their beliefs, then the consumer also has the right not to do business with someone who goes against their beliefs.

  76. Although there may be some from the LGBT community involved in the HIV epidemic in Indiana its my understanding that its mostly straight intravenous drug users sharing the same needles and passing the virus to others.Indiana is a hot mess.

  77. …wanted to “Agree” at least 100 times…these pseudoChristians antiAmerican A-Holes hace had MANY times the 15 minutes they shoulda been held to…

  78. Two comments:

    You may not be able to handle the public affection of two people of the same sex. Well it is the same for many of us where public affection between heterosexuals is concerned. That is pretty revolting in itself. It works both ways. As for confusing the children. The only reason they are confused is because they are being taught to hate and discriminate as per their parents beliefs. I taught my children to love and accept all people no matter who they were, as it was none of their business what others did in their personal lives and that everyone on earth is deserving of the same opportunities in life, treated with dignity and acceptance and most of all RESPECTED for the human beings they are! It greatly offends me that people use Christ and the bible to spread hate and civil unrest. Christians hate to be persecuted but they are the best at persecution. Sad really. So many REAL problems in the world but they rather stay in our bedrooms. WTH is the infatuation?

  79. stores can have ‘No gay’ signs??


    because the minute I see that I’ll know NEVER to go in that store. I’m straight and lot’s of other straight people will do exactly the same.

    so, Goodbye to those bigot-owned businesses!

  80. Pam63, Thanks, you actually made me laugh, hehe, I would like to see that too. I just can’t deal with all this insanity that’s going on right now. I read yesterday about a State Senator in AZ said she should introduce a bill that requires attending church services mandatory. The religion of your choice of course. I am so fortunate to live in the Southern Bible belt , in (cries nightly) a Red state. But things are gonna change, they have too, to quote a movie “Because I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!” Which by the way is my new slogan.

  81. Very misleading article, this is ridiculous. I haven’t lived in Indiana in many years and don’t know these guys, but the question simply said under current law (regardless of RFRA) gays aren’t a protected class, so a business could put up the “no gays” sign–which the lawmakers accurately admitted was the case. That’s how I read the transcript. Is there more to this?

  82. Nice sentiment except for the error in your reasoning that gays “choose” a “lifestyle” – being gay is not a lifestyle it is your sexuality. That’s it.

    Secondly, gay people do not choose to be gay – you either are or you are not. The only choice involved is in accepting who you are as someone who is gay in a world that is often quite hostile to us. Other than that thanks for your comment and support.

  83. The Indiana law: this is more hysteria. I UNDERSTAND why people are upset, but they are upset about what they are being told the law is instead of what it actually is. On the left, once again, this is pure fear mongering. On the right, SOME people are acting like it will protect people from an agenda that they do not agree with. Neither is remotely true (note: I am criticizing both sides here). ALL the law does is allow someone to request a hearing if they feel that their religious freedom has been violated. It’s the same kind of law that lets Indians smoke peyote, Quakers refuse a the draft (when we had one) and bar/bat mitzvah kids to drink wine. What it doesn’t do is allow anyone to discriminate against an entire class of people. 21 states have almost identical laws and there wasn’t a peep about (it also mirrors federal law). But, like the Netanyahu speech, the left wing machine says “activate instantaneous outrage” and, no matter what the facts are, way too many people jump.

  84. Your solution is to penalize every citizen, business owner and employee in the state by having the rest of the world boycott Indiana. Like a lot of the comments, you propose a knee-jerk solution rather than solving the problem. If you feel wronged by a business, go somewhere else, something you do already. And by the way, why does everyone have to buy into the gay mantra? Is no one allowed their own opinion if it happens to be different than yours? After reading many of these responses above, it is obvious there are a lot of intolerant people who want their way, and if they don’t get it, they are going to take their toys and go home. Tolerance works both ways. Just as Democrats are not perfect, neither are Republicans. The same applies to gay vs straight, religious or not, etc. You are characterizing the whole state based on a recent decision and hurting the good citizens who may, or may not, agree with you and your opinion, whether right or wrong. BTW, I prefer to error on God’s sid…

  85. It doesn’t matter that this law is “similar to” “almost identical” “mirrors” existing laws because similar, almost and mirrors does not mean EXACT.

    There are a couple differences and those differences are the issue. I know that. You know that, whether you want to admit it or not. And, most importantly, Gov. Dense and his cronies know it.

    You can peddle your apologies tour elsewhere because the folks on this site will never fall for it.

  86. The problem, Tony D, is that there are and never were any signs. The media and LGTB radicals are treating Pence like Darren Wilson. This RFRA does NOT even talk about LGTB discrimmination. It is about protecting religious freedom from the power of the government. The “No Gays Allowed” signs would have been LEGAL before this law. The signs are the “hands up, don’t shoot” lie of the LGTB community.

  87. Judy, Nothing about this law does that. The law is about protecting religious freedom from the government. It defines under what conditions the government can and cannot restrict one’s religious freedom.

