New Complaint Accuses Jeb Bush and Scott Walker Of Breaking Federal Laws


Reform groups Democracy 21 and Campaign Legal Center have filed complaints with the Federal Election Commission that accuse Republicans Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, and Rick Santorum, along with Democrat Martin O’Malley of violating federal campaign finance laws.

Democracy 21 described the violations primarily by Republican presidential hopefuls:

The four complaints filed today document in detail the political activities of each of these presidential aspirants: traveling extensively to early primary/caucus states, battleground states and fundraising hotspots; building campaign infrastructures; fundraising to pay for these activities and to bankroll a formal presidential campaign. These activities constitute “testing the waters” under federal law and must be paid for with funds raised under the federal candidate contribution limits and restrictions (no more than $2,700 per individual donor, no corporate/union funds). Bush, O’Malley, Santorum and Walker are all raising funds above the $2,700 candidate limit, providing reason to believe they are violating federal law.

The complaints further allege that Bush, Santorum and Walker have actually crossed the threshold to become “candidates” as defined in federal law, by referring to themselves publicly as candidates and/or by amassing campaign funds that will be spent after they formally declare their candidacies. Consequently, they are currently violating candidate registration and reporting requirements, contribution limits and restrictions, as well as federal “soft money” prohibitions.

The four individuals named in complaints today are not alone in the 2016 field in violating federal campaign finance laws. There are a number of additional White House hopefuls who appear to be in violation of the same campaign finance laws and more complaints will be forthcoming. So far only Ted Cruz has officially announced his candidacy. Hillary Clinton, Ben Carson, Lindsey Graham and Jim Webb have acknowledged that they are officially “testing the waters” and appear to be complying with federal law requirements; in the event they chose to run for president, we will examine their first campaign disclosure report to verify compliance with federal law “testing the waters” requirements.

Democracy 21 President Fred Wertheimer said, “Ask 100 ordinary Americans if these individuals are presidential candidates and 100 ordinary Americans will answer of course they are candidates. Just who do these candidates think they are kidding. The reason they are making these outlandish claims is so they can evade and circumvent the nation’s campaign finance laws, enacted to prevent corruption and protect the interests of the American people. These candidates are counting on the FEC failing to enforce the campaign finance laws. But the FEC should for once just do its job and not let presidential candidates mock the laws and the American people.”

The whole “testing the waters” period is a sham. Bush and Walker are definitely candidates. They are being covered by the media like they are presidential candidates. They are talking and campaigning like candidates, yet legally they have to pretend like they may not run.

Hillary Clinton can abide by the law because she has no serious competition for the Democratic nomination. What Walker, Bush, Santorum, and O’Malley are doing is definitely against the law, but due to understaffing, underfunding, and Citizens United, the FEC is constantly playing catch up in enforcing the nation’s campaign finance laws.

The Supreme Court has taken a broken campaign finance system and turned it into a corruption free for all. If the American people want to restore the power to the people, they must first demand that the FEC enforce the campaign finance laws that are on the books.

14 Replies to “New Complaint Accuses Jeb Bush and Scott Walker Of Breaking Federal Laws”

  1. Can someone remind me, again, a single idea, measure, or law, that he Reichwing is proposing….that would benefit anyone but the 1% or Evangelical Teathuglicans?

  2. As usual, nothing will be done about the “Candidates” who are breaking the law. And if something is done, it will be tantamount to a slap on the wrist with a small fine being paid. Nothing to see here.

  3. This is why a strong civil Service is critical. We need public servants, loyal to us.
    not corporate raiders.

  4. They figure they are above the law. Walker’s gotten away with so much, he thinks he’s made of Teflon. The FEC needs to step up and do its job without fearing the political backlash that may occur.

  5. I hope you are right bebe. The future of the country depends on it. If we don’t at least win the Presidency, the country will go down the drain.

  6. To quote John Boner. “the country will go down the drain”
    Very, very fast. so fast, I believe that people will suddenly wake up, but it will be way too late. The thugs have been working on this for over 40 years. Planned and placed into action. The results? Well 2016 is the answer.

  7. These crooks will lie, cheat, and steal their way into power if something isn’t done to stop their lying, cheating, and stealing. They belong in jail, not in the White House. FEC: Do something about this! They should also be banned from running for any office. We don’t need someone in the White House that we already know ahead of time is a crooked liar, cheater, and thief. Be careful who you vote for. All the Tbaggers and Rs are just that: Liars, cheaters and thieves.


  8. They haven’t done a single thing or passed a single law that would help us or be good for us. They are only enriching themselves and the likes of the Kochroaches. Nothing for us.

  9. Well until we get a Justice Department that chooses to go after Campaign Finance Violations- as vigorously as they do narcotics, nothing will change.

  10. The result of election 2008, the tea party, gave us a 24
    billion dollar tantrum shutdown. Teabaggers caused so
    much ill will toward capitol hill in general that we got a
    senate majority overturn last Nov. That is what I&I call
    bad behavior being rewarded.[WINK]

  11. He has been breaking laws in every election cycle since his first in college at Marquette. He just doesnt believe the laws apply to him and he always has people willing to go to jail or him. He is even changing as many laws a possible in Wisconsin so there wont be anyone willing to charge him with anything or pursue a case against him again. He is a complete sleaze and Kochroach.

  12. Jeb Bush has no intention of announcing candidacy for President 2016. He would have to answer too may questions as to his involvement with Barclay, Lehman and Goldman Sachs banks prior to 2008 bailout.

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