Defiant Elizabeth Warren Tells Wall Street If They Want To Fight Her, “Bring It On”

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Before a packed room in a Manhattan Barnes & Noble bookstore, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren (D) refused to back off her criticism of Wall Street, after some of the big banks hinted that they could withhold campaign funds from Senate Democrats. Although Senator Warren believes the major banks are serious about that threat, she made no attempt to shy away from the fight.

Warren told the audience “you bet I believe it’s a serious threat” but then she delivered a message for the banks as well:

It is so brazen. If they think they can say in public, ‘I don’t like your tone, I don’t like the way you talk about financial regulation’ … I got news for them: bring it on.

Senator Warren then noted that all she is asking from Wall Street is that the financial institutions abide by the rules, by not cheating consumers, and that no bank should be able to leverage risk that could destroy the economy, simply because it is “too big to fail”.

She added:

If they want to fight on either one of those, I’m ready.

The Massachusetts Senator went on to reiterate her Senate priorities. She emphasized that her top goals continued to be cutting student loan interest rates, increasing funding for the National Institutes of Health, and raising the minimum wage.

Warren’s combative tone should remind the Wall Street firms that she will not be intimidated or bullied. While many politicians are willing to cave in to big dollar donors to keep the campaign coffers filled, Warren has built her political career on fighting moneyed interests and financial corruption.

Her Raison d’etre for running for the U.S. Senate was to take on Wall Street privilege and corruption. She is not the type of elected official who is going to fold under political pressure from giant banks threatening to withhold money. Her voice is an important voice for working and middle-class Americans, and luckily for the American people, that voice is accompanied by enough backbone to stand firm in the face of criticism. The Senate needs more like her.

17 Replies to “Defiant Elizabeth Warren Tells Wall Street If They Want To Fight Her, “Bring It On””

  1. Senator Warren is exactly where she needs to be. If she does not want to run for President, so be it. I would hope Hillary reaches out to her for campaigning and advise. She should not replace Harry Reid. That job should go to someone who has been there for awhile and has the contacts on both sides of the aisle.

    She is doing an excellent job. One can tell, because Wall Street is freaking out.

  2. That’s our LIBERAL Warren, working FOR not against the people!!!
    Teddy Kennedy has tears of joy in his eyes.

    As much as I’d like to say madam president Warren, we need her to legislate in the senate.

  3. Look what she’s doing now, pissing off Wall Street, Warren bleeds BLUE.
    Give her time, she’s a junior senator.

  4. I get that but can she pass laws and get the rest of the Democratic caucus to follow her? As of right now I would have to say no. I think we have to be pragmatic about this. To many dummycrats are bought by the vultures and till we get better Dems that will never change

  5. Patty Murray should be the new leader. Though not as progressive as some emoprogs would like, she knows how to deal without giving away the,store.

  6. My thoughts exactly. Right now she can do more for Americans in the senate than in the White House. Personally, I think she has too much integrity for a presidential run.

  7. Not getting money from Wall Street only helps demonstrate she’s the real deal. This will will make her even more popular. So thanks, Wall Street, you’re the gift that keeps on giving.

  8. Are you inciting or just implying? I think she’s showing Democrats what it’s like to have a backbone. Maybe some other Democrats will get the hint. Senator Warren is showing that she stands up for the people and not for her own interests. That is the type of person we need representing us.

    Why do they let two people use the same name on here? It gets frustrating.

  9. Presiding over the Senate as VP is what I&I would like to
    see Miss Elizabeth doin’ in 2017. Also, where did the like
    and dislike prompts go? It was fun to return and see how
    many trolling fox fiends you’d offended. Miss that today.

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