  88. This is too funny. The First Church of Cannabis was approved after Indiana’s religious freedom law was passed.

    The First Church of Cannabis Inc. has been approved by Indiana’s secretary of state after the state’s religious freedom legislation became law last week.

    The church’s founder Bill Levin said he filed paperwork in direct response to Indiana Gov. Mike Pence’s signing the Religious Freedom Restoration Act into law last Thursday. Secretary of State Connie Lawson approved the church as a religious corporation with the stated intent “to start a church based on love and understanding with compassion for all.”
    Read More

    I wonder where your religious freedom is on this

  89. Pence knew exactly what he was signing. Why else would he have signed it in private, surrounded by anti-LGBT activists, and no media allowed anywhere near? Not only is he a flaming bigot, he’s a coward too.

  90. Mike:

    You are dead wrong. Did you even read the article. It states in the article this is not about government there is already a Federal Law involving minority religions and it was enacted to prevent the government from interfering in the Native American’s use of Peyote in their ceremonies. This is about companies, individuals and corporations and it Does allow discrimination.

  91. For centuries most of the strife in the world was fueled by religious intolerance. You would think that by the 21st century people would learned their lesson. Obviously no in Indiana.

  92. Good for you, Mike! Take a stand! Let the world know that you support this asshole with your own special brand of assholery!

  93. I would go further and make the law FORCE businesses to post “NO GAYS” signs. I’m not gay, but I don’t want to give my business to one that discriminates against ANYONE. I don’t want to have to ask every store I visit whether they’re bigots or not – save me the trouble and make them broadcast that they are.

  94. WTF here Indiana?!?!?! It’s like we’ve reverted back to the 50’s and 60’s when businesses were posting “No Coloreds” signs in the windows. What you’re doing, in plain English, IS discrimination regardless of your “religious beliefs”. If there’s a gay-owned business, can they post “No Straits allowed” signs in their windows and have you call it legal? I think not!! Put your so-called “religious beliefs” aside and stop this discrimination NOW!!!

  95. This is a stupid law. What ever happened to separation of church and state. Whoever is reading my reply do not judge me until you judge yourself, because I am a Christian. I was 13 years old when I was saved. I grew up in church and a Christian School. I believe Jesus wants us to treat everyone as we would treat ourselves, as we would treat Him. I do not believe homosexuality is approved by God, but I do not want to get into the religious debate.

    My point is banning homosexuals from anywhere is against God because it is judging. The Bible says, “Judge not, that ye be not judged.

    2 For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.” Matthew 7:1-2

    The next time a sexist restaurant will ban women. Is that not a violation of equal rights? We live in the land of the free. let us keep it free. It does not matter the race, color, religion, or sex we are equal! Always remember!

  96. HowIseeit

    Pence is a double talking liar.

    It will be easier to notice if you look.

    Jesus said “Judge Not” and there was that thing about throwing stones….

    Or maybe you think you have better info then the Pope? His take on gays was “Who am I to judge?”. Seems like he might have read the bible and gotten the “gist” of it.

    The point being that the gay folks of the world aren’t going to live under your 19th Century view any longer. You can accept it, or be unhappy. (Like Pence right now)

    As to businesses, they can accept it along with my dollars, or get a certified letter from my attorney. I put him on a large retainer several years ago and have been ITCHING to put him to use.

    Your “rights” to an opinion stop when you open a public business. The hilarity here is that these asshats in Indiana have managed to snatch defeat from the hands of victory. We are laughing at Pence, and we are laughing at people like you who aren’t ready for 21st century. It’s here.

  97. Religious freedom means discrimination to others that don’t believe in religion so of course people are going to take that law literally and discriminate just like it happen 50+ years ago with blacks in america do you remember that?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  98. There is a huge difference between putting up a sign saying ‘No Gays’ and saying ‘no thank you’ to actively participating in a gay marriage ceremony. Putting up No Gay signs is true discrimination while saying no thanks to actively participating in a marriage ceremony are two completely different things IMO. I respect people’s rights no matter if I agree with them or not. It’s called being free to make choices for me. There are plenty of people that will be happy to fill the order for me and I can go somewhere else without being all butt hurt over the deal and then trying to destroy someone because they don’t like the choices I made for my life. If we want tolerance it has to run both ways otherwise it’s tyranny. This feels a whole lot more like tyranny to me. It feels like having something shoved down my throat that I don’t want and I think the states all voted NO to gay marriage until the Federal Govt inserted their nose in this and are shoving it as hard as they can.

  99. I agree, I guess though if religious freedom hadn’t pushed it so far with this bill, there wouldn’t be a need. Not to mention not all religious institutions are bigots. And only those that dont want to serve gays jews,black etc would have to display their bigotry (for lack of a better word). For the whole word to see. Enjoy – to them

  100. Hmm it is hard but I guess those businesses that do wish to deny services should have to advertise it. Sometimes a boycott is needed as its the only thing these religious type organisations respond too. Its really not about god but money….

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